Let's Talk About Google Duplex!

  • Published on May 10, 2018
  • Google Assistant making real phone calls?! Artificial intelligence is taking crazy steps forward. How far will it go?
    Talking AI with Neil Degrasse Tyson: usclip.net/video/y9U10qdDQqk/video.html
    Google Duplex blog post: ai.googleblog.com/2018/05/duplex-ai-system-for-natural-conversation.html
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  • I Am A Nugget :p

    It should start with, 'Hi, I'm [name]'s Google Assistant and I would like to book an appointment" etc.

    NIKBO55GAMING 3 days ago +1


  • Eduard Baleanu
    Eduard Baleanu 11 days ago

    Oh god.... imagine if there was a google assistant on both ends and they just start speaking in their own language ... and when we figure out their language we find out that they are saying that they wanna take over the world.... damn

  • Bryan Valladoid
    Bryan Valladoid 12 days ago +1

    8:02 "Hey Google, Do I need a jacket tomorrow?" My phones assistant activated and said it's sunny tomorrow. XD

  • kira levy
    kira levy 16 days ago

    love your shirt :-) :-)

  • Jonathan Marks
    Jonathan Marks 17 days ago

    Duplex is here!

  • Calvin Alba
    Calvin Alba 17 days ago

    " hey siri"

  • Cawfee Dawg
    Cawfee Dawg 20 days ago

    Dude its not a robot. A robot has a body of sorts and can physically interact with the world. Duplex is a chatbot.

  • Tetz Gaming
    Tetz Gaming 26 days ago

    Its interesting to see how much better the Google assistant is compared to when it started mark ass brown lee

  • Tom Barton
    Tom Barton 28 days ago

    I swear I saw Bruce Banner in the background of that conference

  • Blessing Youngster
    Blessing Youngster 28 days ago

    Robots are gonna take over the world 😑😑😑 we are going to bow down to our creations, this should stop, it's creepy and wierd... This is more intelligent than a human, check how fast it replies and how the excant and voice is a robot but more human than human, it's so kind and perfect this is so wierd 😑😑😑😑

  • Yeetboi 86
    Yeetboi 86 29 days ago


  • Jonathan Torres
    Jonathan Torres Month ago +2

    Coming back to this video 10 months later just to say I was called my this today at work to make a reservation for my restaurant. It was the coolest thing ever, and just an FYI it does tell you its an assistant and that its gonna record the call. There were a couple minor things that made me think it wasn’t an actual person, but overall it sounded so real it was crazy.

  • Timothy Kalio
    Timothy Kalio Month ago

    i kinda hate where google is going with this one

  • h2so4 hcl
    h2so4 hcl Month ago

    It's not important, the important is how many personal secretaries are going to lose their job.....

  • praveena chandran
    praveena chandran Month ago

    the tweets who say this duplex is stupid...….

  • Jan Konopka
    Jan Konopka Month ago


  • tao her
    tao her Month ago

    Andrew Yang was right this will kill the call center human jobs.

  • David Leitman
    David Leitman Month ago

    "How far does it go?" as far as our inclination to convenience, that's how far

  • Om Bharat
    Om Bharat Month ago

    Kira? Death Note?

  • Master
    Master Month ago

    bruh I love it but it's so unnecessary. It's incredible what they have done but it's practically going to do everything for us eventually. It's going to make us lazy as we won't feel the need to talk on the phone anymore to the point that our social skills will decrease by default as the next generation arrives. It's taking the very parts of life away for us just for convenience. Talking to people is fun and now you won't experience that if you use this. every time I see innovations in AI it reminds me of that wall-e scene when there is obese humans on that automated vehicle looking at stuff.

    its just like what black ops 3 said lol: "how long can we push technology, before it starts pushing back" or something like that

  • Ericpeter Maina
    Ericpeter Maina Month ago

    But they AI already said am calling for my client....... thats tell it all

  • Bilbo Sinclair
    Bilbo Sinclair Month ago +1

    Why are we do scared of AI? Watched too many Matrix like movies? Machines taking over?

  • Jayden Chang
    Jayden Chang Month ago

    pretty much so weird and there's so many mysteries like can it like call your friends and plan a hangout/date?

  • xLDW95
    xLDW95 Month ago

    your licking Google's asshole bare emit ya

  • rchavezj
    rchavezj Month ago

    After watching Death Note (anime) yesterday I notice you wearing the Kira shirt.

  • Ray
    Ray Month ago

    What about scam calls!

  • PičkeVrište
    PičkeVrište Month ago

    This is ridiculous. If you don’t have time to book your own hair appointment something is very wrong in your life!

  • Fight Pinas
    Fight Pinas Month ago +2

    8:00 when marques say hey google . May google assistant answer 😂 HAHA This is hilarious .. even internal sounds work . And it tells me the weather HAHAHAHA so cool.

