Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter

  • Published on Feb 1, 2018
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    Finding alien life on a distant planet would be amazing news - or would it? If we are not the only intelligent life in the universe, this probably means our days are numbered and doom is certain.

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    Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter

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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell  4 months ago +3161

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    • Swag Bro
      Swag Bro 5 hours ago

      Are you from Russia

    • samson aagaard
      samson aagaard 5 days ago

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell minecraft

    • David Lloyd-Jones
      David Lloyd-Jones 12 days ago

      Lemme get this straight: you are giving 20% off *your* price for a product with a marginal cost of zero? Ooooh, how generous!

    • Sydney
      Sydney 13 days ago

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell I

    • Cherry Dragon
      Cherry Dragon 17 days ago

      Manuqtix the question is not if we are alone. As the answer is no. The real question is, how much life is left. How many other civilazations have perished? How many are left?
      Wich also depends on where the great filter is.
      If it really is behind us. Most life in the universe may be more primitive then us, or dead already and we are late to the party but resilient enough to survive.
      If its in front of us. We will probably perish like all others that couldn't pass it. BUT that would mean we would know there are still others out there with us. Just really far away

  • Dark Shadows
    Dark Shadows 31 minute ago

    Love your art dude

  • Fif0l
    Fif0l 46 minutes ago

    This entire clip is a non sequitir. A civilization on Titan failed, it does not follow that therefore our civilization is doomed to fail. Maybe Titan didn't have enough resources to get to the stage of colonizing the universe? Maybe they destroyed each other in a war? There are many explanations that do not read "it's impossible for a civilization not to fall after some time."
    Well, obviously some day all civilizations will fail due to heat death of the universe, but that's not the point here.
    And if the filter is behind us it does not follow our civilization will be immortal.

  • Duncan Jean
    Duncan Jean 4 hours ago

    The fact that our civilizations are even aware of these dangers may be the reason why we progress in the first place

  • Swag Bro
    Swag Bro 5 hours ago

    Keep confidence we passed many filters we will pass this one.

  • Not a Sage
    Not a Sage 5 hours ago

    but what dictates that the great filter definitely exists? isn't the reason we have this idea of the great filter that we haven't found any other civilization yet? if we did find a civilization, wouldn't this indicate that there isn't necessarily a great filter? I'm confused and probably just not understanding.
    what dictates that there's a great filter is that we're the only intelligence we know of, so if we did find intelligence, wouldn't this indicate that there might not be a great filter?

  • Adamghoul
    Adamghoul 8 hours ago

    The great filter is being negative.There filter is a lie.There is no filter.

  • rafaxexe
    rafaxexe 9 hours ago

    Well, I think Goldilocks Zone is not a thing to have in mind, we just know about lifeforms that are like ourselves or our predecesors so far, but why that has to be the only way for life to start and change? maybe somewhere bacterias don't depend on liquid water, or maybe not even in liquids to survive, maybe there's some place where small life forms travel around gas state phosphorus and instead of multiplying and mutate they just... grow and die, something like our immortal jellyfish.
    Sorry if my english was a problem for you to understand my point, it's not my first language.

  • MrSocioparty
    MrSocioparty 9 hours ago

    There is another way things could be and for me that is very much more likely..
    So we all know how fanatic muslims are and even christians can be pretty offensive when you talk about aliens so chances are good when we find alien life forms muslims and christians will have to kill them because they offend their god.
    So basically either we are the most advanced lifeform in our galaxy or we think we are because othe rlifeforms learned to "hide" their presence and we have to make the mistake before hiding ourselfs aswell. This could mean that there is a alien race that are only there to hunt down other civilizaions for resources and knowladge. Happened in our own history its not unlikely that it happens within other planets too.

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 10 hours ago

    We seem to be headed towards the filter full speed ahead. If nukes don't end us, climate change will. Already we have 420 ppb of CO2 in atmosphere and we're accelerating the emissions. Stupid species.

