E3 Cringe and Awkward Moments 2017


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  • Keeys
    Keeys 19 days ago

    4:47 was so awkward and cringe. He said “Curtsy” 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • john cenas
    john cenas Month ago

    Who was the arrogant cocksucker that kept transitioning away from the girl speaking

  • gippula
    gippula 2 months ago

    1:54 you really should just accept you are getting bald....just accept it...please. Shave it alla away

  • Makoraph
    Makoraph 3 months ago

    1:09 that guy was like:
    oh god that was best game wawawawawawawwwwwwwww i will hug my camera for this uwuuuuu
    this comment is completely random.

  • Hypnotic
    Hypnotic 3 months ago

    it hurts

  • maziarkd
    maziarkd 3 months ago

    "I'm a USclip creator". Really? That's the guy that created USclip? Learn something new everyday!

  • NEET Adam:
    NEET Adam: 3 months ago

    i wanted to click off in the first second

  • Pessimist Prime
    Pessimist Prime 5 months ago

    2:26 We all are...

  • kaiokendo
    kaiokendo 5 months ago

    8:00 you´ll be sucked

  • PA_pa_jerry y
    PA_pa_jerry y 6 months ago

    E3 should not be on this planet

  • Deadly POG
    Deadly POG 6 months ago

    damn people attending E3 perfectly sums up what the gaming community has become. no one gets excited and crazy like they used to, impossible to please and this whole cringe fest haha E3 started falling off after 2012 in my opinion. not the games but the event itself.

  • Arrow Arrow
    Arrow Arrow 8 months ago

    Why dont they bring up people who actually speak good English in the first few minutes.

  • The Damned Alpaca
    The Damned Alpaca 8 months ago

    I liked the announcer with the pink shirt. He was awkwardly charismatic, he played at his awkwardness, unlike the other people.

  • ECHO༄
    ECHO༄ 8 months ago


  • schmittza
    schmittza 8 months ago

    I am cool aren't I? 😂

  • LoafyLoaf97
    LoafyLoaf97 8 months ago

    **Immediately puts up hand to shush the noise**

    VINYL SQUAD 8 months ago

    2017 was a mess

  • Andrew /\ H-TOWN
    Andrew /\ H-TOWN 8 months ago

    Jesus this was bad lol

  • Joel The Bitch
    Joel The Bitch 8 months ago

    Why are all these gaming shows always filled with cringe.

  • Zombient
    Zombient 8 months ago

    7:37 what game?

  • Barn Van die Bos
    Barn Van die Bos 8 months ago

    Atleast this was funny now its boring

  • Cav 1
    Cav 1 8 months ago

    3:41 he creates USclips?

  • H.F Gaming
    H.F Gaming 8 months ago

    Why does this shit always happen at E3...

  • Adam Nguyen
    Adam Nguyen 8 months ago

    The first one wasn’t that bad. Maybe because I’m a Nintendo fan though.

  • Freeformrulz
    Freeformrulz 8 months ago

    Everything about French people suck

  • Will Parker
    Will Parker 8 months ago


  • Sebastian Dalessandro
    Sebastian Dalessandro 8 months ago

    I’ve never cringed this much in my life! Bring on E3 2018

  • Joe Higgins
    Joe Higgins 8 months ago +1


  • RCmies
    RCmies 8 months ago

    2:40 ''Everybody make some noise!'' a second passes ''ALRIGHT (that's enough)''

  • Delta
    Delta 8 months ago

    God, I feel so bad for people that forget their lines. You're already nervous about being on camera and live. It's awful and it makes you not think straight, so forgetting lines is easy and then it just makes it 100x worse.

  • Sam Spence
    Sam Spence 8 months ago

    2:38-3:15 you can see Macie Jay on the right in the crowd

  • Rianchelo Isifou | LLN
    Rianchelo Isifou | LLN 8 months ago


  • Brolie
    Brolie 8 months ago

    Sean Plott (Day[9]) is a master at handling awkward situations

  • DivinePhoenix901
    DivinePhoenix901 8 months ago

    Wow That Crash Bandicoot trailer was awesome.

