Hotel Hell - Season 1 Episode 6 - The Roosevelt Inn Full Episode HD

  • Published on Aug 5, 2018
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    Hell's Kitchen - Season 17 Episode 5 - Josh Josh Josh Full Episode
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  • Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

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    • Jesus Corral
      Jesus Corral 2 days ago

      Den Kreative Dyre Elsker lol

    • Jared Ross
      Jared Ross 6 days ago

      Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen I wish he would go back and see how it is doing

    • JRodgesevant
      JRodgesevant 2 months ago

      0:16 - Did....did Gordon just steal from the Nostalgia Critic?!?

    • {Da Smol Bean}
      {Da Smol Bean} 2 months ago

      Definitely know... Oof I need to proof read more often

    • {Da Smol Bean}
      {Da Smol Bean} 2 months ago

      You definitely something is filthy when ROACHES are dying from it

  • Ella Mansour
    Ella Mansour 2 hours ago

    The owner reminds me of Michael Scott from the office.....

  • Rebecca White
    Rebecca White 5 hours ago

    Tina didnt even want to buy the hotel, but she gets stuck doing all the work?? John is an asshole

  • Ethan
    Ethan 6 hours ago +1

    I’m surprised Ramsay hasn’t gone mad himself after dealing with so many loons.

  • Nina Briesch
    Nina Briesch 7 hours ago

    Maybe it is someone's Aunties ashes... boohooo

  • angel sakamaki
    angel sakamaki 7 hours ago

    oh my holy moly god what is worng with the owner , why is he so rude with Gordon ramsay ?

  • hafsah khudzaimah
    hafsah khudzaimah 12 hours ago


  • Daneurism x
    Daneurism x 13 hours ago

    Well looks like those sheets are going to get new staines with the married couple breaking them in that night

  • Charlie Killstrom
    Charlie Killstrom 15 hours ago

    I didn't realize how close he was to WA😂😲

  • Faiz Sufrikhan
    Faiz Sufrikhan 15 hours ago

    Wish gordon would boil the egg and show how its done lol

  • Za Fl
    Za Fl 18 hours ago

    29:30 when you trying to get the higher grade but the minimum exam score get higher too

  • George Staykov
    George Staykov 20 hours ago

  • Bruno Šaravanja
    Bruno Šaravanja 21 hour ago

    "talk to my hand " is back ...finally, so many years I waited.

  • Patty Slater
    Patty Slater 21 hour ago

    I love this show but is it just me, or did this episode seem to end extra special?!? 😊

  • Lauren Ganze
    Lauren Ganze 23 hours ago

    poor wife holy crap, this is her personal hell and the husband thinks it's entertaining to watch

  • 20jodellvon
    20jodellvon Day ago

    Gordan does have a point, I understand that when you are under pressure people switch to humor, but this guy is thinking everything is a big joke, Gordan is trying to help him and he is acting like a 2 year old.

  • Shubhangi
    Shubhangi Day ago

    At least the dogs are cute..

  • Rob Bleeker
    Rob Bleeker Day ago

    So far my favorite episode... What a beautiful couple

  • Dion's Reviews
    Dion's Reviews Day ago

    What if the other kids that went to the school own a hotel hell hotel too...

  • AJ Main
    AJ Main Day ago +2

    if gordan isnt ron from harry potter who learnt how to cook, built confidence and dyed his hair blonde, ima flobberworm

  • AJ Main
    AJ Main Day ago +2

    me: man i'm so bad at cooking if I was on a Ramsay show, it would be Kitchen Nightmares :(
    owner: *can't even boil a damn egg*
    me: i am the definition of master chef *slams microwave door*

  • ItzMe 158
    ItzMe 158 Day ago

    They should have swirled his ugly a$$ at 9:31 when he started to laugh. It would make him look more ridiculous than he already is.

