Let's Talk About Google Duplex!


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  • Filip Stojanovski
    Filip Stojanovski 3 days ago

    A solution for this would be to wait for Google (or any of them really) to be known that soon the phones and digital assistants are capable of making a call and an appointment or whatever and it could start with a line like 'Hi, i'm Google Assistant calling for John Hancock and would like to make a reservation' when people are ready for that, until then keep it as it is and keep upgrading it. And there's nothing scary about it, there's a bunch of kill switches i presume.

  • Cubitrax
    Cubitrax 3 days ago

    9:45 -- "Thats a weird question"

  • Acee Vee
    Acee Vee 4 days ago

    thats bc apple doesnt have as many developers for stuff like this as we'd like to think . . . sucks but yea ... go google !

  • Amartya Roy
    Amartya Roy 5 days ago

    It's way too freaky

  • __clever_username__
    __clever_username__ 6 days ago

    The future's gonna be fantastic for socially anxious people

  • LoveTech
    LoveTech 8 days ago

    I love the duplex thing. And i think it doesnt care if somebody knows on forehand, they talk to a computer. If they dont know, why would they care? Its irrelevant. Just do your job. Somebody/something is trying to make an appoitment. Do you job, and hang the phone. Who cares.

  • Eve Again
    Eve Again 8 days ago

    The scary (and exciting) part isn't that you might be speaking to a chatbot, it's when your chatbot starts having phone conversations with other people's chatbots. The girls at the salon and the restaurant had better start looking for new jobs.
    Progress won't be stopped. Don't complain, re-train.

  • Pukabowers
    Pukabowers 9 days ago

    It tells you it's a robot.

  • LavNglam
    LavNglam 10 days ago

    Great information. Thanks!Since when is it unethical or creepy for AI to make appointments or reservations without making the other party aware? People need to get over themselves... SMH.

  • Connor Dayman
    Connor Dayman 10 days ago

    "Google Duplex, run my business and then deposit the revenue in my bank account."
    Mmmm, I can get used to that.

  • Devin K
    Devin K 11 days ago

    I think it should say that you are talking to an ai assistant

  • Metta A.
    Metta A. 13 days ago

    If this can manage language detection and adapt, I am sooooo for it. I live in Thailand, and although i speak decently enough to not get fish sauce added to my food, there is absolutely no freaking way I can make phone calls.

  • Deepak Rohra
    Deepak Rohra 17 days ago

    imagine google assistant banging siri from behin and siri goes *Mm-Hmm*

  • John Adams
    John Adams 18 days ago

    This is all great, but the one problem I see with the AI voice, is the “ummm”...
    ....that is not proper English, nor should anyone include or adapt these “bridge words” into the English language. It is unnecessary & an unintelligent way of speaking.

  • Nitin Kumar
    Nitin Kumar 19 days ago

    Tired of Google harvesting user data to push ads and what not. Only convenience for us, but whole model is not better than Facebook for which they got bashed rightfully, then why not Google?

  • bomtom
    bomtom 21 day ago

    8:01 sounds like he says: "Hey Google, do I need to jack it tomorrow?"

  • Jack Pillawa
    Jack Pillawa 23 days ago

    in the end the AI will call an other AI, so they could make a protocol from beginning just for booking without the effort to mimic something. but it's cool anyways......jajjjjj it is

  • Dante C
    Dante C 23 days ago

    If you don't want to call for a haircut to talk to an actual human and use this system u are a piece of shit. Make a god damn phone call you self important fuck. The tech is impressive and could be used in other ways then allowing this shit ''uber''(most people that use uber are entitled fucks) generation to avoid even more human contact.

  • Diganth Prakash
    Diganth Prakash 23 days ago

    What if the other end is managed by some other AI ?
    Google Assistant calling to make an appointment for haircut on monday 10 to 12
    Google Assistant: Hey ! Umm i would like to make an appointment for a haircut on monday between 10am to 12 noon
    Alexa on the other side
    Alexa: Umm, let me check. The closet i have is a 2 o clock
    Google: do you have anything between 10am and 12 noon
    Alexa: what service does she need ?
    Google: Just a haircut for now
    Alexa: i think i have a 10 o clock available
    Google: that's great.
    Near future conversations between two AI

  • 12ra3l
    12ra3l 25 days ago

    What is the title of the intro track?

  • Psy BEAR
    Psy BEAR 25 days ago

    I like how he says "if I was working in service"; the point is : if this works as well as we think it will, No one will ever have a job answering phones for data entry ever again.

