Ungrateful Owner Not Happy with $150k Hotel Makeover | Hotel Hell

  • Published on Mar 25, 2017
  • Chef Ramsay gives the hotel an incredible makeover, but the owner wants her plastic grapes back.
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  • caleigh orcutt
    caleigh orcutt Hour ago

    he should make his own hotel

  • Official Music Videos.

    gordon ramsay the drama queen cry baby, anything for the show, right bud.

  • Jimmy .L
    Jimmy .L 6 hours ago

    You telling me they spent 150k and couldn't fix the hole in the wall? Fake TV show, all for the drama.

  • SpanishSanta
    SpanishSanta 6 hours ago

    That lady was blushing so hard

  • May Choy
    May Choy 7 hours ago

    1 second she was
    Next she's so mad

  • Yak Bomb
    Yak Bomb 9 hours ago

    The guy who said wow twice everytime tho

  • Dani Byrnes
    Dani Byrnes 12 hours ago

    why is Gordon Ramsey good at everything

  • andi's life
    andi's life 12 hours ago

    Ungrateful old womam

  • andi's life
    andi's life 12 hours ago

    Its beau6iful

  • Colin Vaughn
    Colin Vaughn 17 hours ago

    This bitch is really ungrateful

  • geraldine lynch
    geraldine lynch 22 hours ago +1

    Ungrateful lazy bitch who deserves a slap across the face that's all I can say about that women.

  • PokemonAssociate
    PokemonAssociate 22 hours ago

    She’s mad now because she has to work harder now...👏

  • The Name Chris
    The Name Chris 23 hours ago


  • Regretless
    Regretless Day ago

    It doesn't matter if she likes it or not. What do the customers like?

  • Budbarian
    Budbarian Day ago

    I'm so happy her hotel failed.

  • Soldier_75
    Soldier_75 Day ago

    I ate a plastic grape once,

    GOLDEN N Day ago


  • Stephanie Lufungula

    My question is did he do it

  • Dumpling salt
    Dumpling salt Day ago

    This woman 😑😑😑😑
    Money doesnt grow on trees

  • Dezz
    Dezz Day ago

    Ungrateful batchh🤨

  • Carol
    Carol Day ago

    Her haircut offends me 😶

  • Melissa Neuman
    Melissa Neuman Day ago

    WOW! How ungrapeful.

  • Switch
    Switch Day ago

    *Tears hole in the wall* "I need plastic grapes to cover up where someone hit it with a table"

  • M W
    M W Day ago

    If she could turn back time.... If she could find a way...

  • Charlotte Chipchura

    Did he put it back I hope he did I can't stand people like this

  • Samantha Polanski

    Shes not ungreatful all she wanted was plastic grapes to cover a hole in the wall. Not a big deal Gordon Ramsay just give her the goddam grapes. Don't start making a big fuss about it.

  • Black Mamba
    Black Mamba Day ago +9

    Owner: gets the infinity gauntlet
    Also owner: *Trades it for plastic grapes*

  • Meredith Kavanagh

    Next: Gordon revamps Cali’s hairstyle, moving her away from the “360° bangs”

  • Ben Palicki
    Ben Palicki 2 days ago +1

    If only if she could turn back time...

    • M W
      M W Day ago

      If she could find a way...

  • th3kingx
    th3kingx 2 days ago

    4:02 the fat one of the groupe

  • th3kingx
    th3kingx 2 days ago

    Look at her silly mushroom top, penis head bowl cut hair🍲🍄. Fucking muppet.

  • western vinegar mushroom pie

    Yeet her thru the window

  • Peter Bet
    Peter Bet 2 days ago

    3:15 is why you're here

  • Dwak Solo
    Dwak Solo 2 days ago

    Love Ramsay

  • Layla Du Puy
    Layla Du Puy 2 days ago

    just thank him

  • Thegamer 95
    Thegamer 95 2 days ago

    Gordon turned her messed up place to a very nice hotel and she complains ohh it’s to nice everyone wants to come here and I have to do my job 😭😭

  • Nezrm
    Nezrm 2 days ago

    Does Gordon pay for all the stuff to be put into the hotel or does the people have to pay it or what who pays it?