  • xxgachagothxxo
    xxgachagothxxo Day ago

    *they guy just told Gordon Ramsay that his accent is more “authentic” than Gordan’s accent...*

  • daven Czyson
    daven Czyson 2 days ago

    Garden: let me out
    Me: wow
    5 year old: talk to the hand/I am gonna kill him

  • daven Czyson
    daven Czyson 2 days ago

    Garden: help let me out.....

  • Kayy O
    Kayy O 2 days ago

    LMAO !!!! This guy is an idiot 🤣😂

  • Breeze Payne
    Breeze Payne 2 days ago

    Does he have a black berry? 🤔😂

  • Mori Mori
    Mori Mori 2 days ago +2

    is it just me or is that hotel a bit small........
    I'm trying not to be mean but I thought hotels were a bit bigger, not the size of a house let alone a school!

  • Brooke Stevens
    Brooke Stevens 2 days ago

    When he said that his accent was better than Gordon’s I dieddddd

  • Vikrant Burde
    Vikrant Burde 2 days ago

    Why DOES this IDIOT LAUGH So MUCH 😡🤬😡

  • Jinx Killjoy
    Jinx Killjoy 2 days ago


  • angbable
    angbable 2 days ago

    Love this show. But that can’t have been a real wedding, right? It must’ve been a test wedding that Gordon set up to give them practice and demonstrate to the planner that they’re capable so that she’ll sell their venue. Nobody has a last minute thrown together wedding like that.

  • UselessMedia!
    UselessMedia! 2 days ago

    Why is the editing of this show such shit? Just bleep out the fucking swearing like they do on EVERY OTHER SHOW.

  • Blue_ Constellations_
    Blue_ Constellations_ 3 days ago +1


  • Auto Modding
    Auto Modding 3 days ago

    0:24 Damn Gordan could play the next Slender Man!

  • Dluxe
    Dluxe 3 days ago


  • mknight YT
    mknight YT 3 days ago

    how can't you boil an EGG

  • Vincent Simbol
    Vincent Simbol 3 days ago

    But did they pay off that $1.4 million debt?
    I hope they did.

  • Vincent Simbol
    Vincent Simbol 3 days ago

    Okay, the waitress seemed like a fine lady.

  • CyberWarcraft
    CyberWarcraft 3 days ago

    John was just using the failure of occupancy of the B&B as an opportunity to hijack the entire venue to feed his ego. Once a month he had the place to himself so as to indulge his "acting" fantasy (it had gotten so out of hand he felt he could spout his snarky jokes all the time.) No cares, sarcastic off-putting jokes driving off guests, and not working at all was a feature to him...not a bug. Thank god for his wife that when the place turned around, he actually took to what real success feels like. BTW, he's a lousy actor.

  • Roshan Paul
    Roshan Paul 3 days ago

    16:27 that's a sad looking shrimp 🤣🤣🤣 it's dead and sad

  • flying horse
    flying horse 3 days ago

    sometimes it's fine to laugh at your own misery

  • McB12329
    McB12329 3 days ago

    This guy is so stupid
    "just man up and act responsible!"
    "yeah I'm done with that, yep I'm done with that"

  • Aaris Howton
    Aaris Howton 3 days ago

    ‘My BrItIsH aCcEnT iS fAr MoRe AuThEnTiC’
    Said the American doing an impression of a snobby butler on a soap opera from the 60’s

  • Solar Floof the dutchie

    Like my flat lmao

  • Soar Rejected
    Soar Rejected 3 days ago

    I hate when he uses the blacklight... it doesn't just show bodily fluids but also any bleach based cleaners so it means nothing

  • Ahmad Ghafooryan
    Ahmad Ghafooryan 4 days ago

    34:23 Dude..... He is truly fighting the gayness within him...

  • Ahmad Ghafooryan
    Ahmad Ghafooryan 4 days ago

    this comment section is gold!