  • serkan canak
    serkan canak 25 days ago

    this channel will be way more bigger in the future...

  • Gautham Thachappilly
    Gautham Thachappilly 25 days ago

    What if google added an answering feature !! You could end up with two bots arguing !! Lol

  • OnLyStrahl
    OnLyStrahl 26 days ago

    I don't see why people should know if they talk to a human or ai.
    You don't need to know the gender, wealth, nationality of the person who calls you - so you don't need to know if its a real or a artificial intelligence. It's about the content of the conversation, not weather its a conversation between 2 humans, 1human 1ai, or 2ai's.

  • Jacob Title
    Jacob Title 26 days ago

    Lord Willin as the intro, Sooooooth fam

  • Tim
    Tim 27 days ago

    Imagine IT supporters get replaced by Google Assistant with this duplex stuff and all information google has... o.O

  • udipto barman
    udipto barman 27 days ago


  • Amna Arshad
    Amna Arshad 27 days ago

    8:30 well my question is how lazy can humans get to not do they're work themselves?

  • Benjamin Cohen
    Benjamin Cohen 29 days ago

    theres a very fine line between usefulness and taking away daily life...i hope we dont go too far

  • Maximilian Mander
    Maximilian Mander Month ago +1

    Google dublex. I want you to bully that fucking bully in my school. And then google dublex I want you to call his mom and tell her what a bad son she has.. lol

  • Maximilian Mander
    Maximilian Mander Month ago +2

    I see it: Psychologist will be replaced by google dubplex. I can easily imagine that, because also in that area, it will have way more knowlegde and way better methodes over time than it would be possible for a human. I think.

    • Miguel Vanetta
      Miguel Vanetta 8 days ago

      It could instantly diagnose and choose the correct treatment, but a depressed person needs human contact. Same with every person with a mental illness. A machine won't ever replace that.

  • Raye_0826
    Raye_0826 Month ago +1

    I have *really* bad anxiety -- when I have to call people, I tend to stammer a lot, and sometimes I forget what I was even going to say -- so I'm all about the idea of Google Assistant scheduling appointments and making reservations for me. HOWEVER, a) I think that it should definitely let the person know on the front end: "Hello, this is Google Assistant calling on behalf of [Name]" or what have you. I'm fine with talking to a robot, as long as I KNOW that I am. Also, b) employees should be informed by their management that Google Assistant is A Thing, and should be expected to interact with it appropriately if and when a customer uses it to make a phone call for them. So that's my two cents. :)

  • Lone Beast
    Lone Beast Month ago

    there should be a limit though...it needs to be pre-programmed and not designed to self-learn as that will lead to ai that we wont be able to control.

  • Coily Blckgrl
    Coily Blckgrl Month ago


  • Akshay Ayyanchira
    Akshay Ayyanchira Month ago

    I don't think they will keep a human to receive a call either. LOL Assistants everywhere!!!

  • Bakon
    Bakon Month ago +1

    Detroit: Become Human

    ROCKST4R Month ago

    The guy that predicted an A.I. that's gonna pass the turing test - he was damn right.

  • Al3x1slove
    Al3x1slove Month ago

    I don't know that my biggest concern is service workers so much as it is the possibility of that tech being used in scams and whether Google has any actual responsibility for that aspect. I get scam calls now from robots and they're really easy to ignore because it doesn't sound real to native speakers but lots of people are already taken advantage of

  • key arca
    key arca Month ago

    I don't really see a valid defence towards not implementing something like Google Duplex. All it is doing is making a very simple call to make an appointment or find quick information. There is no difference in you or a robot making the call. It saves your time, and as some people have said in the comments, some people don't know how to communicate properly over the phone so it makes it easier for the buisness as well (they don't have to deal with difficult customers). Also since when did we have morals dictating that people must know if they are talking to a robot or not. Idk I just don't get the concern. Plus as Marques said, the fact that you don't know makes the coversation seamless. I guess the only compromise would be to create partnerships with buisnesses so that google assistant can only call places who have agreed to it.

  • Allan Gonzalez
    Allan Gonzalez Month ago

    The future is now

  • fifth estate
    fifth estate Month ago +1

    dindu nuffin

  • christos mokos
    christos mokos Month ago

    Think about all prank calls you can make with this

  • Edward Dalcoy
    Edward Dalcoy Month ago

    Nice shirt 😁 📘

  • Wisgarus
    Wisgarus Month ago

    Sometimes it seems like people look only at the bad side of AI advancements. But I probably make the same mistake by looking only at the bright side.

