VFX Artist Shows You TRUE POWER of Warships!

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
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    Wren uses VFX to show you the power of the world's largest Warships!
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Comments • 2 909

  • StalinePlays YT
    StalinePlays YT 3 hours ago

    cool editing to a transmission the picture from the pc to youre hand very nice

  • WoTb Music Studio
    WoTb Music Studio 13 hours ago

    Eh em... Yamato

  • jun santiago
    jun santiago 13 hours ago

    Montana is better

  • Mooham2007 Burns
    Mooham2007 Burns 14 hours ago

    Those are not bullets there are called shells shows are basically massive versions of bullets

  • Sanuku
    Sanuku 15 hours ago +1

    Finaly someone explained 50 cal designation.

  • apache attack helicopter

    Not as thick as Bismarck

  • Die_roten_ Spatzen
    Die_roten_ Spatzen 20 hours ago

    It’s a shell not a bullet

  • Red Rocket
    Red Rocket 22 hours ago +1

    The US Navy actually are putting the Iowa class battle ships in service after they modernize them

  • Andre niki
    Andre niki 23 hours ago +1

    World of Warships...
    Better said, Pay To Win

  • Christoffer Stenslie

    *Laughs in Grosser Kurfurst*

  • Asriel repeater
    Asriel repeater Day ago

    Mark 7 not 8 because america stop doing battleship after 4 iowa class battleship (iowa class use mark 7)

  • Lenny Cepillo
    Lenny Cepillo Day ago +1

    The biggest and powerful is the Yamato but it sunk American bomber torpedoes fighters. So yeh

  • Aidan Mattson
    Aidan Mattson Day ago

    4:06 I have never heard this from anyone and I don’t think anyone above the age of 6 would think this. Also the reason why the ship doesn’t capsize is because it’s 48,000 tons of steel. The energy required to move that in a significant way would probably vaporize the entirety of the crew and part of the ship.
    Edit: I forgot to mention the time that the British mounted 18” guns on what amounted to a light cruiser. That, while warping the structure, did not capsize it or come close.

  • Aidan Mattson
    Aidan Mattson Day ago

    3:49 you show the Paris gun (from WWI) first, but then you show a picture of a Schwerer Gustav gun (I think it’s Dora, but I may be mistaken), a different kind of railway gun from WWII.

  • Aidan Mattson
    Aidan Mattson Day ago

    In naval artillery caliber refers to the multiple of the bore diameter in reference to the barrel length. This is important to achieve higher muzzle velocity and greater accuracy. For example the main guns on the Iowa class Battleships are 16”/50 guns. The 16” refers to the bore diameter and the 50 is the caliber. This means the barrel is 50 times the bore diameter or around 66 feet long.
    Hope this helps, I knew that this was confusing when I first started studying naval warfare.

  • Biterolf Productions

    Well, if he dived to Yamato’s wreck then it’ll be 2 inches bigger

  • The Legit Gaming Raptor

    Are you sure about that!
    Just replace battleship guns with . . . Tomahawk Missile Turrets
    Edit : Someone also replied Prototype Railgun Cannons
    Me : how about Ion Driven Plasma Cannons.

    • Synewsho
      Synewsho 15 hours ago

      The Legit Gaming Raptor maybe prototype rail guns

  • Leopard 2A6
    Leopard 2A6 Day ago +4

    Not mad, but every time he said bullet I got a little heated. Any 'bullet' over a 20mm caliber is classified as a shell...

  • :Call sign: Woodland whisky

    Modern navy: *fires cruise missile at aliens and misses*
    Old WWII Vets on the USS Iowa: “please” *fires 9 shells at martians and completely destroys them*

  • Jackson Palmer
    Jackson Palmer Day ago

    .50 caliber refers to a round whose diameter is .5”, unless there is another definition regarding barrel length I am completely unaware of.

    • Aidan Mattson
      Aidan Mattson Day ago +1

      In naval artillery caliber refers to the multiple of the bore diameter in reference to the barrel length. This is important to achieve higher muzzle velocity and greater accuracy. For example the main guns on the Iowa class Battleships are 16”/50 guns. The 16” refers to the bore diameter and the 50 is the caliber. This means the barrel is 50 times the bore diameter or around 66 feet long.
      Hope this helps, I knew that this was confusing when I first started studying naval warfare.

