What RUINED Sony Pictures Animation?


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  • Saberspark
    Saberspark  Year ago +1965

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    • Iced Shadow
      Iced Shadow 8 days ago

      I heard popeye only delayed!... still in production... from what I hear...

    • Gamez Guy21
      Gamez Guy21 29 days ago

      Cover spider verse

    • Tech Reviews and Fixing
      Tech Reviews and Fixing 2 months ago

      btw u forgot the playstaion theys why they maby make the money for these crap films

    • Splash Sploosh
      Splash Sploosh 2 months ago

      Saberspark You should make a discord and talk about what you’ll do for the next vid using hints or just talking with friends!

    • Kenny Vuglar
      Kenny Vuglar 3 months ago

      your just salty because you cant make stuff like 200 mil dollars

  • Darius Brown
    Darius Brown 6 hours ago

    I thought rotten tomatoes means how bad the movie was.
    Like if u thought this at first.

  • Audrey Heart
    Audrey Heart 7 hours ago

    9:12 daaaaaaaamn them legs tho.....

  • Audrey Heart
    Audrey Heart 7 hours ago

    7:02 (amazing world of gumball reference)
    ...I think I cringed into my lower intestine....

  • GG Fantasy
    GG Fantasy Day ago

    Good thing that things may change, as seen proven by the movie "Into the Spider Verse". I'm really hoping that Sony will keep a streak of good movies, at least for a little while.

  • Mr, notsopro Mr, notsopro

    Who’s watching this after into the spiderverse

  • Oh Yeah Yeah I slap ur Momma

    Want to hear a joke

    Sony Pictures Animation

  • Love Awesome Heart
    Love Awesome Heart 2 days ago

    Everyone: my GOD sony sucks
    Sony: *pulls out Spider-Man: into the spiderverse* Hey

  • Selphius Chan
    Selphius Chan 2 days ago

    Spiderverse: *hold my beer*

  • Will Anderson The OX

    I Hate To Be That One Guy But I Liked All Of The Smurf Movies

  • Gluten FREE
    Gluten FREE 2 days ago

    As a child I was OBSESSED with Open Season

  • Mr.agent 47
    Mr.agent 47 3 days ago

    Arthur Christmas? Wait your telling me I didn’t dream that movie up as a kid? For the longest time I thought I dreamed that movie.

  • Rick Lob
    Rick Lob 3 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who likes open season

  • Amy Paint's
    Amy Paint's 3 days ago +1

    Sony Pictures 2 Double Feature Roblox The Lost City and Roblox The Lost City 2 The Attendance Part

  • Jack plays
    Jack plays 3 days ago

    I love open season

  • Ava Allore
    Ava Allore 5 days ago

    this aged poorly.

  • Comment God
    Comment God 6 days ago +1

    illumination:I am the worst studio

    Sony Pictures Animation:hold my beer

  • BubblyTea-speed art studio

    I LOVED Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

  • federico pellot
    federico pellot 6 days ago

    St was okay

  • Rei Joon Y
    Rei Joon Y 7 days ago

    I saw the pirate movie in theaters when it came out and I personally thought it was funny at the time. But that was years ago and I haven’t seen it since, I just remember it being like a more interesting Wallace and Gromet

  • Unicorn Bunny
    Unicorn Bunny 7 days ago

    I don’t understand why people are so shocked that Pixar made an adult animated short, but don’t seem to bat an eye at Sony Animation for their upcoming R-rated animated movie.

  • William Lasiter
    William Lasiter 10 days ago

    Seeing this today makes me want to see his thoughts on Into the Spider-verse because holy shit is it good

  • Mr. Snappy
    Mr. Snappy 10 days ago


  • Captain Doge
    Captain Doge 10 days ago

    I liked cloudy at first but I've watched it like 8-10 times already and I dont like it as much anymore... Same story with Moana and Zootopia

  • Peter Roughan
    Peter Roughan 11 days ago

    They made one good film...

  • •Workshop• Witch
    •Workshop• Witch 12 days ago

    Could you do a review what ruined *barbie* movies?