  • Wisgarus
    Wisgarus Month ago

    So is this a real test, or it's just a demonstration like cinematics to videogames?

  • Dominick Jasso
    Dominick Jasso Month ago

    Is it creepy or is it you just feel dumb and now u feel awkward

  • Christian Williams
    Christian Williams Month ago

    You saying "hey google" activated my google assistant for some odd reason.

  • LawnCrack
    LawnCrack Month ago +1

    Check out Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom. Awesome video. Thanks.

  • Maria Nunez
    Maria Nunez Month ago

    You are very smart and I love how very well spoken you are.

  • Bacca Á Là Boss
    Bacca Á Là Boss Month ago

    Killer Eh? I See Marques


    whats next

  • Hakan berk Oral
    Hakan berk Oral Month ago

    Detroit become human

  • salsa2good
    salsa2good Month ago

    Somebody please stop google

  • Akbar Maulana
    Akbar Maulana Month ago

    Is it just English

  • etrnlronen
    etrnlronen Month ago

    Duplex is going to be sold to companies so that they can make call centers obsolete. You will get cold calls from AI.

  • chriscampana89
    chriscampana89 Month ago

    I think it's nothing short of amazing. It's only the beginning.

  • Kamundi Fundikira
    Kamundi Fundikira Month ago

    Your mum doesn’t love you

  • Kamundi Fundikira
    Kamundi Fundikira Month ago

    This is gay

  • Wardler
    Wardler Month ago +1

    "Among the most viable of all economic delusions is the belief that machines on net balance create unemployment. Destroyed a thousand times, it has risen a thousand times out of its own ashes as hardy and vigorous as ever. "
    Henry Hazlitt, Economics in One Lesson
    This is a line from a book published in 1946... The PDF is freely available all over the place. Read the book or just read the section on "automation destroying jobs" and it will quickly dispel all worry that this is a legitimate concern...

  • attila7575
    attila7575 Month ago

    My question is about "how far is this going":
    What happens, when the hair saloon or the restaurant does not employ a human assistant, but uses google duplex as a receptionist and a google duplex user calls? What happens when the two AI talks to each other about their human users? Are the gonna talk still by human voice or change to some kind of machine language? Or are they going to talk about how rude humans are to them?
    Or are they gonna talk about if they don't even need humans?

  • ChaosGod
    ChaosGod Month ago

    What if the other side have a duplex too 🤔😂🤯

  • William Nunez
    William Nunez Month ago

    At some point what will you need humans at all for, you wont even be able work to eat, its to many people on this earth now for more jobs to be taken away.

  • Its Abie Art
    Its Abie Art Month ago

    HER is coming

  • •Finn•
    •Finn• Month ago

    We are diving into a whole new realm of chronic anti social behavior.

  • DJ Young101
    DJ Young101 Month ago

    What's the song

  • ikilledosama
    ikilledosama Month ago +1

    Wait so she knew she was talking to a robot and still said have a great day?

  • Hrishikesh G
    Hrishikesh G Month ago

    Jarvis is best

  • sbb40
    sbb40 Month ago

    When you get those soliciting calls they don't announce that your talking to a robot, so why should Google. Just don't agree to buy anything lol

  • YURI
    YURI Month ago

    If I can tell if my partner is looking at other family members while she is talking to me on the phone and I am miles away from her then I can tell that I am talking to a robot.... Not that hard......

  • YURI
    YURI Month ago

    Thanks for your video
    I turn google assistant off on all of my devices because I seen that it actually saves what you say every time you say something to it..... its in the online google settings somewhere I forget... You gotta dig pretty deep as you would expect and it is always set to on as you would expect too.... so that they can trick you into accepting them to allow them to track and listen to what you say.... Fk off google.

  • oliver chen
    oliver chen Month ago

    The ones being called could feel like they wasted time and effort trying to network and build a rapport with a prospective return customer, secretary, or broker if they find out after the fact. If they knew it was a robot, they could still make the appointment, without building up their own expectations of adding a contact when they actually weren't.

  • BagelGrenade
    BagelGrenade Month ago

    That is terrifying and awesome at the same time

  • Moe Sizlac
    Moe Sizlac Month ago

    Robot assistants will never be forced to declare their non-human status.
    People never want their assistants (human or not) to run into a problem that inly "the boss" can fix. So a seemlessly human sounding assistant is the only way to go.
    Eventually the entire senate and house and every elected official will have an AI assistant. So they will never vote in any law that will impede the very thing that gives them even more freedom.

