• Published on Aug 21, 2019
  • I explain why I prefer to use my wheelchair even though I can walk
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  • Lucas test lab
    Lucas test lab 3 hours ago

    I'm born with a cyst in my cerebellum, which make my balance suck.

    A good thing at least, is i can walk sort of normally like other pedestrians.

    But if I experience uneven terrain or obstacles along the way, i sometimes need support like someone's shoulder or hand, so i don't fall over.

    Other than having to deal with my issues, i live sort of independently in a nice residence with staff to help me 24/7 if needed, and nice residents to talk and have fun with :-D

  • chris ibison
    chris ibison 10 hours ago

    When I could walk ! It did make something's easier. But now that I'm much older than you. I have to use a power wheelchair and that has made something a lot better. But I can't go to Family gathering at my brother's house 😭

  • pearlgirl
    pearlgirl Day ago

    Thanks for your USclip. My balance sometimes is bad.

  • Red Night
    Red Night Day ago

    So lazy

  • Theodd kidout
    Theodd kidout Day ago

    Why do u have pain when u walk a lot

  • Kennard Edmund
    Kennard Edmund Day ago +1

    You need to do some stretching your legs

  • Jackie Keen
    Jackie Keen 2 days ago

    Fantastic video! Very informing to people who cant understand why a wheelchair when you can walk?
    I have a chronic illness & sruggle walking even a short distance, i just bought an electric wheelchair, i absolutely love the independence it gives me 😁
    Thank you for putting it out there x

  • Carl Muffly
    Carl Muffly 2 days ago

    I recently lost the ability to walk! Well about 75% of the time! Due to a Inflammatory situation feet and knees swell and hurt to much to walk! It's very frustrating and doing things you used to do like cooking or dishes or just cleaning! Using the bathroom is one of the hardest things to do! But thanx to your video and the ideas you put up.I will utilize to make my life better! Thank you so much!

  • Vijay Walke
    Vijay Walke 2 days ago

    Hi Sir i am Vijay walke handicap person from ahmednagar Maharashtra India no 8484848135

  • Raf 7up
    Raf 7up 3 days ago +1

    You’re a bad person you realise using a wheelchair even though you can Walk is actually really rude

  • Rob_Botz
    Rob_Botz 3 days ago

    I should have to use one for my heels because my heel bones are apart from each other

  • francine wilbanks
    francine wilbanks 3 days ago

    That’s lying

  • FNAFfoxyfan_9000 •

    I thought we had legs for a reason 🤨😒

  • JanineBean
    JanineBean 4 days ago

    Oh my god you are a sweet patient angel for taking the time to explain this to the idiots who didn’t get it from the first video. You rock!
    I wish people weren’t so judgemental and let people live their lives. My disability is much less visible than yours but I feel like you kind of share some of the issues of the invisible disability crowd-people thinking you’re faking it, getting dirty looks for using accessible areas, etc. It’s such a pain in the ass.

  • x5faba
    x5faba 4 days ago

    peace of shit ngl this dude is complaining about being tired when there is paralyzed kids wishing they can walk just for one day

  • Austin Cota
    Austin Cota 5 days ago

    I'm fully accessible and still use pro move at 9:54 lol honestly every time I'm going downstairs I like to skip 4 or 5 steps like a monkey or something haha gotta enjoy the small things man!

  • PawPaw Kellum
    PawPaw Kellum 5 days ago

    I currently use a walking stick, but will have to transition to a powered wheelchair soon.
    I plan on adding an attachment to my chair, so that I can mount my stick and have it with me when needed.
    🤔 Is there a reason you are not using both, in a similar fashion?

    • Wheels2Walking
      Wheels2Walking  5 days ago

      I always keep a crutch in the car with me but I’ve never considered strapping it to my chair. Probably because I drive my car everywhere and thus I have my crutch with me. However, if I didn’t drive I’d probably come up with some sort crutch mount on my wheelchair.

