• Published on Sep 29, 2019
    Even if you live in a big city you could be caught in an unexpected situation. That’s why it’s important to know survival tips to solve any problem. So, what are the most useful safety hacks and skills that you need to know? Watch this video and you will learn how to survive during earthquake, fire and how to cure wounds and cuts. We an unexpected way to use tampon - it perfectly stops the blood. We have a collection of uncommon solutions to common and uncommon problems.
    Also, we prepared a collection of home remedies that work perfectly. You will learn how to cure cold, what to do when you suffer from insomnia, how to cure blisters and insect bites. Prepare a very effective cold remedy from ginger and Coke. Slice ginger and put into the pan, pour Coke and boil. After that pour into a cup and add some honey and drink. Essential oils promote relaxation, relieve stress and anxiety and are widely used to beat insomnia and provide better sleep. You can make an essential oil for sleep at home. Mix 20 drops of lavender oil, 10 drops of ylang-ylang oil and coconut oil. Apply this oil on your neck before sleep. You will be surprised but tomato juice has a healing effect and is widely used to cure blisters. Watch our tutorial on how to quickly treat blisters with a tomato slice. One more crazy but the working recipe to cure flu is to put onions in your socks. Cut an onion in circles and place on the bottoms of your feet and put on a pair of socks. Leave the socks overnight and you will wake up healthy.
    As a bonus, you will find self-defence techniques to escape from the attack. t’s better to be prepared for every situation because it could save your life.
    00:09 Self-defense techniques for girls
    02:36 How to stop bleeding
    06:00 Homemade remedies
    06:38 Insomnia?
    07:35 Baking soda for bee stings
    07:57 Best cold remedy

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  • Sumi Sumi
    Sumi Sumi 9 days ago +1

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    AFFAN HASHAM 10 days ago

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    1:25 how people should react when cheated on

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    Modification:The first self defense technique

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    Shaan Nayak Month ago

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    A small child,then what to do?
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  • Dee Will
    Dee Will Month ago

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    Aesthetic_Flower Month ago

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