  • WolfieCola
    WolfieCola 12 days ago

    I love emoji movie

  • Jace Perez
    Jace Perez 13 days ago


  • Peacheers
    Peacheers 13 days ago

    They reclaimed their selves with the spide man movie

  • andre chavez
    andre chavez 14 days ago

    If Sony wasn't good, now it is with Spider-Man into the spider-verse

  • it's a bully
    it's a bully 15 days ago

    *"does whatever a spiderman does"*

  • it's a bully
    it's a bully 15 days ago

    *P L A Y S T A T I O N*

  • YOU x YOU
    YOU x YOU 15 days ago

    i watched open season when i was little and thought it was meh

  • brie marlin
    brie marlin 16 days ago

    Fuck you open season was a great movie

  • Josh the Hufflepuff/Thunderbird


  • blue bird's funniest Videos ever

    The fart move 2019
    The fart movie 2 2021
    The angry birds movie 2 2019 (real movie coming soon)

  • Realmovieaction68
    Realmovieaction68 16 days ago

    Please see my video.

  • Garlic Boy
    Garlic Boy 17 days ago

    They ditched a Popeye movie with the spongebob voice actor for a crash grab at emojis

  • L I F E L O V E
    L I F E L O V E 17 days ago

    Welp, not anymore. They got back up with the new spider-man movie that was absolutely amazing!

  • I can't plan 27
    I can't plan 27 19 days ago

    spider-man into the spiderverse was good also RIP Stan the man Lee

  • Cotton Tail
    Cotton Tail 19 days ago


  • Mimi Rupp
    Mimi Rupp 20 days ago

    When I was younger i LOVED surf's up

  • Jimmy Jewtron
    Jimmy Jewtron 20 days ago

    Ima be honest I kinda like aurthers Christmas

  • Hawking Chair
    Hawking Chair 20 days ago

    Shia LaBeouf, Jeff Bridges, and Napoleon Dynamite.
    lol. It's so funny that no one uses his name.

  • Mimiy Knight
    Mimiy Knight 21 day ago

    I hate ma life

    FORTBRO_YT 23 days ago

    the only good movies are marvel

  • Red Miner91
    Red Miner91 24 days ago

    And then HT3 came out

  • Agustin Bermudez-Lopez
    Agustin Bermudez-Lopez 24 days ago +1

    2:53 that spider-man sucked.

  • American Fox
    American Fox 24 days ago

    But then spiderverse saved them

  • Alice The Horse
    Alice The Horse 24 days ago

    What the actual f*** is 5:23

  • CaYlYa
    CaYlYa 24 days ago

    not now because of spider-verse

  • Jolly Boi
    Jolly Boi 24 days ago +2

    You didn’t bring up the angry birds movie that’s a Sony animation movie

  • Jayxz
    Jayxz 25 days ago

    Into the spederverse was the only good movie by them

  • Fuze_Baggymomo
    Fuze_Baggymomo 25 days ago

    Then spider verse came out

  • Jack Mock Rock
    Jack Mock Rock 26 days ago

    This is not a joke. I got an ad from illumination.

  • ArnorAteBscotch
    ArnorAteBscotch 26 days ago

    What fixed it? Into the spider-verse

  • The Virtual Zookeeper
    The Virtual Zookeeper 26 days ago

    I got an ad for Lego movie 2. Never watched the first but I just witnessed Lego batman performing fortnite dances. It is time to end my life.

  • The Virtual Zookeeper
    The Virtual Zookeeper 26 days ago

    Surfs up was 👌👌👌👌

    CGHSQUAD2K 26 days ago +1

    ... Then into the spider verse comes out

  • Bonnie Weirdo
    Bonnie Weirdo 27 days ago


  • good vibes
    good vibes 27 days ago

    emojis are good on their own... *so why did they make a movie*

  • Bluberry gamer
    Bluberry gamer 27 days ago

    When I heard of a surfs up sequel thought “hmmm this could be okay or horrible and when i saw it on google I actually thought it was fake

  • Unicorn Bunny
    Unicorn Bunny 27 days ago

    These movies are for KIDS. Why are people complaining that movies that aren’t made for them aren’t appealing to them?

  • POpcOrn DiNo
    POpcOrn DiNo 27 days ago +1

    Sony only made like one outstanding amazing movie INTO THE SPIDER VERSE!!!!!!!

  • Luke Level900000000000000000

    IM afraid to play my ps4

  • Meep
    Meep 29 days ago

    When I whached hotel Transylvania all I thought was I really wanna fuck maibis

  • Meep
    Meep 29 days ago


  • R.G.A. Club
    R.G.A. Club 29 days ago

    When did the world end? When the Smurfs came out

  • Darth Gamer
    Darth Gamer Month ago

    No, Illumination is the worst because they gave us the cancer of USclip known as Minions.

