Let's Talk About Google Duplex!


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  • Deepan Chatterjee
    Deepan Chatterjee 2 hours ago

    Waiting for anti-socials and terrorists to get hold of it! 3rd world war is nearing faak! :'( NO CALL TRACING will be helpful after it reaches all common people! MAN WTF IS GOOGLE DOING?? -_-

  • sardanapalos
    sardanapalos 2 hours ago

    So apparently there's a rumor these calls where staged. FFS google..

  • John Carlton
    John Carlton 3 hours ago

    You just set off my Google home mini and I got the temperatures myself

  • Jyotis Babu
    Jyotis Babu 4 hours ago

    So soon we all are gonna have these assistants and instead of us assistants are gonna talk...freaky future

  • xMOSEScb
    xMOSEScb 4 hours ago

    Umm, this comment is definitely from a human. I's appreciate your effort at making this transition easy. We's shared your link on all the things. Um, not like weirdly on every single thing possible within less than a second but just like on I's twittergrams. You know?
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    You are doing a good job. Goodbye bye.

  • HumbleBee
    HumbleBee 5 hours ago

    It sounds so human because it learned by itself from listening to phone calls

  • Jeff Cabralda
    Jeff Cabralda 5 hours ago

    Why not just have google duplex on the service side. A restaurant doesn’t have to waste time answering the phone. Or maybe when you call tech support for your ISP or your mobile provider and hen at least we aren’t waiting on hold for 1.5 million hours?

  • Martin Jaure
    Martin Jaure 6 hours ago

    Can’t wait to use this so I don’t have to call my mother! Go Google!

  • Happy Robins
    Happy Robins 8 hours ago

    Android popcorn ( = 🍿)

  • Paul Jackson
    Paul Jackson 8 hours ago

    I think it will be good, as you said at times we may not have the time to call ourselves because we are off to work or something more important. I really don't think we need to know we are talking to a robot because if we do then the conversation we take the wrong turn or defeat the purpose of the call. I know it might be a little concerning at first but so we assistant and al other forms of AI when they came out. As you said though, it all depends on how far the goal posts will go.

  • BigMTBrain
    BigMTBrain 10 hours ago

    Next steps: 1) Google trains Duplex to speak with YOUR voice. 2) Google asks to build up a knowledge profile of info contained in public and private media that you've either consumed or produced, so Duplex can respond increasingly contextually as YOU. 3) Google encourages you to use life-tracker tech so that Duplex will become current and converse even more like you over time. 4) Google allows you to deploy multiple Duplex "agents" out into real and virtual worlds, doing your bidding and only checking in with summaries or when it has some threshold of uncertainty of how you would respond/behave in a given context. 5) In years to come, your Duplex agents will occasionally inhabit compatible telepresence robots to give YOU physical presences elsewhere while you're doing something completely different.

  • Jose Francisco Medeiros
    Jose Francisco Medeiros 11 hours ago +1

    When is the Terminator showing up looking for John and Sara Connors?

  • steve jobs
    steve jobs 12 hours ago +1

    I'm starting to think your a Google robot

  • Emanuel Gug
    Emanuel Gug 12 hours ago

    This is gonna kill a lot of first level answering services or support. Only serious or complex calls will be forwarded to real humans...

  • Boonorp
    Boonorp 12 hours ago

    Some of the ways I see adaptations of this tech being misused:
    - army of sales bots
    - army of con bots.
    - massive security threat combined with the upcoming voice imitation technology.
    - stalker army released to gather input from the victim and people around them.
    The list of course goes on and on, just like the list of positives. I'm just not certain if we can keep trusting phone based conversations, which in the end just might mean that the product will fail to bring value for society as a whole (when also considering negatives such as loss of jobs). Thank God that we can still trust video calls... for now :)

  • jv_141
    jv_141 12 hours ago


  • Boonorp
    Boonorp 13 hours ago

    So many criminal applications of this product come to mind..my goodness

  • Robert Papion
    Robert Papion 14 hours ago

    It says uhhh way too much! Lol

  • Robert Papion
    Robert Papion 14 hours ago

    It says uhhh way too much! Lol

  • Thejus Unnivelan
    Thejus Unnivelan 14 hours ago

    Boss you haven't looked at the wider goal post. What's going to happen next is assistant is going to learn your voice and use that to make appointments. At least now there are only a few voices that google can use and that makes it easy for people on the phone to recognize over time that this is human and this is robot. However, when assistant starts to learn the voice of a person, that distinction can not be made.

