Don't Fall Through the Wrong Ceiling | Second Story Jump!!

  • Published on Aug 24, 2018
  • Do not try this at home!!
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Everything Derp
    Everything Derp 4 hours ago

    I saw an ad for purple after this video

  • Perky Agent
    Perky Agent 12 hours ago

    This challenge is allright

  • Bonnie Fassler
    Bonnie Fassler 4 days ago


  • Bonnie Fassler
    Bonnie Fassler 4 days ago


  • Joni Kauhanen
    Joni Kauhanen 5 days ago


  • Graham McRoy
    Graham McRoy 6 days ago

    I just got a ad for purple

  • sean gutman
    sean gutman 6 days ago

    4:30 Bobby looking like a snack

  • iidarkness_idkii
    iidarkness_idkii 7 days ago

    at 1:28 who else saw joey shrugging his eyebrows xD

  • Ryan Davidson
    Ryan Davidson 8 days ago

    This is the first team edge video I’ve seen

  • Bubba B
    Bubba B 10 days ago

    I also sleep in the fetal position....
    and I also do it every night...


  • G SKI44
    G SKI44 15 days ago

    I thought this video was gonna have 2 rooms have a board on top and one room with just the sheet, so if they chose wrong they'd just smack onto the board

  • yacine senouci
    yacine senouci 15 days ago

    Yeah, a purple mattress is good for falling on from above

  • Walter Contreras
    Walter Contreras 16 days ago

    No one ☝️ I was going home 🏠 I love my mommy and my mom she

  • Max Rodrigues
    Max Rodrigues 20 days ago +1

    I remember this is my first ever!! Team edge vid

  • Parker B
    Parker B 20 days ago

    Come on 😤

  • Autumn Warden
    Autumn Warden 21 day ago

    This is my first team edge video and now I'm a three year subscriber ❤❤❤love this group of channels you guys have changed the world

  • #goalkeeper training

    I've seen the vid that YT recommended

  • pain player
    pain player 22 days ago

    I worked at a purple factory in alpine utah. The mattresses and seat cushions fucking ruled but that place was ran like a sweatshop man

  • James Hoole
    James Hoole 22 days ago +1

    Joey hits rock oh head. I HAVE A HELMET. Joey jumps out plane no parachte ILL BE FINE I HAVE A HELMET

  • Lucaslucashwang Hwang
    Lucaslucashwang Hwang 22 days ago


  • john morgan
    john morgan 23 days ago


  • King_Of_ Snake
    King_Of_ Snake 23 days ago

    Can you put bobby in all of your vids because he's the funny person

  • Naima Faith Masculino
    Naima Faith Masculino 23 days ago

    Bobby is funny bikols bobby fell in cream chees😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • TheMindIntertwined
    TheMindIntertwined 23 days ago

    Right after the video I saw a purple mattress commercial.

    GET NOOB 24 days ago

    bro this is false information cause when I look at the video i notice at 3:27 that 3 is the purple mattres and BRYAN chooses 1 and still falls in the purple room is this cheating? i saw they cut the video and then he goes also cheating? did they get bribed so he falls into the purple room??

  • Angela Reilly
    Angela Reilly 25 days ago

    Joey whoever wins gets the mattress future joey nooooooooo

  • Maureen Bosetti
    Maureen Bosetti 26 days ago

    I ligit got a purple ad

  • Advance Gamer
    Advance Gamer 26 days ago +3

    Nothing to fear
    team edge is here

  • Wally Demond
    Wally Demond Month ago

    I like Bobby 😊

  • Jonathon Anderson
    Jonathon Anderson Month ago

    I have ap purple

  • Brandon Finney
    Brandon Finney Month ago

    I have hypoglycemia it stinks

    MILKA Month ago

    Is purple the new casper

  • Joshua Lively
    Joshua Lively Month ago

    I love Bobby and Bryan.

  • Misti Achilles
    Misti Achilles Month ago


  • Maxim Innes
    Maxim Innes Month ago +1

    That helmet tho

  • Aiden Holmes
    Aiden Holmes Month ago +2

    Anyone else think that it was rigged for Bryan to get in the purple room because at 0:00 the purple room was on the left side (number 3) but then Bryan picked the other side (number 1) and lands in the purple room

  • Ana Davila
    Ana Davila Month ago +1


  • Megan Bass
    Megan Bass Month ago

    Watching on my purple mattress

  • DERBYFAN55 Playz
    DERBYFAN55 Playz Month ago


  • MGacha YT Ph
    MGacha YT Ph Month ago

    2:15 Bobby looks so CUTE

  • MGacha YT Ph
    MGacha YT Ph Month ago

    1:20 😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ainsley Hayes
    Ainsley Hayes Month ago

    Bobby, Bryan, And Joey, all in the same bed.

    *in a quiet whisper* this video can always be gayer

  • sissy ramos
    sissy ramos Month ago

    Goodnight bryan

  • XxCookie_ LoverxX
    XxCookie_ LoverxX Month ago

    *gets ad about purple’s mattress*
    Team Edge: *talks about purple’s mattress*
    Me: deja vu?


    I love when joey screams OOOO NACHOS

  • Faiza Rizvi
    Faiza Rizvi Month ago

    Hmmm what do you think

  • GhostMan26
    GhostMan26 Month ago

    J-Fred is so funny when he hit his head with a rock.

  • Leanne Daw
    Leanne Daw Month ago

    I have been to this place in years

  • Emmett schmucker
    Emmett schmucker Month ago

    I already saw that vid lol

  • tjminer99
    tjminer99 Month ago

    Plus can I join

  • Bilal Ghafoor
    Bilal Ghafoor Month ago

    Wait how did the bed.switch from 3 to 1 when bobby was.waddling around to when bryan jumped

  • Minecraft player
    Minecraft player Month ago

    Im gonna go buy a purple matress now

  • Lashea Howard
    Lashea Howard Month ago

    When i clicked this video the purple commercial or ad came oh right before this video

  • shahadat sumon
    shahadat sumon Month ago

    4:40 Bryan said redeened

  • Red bon bon gameing gameing


  • Anna_Bananananana5454

    4:51 how walk when I get out of the shower 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • basic king
    basic king Month ago

    i sleep just like joey and

  • loser_ leah
    loser_ leah Month ago

    Guys I went on the website for the mattress and the new one is £1200 holy!

  • GladBatman443
    GladBatman443 Month ago

    1:01 jfred: what do you mean?
    Mathias: no its pronounced (what do you mean)©copyright claim

    • GladBatman443
      GladBatman443 Month ago

      Do ya get it i remember Mathias doing that

  • Chloe Hale
    Chloe Hale Month ago

    I have 3 sisters and one brother