Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter

  • Published on Feb 1, 2018
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    Finding alien life on a distant planet would be amazing news - or would it? If we are not the only intelligent life in the universe, this probably means our days are numbered and doom is certain.

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    Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter

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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell  6 months ago +3376

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    • War pig
      War pig 10 hours ago

      One people one leader one realm! The only way understood possible

    • Naga sai Vishnu
      Naga sai Vishnu 8 days ago

      How do these guys create such brilliant graphics?Any ideas...

    • DasOhneEnde
      DasOhneEnde 8 days ago +1

      .., lol you give out a membership for people who do not want to use their brains ?!
      And you believe even though you know that you are lying. ;)
      And if you do not, then you are no better than the people who make up the governments.
      bread and games

  • Monique Rivers-Smith
    Monique Rivers-Smith 5 hours ago

    this fucking sam oven adds

  • johan andres acosta ortiz

    Wath if there not filters.
    But mostly i think the big filtre was the unity of mitocondrias on a more complex cell, complex life require more energy.

  • Become Fitness
    Become Fitness 10 hours ago

    Perhaps we are a virus, and the universe eventually finds a way to rid humans like a common cold

  • الوليد العنزي

    I was like aliens dont want to execute humans but you have a point

  • Unstoppable Duck
    Unstoppable Duck 17 hours ago

    Outsid3r explain how god doesn't exist

  • Jakub
    Jakub 17 hours ago

    Damn awesome video!!!

  • Malcolm Burt
    Malcolm Burt 18 hours ago

    heres a twist: *we are the aliens*

  • CelestialSofa
    CelestialSofa 19 hours ago

    We're not alone, haven't you seen the documentaries called Predator and Aliens?.

  • Potato SPUD
    Potato SPUD Day ago


  • Kie_.
    Kie_. Day ago

    Why is math still hard for me.

  • Eric Sell
    Eric Sell Day ago

    The Great Filter seems too simplistic an explanation. Out of all the habitable planets, how many have our level of development or above? And of them, well, where are they? There might be a civ right now that controls 13 star systems...which is an unimaginable feat to us, but since they're on the other side of the galaxy, we simply haven't noticed, and 13 systems is just too small for us to see from so far away.

  • Herbolife05
    Herbolife05 Day ago

    I love this channel. It sums up very interesting topics in a very Understandable way. The occasional existential crisis is one of the downsides tho

  • Gurtington
    Gurtington Day ago

    This was the saddest one

  • stoneheart
    stoneheart Day ago

    Bacteria was found on mars

  • Mae Bee
    Mae Bee Day ago

    know no one can know if you make a TIME LIMT

  • Mae Bee
    Mae Bee Day ago

    im failing at start of space

  • Theeraphat Sunthornwit

    Or the filter is decline in average iq... very soon average iq will be 60 and no human can produce pencils😂

  • Peter Nguyen
    Peter Nguyen 2 days ago

    :/ ...

  • Athaariq Ardiansyah
    Athaariq Ardiansyah 2 days ago

    You.. Europeans, Japanese, you have destroy my nation at past time. How about alien destroy us like what've you did?

  • J. Doberman
    J. Doberman 2 days ago

    I think there is intelligent life out there, but I don’t think we will find it anytime soon. People living today won’t have the experience of seeing it.

  • Berkeley Ehlers
    Berkeley Ehlers 2 days ago


  • chris pratt
    chris pratt 2 days ago

    Good graphics

  • 하하하Ssquishu
    하하하Ssquishu 2 days ago +1

    -Nah one of them would come to earth, fall in love with a Hallyu Star, and wish human fluids wouldn’t make his heart beat 300 times per minute-

  • IT'S HIM
    IT'S HIM 2 days ago

    I sincerely hate humans so aliens can't be that bad.

  • Surn Zxrc
    Surn Zxrc 2 days ago

    And a civilization who fights over the color of someone’s skin doesn’t deserve to go further. Because of this I hope we are not the most intelligent civilization in the universe.