  • Hailie Jade
    Hailie Jade 2 days ago

    I actually like beige

  • Ted Cleveland
    Ted Cleveland 3 days ago

    if she doesnt like it she could have wait until the shows end everyone gone and move it all back...this is beyond ungrateful...

  • Veglia Borletti
    Veglia Borletti 3 days ago

    All of this but still not happy?

  • Raine
    Raine 3 days ago

    “Where’s all my shit?”
    At least she knows it’s all shit😂

  • Babar Khan
    Babar Khan 3 days ago

    Looks ugly. Was way better before

  • Anson Hu
    Anson Hu 3 days ago +1

    This bitch fake af. She’s just about as fake as those fucking cheeks. I mean, u see that shit? She looks like a grandma trying to young. (No offense to all the other wonderful grandparents out there)

  • girlonlaptop
    girlonlaptop 3 days ago

    "You mean now I have to do work?!?"

  • Pochoir
    Pochoir 3 days ago +2

    “The grapes were hiding a hole in the wall”
    *literally starts ripping the paint off of the wall making the hole bigger*

  • TPTGopher
    TPTGopher 3 days ago

    If I could turn back time...if I could find a way...I’d make sure Cali didn’t ever own this hotel - or even stay

  • Justice Warrior
    Justice Warrior 3 days ago +1

    Were the FUCK did the 150k go!!!??
    This pathetic cheap makeover costed at tops 40k!!!!!

    • Justice Warrior
      Justice Warrior 2 days ago

      @Adrian Vera
      Cheapest shit used plus its Mexico so the workforce is stupidly low!

    • Adrian Vera
      Adrian Vera 3 days ago

      Justice Warrior im pretty sure its worth more because of how big the place is

  • 《ḀṆṏṁḀḶḭḕṠ 》

    3:10 is the moment she flips lmao

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom 3 days ago

    Can I have the furniture then

  • 15percent
    15percent 3 days ago +6

    Gordon: *fixes hotel from bankruptcy*
    Her: bUt I DoNt WaNt tO dO mY jOb!!!

  • 15percent
    15percent 3 days ago +1

    Me: wow this hotel is incredible!

  • 15percent
    15percent 3 days ago +1

    Imagine going to a hotel then seeing Gordan Ramsay filming a hotel hell.....

    • Adrian Vera
      Adrian Vera 3 days ago

      15percent i would not be dissapointed

  • xX Qxezy Xx
    xX Qxezy Xx 3 days ago

    What an ungrateful whore

  • arieanna lawrence
    arieanna lawrence 3 days ago

    He done did her chopped

  • Sytheezy Yet
    Sytheezy Yet 3 days ago

    Bress JOB MUCH

  • Auds
    Auds 3 days ago

    *vêrÿ çøõł*

  • OkBroTV
    OkBroTV 3 days ago

    She’s lazy 😑 she’s complaining because she has more work to do

  • Edgar Benitez
    Edgar Benitez 3 days ago


  • Tim Vorachith
    Tim Vorachith 3 days ago

    These are the type of people who deserve their businesses to be closed down.

  • Mint Yoongay/Yoongi [Nightcore Channel]

    She’s called Cali? Why does she have the same name as me (Calista is my version of the name)

  • Thezuule
    Thezuule 4 days ago

    "Wait, you mean I'm actually going to have to do something to make my hotel succeed? I gotta go......"

  • Stenige Maldonado
    Stenige Maldonado 4 days ago


  • Abdul Rahman Al Muhairi

    Honestly she is not ungrateful she is just overwhelmed with the responsibility she has to deal with, owning and managing a hotel is a big task

  • Joe Mengler
    Joe Mengler 4 days ago

    OOooo mi grapes!

  • Frosted Dibs
    Frosted Dibs 4 days ago

    Shes a Bitch honestly such an ungreatfull horse shit

  • Whopping Cough
    Whopping Cough 4 days ago

    Woman's mentally ill.
    Know someone like her complains about everything.

  • Coraline V
    Coraline V 4 days ago


  • Asheen Kamlal
    Asheen Kamlal 4 days ago

    I hope GR took all his furniture away. This woman does not deserve it.

  • abitcrazy
    abitcrazy 4 days ago

    Dumb old bitch

  • Um hi -
    Um hi - 4 days ago

    I feel really bad since he felt so happy of what he done to the hotel but of course that MUSHROOM FUNGUS HAIRED BRAT ruined it.

