Jon Stewart vs Chris Wallace, uncut - 2011.06.19

  • Published on Nov 10, 2016

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  • Robert Wilson
    Robert Wilson 10 hours ago

    The thing is you are never going to convince the 30% of staunch trump / republican supporters because the Fox Propaganda Machine has brainwashed them.

  • snake and jim
    snake and jim 16 hours ago

    Fuck the community guidelines

  • Angus DeLoin
    Angus DeLoin Day ago

    The bombastic arrogance that Fox News perpetuates is abysmal to the base ethics of journalism and its integrity as an institution. Chris Wallace is just another yapping puppet for the conservative demagoguery that desperately seeks to appear right even when they're wrong.

  • BigBlueBri
    BigBlueBri Day ago

    My how Jon has aged in 8 years.

  • Jay Jackson
    Jay Jackson Day ago

    Chris is such an idiot! He stands in quicksand and still takes on more weight! He's mind boggling! !

  • Mike Kapusta
    Mike Kapusta 2 days ago

    Booking stewart was a mistake by fox

  • Anindya S. Dhar
    Anindya S. Dhar 2 days ago +1

    Good ol' days when both sides were civilized.

  • james brian
    james brian 2 days ago

    its not the belly.. its obviously the bowels

  • Eric Jesse
    Eric Jesse 2 days ago

    Normally Chris Wallace is acceptable because he isn’t a Glenn Beck or the other guy because he does try to ask tough questions, but when he tried to compare Fox News to Comedy Central that was a big L. Then Jon said the South Park guys are brilliant because of the insight they show through absurd comedy and Chris more or less dismissed that because he only saw South Park at the surface level was disappointing to hear. He is one of the people that doesn’t want to hear the issues South Park is parodying.

  • 4Legacy
    4Legacy 2 days ago

    11:45 I would like to hear what the next sentence was that Diane Sawyer was gonna say. Anyone can take a small snippet with no context and call it biased.
    "I hate the Jews"
    -Doug Stanhope
    An actual partial sentence taken from his stand-up and used against him, during a bit about context nonetheless.
    Kevin Hart made a gay joke 15 years ago online.... Can't host the Emmy's (or whatever)
    The right wanted Stephen Colbert's HEAD (and career) over that Trump/Putin/cock holster line.
    Al Franken and Louis CK lost everything over basically nothing
    There are so many more. Who cares about Liberal bias when Conservatives will take every damn thing you've ever had if they don't like your opinion.
    Maybe Conservatives should quit bitching about all this bias and become reporters. Be the change you want to see ;)

  • itchynights
    itchynights 2 days ago

    @15:07 i don't think i've ever seen stewart angry, and damn does it look goooood.

  • Justin Sullivan
    Justin Sullivan 2 days ago +5

    Jon is so well-spoken and intelligent. And he just destroys any Fox News clown foolish enough to debate him. I love it.

  • Kaidong Nie
    Kaidong Nie 3 days ago

    Jon had to leave because he did not want to stay long enough to see him become everyone else on CC

  • Jason C.
    Jason C. 3 days ago

    Jon Stewart was brilliant.

  • rref _
    rref _ 3 days ago

    Chris Wallace so clearly thought he was going to be able to back Stewart into a corner. His smug face whenever he hit him with a new point proves that he thought it would be easy to beat Stewart.

  • falsup09
    falsup09 3 days ago

    Love You Jon!

  • Antoni Gates
    Antoni Gates 3 days ago +7

    Chris Wallace got his ass handed to him. Fun to watch, thanks.

  • Sinan C
    Sinan C 3 days ago

    Jon Stewart is my fucking hero.

  • Jakk W
    Jakk W 3 days ago +13

    I would give a year of my life to keep Jon Stewart on the air.

  • Rob Schultz
    Rob Schultz 4 days ago

    I left a Ted Nugget concert after 15 minutes in 2013 because he was spouting his political views. That said I left a I Bonnie Raitt concert as well

  • Rob Schultz
    Rob Schultz 4 days ago

    The problem people is, for the most part, whatever Jon Stewart says is not disputed, therefore it must me accurate, It's NOT. He is a smart man totally misinformed, or just towing the liberal line. He has no idea about..... Look at it this way. "If You Are Not a Liberal at 25, You Have No Heart. If You Are Not a Conservative at 35 You Have No Brain" Nuff Said

  • Rob Schultz
    Rob Schultz 4 days ago

    24:11 "I don't tell the full story, I don't disagree with that." Then he lies

  • Rob Schultz
    Rob Schultz 4 days ago

    at 15:14 Jon Stewart id either wrong, or stupid

  • The Duder
    The Duder 4 days ago

    The thing which fox news does best is demand the immediate silence of anyone speaking with whom they disagree with.
    Happens literally every time there is a discussion.
    News channels are exactly the same as organized religion.
    They only want their side believed, and they filter everything that is told to make it fit what they want others to believe.
    We might as well have our opinions and conclusions handed to us from scientology.
    At least then it will be an entirely new line of pure lies, instead of the same lies repeated over and over.