  • Marcus Veloria
    Marcus Veloria 10 hours ago

    To late, they found living bacteria on Mars. I'm not lying look it up.

  • SirEdgeLord
    SirEdgeLord 11 hours ago

    Thanos said
    T h e E n d I s N e a r

  • The Asian
    The Asian 12 hours ago

    *God's plan*

  • Lord Voldemort
    Lord Voldemort 12 hours ago

    Well maybe the filter is the limitation of possible technology? We could possibly reach a stalemate in technology in a few centuries , bound by laws of physics we can't violate

  • DoggosarenotPuppers
    DoggosarenotPuppers 13 hours ago

    How many of y’all pseudo philosophers actually got college degrees in STEM fields though.🙄

    • Swag Bro
      Swag Bro 5 hours ago

      DoggosarenotPuppers I am a middle schooler

  • John Kincaid
    John Kincaid 13 hours ago

    This filter theory is interesting, and very probable. Personally I believe that filter is ahead, and unfortunately we have set a few of the indicators in motion. (Tipping points)

  • Braća
    Braća 14 hours ago

    god damn it, it's gonna be half life all over again

  • tendz rawr
    tendz rawr 15 hours ago

    I personally like to think that humans are perhaps the first (or atleast ON par) with other advanced civilizations in the galaxy. However, I also think that given the time scale and vast distances between stars, that if a civilization has mastered a way to travel those distances, then they have also mastered the technology they need to survive on their own

  • Mina Racal
    Mina Racal 16 hours ago

    I like how the comments devolve to philosphical questions and mixmatch scientific facts. The video is simple, its grounded on a statistical basis, no reason to argue and bicker.

  • Juan Serrano
    Juan Serrano 16 hours ago

    maybe there is no great filter at all, and rather not enough time has passed in the universe for the first galactic civilization to occur

  • xXfelobertXx xXfelobertXx

    Why is the Channel name in german ?

  • DaBoii Useless
    DaBoii Useless 17 hours ago

    If we discover Advanced Alien Tech
    We might want to steal some information

  • Muhammad Naga
    Muhammad Naga 18 hours ago

    Do you hear your self talking "dead chemistry needs to assemble it self in self replicating pattern"
    What is the accepted logical explanation for that ??
    How and how it could happened by chance ?

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 19 hours ago +1

    The aliens could bring diseases our bodies aren't used to Wich could almost wipe the human population out, and if it is zoonetic, animals are screwed.

  • Miko Fox
    Miko Fox 19 hours ago

    Hey guys...what if we are bacteria...and atoms are NOT the smallest forms of matter, but each one is a planet...also I realized through the video that we are technically viruses because we grow stronger at each passing trial and our ultimate goal is to be the only one...does that mean we are living on something bigger than stars...ARE WE THE FILTER not allowing any life to surpass us?!?! Ok bye.

  • bconcake
    bconcake 19 hours ago

    Im guessing this guy is an evolutionist

  • MPSecare
    MPSecare 21 hour ago

    well.... Mars isn't sterile

  • punkhop23
    punkhop23 23 hours ago

    death is the filter, life itself is the runaway chain reaction, it only leads to death, of any and every kind, as long as a civ lives the universe will try to kill it.

  • Dejana Jovic
    Dejana Jovic Day ago

    Hey that jou all now i destroyed mars no more aliens with a zaper gun they are son off bitches aliens.

  • frisianmouve
    frisianmouve Day ago

    Haha Omicronians are still alive. Wait Steve, what are you doing with that anti-matter bomb? Steve please don't, STEEEEEVE!

  • Buddy Jesus
    Buddy Jesus Day ago

    Why aren't all habitable planets with life the as far as we are with technogoly?
    That they just invented the rocket and are in search of life and no life is further ahead in technology of us.

  • Sölvi P.
    Sölvi P. Day ago

    Very limited and pessimistic view.

  • N1no 77
    N1no 77 Day ago

    The odds of the filter being in front of us is really small except if it is in the ‘near’ future

  • Noggen Fogger
    Noggen Fogger Day ago


  • Christopher Collins

    It sounds like aliens could use some blankets...