  • ofSaints
    ofSaints 5 days ago

    Wonderfull video! Answered so many question I had and gave clarity to my some of my ignorance.

  • Sir Sorted Book4 the 1ST

    Man it’s sucks that people think your a bad guy cause u can stand especially in public

    • Wheels2Walking
      Wheels2Walking  6 days ago

      They just don’t know me or my story, but that’s ok because I would probably judge before I was hurt too.

  • A particularly suspicious man

    Yo, Wheely boy might be the meta, but crutchy boy can punish him if he makes a hap-hazard special move.

  • queen jeski
    queen jeski 6 days ago

    the conserving energy thing is so important! it enables you to stand up and walk when you need to!

  • kauske
    kauske 7 days ago

    People can be super petty at times, my mother gets flack for having a disabled pass for parking 'even though she can walk.' What people don't know is she has severe neuropathy, meaning she can't feel anything but searing pain in her legs and feet. Worse, she can't tell if she damages her feet either, not without a close inspection, or until gangrene sets in. People love to get offended on behalf of others too much, often to the _detriment_ to the people they think they are protecting. Most of the time, if there's a normal parking spot next to the handicap spaces, she'll take those instead, to leave them free for those who need the extra room to unload mobility device anyhow.
    Addendum: People should probably also consider that some people who require a mobility device, but can function without it are recovering too. And forcing themselves to walk versus use a chair or scooter could set that recovery back, or even make things get worse. It does you no good to try and walk around after a hip replacement, just for you to topple over and break the other one because you didn't wait and recover your strength like the doctor ordered.

  • Logan Brennan
    Logan Brennan 7 days ago

    I agree using a wheelchair is better that walking but sometimes I think some kids that are in wheelchairs wish they could do anything anyone without a wheelchair can do like swimming so they would be sad about that

  • Fefnir Eindraer
    Fefnir Eindraer 7 days ago

    I know its probably been answer but what is his condition that means he cant move as normal?

  • EmmaDarllocke Locke
    EmmaDarllocke Locke 7 days ago

    I use to be in crutches so stop this

  • EmmaDarllocke Locke
    EmmaDarllocke Locke 7 days ago

    This Is offensive to my mom

  • EmmaDarllocke Locke
    EmmaDarllocke Locke 7 days ago


  • EmmaDarllocke Locke
    EmmaDarllocke Locke 7 days ago

    This is offensive to disable poeple

  • calfotogal
    calfotogal 7 days ago

    Greetings Crutchboi! I was wondering why you don't figure out a mount for your crutch on the back of your wheelchair (for travel)? Wouldn't that be the best of both worlds? I'm sure they have collapsible forearm crutches that might not be no too obtrusive. And they make tons of accessories for the purpose of carrying crutches. Anyway, I was just wondering and thanks for the great videos!! Debra

  • Julie Faunce
    Julie Faunce 7 days ago

    People do not see how stand can hurt even short time. Since having a disability though arthritis in my knees I see it different myself.
    I use a walker at moment I can not go far. I have been thinking of getting a wheelchair when I go shopping for hours which I can not do now. At moment I can only shop for hour at the most and sore next couple days. I live on my own so I need to be mobile to get my meals. My physio said no which stop the government paid for it. I can paid for the one will not pull apart to put in car.
    Just going to bank, post office and line up to be seen. I need to have someone with me to line up or pick a place not busy.

  • Liononfire 515
    Liononfire 515 7 days ago

    Thank u for this video. I've been debating getting mobility aids for the fact I get warn out and long outtings means I will be out of commission the next day or longer also likely in pain. I always thought a person I a wheelchair is just an inconvenience but so its not worse then sitting down to regain energy. I also am in college now and the walking is a lot. I think next doctor visit I'm going to ask if I should start using one.

  • Pontus Wennergren
    Pontus Wennergren 7 days ago

    Hey dude, just curious! Do you have to keep your legs "in training" or else they will cese to be?