  • Wanda Willow Orourke

    The Dems didn't jump in on Wiener because he's a Fem. Duh

  • Wanda Willow Orourke

    He's selective, s biased, about his perception of reality

  • Wanda Willow Orourke

    Stewart is such a douche! Not funny eithet

  • Jason Morrow
    Jason Morrow 7 days ago

    And..................what is MSNBC exactly? Fox version for the Left.

  • emmy lite
    emmy lite 8 days ago

    JS along with Colbert are very well paid agent provocateurs & political propagandists WITHOUT A DOUBT ! And if your going to tell me that CNN/MSNBC/CBS/ABC are not just as bad and even worse than FOX then your either delusional or stupid or perhaps BOTH !

  • Jeremy Sanders
    Jeremy Sanders 12 days ago

    Showing a clip from a Comedy Central roast and acting as if that somehow bolsters Fox’s credibility is the most laughable thing about this. Chris Wallace does realize that Comedy Central doesn’t market itself as a news source, right? The bar can’t get any lower than a news organization airing clips of a comedy show and saying “Hey at least we aren’t them!”

  • Mary Ann Craig
    Mary Ann Craig 12 days ago

    Jon we need you back now!

  • tankmaster1018
    tankmaster1018 13 days ago

    Haha oh man... Im your typical Fox News hating person who views it mainly as a propaganda network, but I will readily admit that I at least respect Chris Wallace because he will still occasionally go against the typical bullshit mountain flood of spin on news stories, and will even sometimes call out other Fox personnel or even presidential staff (like he did with Sarah Sanders) which I really respect. That being said, he still has that uniquely "Fox" method of talking/shouting over talking points that makes him or the network look bad, and will literally absolutely refuse to let Stewart continue making a point or finish a sentence that he knows will be damaging to his brand. I respect him way more then the average Fox employee and clearly Stewart does too, but he still has that Fox style method of shutting down or not allowing any good point by the guest being interviewed... Its like everybody at Fox still has to fall back on that Bill O'reilly style of a shouting match/not letting the opponent get a damaging word in and its really concerning that even their most "respectable" pundits still occasionally resort to these immature tactics

  • Jack Jay
    Jack Jay 14 days ago

    He was right. Fox is shit show

  • Truth versus Trumpt
    Truth versus Trumpt 14 days ago

    Hands down, Stewart wins!!!!

  • BrovaLoww
    BrovaLoww 14 days ago

    Chris Wallace is a 💩

  • dick hitswater
    dick hitswater 15 days ago

    This must have been a stunt set up by chris wallace and fox to get more viewers. Jons an entertainer plain and simple like he said

  • Asher Novotny
    Asher Novotny 16 days ago

    Chris Wallace is creepy...

  • DEERghostHOOF
    DEERghostHOOF 17 days ago

    "Chris Wallace doesn't get Jon Stewart is a comedian and looks like a complete tool", the real title

  • PercussionNow
    PercussionNow 17 days ago

    Incredibly clear just by the vitriol towards South Park which is one of the greatest and smartest satirical cartoon of the 20-21 century., that FOX news's least absurd presenter has an outdated and provincial 1950's view of the world. He probably thinks Comedy Central is the voice of the devil.

  • SIoyvenheaven1
    SIoyvenheaven1 18 days ago

    The left lost their minds when Jon Stewart left The Daily Show. Not hard to figure out why.

  • roberto Monroe
    roberto Monroe 18 days ago

    John is leagues ahead of Wallace.

  • kevin kline
    kevin kline 18 days ago

    Both of these guys are way too intelligent for Fox news.

  • ZMartindale
    ZMartindale 18 days ago

    Why does Fox point of the speck of dust in Jon's eye while ignoring the plank in their own?

  • Vailnite
    Vailnite 19 days ago +6

    I love how Jon fights to control the conversation, even though he's the one on Chris' show.

  • d_jvm
    d_jvm 19 days ago

    Jon Stewart: The economy sucks balls.
    Audience: *Laughs*
    Fox: So you're anti-capitalist?

  • d_jvm
    d_jvm 19 days ago +2

    Fox News is afraid of Jon Stewart because they think he's playing the same mind control, propaganda game they're playing. It's just great comedic cultural and political commentary that gets people to think for themselves and that terrifies them.