  • Jonathan Christoper

    I speak metric

  • Isaac L
    Isaac L Day ago

    "I wanted to play it back in real time" 6:42

  • tim mobile
    tim mobile 2 days ago +4

    Wait dint they teach you how ships float in school?
    They thought us how boats float in 4th grade

    • Great Mems
      Great Mems 13 hours ago

      Apparently they didn't teach you how to spell taught

  • Commander G
    Commander G 2 days ago

    Yamato is stronger but it dead

    • Commander G
      Commander G Day ago

      Yeah that might be true but I still love Yamato

    • Aidan Mattson
      Aidan Mattson Day ago +1

      Commander G splish splash your opinion is trash.
      The Iowas were the best Battleships. Not only where they far faster than the Yamato, but they had a greater effective range on their guns (the 16”/50 is considered one of the most accurate naval guns, although it is behind the 15” guns on the Littorio class). They could determine the engagement. Also their anti-air composition was far better, with 20mm Oerlikons and 40mm Bofors on top of 5”/38 guns. With the exception of the Oerlikons these guns were considered exceptional at their job. Compare this to the Yamato, which had good heavy anti-air guns, but their 25mm guns are widely regarded as some of the worst anti-air weapons, just behind the type-3 shells (which were to be fired from the main guns of the Yamato and were regarded as fireworks) and aerial mines (leave it to the brits to make something even worse). Furthermore the steel on Japanese ships was of low quality and thus the armor advantage for the Yamato is pretty much negated, with it just being slow.
      Overall you have succumbed to the idea that bigger diameter=better ship, which was the kind of thinking that partially doomed the Japanese navy.

  • Commander G
    Commander G 2 days ago

    You sound like Peter Parker

  • Greater German Empire

    *C A L L I T A S H E L L !*

  • J. Dacs
    J. Dacs 2 days ago

    You look like Charlie Puth

    FBI SWAT 2 days ago +2

    THERES A RANGE FINDER it wasn’t there when I was

  • Lucifer Morgenstern
    Lucifer Morgenstern 2 days ago

    I got a World of Warships ad in the beginning.

  • wan dae
    wan dae 2 days ago

    Space, tha last frontier ...
    Oh wait hahaha

  • henk bleker
    henk bleker 3 days ago

    One big moneygrab

  • Aza-Industries
    Aza-Industries 3 days ago +15

    You guys should include metric measurements for the other 99% of the world.

    • Henri Bergeron
      Henri Bergeron Day ago +1

      But it’s not 99% of their audience. Maybe 10-15% max.

  • Cmonstar 53
    Cmonstar 53 3 days ago

    The specifics of the USS Iowa in 1945. 3x3 16" 50 caliber guns, 2x10 5" 40 caliber guns, 1x50 20mm machine guns, 4x10 40mm bofors, 33 knots, and range of 50,000 nautical miles at 15 knots.

  • Ultimat3Gam3r 1
    Ultimat3Gam3r 1 3 days ago

    The sister ship to the USS Iowa the USS Missouri is one of the best battleships because it has the same guns, cruise missiles and other various newer technologies it last served in Kuwait during operation desert storm

  • [BE] TrashyRechard
    [BE] TrashyRechard 3 days ago


  • JoshDaSovietPotato
    JoshDaSovietPotato 3 days ago

    Look at the hms hood its length and guns 15 inch guns

  • Amateur Asian
    Amateur Asian 3 days ago

    Some quick corrections: they are called shells, not bullets.
    And gunpower isn’t explosive, it’s a quick burning powder that makes a hella lot of gas that pushes the shell out at insane speeds.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 days ago

    Ain’t this the 1980s Iowa?

  • Howard Brent
    Howard Brent 3 days ago +12

    Yamato: “Am I a joke to you?”