  • Bobcatethan
    Bobcatethan 15 hours ago

    This absolutely terrifies me

  • Joseph1NJ
    Joseph1NJ 16 hours ago

    Hello, are you a real person?

  • Joseph1NJ
    Joseph1NJ 16 hours ago

    So great, now Google can not only mine all of my data, but my conversations as well. That data will be archived, bought and sold, hacked by governments, and anyone else who wants it.

  • Joseph1NJ
    Joseph1NJ 16 hours ago

    All of the assumes an actual person answers the phone. How does it work with automated answering receptionists? In other words, will Duplex be able to speak to other AI receptionists?

  • Qi Xiao
    Qi Xiao 17 hours ago

    technology in the wrong hands, will make things worse. today I have more than 30 unwanted robocalls on my phone. if the bad guys have the google duplex technology, I just cannot imagine...
    I think law enforcement must walk hand in hand with new technology.
    great topic, great video, by the way.

  • Dylan Thomas
    Dylan Thomas 17 hours ago

    market uncle tour hkrugv pepper just arena blue slam hit.

  • Pxel Guy
    Pxel Guy 17 hours ago

    I think it would be much more useful if the Google assistant would be on the hairsalon's or other small businesses side. Like giving out appointments is not hard and that would definitely save a lot of time! I could be easily working out of a google calendar as a database and at the end of the day manager could check out what is going on with appointments

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson 18 hours ago

    This is fake. Why didn't the hair salon identify the name of the business. Call any business and they will answer by identifying their business name.

  • RPG_ash
    RPG_ash 19 hours ago

    Fresh Windows 10 installs now have voice set-up which is cool. You just speak what language you want, the keyboard layout, SSID Wi-Fi connection etc. Very different from click, click, click,

  • brian roy
    brian roy 20 hours ago

    Unless we're seriously going for universal basic income I'd be awful worried to be in any service industry right now. Also you know it's only a matter of time before companies are using this technology instead of those standard robo calls to solicit you.

  • Salman Ps
    Salman Ps Day ago

    How far will it go.. Westworld 😁

  • Leonardo Rossetti

    Lol, you triggered my assistant. And no, tomorrow we won't need a jacket.

  • Franck Scuotto
    Franck Scuotto Day ago +1

    I'm shared between the feeling that's an amazing idea, to don't waste time for this kind of phone calls, and the beginning of our end, in a kind... I think we should be careful about the next of the AI technology... and listen Elon Musk about it... We shouldn't push the "AI button" to much and being unable to backtrack... it could be dangerous... I wouldn't want that the Science Fiction Movies like iRobot or Terminator, have been prophecies.... It's amazing to invent and create science fiction movies, and sometimes to try it for real, but don't let our craziness about technology and AI, being too much "Real" ... It can be dangerous.

  • EverythingIsMinecraft

    *THAT UM*

  • Luftwafte I
    Luftwafte I Day ago

    Is da start o' da singularity.

  • Roy Herweijer
    Roy Herweijer Day ago


  • John doe
    John doe Day ago

    Pass the Turing test? *No* ! The Turing test specifies that the person *has to know* that he might be talking to a machine and still be unable to distinguish between that and a real person even if he made an effort (like asking very specific things). There is also no time limit. The person could call every day and ask the potential AI about its childhood or whatever for months before making up their mind. If this would classify as a pass, then the prerecorded messages of people cursing and yelling which we used in the 90s for prank calls would also qualify, as in half the cases the person being pranked would get angry and hang up.