  • Curious
    Curious 19 days ago

    Conspiracy agendas again...LOL!!! Comedy isn't supposed to be expected to inform, but "NEWS"??? should not be there to misinform!!! However, FAUX NEWS!!!

  • Brice Williams
    Brice Williams 19 days ago

    This is a low comment, granted, but I can't stand Chris Wallace's voice.

  • Domi Perez
    Domi Perez 19 days ago

    Comedians are the smartest people. The challenges to make people laugh and learn politics in plain English is absolutely genius

  • Larry Zach
    Larry Zach 20 days ago

    Jon Stewart, is a LIAR he is a leftist activist.

  • Diana Stein
    Diana Stein 21 day ago

    I really am wrestling with this question because it intrudes on a family’s personal issues, BUT Mike Wallace was very much a public personality, and his son has willingly followed in that same vein: WHAT in God’s name would Mike Wallace make of his son’s deliberate departure from objective journalistic standards? What a fucking disappointment.

  • chymoney1
    chymoney1 21 day ago

    This was a fascinating interview

  • Jeff Schultz
    Jeff Schultz 21 day ago

    Jon Stewart is a str8 gangster!!!!!

  • Ac Guerrero
    Ac Guerrero 23 days ago

    In the yr 2019.. Everthing jon calls fox is tru n chris has started to push against it... Took 3 yrs for a high iq reporter to look in a mirror n realize the truth

  • momana
    momana 23 days ago

    Satire comedy v. Pretend news org.

  • Humble Kind
    Humble Kind 23 days ago

    God I miss Jon Stewart. Wish he still was on the Daily Show taking down the Don nightly.

  • Alex Sepulveda
    Alex Sepulveda 24 days ago

    Chris Wallace is so fucking stupid

  • Robbie White
    Robbie White 24 days ago

    3:04 is where Jon loses all credibility with me

  • Joseph McCafferty
    Joseph McCafferty 24 days ago

    John Stewart could tear these guys up. Hilarious. he was the best!

  • Just Me
    Just Me 24 days ago

    Change the title to "Chris Wallace talks to stunned liberal Jon Stewart."

  • Briggs Lipsitz
    Briggs Lipsitz 25 days ago

    This continues to be one of the most prescient moments in modern American cultural history.

  • Forty keks
    Forty keks 25 days ago

    But ABC is left leaning and the anchor deliberately omitted the fact that the law which is in a red state doesn't mean random stop and detainments. So in what way was that not biased?

  • D E H Arts
    D E H Arts 26 days ago

    Shame on Wallace, let Jon talk about the issues that you brought up, as soon as Jon starts making sense, switch the scrip. Looking stupid Wallace 🙈💩

  • Samson wilkinson
    Samson wilkinson 26 days ago

    A seriously good and intelligent debate. Jon won. But nowadays Wallace seems to be waking up a little.

  • Cool Coyote
    Cool Coyote 27 days ago +1

    ha thats the pot calling the kettle black! fox = shallow and yet hilarious 😂 and so is this fox network saying, at the end of the day its about entertainment, in this regard they have to be correct. as its ted turners 24 hour news cycle proved. but everyone knows this or should know this. i think this is why fox is successful. sensationalism= more watchers. well of course they are boring now in 2019, but it played for awhile didnt it. 🤣

  • Paul Cooper
    Paul Cooper 27 days ago

    Wallace got his butt kicked so hard, now he wears as a hat

  • David Lawrence
    David Lawrence 28 days ago +1

    "The box that I exist in has always been around...but I'd like to know what I'm doing that's really different than what you've seen previously from satirical comedians that work in the political milieu." Stewart's command of the language and ability in real time to think, debate, and to state so clearly and logically his beliefs is impressive. I appreciated watching this civil and thoughtful exchange even though it occurred so many years ago.

  • Qwerty asdf
    Qwerty asdf 28 days ago

    Jon Stewart is a disgusting turd

  • bgloser1
    bgloser1 28 days ago +1

    I miss Jon Stewart.

  • Tardersauce35
    Tardersauce35 29 days ago +2

    I keep coming back to this, because I find it so cool how even though Wallace is very abrasive and attacking, but the whole time Jon is not only being incredibly polite and funny, but masterfully deflected every point of his, and realizing impressively accurate information

  • cameron williams
    cameron williams 29 days ago +1

    Chris Wallace is the closest thing to a centralist on Fox News Network. I give him way more credit for the fact that he seems to have a soul and is willing to call out the GOP on stupid. Unlike the rest of FOX.