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln 2 days ago +1

    antes de iniciar a colonização intergalatica, precisamos abolir a escravidão animal e impor a dieta vegana a humanidade.

  • Jess O.
    Jess O. 2 days ago

    Could Venus and Mars have been 2 planets that didn't pass the great filters? (I believe there's more than one filter and that life on Earth has crossed a couple so far.) Having 2 planets that could have had water and the right conditions for life in our very own solar system places the odds pretty high for alien life within our own galaxy!

  • Kaileigh Dilks
    Kaileigh Dilks 2 days ago

    You've got be kidding! First off, you have many people scared to know if aliens exist and how it could be terrible endangerment for the Earth and humanity but yet many also complain so much that humans themselves are a HORRIBLE species ruining our own planet, great other species and just don't deserve to be on this planet! I sense that these alien life forms are SMARTER than we are because the have pretty much the same thinking skills as we do but also think AROUND the block to look for ways to survive WITHOUT harming anyone else or their own planet. You know what? FUCK THE REAL WORLD!!! Having only ONE planet in the universe supporting life while yet has so many species on it having a hard time trying to share it makes this universe ABSOLUTELY depressing. I'd rather be living in the Star Wars universe :)

  • Help me im in pain
    Help me im in pain 2 days ago

    Fukin deep

  • Michele Gardini
    Michele Gardini 2 days ago

    The Great Filter: economy and technology pushed to their limits, without any care. Depletion of resources and pollution of enviroment are the more predictable reasons of implosion for a civilization. The filter is somewhere in front of us, and we are running fast to meet it.

  • Paddy K
    Paddy K 2 days ago

    “Aliens” actually do exist it’s been proven by nasa but nasa hasn’t told the public, these aliens are very similar to the bacteria of our planet its microscopic and tiny and harmless to humans. These aliens have been found in mars

  • Chapter Master Gambo

    I don't exactly see what this "filter" is supposed to be. Is it just like the universe showing you a giant middle finger?

  • I Just Click
    I Just Click 3 days ago

    Guys I have the solution to our doom just make friends with more complicated and intelligent beings they must understand the concept of finding a new home.

  • FungalBoi999 **
    FungalBoi999 ** 3 days ago +1

    Wait, If there’s a lot more spacefaring civilizations, wouldn’t it mean that whatever filter is ahead of us is much easier to overcome?

    • hoda
      hoda 2 days ago

      No, all the things they mentioned would be behind us.. the bacteria, small animals, intelligent life and ruins. None of that is beyond what we are today meaning there must be something beyond us stopping every other civilisation from carrying on. Cause otherwise there would’ve been observable life already. That’s the filter. Which would be bad for us and our future. It’s better having an earlier filter that we’ve already passed because it means we’ll survive and possibly colonise empty planets. It’s kind of a selfish want.. to have no civilisations so we can have free real estate rather than having others excel, dooming us.

  • Tan Huey Sheng
    Tan Huey Sheng 3 days ago

    Dark Forest Theory

  • Brady
    Brady 3 days ago

    Plot twist the great filter is another alien force that wipes out every civilization it comes across

  • Fortress
    Fortress 3 days ago

    Or if there are multiple filters

  • ItzMeRickie
    ItzMeRickie 3 days ago

    It's Thanos

  • Goku Black
    Goku Black 3 days ago

    Of course you arrogant humans would think you are the only ones in the universe

  • Nilay Shrivastava
    Nilay Shrivastava 3 days ago

    IMO, Interstellar or Intergalactic Travel is itself a GREAT FILTER , which no civilization of universe able to pass through it.. !!

  • Daniel Epp
    Daniel Epp 3 days ago

    I've done a lot of research over the years and I have found out that the filter is behind us

  • The Morningstars
    The Morningstars 3 days ago

    Ancient astronaut theorists believe

  • Mad Wey
    Mad Wey 4 days ago +2

    OR it would mean thin green dudes

  • Yiliant
    Yiliant 4 days ago

    I believe the filter is behind us. If we find life I am not gonna jump to a apocalyptic conclusion. Intelligent life may be hard to have in evolution and there is also belife that instead of space, intelligent life just evolves and puts themselves into a "Matrix" sorta thing.