  • 4daluvofnikki
    4daluvofnikki Day ago

    I see businesses using this to replace their overseas customer service reps. I know I hate talking to them over in Bangladesh, India, The Philippines, etc... Not because of where they are but because they have trouble understanding what I am asking them or telling them 9 times out 10. This might reduce the amount of misunderstandings and get you to the right department or to the correct live person quicker. Yes more people will lose jobs, but that has already been the case. Look at supermarkets and pharmacies like CVS & WALGREENS. They have self checkout lines. Amazon has grocery stores with no cashiers. This is both a good and bad thing. Good for Businesses and Bad for Employees.

  • Formatia OK
    Formatia OK Day ago

    SIRI : Aaaahmmmm...I'm fucked.

  • WheresMyDoggo
    WheresMyDoggo Day ago

    Maybe google assistent should say at the beginning that they are an ai?

  • flogenerals23
    flogenerals23 Day ago

    I'd be impressed if it gets through the automated phone systems lol. Machine vs machine battle royale haha

  • Chris Patrick
    Chris Patrick Day ago

    It like the terminator oh no

  • Eric Schwartz
    Eric Schwartz Day ago

    Skynet will become self aware soon

  • Chester McFisticuffs

    first, i wouldn’t mind not knowing i’m talking to a robot.
    second, we already have SO many robots or “robots” helping us in our daily lives. especially if you use the standard definition of robot (a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically).
    Google Duplex is just going to further this and make people’s lives easier

  • DadoRail 15
    DadoRail 15 Day ago

    This could be really useful for deaf people.

  • Two two Steele
    Two two Steele Day ago

    Nice feature

  • Mathias Hansen
    Mathias Hansen Day ago

    My guess is that Duplex will be used primarily as a "Customer Support" for companies. This could potentially cut the wait time and the amount of employees.

  • The Tech Shed
    The Tech Shed Day ago

    if the reservation wanted a deposit would it give your card details???

  • gphillimo
    gphillimo 2 days ago

    This will lead to extreme laziness. At some point in the future, the caller will be a robot, and the answering on the other end will also be a robot. One robot making an appointment for it's human, and the other accepting that appointment for it's business owner human

  • S. Smith
    S. Smith 2 days ago

    And if they make an answering service that references phone numbers to assistants in use, the two bots could forgo human speech, and just mark directly into the calendars of both parties.

  • S. Smith
    S. Smith 2 days ago

    The main issues with 'robot calls' is because they've been difficult to understand sometimes, and other times just spam. It's just something new, people will get used to the fact that we will be getting calls from assistants for others. We'll also learn to notice the nuances of how they speak differently than a person, because even this isn't perfect human copy.

  • UsefullPig
    UsefullPig 2 days ago

    I think this would be massively useful for customer service. It would allow companies to have decent customer service with a low cost. Most service reps already just read from a database anyway (and if that fails they literally just google it)

  • John Bamz
    John Bamz 2 days ago

    to know that it's call from a human or a robot google should say like this : hi.. i'd like to make an appointment for a CLIENT not by name or it say ME. So that the other person can notice that he/she is talking to a robot.

  • Kiran Kumar
    Kiran Kumar 2 days ago

    Where can i get that t shirt?

  • TopCommenter
    TopCommenter 2 days ago

    Personalized, phone-based advertising by a near-perfect AI is scary as hell.
    If they recorded your voice (and they did), chances are they have the recording of your father as well. If they have enough recorded messages of your father, they could use that to have your "father" call you. The AI would say things just as he does. You would believe it is your father. They could use your recordings to see when you are most vunerable, like when you are tired after work, or stressed at the airport. If text-analysation of Google becomes good enough, Google could automatically analyse who you hold most dear, analyse their voice, and use that voice to call you, to make you buy a product or vote on a certain political candidate.
    Imagion what your goverment could make you believe (or a goverment from another country) when a "family member" or "close friend" calls you to vote for a certain candidate.
    Even if you don't fall for it, many people will. Just like with Viagra-spam-e-mails, there are enough people that will fall for it. And as this technologie becomes better, its going to be harder and harder for you to spot the fake.
    This could be the end of democracy.