  • Chris Terrence
    Chris Terrence 29 days ago

    I think Chris W, hasbeen coming over to John's side of the street. Not necessarily in this "interview", but nowadays he is much better at honestly seeing things much differently then he did in the bulk of his FOX years. Chris is, these days, in my opinion, much more like his dad was. And that's a good thing.

  • Kevin Douthit
    Kevin Douthit 29 days ago

    Chris Wallace is a smart ass, who MUST always be right no matter what. He's just like Trump.

  • NiteMoves2010
    NiteMoves2010 29 days ago +2

    The definition that Stewart had was and is right on...Chris Wallace has sallied his reputation...must have embarrassed his father to no end...Wallace has his father's credibility as his ticket.

  • Brian Erwin
    Brian Erwin Month ago

    can't separate political agenda from consistent politically informed comedy

  • Frank Diaz
    Frank Diaz Month ago

    The answer is really there but not moneu and politic party .

  • TWSTF 8
    TWSTF 8 Month ago +1

    Chris Wallace is trying to compare apples to oranges.
    Jon Stewart is a COMEDIAN, who hosted a political parody COMEDY show.
    It wasn't News.
    Chris Wallace keeps playing clips from Jon Stewart's show, trying to play, "Got Ya!" when the FIRST leap, (that it's a false comparison,) has ALREADY taken any wind out of his argument.
    It doesn't matter how many times your opponent stumbles and falls during the race when you've already started running before the gun shot!
    It's been BULLSHIT since the first clip, and stopped being a meaningful, "debate," before it even started.

  • Nj Osborne
    Nj Osborne Month ago

    “He’s got a broken taillight!”
    “Let’s kill’ em”
    “He’s selling cigarettes!”
    “Let’s throttle him ‘til he can’t breath.”

  • Michael Opolski
    Michael Opolski Month ago

    funny how ever since Trump got elected, we have seen first hand which networks truly are bias and spilling nothing but propaganda. CNN is by far the worst, its not even news, its scripted hatred for the president, nothing more!

    DON BUSH Month ago


  • Mackenzie Cribe
    Mackenzie Cribe Month ago

    I like Chris Wallace but in this interview he was in bad shape . Because credibility is essential for the survival of any organisations or individual . Stop acting lime you received orders from certain people.Because we may think you simply a puppet.

  • Daniel Gonzalez
    Daniel Gonzalez Month ago

    COMEDY central is different from Fox NEWS

  • john russo
    john russo Month ago


  • Compassion
    Compassion Month ago

    Great interview...respect them both.

  • Nature is Wonderful

    This is painful to watch. Chris Wallace is such an intellectual fraud.

  • Terence Begley
    Terence Begley Month ago

    Wallace tried to relentlessly badger Stewart. But the greatest point JS made was that people like himself have existed forever. It has just gotten easier because there's video now, and people can clearly see the hypocrisy. Plus, Wallace pretended he was so serious, he couldn't see the humor in South Park. He gets negative points for that.

  • Raymond Thibodeaux
    Raymond Thibodeaux Month ago +4

    Jon Stewart is a genius! He is perceptive, authentic, and well-spoken. This interview should be studied in civics classes, and Jon Stewart must return to TV with a show on Fox.

  • noZems Agogo
    noZems Agogo Month ago +1

    "They've jumped into the weiner pool with such delight and such relish" -Jon Stewart

  • hersheybruce
    hersheybruce Month ago

    love that he gave a shout out to matt and trey.

  • akaFwhatyouheard
    akaFwhatyouheard Month ago

    Jon owned Chris Wallace. Fuck Fox News.

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ Month ago

    15:06 my favorite part

  • J C
    J C Month ago

    Did they really play a clip of a roast!?

  • Brice Thrower
    Brice Thrower Month ago

    Fuck FAUX

  • ChowderDingus
    ChowderDingus Month ago

    I love Stewart. He totally owned this.

  • 798488
    798488 Month ago

    Don’t know if you fuckheads are aware but the stuff you’re reposting they already have a channel then the people that wants to see this shit do

  • Mary Ann Craig
    Mary Ann Craig Month ago +5

    We need you back now!

  • Trojan Hampton
    Trojan Hampton Month ago

    Rush Limbaugh said why is CNN a 24-hour news cycle when they're only 4 hours of newsworthy subjects a date but for some reason not Fox News in short he only wants one round-the-clock opinion

  • Trojan Hampton
    Trojan Hampton Month ago

    The Arizona law does not matter because stop and ID people anyway

  • jcarrionblue
    jcarrionblue Month ago +2

    Come on Wallace, you're no match for Jon Stewart! 😂

  • LR Vogt
    LR Vogt Month ago

    The difference with CNN & MSNBC as opposed to FOX is that FOX commentators are relentlessly DISHONEST.