  • Michael R
    Michael R 4 days ago

    Isn’t this video a bit one-sided?

  • Tristan Carter
    Tristan Carter 4 days ago

    Can you do a video on what happened if two atmospheres collided?

  • RomanSans _
    RomanSans _ 4 days ago

    The way I think of it, every civilization that will exist will have one great test at some point in its existence (The Great Filter). If that is true, I believe humanity has either already overcome our test, which was The Cold War, or has yet to overcome it, most likely in the form of Global Warming, some technological advancement, something biological that we create, or maybe alien life themselves.

  • BushBush Games
    BushBush Games 4 days ago

    But what if there isn't a filter at all, what if every life form is just limited in doing stuff by thinking that, if they are thinking that, maybe because we are thinking this now, it means we won't progress much further, because or that thought, and maybe that is a filter

  • BushBush Games
    BushBush Games 4 days ago

    Star wars: A long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, maybe we're already past the filter and the filter, it being an advanced life form, maybe we aren't so advanced after all, maybe we're primitive and maybe only primitive classes and lower are allowed to go through the filter, maybe there are more filters ahead of us, and each requires a lower level of intelligence, because, like you said, how more advanced, how more likely to kill each other

  • BushBush Games
    BushBush Games 4 days ago

    Why is there a filter if it prevents everyone to get past it, why isn't it a wall, because you can always get through a filter not a wall, you can get around both,lol what did I just say

  • Hallie Lucille
    Hallie Lucille 4 days ago

    Or were the youngest so we don’t know something they know and they already left

  • Joe Menghini
    Joe Menghini 4 days ago

    The filter is GOD!! ..... only joking! Lol.

  • Shane Brown
    Shane Brown 4 days ago

    Lol it's cute when people think that aliens would even notice us. We're too busy fighting each other because we're different colors and speak different languages to be anywhere near their level of intellect

  • coal james
    coal james 4 days ago

    A nice thought experiment but makes far to many illogical leaps to be compelling.

  • pauleuro16
    pauleuro16 4 days ago

    is that a reference to the futurama new's anchor ? hahaha 0:26

  • Edgar AIlan Poe
    Edgar AIlan Poe 4 days ago

    I personally think that if life's goal was to populate as much of the universe as possible a parasite or cancer would do us better. Cancer can be immortal and exponentially grow and maybe parasites or bacteria could use intelligent hosts for colonizing beyond the planet. After all we've seen that the rules of evolution alone made bacteria evolve past antibiotics and we never defeated them. Just my personal take, biology is by no means my field so I could be wildly off.

  • Fis
    Fis 4 days ago

    for some reason this reminded me of spore

  • Lord Felidae
    Lord Felidae 5 days ago

    My best case scenario is bacteria are rare, but can be found. In my mind, this means that the bizarre symbiosis that is eukaryotic cells is the great filter, and life itself is hard to achieve. This means that we aren’t doomed, and if eukaryotes form elsewhere, we will eventually find alien allies. Or we could help biospheres take that leap. I just feel like that’s both the most likely place for the filter, and the best place for our future. But hey, I’m no expert, and this is my opinion. Feel free to debate if I’m right or wrong.

  • ajibola okewusi
    ajibola okewusi 5 days ago

    What if our galactic neighborhood is just less dense than others? We just might be far away from the action. So would finding evidence of another multiplanitary alien species would be really really good then?

  • Juju Bean
    Juju Bean 5 days ago

    Are those tinfoil hats @0:19? Because if so, that's definitely a reference to the alien invasion film "Signs" from M. Night Shyamalan. Lol. Well done.

  • markafes1
    markafes1 5 days ago

    It's the Reapers!

