Let's Talk About Google Duplex!


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  • Kaze LAB
    Kaze LAB 2 days ago

    that's cool and scary

  • Saroj Ban
    Saroj Ban 3 days ago

    8:01 Man you said Hey google! my phone is saying could not recognize your voice.. lol

  • SarutobiSasuke8
    SarutobiSasuke8 4 days ago

    Love this video! Love the excitement tinged with fear lol same here dude

  • Yvon Jervis
    Yvon Jervis 6 days ago

    What!! Google assistant, OMG. That's so cool

  • KaibaCorp HQ
    KaibaCorp HQ 7 days ago

    It doesn't matter, it's gonna take 10 years after this is implemented for any laws or regulations to pop up anyway.

  • John Lucas
    John Lucas 9 days ago

    As human beings when did we ever not go too far when did we ever do anything in a box

  • bdoyl92 plays MCPE
    bdoyl92 plays MCPE 10 days ago

    I like the idea but I believe they should implement a feature like "hello this is a Google assistance I am calling for a client to book a haircut" so it identifys itself at the start

    • DoJo - Gaming and more
      DoJo - Gaming and more 10 days ago

      it´s already implemented after a shitstorm which followed after the presentation.

  • Jamie Wells
    Jamie Wells 10 days ago

    Yes but no

  • Bloonjitsu
    Bloonjitsu 10 days ago


  • Young Vertical
    Young Vertical 11 days ago

    Love that u put lord willin as intro
    Logic is best

  • V A
    V A 11 days ago

    Bro. This is the beginning of the end of human interaction. I know it's your livelihood but it is still immoral. You can't stop smart people from thinking. That's the problem. You just need to hope that whatever they think would be good.

  • Mark Watney
    Mark Watney 11 days ago

    can you use this to quit your job without the hassle of explaining why and going thru and exit interview as an alternative to just ghosting the job?

  • Parallaxis
    Parallaxis 12 days ago

    A huge milestone would be a translator

  • Solar Mass
    Solar Mass 12 days ago

    I would like Fortnite, and marques brownlee

  • PretentiousTwat
    PretentiousTwat 12 days ago


  • basil rahman
    basil rahman 12 days ago

    Put "i am duplex" in the end of conversation

  • Jayden Lopez
    Jayden Lopez 13 days ago

    Oooo I heard that logic at the beginning

  • Bryson Buchanan
    Bryson Buchanan 13 days ago

    The matrix by Google

  • Siddharth S
    Siddharth S 13 days ago +2

    *I really need to delete my history*

  • Ayush Sharma
    Ayush Sharma 15 days ago

    the greatest gift for introverts

  • Nikhil Gupta
    Nikhil Gupta 16 days ago

    Next up we will see the restaurant's and the salon using google assistant to take calls of clients.......and we might end up seeing google assistant taking over call not only from consumer but also from service providers and then google assistant talking to google assistant

  • Gaetan Mermet-Grandfille

    Am I talking to a G assistant ? UUUUUUMMMMM yes ? Well then ciao

  • Leiming Du
    Leiming Du 17 days ago

    google makes the world a better place.......

  • Gabriel Baker
    Gabriel Baker 17 days ago

    "Hey Google, pretend to call me at 6:00 PM tomorrow so i have an excuse to leave"

  • Hus 9
    Hus 9 17 days ago

    Akria happens in 2019

  • Jarrett Bayer
    Jarrett Bayer 17 days ago

    google duplex... and checks (cheques)

  • The Knigster
    The Knigster 17 days ago

    If the concern is that people might be caught off guard or fooled by a “robot”. Just have it lead with “Hi this is Marquees’ google assistant...” seems like it wouldn’t cause and problems and it’s a simple fix

  • Dennis Martens
    Dennis Martens 18 days ago

    5:21 link below the like button, huh? clever

  • Gamercon Yo
    Gamercon Yo 18 days ago

    Ok google call my hair place. Hi I’m here to **** ******** *** *******.
    What if it malfunctions

  • Gamercon Yo
    Gamercon Yo 18 days ago

    On the part where you said soon I’ll drive you to work; “ok google call an Uber”

  • Eddie Reis
    Eddie Reis 18 days ago

    Why are u here if u got an i phone....get the fuck outta here ...

    SIMONE ESPOSITO 19 days ago

    Mark Ass Brownlee

  • Bacon Persuasion
    Bacon Persuasion 19 days ago

    Whenever Karen asks me If I wanna go on a cruise I immediately ask her if she wan's to sit on my face. She falls apart every time.

  • xZBambiZx
    xZBambiZx 20 days ago

    google do i need to jack it tomorrow

  • Jaimie Forde
    Jaimie Forde 20 days ago

    This could work wonders for black people

  • arafin foysal
    arafin foysal 20 days ago


  • Ryu Gaming
    Ryu Gaming 20 days ago

    Is this the technology behind 2B from Nier?

  • Insultez Moi
    Insultez Moi 21 day ago


  • Sergio Marquez
    Sergio Marquez 21 day ago


  • Roman Malinovskiy
    Roman Malinovskiy 21 day ago

    Maybe I'll have someone to talk to now ;-;

  • Christian Craig
    Christian Craig 21 day ago

    Why am I JUST hearing about this?

  • Marine Entertainment
    Marine Entertainment 22 days ago

    Oh damn, that intro is Logic, I love you even more!

  • exintaexi
    exintaexi 23 days ago

    For what it's worth: *No, it certainly did NOT pass the Turing test!* Turing test involves a human chatting with another human and a computer, explicitly told in advance that one of them is a computer, and failing to identify it. Any 80's cassette player can fool a busy call center employee, if not aware.

  • Ethan Huynh
    Ethan Huynh 23 days ago


  • Myles Harrison
    Myles Harrison 23 days ago


  • Thomas Lawson-Tancred
    Thomas Lawson-Tancred 23 days ago

    Get it to call a scam center

  • Jordan T
    Jordan T 23 days ago

    This was very likely staged. Anyone working on commission would be sure to mention their name as many times as possible.

  • Owen Edwards
    Owen Edwards 24 days ago

    Add them saying there a robot at the end

  • Noa Bacac
    Noa Bacac 24 days ago

    Mark ass bronw lee

  • Synth Blaster
    Synth Blaster 25 days ago

    Ay! It's the guy from rewind!