  • Sara Stephens
    Sara Stephens 2 days ago

    I think you brought up the most important point that I haven't heard elucidated so well before. Consent. By using the assistant, or whatnot, you are consenting, knowing, and going into it fully aware. I think that if there was a way to say, "Yes, we accept Assistant calls," and labeling them, then, maybe it could avoid the hurdle. But it is an issue. I really dislike robocalls that I can't tell are robocalls until I've wasted time.

  • stiefdb
    stiefdb 2 days ago

    I particularly like that this is a great support for people that have speech impediments or people that have stress from making phone calls. It could also be great for handling services when you are abroad where you can't speak the language.

  • DanManThePurple
    DanManThePurple 2 days ago

    in shock that no one else thinks this is too good/bad to be true

  • Emmanuel Haque
    Emmanuel Haque 2 days ago

    I wonder what's Apple gonna do about this. Can they still keep up with the competition?

  • Isaiah Lawrence
    Isaiah Lawrence 2 days ago

    My only issue is that people could fill up some small business' schedule with appointments that no one actually goes to. I think someone should have the right to ask the assistant if it is one and have it respond by saying that it is. It is really amazing technology I just worry about people abusing it.

  • Paulo
    Paulo 2 days ago

    Android Paçoca

  • Coherent
    Coherent 2 days ago

    I think I'm gonna have a panic attack

  • Gaurav
    Gaurav 2 days ago

    Google duplex is more like Iron Man Jarvis

  • crimsonsil
    crimsonsil 2 days ago

    Yes, we will find John Connor.

  • Αγραφιώτης Ευάγγελος

    The "people"on the salon and the restaurant are both a.i robots

    SAMPLE 2 days ago

    *google duplex its fake*

  • dev forever
    dev forever 2 days ago

    Turing test is overrated

  • Luke Schelter
    Luke Schelter 2 days ago

    I would not care if a robot called me and I talked to it for 50 minutes without knowing

    SOSAXP7 2 days ago

    Umm, now I just need google to answer my phone and talk to my girlfriend

  • Jonathan Wright
    Jonathan Wright 2 days ago

    I don't get the scary aspect at ALL. Why would this be bad? Anyone care to explain? I hear and see a lot of people saying it could be bad but no explanations. Thanks!

  • Anzor Youssef
    Anzor Youssef 2 days ago

    life 3.0 its a very nice book to read

  • Jsn P
    Jsn P 2 days ago +1

    Siri is shook

  • Dario Kham
    Dario Kham 2 days ago

    This is the only the tip of the iceberg... by the time the real populous of the world has a chance to know how it feels about "is this a human or a robot", web and AI integration will be so high the mere voice calling will become obsolete. The AI will ask why not find a backdoor into the hair salon's appointment book for you since it knows more about hacking than you do. We are wasting time about our feelings to really see technology's advancements (since it is teaching itself now). So how far will tech go? I feel complete human integration is where we should start having emotions about today. Tech integrated into us... most likely at the cellular level, fusing our bodies with tech to evolve into hybrid species of human/human tech to further our chances of survival into this cold universe.

  • Heran1327
    Heran1327 2 days ago

    avengers age of ultron, ...all im gonna say

  • Jimmy Adelaja
    Jimmy Adelaja 2 days ago

    It is Skynet

  • Debayan sen
    Debayan sen 2 days ago

    Now i can call to my other phone with google assistant and talk with it all day long...cant wait for duplex..

  • Neon Light
    Neon Light 2 days ago

    This is a privileged black person in the USA.

  • Jc H
    Jc H 2 days ago

    U skinny black talking monkey

  • Jc H
    Jc H 2 days ago +1

    Google is going to be so useful and time saving.

  • Steven Corbo
    Steven Corbo 2 days ago

    My only concern is when it comes to litigious situations phone records are recorded in many instances what happens when you have a confrontational person and something comes litigious

  • Ethan Bridgwater
    Ethan Bridgwater 2 days ago

    Should there be a concern about continuing to outsource the functions of our daily lives? It would be understandable if the people that utilized these features were trading this time saved for more value-add activities; but I feel that it is going to be used as another scape-goat for people that are uncomfortable interacting with others.

  • Helix535
    Helix535 2 days ago

    Have you seen the video "humans need not apply"? That's how far it's going to go.