  • Noah Yant
    Noah Yant 4 days ago

    I think Gordon would have taken off from the start if it wasn't for that guy's poor wife

  • yAbItY
    yAbItY 4 days ago

    I feel bad for john :(
    Dont come at me

  • Joe King
    Joe King 4 days ago

    Update, she left her husband took everything he had and I've been banging her for months

  • survivor030406
    survivor030406 4 days ago

    @ 11:27 the guy has three trees in his room.

  • Brian Frost
    Brian Frost 4 days ago

    Sherlock Holmes?? English Accent??
    Oh CRINGE!

  • Daniel Throop
    Daniel Throop 4 days ago

    Rule #1 do not insult Ramsay told
    Rule #2 do not insult his accent, ever.

  • and. Ari
    and. Ari 4 days ago

    The owner reminds me of Jake Paul’s dad

  • David Pate
    David Pate 4 days ago


  • Alice Dubois
    Alice Dubois 5 days ago

    *Great news everyone!!!* This Inn is sill running and very successful.

  • ryu ray
    ryu ray 5 days ago

    Sherlock Holmes ruined.........goddd!!!

  • Naf Birks
    Naf Birks 5 days ago

    Wife: I have a dream
    Hubby: Say no more fam, I bought you my elementary school.

  • Star Kitten
    Star Kitten 5 days ago +1

    The owner laughs at everything! He's so annoying!

  • Eclipsetron
    Eclipsetron 5 days ago

    at 4:39 he reference the adam family

  • Annie Lapointe
    Annie Lapointe 5 days ago

    ...I would go for the dogs

  • Michaela Mew
    Michaela Mew 5 days ago

    I feel bad for Tina, shes trying really hard.

  • Me Me
    Me Me 5 days ago +1

    John’s face is so fucking punchable!!! 😡😡😡 every time he laughs while his wife is actually worried about her life it makes me want to stab him!!!!!!!!

  • Laura Luebano
    Laura Luebano 5 days ago

    Did that guy microblade his eyebrows? Lol

  • Oscar Corona
    Oscar Corona 6 days ago

    Dat Intro Is LIT

  • Najla Srdanovic
    Najla Srdanovic 6 days ago


  • Manoel Cirujano
    Manoel Cirujano 6 days ago

    Dog is the highlights???

  • Me
    Me 6 days ago +1

    That woman is a total saint. The husband buys a hotel, puts them in debt without her consent, and makes her quit her job that she liked to do most of the work there? And she's still with him!?

  • Raya La Rosse
    Raya La Rosse 6 days ago

    Am I the only one who would actually love to stay at a 1900s style place? I don't see how that's bad, if that's your motto.

    • Me Me
      Me Me 5 days ago +1

      The Devil Cat exactly

    • The Devil Cat
      The Devil Cat 6 days ago +1

      I mean, if its specifically for the style like they made it all nice, thats fine but places like these everything has stains and its dirty. Its not the nice type of old

  • Sara Hayee
    Sara Hayee 6 days ago

    this makes me appericiate my familey sooo much more

  • Olya Shafeeva
    Olya Shafeeva 6 days ago

    so the owner is basically a deluded narcissist. letting his wife do all the work while he prances about like a ****ing moron, playing dress-up. anyone else want to drown him?

  • Golden Mix
    Golden Mix 6 days ago

    In philippines the food is ony 10 dollors you got 100 squred table full of food

  • Oni B.Logna
    Oni B.Logna 6 days ago

    One of the past guests: Honey, your dick stain is still there

  • kindom hearts the last keyblade wilder

    7:18 more like 3.19

  • Katie Boler
    Katie Boler 7 days ago

    This guys a clown

  • Michael Ebrahimi
    Michael Ebrahimi 7 days ago

    White people problems...oh no I own a hotel that I didnt work hard to get and I ran it into the ground...