  • Gianluca Ghettini
    Gianluca Ghettini Month ago

    the end goal of all businesses is to make money, they really shouldn't care if the customer calling is a human or a robot. Even more, knowing they are talking to Google Assistant should make them even happier as the booking reservation process will be short, coincise, straight to point, with zero background noise, and most important *clear* with no extra talking about weather, politics, "how do you do's" and other unnecessary bs

  • jorgechavez91
    jorgechavez91 Month ago

    Personally I think we shouldn’t be afraid of how far does it go. We have always evolved around our technology. The way I see it, we currently have the way we live life around our vehicles, streets, freeways, neighborhoods etc. 😃

  • Bottom Line
    Bottom Line Month ago

    Disclosing it's an AI assistant isn't a big deal...the next step of evolution is though.

  • Mohammed Mahmud
    Mohammed Mahmud Month ago

    Is Apple siri listening this?

  • Saurabh Jironkar
    Saurabh Jironkar Month ago +1

    Probably dislikes are from siri users.. apple fan boys 😂🤙🏻🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith Month ago

    I bet if this gets released there will be companies that just make all reservations then sell reservations..

  • 1234kalmar
    1234kalmar Month ago

    Horizon Zero Dawn, here we come.

  • Joandry Perrine
    Joandry Perrine Month ago

    That's awesome sorry Siri..

  • Lemonsity
    Lemonsity Month ago

    Can Google help me get my bachelor degree?

  • Crispy K
    Crispy K Month ago

    5:12 that's Dave 2d's dad

  • Warrior 000
    Warrior 000 Month ago +1

    Omg... It's good and bad. I think it should stop there. Google, please don't go any further! Some boundaries are not meant to be crossed

  • Beáta Koreny
    Beáta Koreny Month ago +1

    Yeah, I already see shops with "duplex friendly" or AI friendly logos on the website. Yes, probably the PC way to is to let the caller know. Once people get used to it it will be fine. My question how much info do you need to give to it before it can run this smoothly. I mean it new the hairstyle and and if I'm free in the morning. (I don't put my 9to5 work to my calendar, do I have to to make it work?)

  • Cameron C
    Cameron C 2 months ago


  • Archibald Lorenzo
    Archibald Lorenzo 2 months ago

    We are getting closer and closer to Wall E

  • Bryan Case
    Bryan Case 2 months ago

    Marques maybe we need to delineate between AI tasks that are okay to run unsupervised and tasks where a human should be observing the actions of the AI bot to make sure it's behavior is inline with the outcome we actually want.

  • Yusuf Özen
    Yusuf Özen 2 months ago

    “If a machine is expected to be infallible, it cannot also be intelligent.”
    ― Alan Turing
    So machines need to be fallible or unexpected on purpose, to mimic intelligence.

  • Vivek Tiwari
    Vivek Tiwari 2 months ago

    That's why I am petrified of technology.

  • Jayden Lawson
    Jayden Lawson 2 months ago

    It goes as far as google glass 👎🏼

  • Keith Legados
    Keith Legados 2 months ago

    In the future, the 800 switchboard should have the options on phone like ... "For Human press 1, For Robot press 2"

  • Itay Bernstein
    Itay Bernstein 2 months ago


  • Rhaenyas Phoenix
    Rhaenyas Phoenix 2 months ago +4

    This is deeply unsettling.

  • FireTrainer
    FireTrainer 2 months ago +1

    Dude thats so cool

  • Mentally Degraded Charlamagne

    the um is for when the computer is processing what to say

  • 69 th0ts with ur moms vid

    -siri left the chat-
    _google has entered the chat_

  • TheDankAtheist
    TheDankAtheist 2 months ago

    Hey google assistant, call a tech support scammer.

  • Zouzou Dagher
    Zouzou Dagher 2 months ago

    Android Pie

  • icky wriggly hairy ugly spider from Natsuki's poem

    Feel like maybe this as-human-as-possible thing is only for now when people would expect a robot to not be a good conversation partner. Maybe in the future they would even forbid not making it clear that it's a robot. I mean, in some countries maybe

  • Cult Music
    Cult Music 2 months ago

    This is incredible

  • kool-aid
    kool-aid 2 months ago

    Oh yeah

  • Gabriel Schaus
    Gabriel Schaus 2 months ago

    Holy shit! We are all doomed! AI is going to take over! nononononONONONONONONONONONO! NO!!!!!

    STANDARD VIBES 2 months ago

    Wow not a single bad comment.

  • wings of fire -fitness freak Farming Traveling yolo

    Really it's a terrible idea ...2020 movie

  • Yoga Mokalu
    Yoga Mokalu 2 months ago

    Omg, this is just like when Steve jobs call the pizza shop, revolutionizing. thanks google, very cool

  • caviena oasis
    caviena oasis 2 months ago

    This could actually be really useful..... 2019

  • Brady Blough
    Brady Blough 2 months ago

    I have a severe stutter that makes phone calls almost impossible for me. I see people's concerns with it; I don't disagree -- but Duplex could change my life, as well as many others with communication issues.

