Fastest Clapper in The World - Bonus Clip


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  • Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken 11 days ago

    And the award for most pathetic talent goes to... this guy

  • 5boopboop
    5boopboop 13 days ago +1

    Well Seven Wade BROKE THAT RECORD lol

  • adem4028
    adem4028 18 days ago


  • Nathan
    Nathan 19 days ago

    Sounds like a helicopter

  • Lucas Riddle
    Lucas Riddle 21 day ago

    Am I the only one who actually learned how to do this?

    • Flexian
      Flexian 18 days ago

      Lucas Riddle nope haha

  • Cedrik Kaurit
    Cedrik Kaurit 24 days ago

    This guy got de-throned!

  • Tovvvija
    Tovvvija 27 days ago

    fap, fap, fap

  • Shady Smet
    Shady Smet Month ago

    He claps so fast his hair flows

  • Mike Litoris
    Mike Litoris Month ago

    Skip to 1:59 and close your eyes and listen to it lmao

  • OFFICIAL Creative Master Productions

    Is he the son of a minigun??

  • OOF Memes
    OOF Memes Month ago

    find the fastest slapper XD

  • Bon Bun
    Bon Bun Month ago +1


  • ParkerLong Tounge
    ParkerLong Tounge Month ago +1

    1:00 machine gun

  • Peter Como
    Peter Como Month ago

    What lube did you Use?

  • Raxes !
    Raxes ! Month ago

    Real life speedster

  • Ethan Hanratanagorn

    I know how to do that clap thing but not with the double clap

  • ya real home boi NIGGA
    ya real home boi NIGGA 2 months ago

    Gav has a triple chin in the thumbnail

  • Sparky Dog
    Sparky Dog 2 months ago

    Sounds like a beat drop

  • Foxy the pirate
    Foxy the pirate 2 months ago

    he sounds like an engine!

  • BrokenSilence32
    BrokenSilence32 2 months ago

    I kept expecting "Hot for Teacher" to start playing.

  • Justus Kastel
    Justus Kastel 2 months ago

    He got 18 claps. If you slow the video down to 0.25 and look at the clock, he makes contact with his hand just at 0.002 seconds. He made it and I have the screenshot for it.

  • Rizz DZ
    Rizz DZ 2 months ago +1

    Gav face hahaha super cuteπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • marthymc
    marthymc 2 months ago


  • xxhalogamer22xx
    xxhalogamer22xx 2 months ago

    I mastered Eli's tactic in 3 week and I'm doing it every second.

  • Random Pesron
    Random Pesron 2 months ago

    Thank you Eli, for teaching how to clap really fast. Now I can clap 20 times per second. And best of all, it took a week to learn how to do that, but that happened 6 months ago.

  • Major Yates
    Major Yates 2 months ago

    Too bad the record has been beaten now 1,080 claps in a minute

    BYRDMAN PRODUCTIONS 2 months ago

    From Zen Mode to Cocky Mode

  • Fizzypop
    Fizzypop 2 months ago

    no lie I probably could clap half that fast

  • Eli Speck
    Eli Speck 2 months ago

    My name is Eli

  • Godfather
    Godfather 3 months ago

    Let give them a hand shall we ;O)

  • Burt Reynolds
    Burt Reynolds 3 months ago

    Look Mom I made it.

  • T 600
    T 600 3 months ago

    The camera catches everything.

  • erik kΓ€stner
    erik kΓ€stner 3 months ago

    exellent fapper

  • TheBoltMaster
    TheBoltMaster 3 months ago

    I can clap like that, just not quite as fast,and I only use my fingers, not my wrists, I can still clap really fast though, definitely well over 500 per minute

  • Shylok
    Shylok 3 months ago

    Fastest Clapping is the only world record for which clapping for yourself for beating it also shows off the entire reason why you broke it in the first place.

  • Shylok
    Shylok 3 months ago

    You're welcome.

  • Peter sall
    Peter sall 3 months ago +1


  • tipology
    tipology 3 months ago

    I feel like if he goes for a good while his hand would begin to smoke lmao

  • as games
    as games 3 months ago

    It sounds like an helicopter

  • Juicy Sensei
    Juicy Sensei 3 months ago


  • _squirrle_yt
    _squirrle_yt 3 months ago

    I bet I would clap this guy in playground

  • Wilson la pelota
    Wilson la pelota 3 months ago

    x2 speed

  • Nate Animates
    Nate Animates 4 months ago

    1:00 *i s t h a t t r u n k s f r o m D B Z?*

    PÃŃÇÅKĘ 4 months ago

    **tries to clap fast** **hands catch on fire**

  • QuiteOdy
    QuiteOdy 4 months ago

    can this guy congratulate me whenever i do something it would really boost my ego

  • Ryan Chung
    Ryan Chung 4 months ago

    If you didn't clap once during the video then something's wrong with you😎😜



  • Josef Tucker
    Josef Tucker 4 months ago

    He sounds like a helicopter

  • Davide C.
    Davide C. 4 months ago

    In the first attempt between the beats 13 and 14 has passed over 1.5 seconds?
    At 0.5 seconds it was still 13 beats, in the second half "only" 4.
    Strange, right?