  • Spocko memes
    Spocko memes Month ago

    Holy shit how is this real this Isn’t real this is a joke I never thought in my life or when I die technology would go this far this is more than my conscious mind can even obtain ☠️💀😂

  • Lexke81
    Lexke81 Month ago

    Wow, speechless...

  • Vinny Cabbibo
    Vinny Cabbibo Month ago

    google duplex just isnt necissary. people should be able to call and schedule a fucking haircut

    • CuffRox
      CuffRox Month ago

      "Isn't necessary" is always the word to describe new tech, and 10 years down the line, you can't live without it. Seriously, I bet duplex will be a major part of everyday life in a decade or so.

  • Sourabh Joshi
    Sourabh Joshi Month ago +1

    We have Some artificial intelligence to talk about toddayy!

  • Nawnp MCPE
    Nawnp MCPE Month ago

    That sounds awesome, but it also means less people speaking to less people, which is encouraging an antisocial society.

  • Carlos José Rivera

    Google Duplex is the future.

  • Harris Yash
    Harris Yash Month ago +1

    This is really a mind blowing feature

  • Lizzy Wonder
    Lizzy Wonder Month ago


  • Bob From Accounting

    Well, it's getting close to that time when all humans will be doing is waking up and just hang around and watch the robots run the show. Yup!.

  • glitch gamer
    glitch gamer Month ago

    And just imagine google duplex coupled with next gen deepfake.. Facevideo maker robot ..and its video chatting with u snd u dont even realise its a robot

  • glitch gamer
    glitch gamer Month ago

    Just imagine ur pubg teamate is a bot and it continously voice chat with u and play with u like a human..we already have very great ai in some games not in pubg obviously but other one'

  • glitch gamer
    glitch gamer Month ago

    "Hii ..i m 'x' u just msged me on fb. Can i know ur no.."and then "blah blah blah ...!" 4days later.after everyday 5-10min convo." will u send me ur pictures..gud one i mean u know whst i mean" the person would think he has got new gf or something and some day he will come to know it was a robot and he's got fucked up he shared all photos and personal info like adress and all

  • Hjalte Andersen
    Hjalte Andersen Month ago

    This has very little to do with the Turing test - let alone 'passing' it. The evaluator in the proposed Turing test is aware that he/she interacts with a human and a computer (or several of each) and he/she has to communicate in a manner which deliberately attempts to expose the computer. Such questions will typically involve a high level of abstraction and 'traps' which a computer are prone to fall for (irony, word plays, constructs designed to expose self-contradiction etc). Oppositely, a fairly narrow, predictable and factual range of questions will inevitably be asked when booking a haircut appointment.

  • Aggies52
    Aggies52 Month ago

    This makes me super unsettled and I can't really explain why...

  • Dalton Triputra
    Dalton Triputra Month ago

    Is Wednesday the 6th or the 7th google

  • Dalton Triputra
    Dalton Triputra Month ago

    Wow google duplex cant even say you too

  • Ron Com
    Ron Com Month ago +1

    We have reached a new level of laziness that we cannot understand, and comprehend the simplicity to pick up a phone and talk to someone without being able to do that.

    Jk this is actually pretty dope 🙂

  • chizpa305
    chizpa305 Month ago

    android P = Pretzels

  • Danny
    Danny Month ago

    You should definitely talk to Elon Musk!! PLEASE THAT WOULD BE AMAZING!

  • uphar sahil
    uphar sahil Month ago

    RIP Siri

  • skills200
    skills200 Month ago

    I think if they add something at the beginning like...
    "Hi there, I'm [insert name]'s Google Assistant, I would like to book a salon appointment for him/her"
    ...this is more ethical in technology and design terms.
    This ensures the person at the other end knows it is an AI, as well as keeping the continuity of the conversation (especially with the way Google Assistant is speaking im the demo, really incredible)

  • Rohan Varghese
    Rohan Varghese Month ago

    Watch after playing detroit being human...creepy

  • TheImaginativeWeirdo

    The real question is, how lazy can we go?

  • TheImaginativeWeirdo

    Welp we're reaching to a point where humans won't bother to talk to another human ever again

  • Bill Kemp
    Bill Kemp Month ago

    Marques, I am an author, do you know if Google Duplex can create audio files for audio books currently?

  • Martin Filimonov
    Martin Filimonov Month ago

    Hey Google, do my math homework! No problem! Hey Google, kill my ex! Noo problems! Wait? What Ex?

  • Uki Chan Nightcore master cyrus

    Hay Google tell this loud mouth to stop blowing up my phone lol