• Published on Jun 21, 2019
    download it here on the App Store:
    right now its only available for iOS but we are going to make it available for android soon.
    It's going to get many updates to fix some bugs, fix some things around and add awesome new features so make sure you leave us a comment of what you think!

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    Jeddah's channel: usclip.net/channel/UCgLD3LP7f3JmNAa4g-2GekQ

    Testing different glues: usclip.net/video/WLAO_j98mFc/video.html
    Testing different glues part 2: usclip.net/video/r6aPElBa0zs/video.html
    Testing different activators: usclip.net/video/8Ev-hI3Wtx0/video.html
    Testing different shaving creams: usclip.net/video/edvuE-XjFUo/video.html
    Testing different clays: usclip.net/video/UHi0YfMVKms/video.html

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  • roaa mustafa
    roaa mustafa 2 minutes ago

    I was just playing the slimeatory game

  • Jazlynn Abernethy
    Jazlynn Abernethy 51 minute ago


  • MissNinja09
    MissNinja09 Hour ago +1


  • Rhean Francisco
    Rhean Francisco Hour ago

    #team ameerah
    #team ameerah
    #team ameerah

  • Rhean Francisco
    Rhean Francisco 2 hours ago

    I love ameerah or #Team ameerah #Team Paul nope I don't think so

  • Rhean Francisco
    Rhean Francisco 2 hours ago

    I love ameerah or #Team ameerah #Team Paul nope I don't think sooooo

  • Ziarah Gale
    Ziarah Gale 2 hours ago


  • Lien Do
    Lien Do 2 hours ago

    I. #teamameerah

  • Crappy Cassey
    Crappy Cassey 2 hours ago +1

    Paulโ€™s slimes are as nice as Ameerahโ€™s itโ€™s just that his ASMR isnโ€™t as nice and he doesnโ€™t advertise it and present it as well as she does

  • Kris daniela Claveria
    Kris daniela Claveria 5 hours ago

    Team Ameerah

  • river creek stables
    river creek stables 6 hours ago


  • Gillian Earl
    Gillian Earl 6 hours ago

    Team ameea

  • Nadine Potgieter
    Nadine Potgieter 8 hours ago

    #Team Ameerah

  • Sally Sarmiento
    Sally Sarmiento 8 hours ago

    I am team ameera.she always transform ugly slime into a very beautiful one.unlike paul๐Ÿ˜

  • Joanne Li
    Joanne Li 9 hours ago


  • artfullywandering
    artfullywandering 10 hours ago

    Paul is bullying the king shrek let paul lose

  • Rachel Yu
    Rachel Yu 12 hours ago


  • Maliha Sikander
    Maliha Sikander 16 hours ago

    I love the slimeatory game

  • Fluffy brizo
    Fluffy brizo 16 hours ago


  • msstep5
    msstep5 17 hours ago

    You winning America

  • Subways Sub
    Subways Sub 17 hours ago

    Team ameerah

  • Ericka Polanco
    Ericka Polanco 18 hours ago

    team ameerah

  • Kelly Thorne
    Kelly Thorne 19 hours ago

    How do I add Paul and Ameerahs slimeatory on the slimeatory app??

  • Kelly Thorne
    Kelly Thorne 19 hours ago

    How do I add Paul and Ameerahs slimeatory on the slimeatory app??

  • Preston Thao
    Preston Thao 20 hours ago

    Silme silme i rely wnat silme

  • Alexandra Amor Maceda

    Team ameerah

  • Riley Harness
    Riley Harness Day ago

    Have u ever loss your voice because of the introduction ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Haley Giles
    Haley Giles Day ago

    Team Amira

  • Ashley Aguilar
    Ashley Aguilar Day ago

    #teamameerah all they way press the like button if you agree

  • Alyia Johnston
    Alyia Johnston Day ago

    #team Ammerah

  • Liz Cazeous
    Liz Cazeous Day ago

    Coolest slime is ameerah

  • Liz Cazeous
    Liz Cazeous Day ago

    I really love ameera s slime

  • Kyawthasu Kyawthasu

    Hit the like for ameerah

  • Elaina Robertson


  • Abigail Ramirez
    Abigail Ramirez Day ago

    Did anyone notice the foam in her hair

  • Ang Lee Choo
    Ang Lee Choo Day ago

    Amearah is the best

  • Ang Lee Choo
    Ang Lee Choo Day ago

    Team amearah

  • Safiah Phillip
    Safiah Phillip Day ago +1

    Team ameerah

  • Chef Nizam
    Chef Nizam Day ago

    I mean not say extra point

  • Chef Nizam
    Chef Nizam Day ago

    I always sport team ameerah
    Reason why I always sport team ameerah :
    1. Jeddah always cheat
    2 . Paul always say extra point
    3.ameerah never cheat or always say extra point

  • Jayla Quindi
    Jayla Quindi Day ago

    I would have to say #PAUl

  • Layla Garcia
    Layla Garcia Day ago


  • EE vlogs
    EE vlogs Day ago +1

    Team Paul because i feel bad

  • Jessica Nguyen lovely

    First place is Ameerah
    Second place is paul

  • Courtney Rubicon

    On round two like if you saw their phones already have the slime on it and they didnโ€™t actually airdrop it lol

  • TRB GAMING 333
    TRB GAMING 333 Day ago

    I have the Slimeatory like this if you do

  • Mena Murad
    Mena Murad Day ago

    # team Ameerah

  • Elan barajas
    Elan barajas Day ago


  • Abby Arias
    Abby Arias Day ago +1

    Hit the like if your in team paul

  • Jessica Rodriguez

    who won like ameerah comment paul

  • Hope Boyd
    Hope Boyd Day ago

    Make your own self up

  • King Everett
    King Everett Day ago

    Team amreeah

  • setv and MJTV
    setv and MJTV Day ago


  • Cupcake Wolf
    Cupcake Wolf Day ago

    Paul's slime is weird

  • Jelly Singh
    Jelly Singh Day ago

    Who do you think won
    Team Ammerah: press the like button
    Tram Paul:pls comment

  • Artemis Salehi
    Artemis Salehi Day ago


  • zub shaikh
    zub shaikh Day ago

    Let see who won
    Like for ameerah
    Comment for Paul

  • Basma Bammad
    Basma Bammad Day ago

    Like: Ameerah
    Coment: Paul
    Who do you think won๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Maizie Kozicke
    Maizie Kozicke Day ago

    Bro ameerah wins all the time like if its true

  • Pink_little_dragon