  • MING__3451
    MING__3451 4 months ago

    Im 8 years old and i can do it

    290,234 views 4 months ago

    I can only do just my palms not my wrist and palm

  • Lars
    Lars 4 months ago

    Just waiting for a proper "clapped" joke

  • Muhammad Umair
    Muhammad Umair 4 months ago

    Hey guys i am from Pakistan, and i liked your channel tooo much, you both are Decent and handsome

  • MS ter
    MS ter 4 months ago

    My record is 618 per minute

  • Gamer4life 433
    Gamer4life 433 4 months ago

    Faping at 10x faster πŸ˜‚

  • Youtube Addict
    Youtube Addict 4 months ago

    Its not a clap sorry

  • Mark Villa
    Mark Villa 4 months ago


  • Harpreet Singh Thind
    Harpreet Singh Thind 4 months ago

    Awesome talent

  • Kiraro The Kitsune
    Kiraro The Kitsune 4 months ago

    The Flash jerking off

  • Refik Aktaş
    Refik Aktaş 4 months ago

    Look like helicopter rotor

  • Reaper Royal11
    Reaper Royal11 4 months ago

    😱 hacking in real life

  • Modokho Pfozeh
    Modokho Pfozeh 4 months ago

    He's really great !!!!!! Here's a round of applause from me.......

  • Red Panther
    Red Panther 4 months ago

    Oh yeah!

    Well im the fastest fapper in the world!

  • a
    a 4 months ago

    If only I could fap as fast as he claps.

  • a
    a 4 months ago

    If you’re happy and you know it cl-

  • Carson Gollatz
    Carson Gollatz 4 months ago

    Dan looks like Nick Bunyun...

  • Drew K
    Drew K 4 months ago

    How to take the personality out of perfectly good USclip channel. Let them stick to their natural format.

  • Mobile Gaming Express
    Mobile Gaming Express 4 months ago

    Those fapping noises tho

  • Fred Sykes
    Fred Sykes 4 months ago

    I can do it

  • PuppyLover 123
    PuppyLover 123 4 months ago

    The sound it cool

  • Turtle Genius
    Turtle Genius 4 months ago

    I can clap about 10 times a second but when I do it doesn’t the sound as good as him doing it

  • Ugandan Knuckles
    Ugandan Knuckles 4 months ago +1

    The title tho πŸ˜‚ thats what she said

  • TiboPlayzRL
    TiboPlayzRL 4 months ago

    3:05 their faces

  • PROpixal 1
    PROpixal 1 5 months ago


  • Wyatt Rownd
    Wyatt Rownd 5 months ago +1

    He’s not even clapping

  • Jeremy Johns
    Jeremy Johns 5 months ago

    Wow the fastest clapper on the super slow show


  • Prickly Pickle
    Prickly Pickle 5 months ago

    Sounds like scoby do

  • Dumb kids
    Dumb kids 5 months ago

    You know what else he can do fastπŸ‘‹πŸΌπŸ†πŸ’¦

  • Collin Lawrence
    Collin Lawrence 5 months ago

    It reminds me of my COD BO2 game lagging...

  • Bigheroplus4 Bigheroplus4


  • TheRealUnconnected
    TheRealUnconnected 5 months ago

    really wouldnt consider that clapping, its not loud at all. sorry mate it's just not a clap.

  • Ethan Curr
    Ethan Curr 5 months ago

    1:05 MEGA FAP

  • Pyaar Suravira
    Pyaar Suravira 5 months ago

    can we be a little technical here, that wasn't even a clap. it's called a clap when your palms hit each other.

  • Canaan The God
    Canaan The God 5 months ago

    The worlds fattest fapper next

  • EpicZeph
    EpicZeph 5 months ago +1

    He's not the fastest anymore. I'm the third fastest in the world, roughly 900 claps a minute.

  • vito nathayo
    vito nathayo 5 months ago

    Lmaooooo hahahaha cool

  • Deadpool who slays assholes

    Fastest clapper!!!! I didn't think that's even a thing.

  • Brian Arthurs
    Brian Arthurs 5 months ago

    LOL! What in the world was Gav’s face at 3:03?

  • Pia No
    Pia No 5 months ago

    Always slow mo

  • Anees Shoaib
    Anees Shoaib 5 months ago

    That's ultra instinct😁

  • Khanbileg Spurs
    Khanbileg Spurs 5 months ago

    His friend should be mannerly.

  • Khanbileg Spurs
    Khanbileg Spurs 5 months ago

    What he can do with this??

  • 1k subs with no videos challenge

    It sounds like jeffy smacking his peepee

  • Viktor Holm
    Viktor Holm 6 months ago


  • _____
    _____ 6 months ago

    1:02 Call Of Duty In A Nutshell

  • Ace
    Ace 6 months ago

    i tryed i died

  • Marek Stryjczyk
    Marek Stryjczyk 6 months ago


    Shqe GROWTOPIA 6 months ago