  • Daniel.S
    Daniel.S 7 days ago

    I'm in a wheelchair myself so I understand all of the situations your in let me just say for the people that don't understand what it's like to be disabled it's not fun by any means but there is one thing a lot worse than that & it is having to justify yourself and the equipment that we use on a day to day basis we know what we are doing to make our lives easier its not up you guys to understand

  • Caleb P
    Caleb P 7 days ago

    Deal with it

  • Giacomo Carlomagno
    Giacomo Carlomagno 8 days ago

    First time here, cool channel man. Congrats and keep up with it.

  • RSA Roi
    RSA Roi 8 days ago +2

    No one:

    This guy: Is the laziest person ever

    • RSA Roi
      RSA Roi 5 days ago

      Yea he said He gets tired but we get tired but we don’t sit on weelchairs thats why he is lazy 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • Artemy Malyutin
      Artemy Malyutin 5 days ago

      RSA Roi he just explained why he uses a wheelchair 🙄

  • offroader5
    offroader5 8 days ago

    Let's have a beer bro.

  • Jude Merit
    Jude Merit 8 days ago

    Question from someone considering different options for myself as I have Ehler's Danlos Syndrome and my mobility is waning. When you do the demonstration of using a kitchen chair to go from your wheelchair to the bathroom, as a person who can walk without a crutch (standy boi!), could you also just stand and use the bathroom and then leave and return to your wheelchair? Or is that a lot more difficult just because there's not much to hold on to or? This video is awesome, ps. I'm so nervous to start using mobility aids because I "don't look sick" and my personal favorite, "you don't need crutches! Crutches are for people who can't walk! I saw you walk in here! You're fine!" that I got from my doctor last week -.-, but literally most days I can make the walk to school, but the last half of the walk coming home is super painful, and there are a LOT of times where I'm legitimately not sure I'm gonna make the last two blocks home and have no way to do so.

  • Brownie
    Brownie 8 days ago

    Not trying to be rude, but did I miss the legitimate name of his condition or did he just not give one?

    • Brownie
      Brownie 7 days ago

      @Wheels2Walking Thanks that's all I was asking for I don't watch your videos and sometimes it's hard to get a straight answer from normal people.

    • Wheels2Walking
      Wheels2Walking  7 days ago +1

      Spinal cord injury = paralysis = paraplegic = two limbs don’t work properly (my legs) among other secondary things.

  • andreas0600
    andreas0600 8 days ago

    My legs work, and i can walk, run and job with no pain. But no i kinda wanna get a Wheelchair. haha

  • Collin Thayer
    Collin Thayer 8 days ago

    10:05 is me when I was a kid

  • Odd Itee
    Odd Itee 8 days ago

    Some constructive criticism:
    Knowing your audience can go a long way toward keeping them.
    Many, dare I say 'most', of your audience doesn't have the good fortune of being able to choose between the 2 options.
    When you say, "Walking sucks!", to a population who can never do that again you run the risk of coming off condescending or patronizing and alienating them.
    For most of us, your ability to stand and gait would be so overwhelmingly and positively life changing that saying "it sucks" has little, if any, positive resonance.

  • lunafantastica Martinez

    I need a wheel chair but i don't use on

  • Kenton Alley
    Kenton Alley 9 days ago

    I am in a wheel chair so fuck you asshole

    • Wheels2Walking
      Wheels2Walking  8 days ago

      Glad you watched the whole video and not just read the title and got mad

  • XxWolflieCookieLifexX Wolflie

    Actualy,everything you say,is true but still,a weelchair is not better then walking,walking is healthier,better and funner!