  • Superdonkey2 The one

    - *two billion years later*

  • Fran Lovel Šimić


  • Cinnamon Mint
    Cinnamon Mint Day ago

    This is Way to Complex for my brain

  • Davor Mucak
    Davor Mucak Day ago

    But arent there many animals behind us in the filter that still exist and thrive, besides, intelegence is the ability to adapt

  • Neha Upadhyay
    Neha Upadhyay Day ago

    Why there are so many dislikes on this video

  • D3tonator Games
    D3tonator Games Day ago

    Me: Don’t worry E.T you’ll be safe
    *knocks door*

  • J3d
    J3d 2 days ago

    An interesting hypothesis. But this is only a hypothesis. It can't get to the level of theory until it can be shown there is a set of facts to support it. Since we haven't found life outside earthly life, were a long way towards this hypothesis being a theory.

  • DyingWaffle
    DyingWaffle 2 days ago

    we already found bacterea on mars R.I.P HUMAN RACE

    • J3d
      J3d 2 days ago

      We didn't find bacteria, we found precursor chemicals such as methane.

  • PrincessUni965 YT
    PrincessUni965 YT 2 days ago +2

    Hard to imagine that we are the only thing in this galaxy..........

    APOPHIS GAMING 2 days ago

    I just think either i dont understand great filter , or this theory is overhyped . If the great filter is true , then the group that may or may not be affected is the entire stair case in that particular step . If the great filter is true , then what this video said about is that there must not be any life apart from us , because the dead chemistry is the lowest point of life as we know is still here. If the video explanation as i understand is right , then the great filter would have killed all of the single cells and stuff and we would not have seen it yet .
    It is hard to explain due to complexity , but i would like to pretend that i am the one who dont understand and make ashame in the internet , but if not then thus video is arguing with its own point

  • Meow
    Meow 2 days ago +2

    We might be some type of ai that became so smart ailens had to dump us here so we wouldent destroy them but now they think we are coming back for revenge so they are hiding

  • goagăl minus
    goagăl minus 2 days ago

    Ruins of ancient aliens would be good for us if we can learn from their mistakes.

  • YaBoiJohn 23
    YaBoiJohn 23 2 days ago

    If we had a war with aliens we would win. Like lmao who knows they have laser guns and UFOs and all that shit. We probably won’t even have i war because no human can communicate with unknown species. And what are the chances we’ll find aliens in the Solar System? Probably 0.00001. But it’s not impossible.

    Or is it?

  • Nino The Mage
    Nino The Mage 2 days ago

    Lol this isn’t a paradox in the first place because we haven’t looked everywhere, and we’re completely biased as to what we are looking for.
    And even if we were to discover aliens that wouldn’t mean a Great Filter is in front of us. Loads of reasons why it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. Could be that no one has gotten to the point of being an interstellar civilisation. Could be that earth is purposely kept isolated. Could be that aliens are about as interested in us as we are in ants. Could be that our methods of detection are old-fashioned. Could be the fact that we’ve only been searching with good equipment by SETI for 50 years (not millions). Could be everyone’s listening and no one’s broadcasting.

  • AmyGaga 420
    AmyGaga 420 2 days ago


  • nolan sayag
    nolan sayag 2 days ago

    It would be interesting to discuss the possible outcomes of, if the great filter is behind the human race, discovering a second
    sentient civilization which has or hasn't passed the great filter. Would it go extinct or note, etc.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 days ago

    After watching.
    Well... One factor you forgot. Once we destroy our own planet or overpopulate it, we will have to colonize other planets. The problem is, we need to build ships to get there and each ship has a possibility of failing. Life on Earth ceases, and all humans are in space somewhere, and the odds they'll make it there are slim. The odds they'll even be able to survive on a planet without the same automated services are even worse. But the filter we want to avoid is likely just time. It would take too long to get to where we'd need to go, over 200 years at Light Speed to even get to one possible 2nd Earth. Keep a giant ship running for 200 years, keeping it safe from Space Debris, from Deterioration over time, from overpopulating itself.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 days ago