  • Mimi Scappini
    Mimi Scappini Month ago +1

    And then Into the Spiderverse came

  • gleam spirit
    gleam spirit Month ago

    thank god other people have the same opinion as me and i’m not classified with having “bad taste”

  • Myrissa Neufeld
    Myrissa Neufeld Month ago

    Don’t tell me you’re serious right?
    You’re not serious about hating every single movie and saying it had a bad story, are u kidding me. There’s literally only about 3 movies on that list that weren’t amazing. What the heck do u mean cloudy with a chance of meatballs had a boring story? That’s one of the most creative stories on that list, also hotel Transylvania. Doesn’t matter what I think I guess. But I am very shocked, why is everyone so very very picky 🤮
    It’s disappointing

  • Łucja Janowska
    Łucja Janowska Month ago

    Pirates are great

  • Mr Goldduck
    Mr Goldduck Month ago

    I think it was the emoji movie

  • Justfortecomments
    Justfortecomments Month ago

    What’s up, danger? Sony Pictures Animation’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse managed to become their saving grace.

  • Cat Human
    Cat Human Month ago

    *It was The Emoji Movie’s fault*

  • Zip Doodles
    Zip Doodles Month ago +1

    The answer to your title is the emoji movie

  • AweSim
    AweSim Month ago

    Cloudy with a chance of meatballs was my favourite as a kid. I would watch it ALL the time. Its a really great movie

  • Castif y
    Castif y Month ago

    I only went to see the emoji movie so I can sit in the back on my phone with a headset and get good foods

  • Heavy
    Heavy Month ago

    When he said Shia lebouf I was thinking of just do it

  • patato cope
    patato cope Month ago

    Emoji movie ruined it

  • Erik Martinez
    Erik Martinez Month ago

    Han Solo was pretty good

  • Jaxx Nadeau
    Jaxx Nadeau Month ago

    The pirates movie is awesome

  • FinnNo.13
    FinnNo.13 Month ago +4

    And that movie is now "Into the Spider-Verse".

    That's how Mafia works.

  • The Puppets Show
    The Puppets Show Month ago +2

    Looks at Into the Spiderverse

  • Doggo
    Doggo Month ago

    The Minecraft movie

  • The Harry Channel
    The Harry Channel Month ago

    Remove Emojis

  • Nightly Ghost
    Nightly Ghost Month ago

    You should do a video on RWBY

  • Angel Pérez
    Angel Pérez Month ago +2

    Watching this video after seeing Into the Spider-Verse changes the perspective torwards Sony. Maybe they're about to enter a redemption arc. But I'll wait and see

    • Dave Kendall
      Dave Kendall Month ago

      They're also making an R-rated animated movie in 2021.

    • Angel Pérez
      Angel Pérez Month ago +2

      +BeingHonest What are you talking about? I just said that Sony may be gaining their redemption if Spider-Verse is anything to go by
      I'm not hating anything

    • BeingHonest
      BeingHonest Month ago

      This guy will still hate it haters going to hate

  • gh
    gh Month ago

    Open Season wasn't bad

  • Stoopio's Productions
    Stoopio's Productions Month ago +2

    How did they go from the emoji movie to Spider-Man Into The Spiderverse???

  • Adventure28
    Adventure28 Month ago

    Hi there! SaberSparks, Ive been watching my favourite upcoming animated movies, then later, I just found a video of an Inappropriate video of The Familiars movie upcoming 2019 and it was creepy sounds in the background.

  • Banoffee De Fairikaik

    I've seen Pirates with Scientists, and yes, I can confirm that it's a really great movie, I enjoyed it a whole lot, and it's pretty fun.

  • Joe Bro
    Joe Bro Month ago +3

    Until they made Spider-Man into the spiderverse

  • gravity traingle lord 2


  • Ronnie B George
    Ronnie B George Month ago +3

    They're back
    Into the spider verse is amazing especially the animation

  • mya truijllo
    mya truijllo Month ago

    My elementary school substitute teacher read us cloudy with a chance of meatballs and afterwords told us her son was working on the animation for the actual movie, it took about 7 years after that but the movie was obviously excellent

  • Wesley Woodell
    Wesley Woodell Month ago +1

    I didn't even know that Surf's Up had a sequel until about a year ago.

  • TheOneAndOnlyWeirdo

    idk for some reason the smurfs looked completly fine to me even the first time i saw it and when i was a little kid at least it entertained me so that's probably why it got a lot of money. cuz kids liked it.

  • Vega Yagami
    Vega Yagami Month ago +1

    I would've loved to see Popeye return.