  • Astro Lord
    Astro Lord 8 months ago

    Rip Sean

  • The Fourth Edge
    The Fourth Edge 8 months ago

    2:13 I didn’t find this to be cringe. I think he was just being honest about presenting. Maybe that clip was just in there for strip club guy because that is... weird. But I liked what Dan had to say there.

  • ayoub urie
    ayoub urie 8 months ago

    oh lord im scared for this year

  • WeirdoMONKEY GUY
    WeirdoMONKEY GUY 8 months ago

    The 1st one was VERY cringe but the best moment of the whole E3 to me

  • natergater10
    natergater10 8 months ago

    I died on the inside at 3:34
    But still not as cringey as the minecon clips from 2015-16

  • One Bunny And Wolf
    One Bunny And Wolf 8 months ago

    a japanese man and a french man walkinto a bar

  • Matt Stahlin
    Matt Stahlin 8 months ago

    Well the first one was kind of just shiggy not knowing english that well

  • Sergio Diaz
    Sergio Diaz 8 months ago

    gamers are so awkward that shits sad 😂😂

  • Jordan
    Jordan 8 months ago

    They should have everything pre recorded for each trailer and demo, this is rediculous

  • Nullveer
    Nullveer 8 months ago

    I can't wait for the cringe of 2018!

  • kanoo likamii
    kanoo likamii 8 months ago

    I hope the PC gaming show host hosts it this year too.

  • AtariJaguarFan
    AtariJaguarFan 8 months ago

    My penis is very tiny

  • Floor 9
    Floor 9 8 months ago

    When you get the world most awkward people in one room

  • 鈴屋 什造TalalStorm
    鈴屋 什造TalalStorm 8 months ago +4

    Can't wait for this year's e3 compilation

  • Plumbo Jumbo
    Plumbo Jumbo 8 months ago

    The Frenchie from Ubisoft is unhateable lmao.

  • Wetdragonfly
    Wetdragonfly 8 months ago +4

    Can’t wait for the cringe this year.

  • Chris Rigmaiden
    Chris Rigmaiden 8 months ago

    What game were they looking for strip clubs for!? 😂😂😂

  • Google Master
    Google Master 8 months ago

    1:15 Sounds like he had a fucking stroke in the beggining

  • GhostPants
    GhostPants 8 months ago

    Are there no business people who understand how to do an enjoyable presentation. God these make me want to die.

  • Hal shot first
    Hal shot first 8 months ago

    "I'm bo-uhm..."
    I'm bombing LMAO

  • JustKorvac
    JustKorvac 8 months ago

    All you guys saying how cringe worthy and awkward all this is. But I’d love to see you guys get up there and do that shit. I know for a fact yall would crash and burn

  • Tenormic3
    Tenormic3 8 months ago

    1:10 killed me. My God these things are hilarious

  • Anthonyontv
    Anthonyontv 8 months ago

    Wtf is a USclip creator

  • Rockers From Hell
    Rockers From Hell 9 months ago

    nerds...your time is up! all this proves your fake game world is shit! bring back club culture!

  • Rockers From Hell
    Rockers From Hell 9 months ago

    some of these idiots sound like how Obama talked!

  • Dustin Peacock
    Dustin Peacock 9 months ago

    Cliff was the king of cringe. Nothing puts me off more than a dev that forces the "we get gamers" personality.

  • Outsider
    Outsider 9 months ago

    60fps just makes this worse

  • Tyrannus
    Tyrannus 9 months ago

    a lot of these were just errors due to being live or people misspeaking. not really cringe but ok

  • Loplayz
    Loplayz 9 months ago

    3:47 Discount Bradley Cooper

  • MayuriKurotsuchi
    MayuriKurotsuchi 9 months ago

    Someone of this wasn't that bad... some of it was fucking hard to watch

  • 千葉パフ
    千葉パフ 9 months ago

    If I decided to die i will watch E3 live!