    Without watching, I can say that if these aliens carry any diseases at all that only affect humans, it would be a world-wide plague very quickly.
    When Europeans came to America, they brought diseases that didn't affect them anymore, and it wiped out the Native Populations

  • GeneralBrick
    GeneralBrick 2 days ago

    Yeah if we so find intelligent life beyond ours we should probably wait until we have laser guns and planet destroying bombs to mess with them.

  • Fat Kitten
    Fat Kitten 2 days ago

    Or maybe the filter is a lack of resources, this causing the species to die from what they wanted to escape

  • SuperBran
    SuperBran 2 days ago

    Alien life: Why humans would be our end
    **meets up**
    **both die**

    PHANT0M WOLF 2 days ago

    Electricity could be the great filter. We would be incapable of supporting such a large population without it.
    Any civilization that discovers electricity wouldn't be to far behind radio communication. If the great filter was somewhere after the discovery of electricity, we should see (in a life generating galaxy) radio communications from various star systems, that would abruptly cut out. Not to say there aren't any more filters to bypass from now, but it seems like it would be a big one.

  • ** _
    ** _ 3 days ago

    The best case scenario isn’t life not existing
    It would be the filter doesn’t exist

  • Memory of the Stars
    Memory of the Stars 3 days ago

    Not alien life but our own hypocircy and ego.

  • moses fahim
    moses fahim 3 days ago

    they already found bactirias on mars what shit are you yelling

    • J3d
      J3d 2 days ago

      We didn't find bacteria, we found precursor chemicals such as methane.

  • ndjkamdkja Alparslan

    The ##### filter is roblox's filter

    Get it?

  • Henrique Nunes
    Henrique Nunes 3 days ago

    Almost all of Kurzgesagt space videos manage to be both uplifting and depressing. In this one for instance, we observe that we are in, for all intents and purposes, an empty universe, devoid of all life - and company. On the other hand, that also means we can go just about anywhere we want; space itself is our territory to be conquered. And I find that pretty poetic.

  • Omar Dabbas
    Omar Dabbas 3 days ago

    How about we don’t move at all?

  • Herpaderp Derp
    Herpaderp Derp 3 days ago

    or we find aliens and they help us all you did was stat 2 possibilities as fact when there are more than that shit vid

  • Retarded Noob
    Retarded Noob 3 days ago

    we are currently CROSSING the Great Filter.


  • Kilo MikeSierra
    Kilo MikeSierra 3 days ago

    Still I dont get why finding alien life means great barrier is ahead of us
    Can't it be a proof of breaking the great barrier by other civilization?

  • Elite Combine
    Elite Combine 3 days ago

    Imagine if combines are real

  • Illusive Man
    Illusive Man 3 days ago

    My best guess is that the great filter is the AI singularity.

  • TechnicalDark
    TechnicalDark 3 days ago

    And we are here making nuclear wars that would destroy humanity, why cant there be peace?

  • Olbohn
    Olbohn 3 days ago

    Too bad none of this really matters because we'll be all long gone before any of this takes effect.

  • Narwhal Ocean
    Narwhal Ocean 3 days ago

    just because we haven't found it doesn't mean other life is very rare. maybe we just cant pick it up with photos because the other life can do different things.