    • The Devil Cat
      The Devil Cat 6 days ago

      Not just white people dont go bringing race into this

  • Brianna M
    Brianna M 7 days ago

    “I mean my British accent is way better then his it’s like he’s never even studied it”
    Hun he’s Scottish

  • kaylee_ dawson
    kaylee_ dawson 7 days ago

    me- who the fuck will get married inside a hotel

  • Tali Bee
    Tali Bee 7 days ago

    I like how Gordon asked the wife to leave the room before he went in on that pathetic excuse of a husband. That poor woman, surely she could find a job, someone to stay with and leave that absolute fruitcake?! 💔

  • Hayley Weaver
    Hayley Weaver 7 days ago +1

    Wow. This guy really forces his wife to buy a hotel with him when she didn’t want to then doesn’t even do a thing and has her do everything while he sits around and plays around?? Ridiculous.. I feel bad for her.

  • Sarah K
    Sarah K 7 days ago +1

    This woman is a saint. If my husband takes out our 401k, uses our home as collateral to buy anything without telling me I would divorce him instantly. This delusional, selfish, narcissistic and borderline psychotic man should really just be on his own.

  • Sonicdragonfan Chat’s and talk

    To Gordon Ramsey: In season 1 episode 6 of Hotel Hell. I say by Jorge.don’t ever put Sherlock in a hotel. I think it brings shame to his stories. Do you agree?

  • Saaim Ali
    Saaim Ali 7 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey is like Barbie. He's a marriage councilor, food critic, decorator, party planner, chef, Creator of mulitple television shows etc.

  • jtomally9681
    jtomally9681 7 days ago +1

    Although I think the show is good, the intro is awful.

  • Peri Stalers
    Peri Stalers 7 days ago

    Oh god the physical cringe as he fakes a terrible accent to a man from the UK

  • Rosie’s Pointless Channel

    That booooi has nu British ascent

  • Zag Manzanare
    Zag Manzanare 7 days ago

    How was that a school?

  • Richard Nixon
    Richard Nixon 7 days ago

    *Chef fails to boil an egg*
    “I am ready to boot Gordon Ramsay”
    Do you really not notice how ignorant and childish you sound?

  • Bereccastar
    Bereccastar 7 days ago

    Lol I looked it up and this place is still open and beautiful but they still do the stupid murder mysteries....

  • cradle0fcthulhu
    cradle0fcthulhu 8 days ago

    I wonder if chef ramsey likes fried bologna...hmm

  • Rebecca Neff
    Rebecca Neff 8 days ago

    I love how all of these episodes have been edited to follow the exact same narrative. These must have been so easy to produce.

  • Ioanna Stasinos
    Ioanna Stasinos 8 days ago

    the wife has no self respect

  • Steven Carlson
    Steven Carlson 8 days ago

    Tina could get it lol

  • marvel's greatest hero

    John needs a fist to the face!

  • marvel's greatest hero

    "Detention that never ends" Gordon, you never cease to amaze me.

  • DaxtonRiggs
    DaxtonRiggs 9 days ago +1

    Next time on Ramsay's Relationship Counseling.

  • Ig2212 Kravenchenko
    Ig2212 Kravenchenko 9 days ago

    Surprisingly enough, the hotel still up and running, here's the update:
    Yelp reviews and Trip Advisor reviews are mostly excellent since Gordon revamped the hotel. They have reported that business is better and that Gordon's changes have made breakfast easier and better for the guests and they have also named a suite after Gordon. Planning a visit to the hotel? Check out their website for further information.

    Roosevelt Inn aired on September 03 2012, the episode was filmed in February 2012 and is Hotel Hell season 1 episode 6.
    (i've checked as well, and the hotel has a 96% approval rate)
    so yeah gordon really made a miracle on this one...

  • Ig2212 Kravenchenko
    Ig2212 Kravenchenko 9 days ago

    Well, i cringed so bad on that shit

  • Laura H
    Laura H 9 days ago

    "Mine is better than your British Accent".....the look on Gordon's face LOL....and then the owner gets angry at Ramsay when he is trying to HELP them out of the mess they are in. Unbelievable