  • Daegan
    Daegan 5 days ago

    These really make me think my life doesn’t matter tbh

  • Fishy
    Fishy 5 days ago

    thats deppressing

  • k9 k9
    k9 k9 5 days ago

    But what if there not so intellegent?

  • s a m w i c h
    s a m w i c h 5 days ago

    4:31 everyone thought it. don’t tell me you didn’t think of *the thing*

  • Reggie Bates
    Reggie Bates 5 days ago

    But even with the great filter, I feel that saying that we're the only life forms at all is a stretch. I mean, okay, let's say that we crossed a great filter. And the universe is a genuinely vast place, cuz there's so much that we've not explored. It just so happens to be so far that we've only found microbes. I feel that finding aliens wouldn't really prove much. It just means that either they were lucky just as us, to cross a great filter or there's about to be one ahead of us, so there's no real way to know and being inclined to one scenario in itself would be a very big leap and you'd need to take heaps of salt with it.

  • silent child
    silent child 5 days ago

    I have something else in mind.
    What if:
    A. There is no filter
    B. We haven't reached the filter
    Back to there is no filter, having no filter means endless possibilities as mankind but also has its ups and downs like everything else.
    A pro and con of having no filter:
    Pro: endless possibilities, like I said
    Con: we will find something that will lead to our death before we can stop it.
    What I mean by the con is if, let's say in the year 3400. We have reached to a point where traveling through out the galaxy is nothing but cruise down the block. Then, we attempt to go farther. Past our boundaries. Other galaxys.
    Going into 3450, we are able to go to other galaxies. We're doing so, but, we come across a soon to be enemy. Being the people we are, we try making contact with the unknown creature, doesn't turn out well. The thing finds us a threat, we retreat back to earth. It follows us, comes to earth with a gang full of other things, mankind has been destroyed.
    Now, going onto saying that we have not reached our barrier yet.
    What I mean is, as of right now, we haven't gotten to our stopping point. Which means we can still exceed as humans. Sure, there's still a barrier to stop us envetually but we can continue to grow as a whole. It's more depressing than my other one but just imagine the possibilities of both.
    That's all
    If u read to here, which u probably havent, thanks.

  • Diego
    Diego 5 days ago

    billions of billions of billions...

  • DJ Carver
    DJ Carver 5 days ago +1

    How do we know that we aren’t the aliens?

    • DJ Carver
      DJ Carver 4 days ago

      Classy Chu hopefully you know what I mean though right?

    • Classy Chu
      Classy Chu 4 days ago

      DJ Carver alien means foreign, we cannot be foreign to ourselves.

  • Wizzah
    Wizzah 5 days ago

    But if we found life out there, isn't it still possible that the filter is behind us? I mean, if we find one or two civilizations, when there should be thousands, maybe the filter is behind us, and only a few of the civilizations passed it, including us and including those civilizations we find. I don't think finding life necessarily means the filter is ahead of us, because as the name of the theory suggest, it is the "Great filter", where only certain life forms can survive through it, not the "great Wall".

  • Lexi mood
    Lexi mood 5 days ago

    This is so pure and fantastic I love it

  • Doctor Cthulhu
    Doctor Cthulhu 5 days ago

    It seems like, at least to me, that we’ve passed most the natural barriers already. The majority of barriers we have left, are of our own making.
    We seemed to have gotten past the nuclear weapons barrier, as we know know what fate their use would have in store for us.
    And, now we are on the pollution barrier. Where our civilizations growth has so polluted out biodome. We could be the root cause of our own downfall. Unless we change the way we take care of Spaceship:Earth.