  • Narwhal Ocean
    Narwhal Ocean 3 days ago

    or on the other hand, these theories could be completely false

  • Nicoman008
    Nicoman008 3 days ago

    I could imagine two other filters.
    1. Maybe, we are just the first within a large radius of space to reach this technical level we have now. Because life needed several billions of years of stable environment to reach this far. And since the beginning of our universe, there simply were not enough planets having those stable conditions up to now - No. 1 baby!
    2. Maybe intelligence is doomed to decrease at some point. Every tool, every technical invention is made to comfort life, to be more productive, to make more money with less effort. We reached a point, where living, at least in the 1st world, is possible with almost no effort. For most of the people. Thinking in the future. Maybe 300 years ahead of now. Every work is done by some machine. Machines saw corn, harvest it, turn it into flour, then bake bread out of it. Completely autonomous. The bread tastes better than any other bread humans could bake. This bread is transported home to some human, where the household robot will cook a fabulous meal using the bread. The robot would bring it to the human, and feed it like a baby. While the human....... what? What should a human do, if any available work is done by some machine? Learn? What for? The machines will care for any possible wish this human could have. Work? What for? Earn money? Machines will work without the need to be payed. Everyone will have everything without any effort. Where would this eventually lead to? Wise man says: We will see.
    But I have a strong guess where this will lead to..... speaking of brain. What does nature do to an organ not used?

  • Doodle Nuggets
    Doodle Nuggets 3 days ago

    I don't believe in aliens. I do believe however God might have made other beings besides humans on other planets far away from here.

    • ComunistaPato
      ComunistaPato 3 days ago +1

      >diasgrees with me so should burn in hell

    • ComunistaPato
      ComunistaPato 3 days ago +1

      > i don't believe in aliens
      >god might have made other beings on planets far away from here
      >more smarter than you
      >is religious
      >"I don't have to believe in your "science" shit.
      >doodle nuggets.exe has stopped working
      you contradict yourself in the OP
      Smarter than you is the correct way of saying it. More is useless
      religion lol
      thinks science is "belief"
      i wish i'd be as intelligent as you

    • Nicoman008
      Nicoman008 3 days ago

      Doodle, 'hell' - LOL. I don't give a shit about a fucking god nor fucking hell. They do not exist. They are only your fantasy.

    • Doodle Nuggets
      Doodle Nuggets 3 days ago

      Nicoman008 More smarter than you, odviously. Whatever, not my choice. Enjoy burning in hell, hun.

    • Nicoman008
      Nicoman008 3 days ago

      Doodle, 'I don't have to believe in your "science" shit.'
      The smart babe tells while she types her unintelligent comment over the 'shit' called internet, using every bit of science humanity has ever invented. Smh. You are really dumb. Go on believing in whatever faery tale you want. Just go on and pretend your faery tale, called religion, to be the only truth. And your 'belief' to be more true than some evidence in front of your nose.

  • Christopher White
    Christopher White 3 days ago +3

    The Great Filter assumes that we are intelligent enough to view life that should be so far ahead of our state of being that would almost literally be inconceivable. That in itself should be the true paradox.

  • Well, I'll be damned.

    I'm gonna guess without watching.
    I've thought for awhile that alien contact would likely mean contact with foreign bacteria and viruses that our body have not adapted too, and have no clue how to fight.
    If a few of these strains of bacteria or viruses are deadly for humans, it could effectively wipe out our entire population.

    • Well, I'll be damned.
      Well, I'll be damned. 3 days ago

      Nevermind, you went a different route with it.
      Much more elaborate, lol.

  • Karam Mohamed
    Karam Mohamed 3 days ago

    looks like 9300 people had an existential crisis while watching this

  • Tanner Severn
    Tanner Severn 3 days ago +1

    You have a wierd name...

  • United Arms Amerika
    United Arms Amerika 4 days ago

    This is the kind of Bullshit reasoning why NASA won't tell us that ufos are aliens. Bro aliens know we have been here for millions of years and haven't colonized us yet I'm sure that aggressiveness isn't going to make you a species that colonized a solar system. Their going to be the ones that destroy themselves cause there to greedy.

  • Eric Scott
    Eric Scott 4 days ago

    Bad news. Life on Mars is confirmed...

  • unsympatischTV
    unsympatischTV 4 days ago

    Watch this when you’re high

  • SHEPHλRD 1337
    SHEPHλRD 1337 4 days ago +4

    What if that filter is......