    • Thomas Casey
      Thomas Casey 3 hours ago

      USS Missouri: bro im litterally the guy in the pic

  • Howard Brent
    Howard Brent 3 days ago +10

    American: “How much does a cubic meter of water weigh?”
    Rest of the world: “1 metric ton.”
    American: “In layman’s terms, please.”
    Rest of the world: “2,200 pounds.”
    American: “Perfection.”

  • adam sandler mariano

    Did you undergo puberty? Just curious

  • Fleato
    Fleato 4 days ago

    That picture is from the movie Bartleship. Pretty sure it's not real but also still extremely impressive.

  • qbst
    qbst 4 days ago +21

    Suggestion: VFX artist shows how Minecraft inventory would look like in real life when it's full.

  • Cameron
    Cameron 4 days ago

    Every time he said bullet.....

  • Steven Bryant
    Steven Bryant 4 days ago

    Imagine another 80 years of advancement of battleship tech

  • Diet Dr peppa
    Diet Dr peppa 4 days ago +1

    Did he just call the 16 inch guns “50. Caliber?” Really?

    • Zachary Coins
      Zachary Coins Day ago

      Diet Dr peppa For artillery, caliber is a reference to the length of the barrel compared to the diameter of the shell. So the Iowa class ships had mark 8 16 inch/50 caliber guns

  • Rafael Sanchez Ortiz

    Please stop saying BULLET it's a SHELL

  • Daniel Galaman
    Daniel Galaman 4 days ago

    "cause you know, the earth is round"
    Me: ahh shit here we go again

  • Brockton Laughrey
    Brockton Laughrey 4 days ago

    Shell, round, ordnance, anyone of those is correct not bullet.... plz stop saying bullet..

  • JacobTV OBrien
    JacobTV OBrien 5 days ago +1

    “These are 50.caliber” ...no..t-they aren’t lol

    • Aidan Mattson
      Aidan Mattson Day ago

      JacobTV OBrien in naval artillery caliber refers to the multiple of the bore diameter as the length of the barrel (I believe he said this in the video). This is important as certain ratios are more accurate and get better muzzle velocity. For example the Iowa class Battleships use a 16”/50 gun. The 50 indicates the caliber, while the 16” indicates bore diameter. This means the barrel is 800” long or 66’ 4” to simplify.

  • Bunnaroth Puch
    Bunnaroth Puch 6 days ago

    It a sheel turret

  • Theo Leuterio
    Theo Leuterio 6 days ago

    Oh hey I’ve been there for a school fieldtrip! Coolio

  • Yuzu Aihara
    Yuzu Aihara 6 days ago

    Should've accepted the azur lane sponsorship instead smh

  • riley johnson
    riley johnson 6 days ago

    Such a sell out

  • Jameson Dymond
    Jameson Dymond 6 days ago

    4:23 I think you might be slightly under rating the power of those guns because my dad was in a ship a few miles away when the one of the Iowa’s fired a full nine gun broadside and my dads ship rocked a lot

    • Jameson Dymond
      Jameson Dymond 5 days ago

      Jacob coll nah that fine

    • Jacob coll
      Jacob coll 5 days ago

      @Jameson Dymond I totally read that wrong lol

    • Jacob coll
      Jacob coll 5 days ago

      @Jameson Dymond oh my bad

    • Jameson Dymond
      Jameson Dymond 5 days ago

      Jacob coll my dad wasn’t on the Iowa he was on a CPF witch is a lot smaller then an Iowa

    • Jacob coll
      Jacob coll 5 days ago

      Sadly to say, no it didnt, the recoil of 9 16inch guns is not enough to even move the battleship an inch, you think that those guns are gonna move 65,000 tons?

  • Sole Carrot
    Sole Carrot 6 days ago

    Please for the next video can you display the measures in metric system too ?

    • Lord Sylph
      Lord Sylph 6 days ago

      The Mk-8 cannons were 406mm/50cal guns

  • Navjyot Singh
    Navjyot Singh 6 days ago

    You have wrendered me in awe...with these amazing facts.😯👌

  • Diego Nicosia
    Diego Nicosia 6 days ago

    You should use metric system

  • Daniel Clyne
    Daniel Clyne 6 days ago +2

    Jeez saying bullet rly pissed me off lol


    50 caliber guns maybe 16 inch guns