  • A Jar Of Mayonaise
    A Jar Of Mayonaise 5 days ago


  • James Cameron
    James Cameron 5 days ago

    This was a good video until the advert.
    It is still not clear why discovering the existence of intelligent alien life - if it exists - would be such a bad thing. I think it would be no big deal, b/c the possibility has been so thoroughly discussed as to become rather boring. It might be awkward if we encountered hostile alien life, but how would those living things, if they were pathogens, say, be more of a problem than those Earth diseases that currently are incurable ? Aliens could hardly be worse than some human beings have been. Human beings would behave as they always do - badly, with the occasional exception. The prospect of polluting other planets with human evildoing is not an encouraging one.
    People’s understanding of the universe didn’t collapse when Westerners discovered people in the Americas or the Antipodes, so why should discovering intelligent alien life on, or from, other planets, be the devastating experience it is sometimes supposed to be ? So there could be aliens - and that is supposed to be a huge deal, because...? People need to be consistent in their reasoning - if Earth is just a speck in a gigantic cosmic sandpit, and if we humans are specks on a speck, then exactly the same is true of aliens on their speck of sand.
    Using the material size of the universe as an argument to judge the value of mankind is a bad argument, BTW, though apparently a popular one: for material size is no indication of value.

  • SteadyThoughts
    SteadyThoughts 6 days ago


  • Clayton Brown
    Clayton Brown 6 days ago

    I intellectually grasp that an empty universe is a potentially a good thing for us as a species in terms of our survival...but I also find it an incredibly sad idea that we are alone.

  • magicmulder
    magicmulder 6 days ago

    AI is a good candidate. Though one could imagine that among billions of civilizations, at least one would evolve further without developing an AI. E.g. by willingly refraining from developing an AI (religious reasons or whatnot).
    Another possiblity is that we are living inside a simulation. Someone wanted to study *us* and therefore had no need to populate the entire simulated universe (as we could not interact with civilizations billions of lightyears away anyway, at least not during the time we are interesting to observe).
    It's even possible that the very first species to gain the required evolutional status (let's call this status "X") created a simulation of the universe to observe itself and its origins. This would necessarily lead to an infinite chain of simulations reaching the evolutional status "X", creating their own simulation, rinse and repeat.

  • Seby Speedy
    Seby Speedy 6 days ago +2

    You are not so smart aren't you?
    You know the simply way to descover everything is to examinate all posibble ways..ok but if you disconsider a posible way for us to be a creation beeing of another beeing, who can be evolved or not just like us, in finaly there are things witch cannot be explained. (as beggeening of existence, imagination,consciousnes and meny others things)
    And anyway I'm liitle bit sick of british logic, they suck so much at spiritual ways.

    • UltraFoil
      UltraFoil 2 days ago

      Yes I can definitely see how this theoretical science video is a full representation of the spirituality of all British people...

    • Classy Chu
      Classy Chu 4 days ago +3

      ClockworkHex people were made and stuff that science already has explained cannot be explained.
      I think.

    • ClockworkHex
      ClockworkHex 5 days ago +7

      Anyone care to translate?

  • Fabian
    Fabian 6 days ago

    This video is just a lot of what if’s and it might’s, useless video

  • Mark Dickie
    Mark Dickie 6 days ago

    I think the great filter is the formation of the perfect star system. The formation of a large moon/planet system like the Earth and our moon (incredibly rare, and critical to a stable climate for life to evolve), which happened in the Goldilocks zone necessary for liquid water (even more unlikely), and in a Star system with a massive gas giant like Jupiter that’s large enough to capture asteroids with its gravity and hence protecting the inner planets, but not large enough that it becomes a star itself, forming a binary system like most systems do (rarer again). We know that each one of these events happening on its own is quite rare, but two of them happening in the one system must be extremely unlikely. All three happening, AND intelligent life evolving and not destroying itself - well, that’s highly likely only ever happened once in the entire galaxy. There’s your filter.

  • 헬리사우드
    헬리사우드 6 days ago

    there might much filters

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha 6 days ago

    Lel , we can never turn into even a type 2 civilization if we still keep fighting amongst us xD !

  • Gigas Law
    Gigas Law 6 days ago

    This is why we need Trump's Space Force guys XD

    JAMZYBHOY1989 6 days ago

    AI will be our biggest enemy.