  • Jarrod Aruseanoex
    Jarrod Aruseanoex 4 days ago +2

    feel like there is life out there it just galactic federation class us as primitive race in till we achieve space travel so out law other races from touch us in till we achieve there level (proper space travel like get outside milky way or our galaxy)

  • Solar
    Solar 4 days ago

    It could just be that the aliens are not fully developed yet

  • ZeOverman
    ZeOverman 4 days ago

    Big brain doesn't help you in a fight against a bear? Nonsense.
    People have used their brains to craft weapons and traps to kill bears for thousands of years. Give a person a semiautomatic shotgun with slugs and see if the bear survives the encounter.

  • JellyfishJames
    JellyfishJames 4 days ago

    Why do you assume the filter means specie extinction?

  • Adrian Vedvik Mehammer

    And also, the thing that you are talking about.. Might be either the sun, growing too big, or maybe robots developing their own consciousness and wanting to destroy the humans.

  • Adrian Vedvik Mehammer

    But, we could live in big ships that is like around the planet, or that is close to it. Like the ship is so big, that it can contain over 8 or 9 billion people or something maybe. That wouldn't be too bad really, as long as we live I mean.. Instead of getting blown up by our own sun or something like that.

  • lemonny3663
    lemonny3663 4 days ago

    There's a filter in our sink at home.

  • GameItDerp
    GameItDerp 4 days ago

    I srsly hope. That the Filter is ahead of us. Because Humans? on a Galactic Scale? Well GG NO RE.

  • Angela Hsiao
    Angela Hsiao 4 days ago

    I mean, maybe the great filter is interstellar travel: not that it kills species, just that it’s so impossible that it completely restricts how far aliens can travel. Maybe intelligent life is out there, but it’s so far away that we can’t see it or the light coming from it will only arrive billions of years later. Maybe even they can’t know we exist.

  • Papi
    Papi 4 days ago

    what would happen if the human race never even tried to look for a race?

  • TheDiamondArrowYT Gannon

    If we’re alone or if we’re not, they’re both as terrifying

    TANCEL RAJ - 4 days ago

    unfortunately i wa

  • stanley liu
    stanley liu 4 days ago

    what i love about this series is that it makes me feel small and deppressed. No fail. Its still kool though

  • Lorenzo Pulmano
    Lorenzo Pulmano 4 days ago

    I think there are multiple Great Filters

  • Quentin Latimier
    Quentin Latimier 5 days ago

    The great filter could come from our own innovation. It could be AI in the future. If you think AI is only good at answering silly questions on our smartphones, think again:
    It can already diagnose cancer, tell us the best financial ways we should addopt in certain situations, innovate in different fields and even compose music!!
    And it can do all these things better (well not composing) and faster than we humans can. It learns much faster. At a certain point in the not-so-distant future, why would we have any reason to exist in the AIs perspective since it will be already better in any fields?
    But don't worry too much, they won't have to kill us since we are no threat. Do humans kill Ant hills because they pose a threat to our existence? Same picture here...

  • ZarPof
    ZarPof 5 days ago

    Perhaps as an intelligent species become more so, they discover something about reality that allows them to move on from the universe. That'd answer where they went.

  • ZarPof
    ZarPof 5 days ago

    Some people think intelligent brains are sexually selected. Being smart is the peacock's feathers. Having a personality is superfluous except it helps with attracting mates. Everything else it does is icing on the cake.
    It is possible sex is needed to make intelligence. Perhaps life often doesn't favor sex.

  • ZarPof
    ZarPof 5 days ago

    "Plant's life span is limited". Yeah, limited to billions of years. That's not a big threat. That's not an urgent motivational factor.
    Expanding across solar systems, that'd take decades to centuries. It wouldn't alleviate any problems. It'd just make invasive species. Transplanting a few individuals doesn't solve any problems.
    If this Alien race is somehow overcoming these problems (via tech that subverts these basic principles of reality) then why don't they just use that tech to do amazing things, like create a gravity field to collect enough space particulate to make a new planet?