    • chronic-rose
      chronic-rose 9 days ago

      it's not healthy when your legs don't work and cause extreme pain.. like he said??? you can break bones by falling from walking too much..is that healthy?

      it's also super not fun to be in extreme pain?

      you sound very young so I'll give you a pass, but you need to work on being less ableist

  • Sheila Medley
    Sheila Medley 10 days ago

    Wait he peed on his friend and needs to pee again huh this dose not add up

    • chronic-rose
      chronic-rose 9 days ago +1

      obviously he attempted to hold in his pee as he peed, and when your bladder is slightly emptier you can hold it better

  • Razor. Major Gamer
    Razor. Major Gamer 10 days ago

    Idk if he knows that if ur on a wheel chair u can’t go onto a roller coasters. And also if he peed on his friends back why does he gotta go pee? That’s one tiny bladder

  • papafather
    papafather 10 days ago

    Why is it better then working

  • Angus Brown
    Angus Brown 10 days ago

    We had a teacher at my school who had some condition (Cerebral palsy, I think) which meant she was weaker in one half of her body. While she could walk, she opted to use a wheelchair instead. Similar reasons to yours. It does suck that people have to have it explained to them

  • SystemofEleven
    SystemofEleven 10 days ago +2

    There are days when I can walk for a few hours with minimal issues (though I will probably need a couple days to recuperate afterward). There are days where I wake up and my caregiver has to carry my sorry butt to the toilet that is literally ten feet away from my bed, because I don't even have the strength to crawl.
    There have been a large number of instances where I thought I was in good shape that day, decided to go out with just my cane, aaaaand collapsed on the sidewalk halfway to my destination. Or in the parking lot outside my apartment. Or on the floor at work. Or in the third aisle of the grocery store during a relatively short errand run. You get the gist.

    I don't go anywhere without my wheelchair anymore. Even if I think I don't need it, I know there's a massive risk involved if I need it later and don't have it. And I'm terrified of being stranded wherever I happen to fall. And anybody who wants to tell me I should just walk until I can't, can go suck an egg.

  • Shei's Wunderland
    Shei's Wunderland 10 days ago

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat YOU LIED TO US (* hold sarkasm shield *)

  • Mikiansmom on the right

    New sub here. I'm so thankful for finding you! I'd love to talk to you about my injury sometime, being in a similar situation as you... I'm considering wheels instead of walking which has become almost impossible! Thanks for all the help you're doing & giving! 💪🏻😘 Stay strong brotha!

  • Venessy
    Venessy 11 days ago

    I really hope this isnt an ignorant thing to say as a person that doesnt need one but I honestly have come to think wheelchairs are pretty badass. I love your videos they have taught me a lot about other types of people and their struggles, misconceptions, etc.

    • chronic-rose
      chronic-rose 9 days ago

      as a disabled person, yeah, they are badass! wheelchair users gain so much by having one, because without one, most would be bedridden

  • Amy Broughton
    Amy Broughton 11 days ago

    Guy s its ok why do you think he cant do that why are you born

  • Frank Arellano
    Frank Arellano 11 days ago

    I knew someone who was in a whell chair at my old school and he placed 5 in a race with all 6 grades

  • Frank Arellano
    Frank Arellano 11 days ago

    I get this

  • Dylan Strickland
    Dylan Strickland 11 days ago

    No hate just curious why you need the wheel chair, like what happened?

    • Wheels2Walking
      Wheels2Walking  11 days ago

      Fell 50ft and got paralyzed from the waist down. If you want the full story read it here! Wheels2Walking.com/subscribe

  • Ivano Milošević
    Ivano Milošević 11 days ago

    How do you wipe your ass
    No ofense

    KAPIIOSKI 11 days ago

    you suck go walk lazy man

    • QhaszPL
      QhaszPL 11 days ago

      and you're an ignorant piece of shit :)

  • Winklexx
    Winklexx 11 days ago

    Brilliant video! I’m a new chair user who can also walk but like you I experience a lot of pain and I’m not that stable on my feet. The amount of people who assume that I can’t walk because I have a chair is unreal. I just wanted to say your videos are an inspiration to me and others, keep up the good work 😁