  • BringItDawg
    BringItDawg 6 days ago +1

    so why do we have to be the only species that breaks through the "great filter", can't there be other intelligent life forms lucky enough as us to do so? (assuming we did indeed break through it)

  • BKsniperguy
    BKsniperguy 6 days ago

    1:30 m8 the rocket looks like a dick

  • Bobby Stills
    Bobby Stills 6 days ago

    The “filter” is fear

  • Kazaradigital
    Kazaradigital 6 days ago

    I just discovered your channel, I've watched a few videos, and every one of them has blown my mind. They have let me think about my universe and the universe in a completely different way.

  • Jazlo Mulkhey
    Jazlo Mulkhey 6 days ago

    The prime directive: we have not achived warp drive yet.

  • Shoban Baskaran
    Shoban Baskaran 6 days ago

    but this is inside the paradigm of a non galactic civilization

  • Cyboy Gaming
    Cyboy Gaming 6 days ago

    There are two possibilities
    Either we are alone in this universe or we are not.
    Both are equally terrifying

  • Beni Friesz
    Beni Friesz 6 days ago

    3:08 omae wa mo shindeiru xD

  • TooBlunt Beats
    TooBlunt Beats 6 days ago

    Holy fucking shit I'm high as fuck I love your videos so much I wish real life looked like a kurzgesagt video

  • Gabriel Velasco
    Gabriel Velasco 6 days ago

    So humans manage to populate our galaxy. Then, stay alive long enough until no new stars are being formed. Then, manage to eek out a living around red dwarfs until they run out of fuel. Then manage to eek out a living around black holes until they evaporate through Hawking radiation. Then, when all the stars are cold and all the galaxies are invisible, unknowable, and unreachable because they are receding faster than the speed of light, IF we're still around we can look forward to the big rip when even the subatomic particles will fly apart.

    • Pootis Spencer Here
      Pootis Spencer Here 2 days ago

      Because I'm a human being with empathy? If you feel joy in making everyone else suffer and die, you might want to see a doctor. Also, you just used the eventual demise of the universe to justify that everyone else's pleasure is not worth anything, but then shouldn't you apply the same logic to your own pleasure?

    • Gabriel Velasco
      Gabriel Velasco 2 days ago

      Pootis Spencer Here I would go farther. Why not do whatever it takes to increase your pleasure without regard to anyone else? Why care about anyone else's pleasure? We're all going to end up as quarks and photons anyway.

    • Pootis Spencer Here
      Pootis Spencer Here 2 days ago

      My philosophy here is pretty simple: You have felt positive emotions, right? Well, that's pretty nice, so why not try to get some more? And why not help other fellow humans to do the same?
      While it is kinda sad that at some point all of us will be gone, I find purpose in that.

    • Gabriel Velasco
      Gabriel Velasco 2 days ago

      Pootis Spencer Here Yes. So why even bother. Are we really just a car on a hot time roof?

    • Pootis Spencer Here
      Pootis Spencer Here 2 days ago

      Then we would be extinct. And everything else with us. Maybe some boltzman structures will form due to particles quantum tunneling into just the right places over incredible time scales, but due to dark energy they probably wouldn't last very long. Then the universe would become a soup of quarks being pulled apart, creating ever more quarks; with a few electrons here and there. Then maybe spacetime itself would be torn apart.

  • PhorriX
    PhorriX 6 days ago

    Yeah but aliens are cool soooooooooooooooo

  • Tasorius
    Tasorius 6 days ago

    Maybe the final great filter is the probability of life together with the time between galaxy collisions, and even further than that the time between big bangs.
    Reaching the point where you can detect and predict when and where a big bang will happen, and being able to get far enough away from it before it does, may be the final test.

  • Zeal & zest
    Zeal & zest 6 days ago

    Maybe I'll find my love there.

  • Isaac Karr
    Isaac Karr 6 days ago

    Divercity removal through gene tampering it tries to make itself perfect (

  • David L
    David L 6 days ago

    Clickbait video. Dislike