  • AceOfSpades
    AceOfSpades 4 days ago

    I don’t think she was ungrateful the old lady was overwhelmed

  • warriorcatsfan14
    warriorcatsfan14 4 days ago

    Which episode is this fellas?

  • karen rapoport
    karen rapoport 4 days ago

    The only grapes Gordon has for this ungrateful hag are some grapes of WRATH.

  • Ean Langkau
    Ean Langkau 4 days ago

    Don’t you hate when you own a hotel and need to take care of it?

  • Tiffany Medrano
    Tiffany Medrano 4 days ago

    So did he end up taking it all back?

  • J R's Place
    J R's Place 4 days ago

    He should have run away from this one: she's a World class nutjob

  • anonymous by preference

    I thought the renovated rooms looked kind of tacky.

  • SenpaiGamer YT
    SenpaiGamer YT 4 days ago +1

    It’s better than her last Hotel Transylvania lookin ass rooms

  • George Griffiths
    George Griffiths 4 days ago

    ramsay is so mean and evil i can’t believe he did this gggrrrrrrr 🤬🤬

  • amin 365
    amin 365 4 days ago +3

    Gordon Ramsay is actually the funniest guy ever

  • Alana Seifert
    Alana Seifert 4 days ago

    Imagine her being your neighbour 😩

  • The Ruddz
    The Ruddz 4 days ago

    Never trust a bowl haircut. Or a man in a tunic....

  • ok
    ok 4 days ago +1

    the before room looked way better lol wtf

  • Kai Vlogs
    Kai Vlogs 4 days ago

    Can he adopt me?💀💀

  • BeagleBrains 1
    BeagleBrains 1 4 days ago

    Ungrateful bitch.

  • Caseydilla Tortilla
    Caseydilla Tortilla 4 days ago +1

    Ya u do have work ahead of you. But now you’ll actually make money because people will actually wanna stay there, so then u can use that money to hire more people to keep it in shape, and then you’ll make profit from there..... or u can be fake, cheap, and lazy, and no money after getting a $150k makeover. Might as well not even help these kind of people

  • تالا وليد
    تالا وليد 4 days ago

    If you can’t run a hotel m then don’t buy it in the first place

  • Daisyøxø
    Daisyøxø 4 days ago

    I’m seeing so many grape puns about the fact that she keeps 🍷in g about her grapes. Sorry I had to

  • Marcus Pryor
    Marcus Pryor 4 days ago +1

    did he just say in 15 minutes he was going to take everything away and put all the old stuff back, I need that crew when I move

  • Masha Mitchell
    Masha Mitchell 5 days ago

    She's complaining that daily maintenance will be "a lot of work?" Yeah...duh. Train your staff to get organized and have and opening and closing procedure like every other hotel.

  • Mark Mullins
    Mark Mullins 5 days ago +1

    It's part of actually having to work you lazy bitch

  • Ramathorn
    Ramathorn 5 days ago

    God, I hope he actually took all that stuff back and was like "Alright, you just saved me $20,000 mate. Good luck with your shite hotel."

  • Craftzy Cookie
    Craftzy Cookie 5 days ago +1

    It’s like a new episode of house flipper lmao

  • Royce the Voice
    Royce the Voice 5 days ago

    This owner must be bipolar. Someone transforms your entire hotel for you and gives you a second chance to get your feet back under you, and you crapped all over it. Insane.

  • Jvonne Henderson 2010

    B you mad because of the pool b stop crying like a babby

  • Philslaya
    Philslaya 5 days ago

    Wow wow wow lol that guy keeps wowing

  • Good Applem8
    Good Applem8 5 days ago

    David was the best

  • Charlie Olinger
    Charlie Olinger 5 days ago +1

    When Karen IS the manager 💀

  • Mara Rodriguez
    Mara Rodriguez 5 days ago

    Ungrateful old hag!! Stop whining!!! I can't stand people like this! It's called a BUSINESS! U should work HARDER than U employees!! This is YOUR vision! If ubdont want to do it the right way, close it down!

  • Tiger x4
    Tiger x4 5 days ago

    Bloody person so ungrateful