  • Techfyre Tube
    Techfyre Tube 2 months ago

    Woah that mmhhmm though

  • Kaze LAB Games
    Kaze LAB Games 3 months ago

    that's cool and scary

  • Saroj Ban
    Saroj Ban 3 months ago

    8:01 Man you said Hey google! my phone is saying could not recognize your voice.. lol

  • SarutobiSasuke8
    SarutobiSasuke8 3 months ago

    Love this video! Love the excitement tinged with fear lol same here dude

  • Yvon Jervis
    Yvon Jervis 3 months ago

    What!! Google assistant, OMG. That's so cool

  • KaibaCorp HQ
    KaibaCorp HQ 3 months ago

    It doesn't matter, it's gonna take 10 years after this is implemented for any laws or regulations to pop up anyway.

  • John Lucas
    John Lucas 3 months ago

    As human beings when did we ever not go too far when did we ever do anything in a box

  • Brady Doyle
    Brady Doyle 3 months ago

    I like the idea but I believe they should implement a feature like "hello this is a Google assistance I am calling for a client to book a haircut" so it identifys itself at the start

    • DoJo
      DoJo 3 months ago

      it´s already implemented after a shitstorm which followed after the presentation.

  • Jamie Wells
    Jamie Wells 3 months ago

    Yes but no

  • Bloonjitsu
    Bloonjitsu 3 months ago


  • A’Kamz
    A’Kamz 3 months ago

    Love that u put lord willin as intro
    Logic is best

  • Mark Watney
    Mark Watney 3 months ago

    can you use this to quit your job without the hassle of explaining why and going thru and exit interview as an alternative to just ghosting the job?

  • Parallaxis
    Parallaxis 3 months ago

    A huge milestone would be a translator

  • Solar Mass
    Solar Mass 3 months ago

    I would like Fortnite, and marques brownlee

  • PretentiousTwat
    PretentiousTwat 3 months ago


  • basil rahman
    basil rahman 3 months ago

    Put "i am duplex" in the end of conversation

  • Jayden Lopez
    Jayden Lopez 3 months ago +1

    Oooo I heard that logic at the beginning

  • Bryson Buchanan
    Bryson Buchanan 3 months ago

    The matrix by Google

  • Siddharth S
    Siddharth S 3 months ago +2

    *I really need to delete my history*

  • yo boii
    yo boii 3 months ago

    the greatest gift for introverts

  • Nikhil Gupta
    Nikhil Gupta 3 months ago

    Next up we will see the restaurant's and the salon using google assistant to take calls of clients.......and we might end up seeing google assistant taking over call not only from consumer but also from service providers and then google assistant talking to google assistant

  • Gaetan Mermet-Grandfille

    Am I talking to a G assistant ? UUUUUUMMMMM yes ? Well then ciao

  • Leiming Du
    Leiming Du 3 months ago

    google makes the world a better place.......

  • Gabriel Baker
    Gabriel Baker 3 months ago

    "Hey Google, pretend to call me at 6:00 PM tomorrow so i have an excuse to leave"

  • Hus 9
    Hus 9 3 months ago

    Akria happens in 2019

  • Jarrett Bayer
    Jarrett Bayer 3 months ago

    google duplex... and checks (cheques)

  • The Knigster
    The Knigster 3 months ago

    If the concern is that people might be caught off guard or fooled by a “robot”. Just have it lead with “Hi this is Marquees’ google assistant...” seems like it wouldn’t cause and problems and it’s a simple fix

  • Dennis Martens
    Dennis Martens 3 months ago

    5:21 link below the like button, huh? clever

  • Gamercon Yo
    Gamercon Yo 3 months ago

    Ok google call my hair place. Hi I’m here to **** ******** *** *******.
    What if it malfunctions

  • Gamercon Yo
    Gamercon Yo 3 months ago

    On the part where you said soon I’ll drive you to work; “ok google call an Uber”

  • Eddie Reis
    Eddie Reis 3 months ago

    Why are u here if u got an i phone....get the fuck outta here ...

    SIMONE ESPOSITO 3 months ago

    Mark Ass Brownlee

  • Bacon Persuasion
    Bacon Persuasion 3 months ago

    Whenever Karen asks me If I wanna go on a cruise I immediately ask her if she wan's to sit on my face. She falls apart every time.

  • xZBambiZx
    xZBambiZx 3 months ago

    google do i need to jack it tomorrow

  • Jaimie Forde
    Jaimie Forde 3 months ago

    This could work wonders for black people

  • arafin foysal
    arafin foysal 3 months ago