  • Ibrahim Sharrocks
    Ibrahim Sharrocks 9 months ago

    5:48 wasnt some awkward clap, it was the beat for the song of the next trailer

  • Ibrahim Sharrocks
    Ibrahim Sharrocks 9 months ago

    The Mario Rabbids thing wasnt cringe or awkward, there was just a big language barrier, if Miyamato could speak perfect english fluently then it would have gone smooth as butter.

  • maoribrotha53
    maoribrotha53 9 months ago

    6:59 Yeah no shit.

  • L W
    L W 10 months ago

    8:54 made me lol

  • henry pendle
    henry pendle 10 months ago

    Were too cheap to afford a coordinator.
    And were too cheap to invest time in practicing lines and perfect gimiks. Sheesh!

  • DreamEclipse
    DreamEclipse 10 months ago

    2:40 "Everybody make some noise!" 0.2 seconds later Lifts arms to quiet crowd "Alright, shut up".

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 10 months ago

    *Y O U T U B E*
    *C R E A T O R*

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 10 months ago

    Ubisoft, it's time to stop

  • AdamG1983
    AdamG1983 10 months ago

    Come for the neckbeards, stay for the cringe

  • The 80's Wolf
    The 80's Wolf 11 months ago +4

    Gj saying your own name wrong...

  • A Person
    A Person 11 months ago

    I can't watch this, I see myself in these people. It's too much. Stop.
    First cringe comp I actually cringed at

  • Mighty Mouse
    Mighty Mouse 11 months ago

    “Life sized replica” is a difficult phrase. So many interchangeable “r”s and “l”s.

  • Max McEwen
    Max McEwen 11 months ago

    The worst event since the women's march......annnnnnnnnd here comes the platoon of feminists

  • Alastor424
    Alastor424 11 months ago

    You're a legend.

  • Donald Sanders
    Donald Sanders 11 months ago

    They need a game which helps people with their sociable life.

  • Mango Meow
    Mango Meow 11 months ago

    6:29 come on..

  • blackstorm5000
    blackstorm5000 11 months ago

    What in the actual fuck was that! 😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • Got Ram?
    Got Ram? Year ago


  • OrangeMochaCino
    OrangeMochaCino Year ago

    Did someone fart at 6:11?

  • Fairytaleprincexy

    4:28 same dirty bear suit and dancers from last year....

  • MrBanditoMan
    MrBanditoMan Year ago

    Everything Ubisoft is a cringe compilation, but more than the company itself is the people who see amazing graphics and don't get that it's ALWAYS A LIE!

  • That K1D 03
    That K1D 03 Year ago


  • SplattedEskimo
    SplattedEskimo Year ago

    *10:17** minuets*

  • Mountain Drew
    Mountain Drew Year ago

    These really aren't that cringey...

  • 19HajimeSaitou91
    19HajimeSaitou91 Year ago

    6:50 This man actually a legend...

  • bla bla
    bla bla Year ago

    1:16 dude had a minor stroke

  • bla bla
    bla bla Year ago

    i like how during the super bowl companies compete over who has the best ad while on e3 companies compete over who hast the cringiest performance

  • Oliver Keaney
    Oliver Keaney Year ago

    Kind of feel sorry for that Jesse dude

  • Max Caulfield
    Max Caulfield Year ago

    2:28 lmaoo I'm dying on the inside watching this

  • AT Swiss
    AT Swiss Year ago


  • tonights big loser

    If you didn't know, he's a youtube creator.

  • Barfing Chicken
    Barfing Chicken Year ago

    2:00 "For the game"

  • cody king
    cody king Year ago

    I honestly feel bad for Sean plot everyone hates him😂

  • MrStifleras
    MrStifleras Year ago +1

    4:34 lost