  • Aeioyu
    Aeioyu 2 days ago

    Jesus...... Welp time to sell my soul to the robots

  • Patel Vidhu
    Patel Vidhu 2 days ago

    AI beyond some limit will create big problem.

  • soufilms
    soufilms 2 days ago

    That's not a Turing test ))) As Turing test contains of a specific noted questions, to identify whether you speak to a human or an AI, this was a simple day to day conversation of booking, you can still program the specific recognition and behavior as the topic is known, if it would be myself I could ask specific questions where an AI would stumble as I can talk to an unlimited variety of topics, where this Google AI can't talk on any topic. That's what google doesn't tell you, they have programmed an AI for a specific topics we use in common from day to day, I won't argue this is a great achievement, but for the full AI which will pass Turing test we are very far still )

  • Alex Holly
    Alex Holly 3 days ago

    Well I have been unsubscribed from your channel so I guess some Google AI are still not working properly.

  • kasper davies
    kasper davies 3 days ago

    It's a typical case of dismissal of beta, when 2.0 is around its irreplaceable.

  • Vrinda Tyagi
    Vrinda Tyagi 3 days ago

    Does you wearing a KIRA shirt means you are a death note fan???...just asking...Great Review By the Way...I've subscribed

  • David Bullen
    David Bullen 3 days ago

    So in the future, the first question when someone calls is, "are you a human" and then we either have something that forces the software to answer honestly, or we end up with the audio equivalent of a captcha...

  • Starbat
    Starbat 3 days ago

    How far will it go?
    It will go all the way to the Singularity.
    In 50 years, humans will no longer be "qualified" to run the planet. And we will willingly hand the planet over to the machines because we'll recognize that.

  • homeranonymous
    homeranonymous 3 days ago

    I can see it now…
    Congressional office: “Hi, this is the office of Congressman Brainless D. Moron, how may I help you?”
    Google Duplex Assistant: “Yes, um, I would like the congressman to know I am upset about Apple dominating the market with the iPhone. I think it’s a monopoly and I’d like to know if the congressman would consider addressing that in the future?”
    Congressional office: “Why yes, he certainly will! All of congress has been flooded with thousands of calls just like this today…”

  • Arthur Huizar
    Arthur Huizar 3 days ago

    Humans will be in zoo's by 2030

  • Amakusa World
    Amakusa World 3 days ago +2

    i'd be delighted if google don't use 4-8gb on apps that you don't need and can't delete without rooting or something. I'm not one who onws a phone that got like 64gb internal storage (8gb on me ^^), kinda frustrating that almost 7gb is full of google and preinstalled apps. still... on this matter, sound fun(?..... but kinda like when it's released, we gotta see the truth behind it and all.

  • ฺBeyond Begin
    ฺBeyond Begin 3 days ago

    I like your shirt

  • Amoy Bisaya
    Amoy Bisaya 3 days ago

    I hope its not only a dramatization like what they did with their headphones

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 3 days ago

    Also where can I subscribe so I can watch those Google or convention meetings? Do they have their own Google channel?

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 3 days ago

    I can't wait until my OS will talk with me in Scarlett Johansson's voice. Would love an operating system like they had in the movie'HER'

  • Kyle McDermott
    Kyle McDermott 3 days ago

    I just think it's unnecessary and another way for us to be even lazier. If you don't wanna make a reservation or an appointment, then I guess you don't get a reservation or an appointment. What the hell? If they'd just pour half the amount of time and energy into making batteries that get us through more than a day or two.

  • Vihan Subramaniam
    Vihan Subramaniam 3 days ago

    Stoked that I will be able to do this

  • genericname1
    genericname1 3 days ago

    I don't get the excitement people have for this. In the future, people will have lives without purpose because the workforce no longer needs them. For better or worse, even introverts like to deal with humans for business related inquiries.
    When I used Paypal having to bypass a robot was my number one challenge. Everything was automated unless you specifically said "Let me speak with a human."
    This is a monumental achievement that shouldn't be praised, but rather criticized at the level of Hitler criticism. Is this development really for us or against us?