JLo's Christmas Gift - Give Now


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  • Dead Sea Scrolls Religion

    Jennifer, the second half of this video is identical to the first half and has no sound. The perfectionist in me wishes that this would be fixed somehow lol. :)

  • Ελλενα Γιαννακιδου

    hei. jennifer. no 1

  • Ain Aneesa
    Ain Aneesa 3 years ago +1

    Look, all she asked you to do was donate a dollar. You don't need to be all snobby about it. Yeah, we know Jlo's rich and we're not. But, that doesn't mean just because your poor, you can't donate. There are less fortunate people in the world. She donates 10% of her earnings every year. But she doesn't want to boast about it. She's different from other celebs who just want to gain publicity when they donate. And she even said that the amount of money donated, she will donate the sane amount. So there.

  • Air soft and gaming
    Air soft and gaming 3 years ago

    I followed you on your Facebook

  • Air soft and gaming
    Air soft and gaming 3 years ago

    I followed you Facebook

  • Billie Henderson
    Billie Henderson 4 years ago

    Sun moon stars move fake we r machinez

  • ChrissyLove
    ChrissyLove 4 years ago +1

    iii lovee uuuuuu

  • Lol Jordan
    Lol Jordan 4 years ago +1

    Love u jlo

  • St. Michael
    St. Michael 4 years ago

    Lol she's reading this from a paper!

  • Bona Ngor
    Bona Ngor 4 years ago

    She is yelling at us

  • Faith Williams
    Faith Williams 4 years ago

    I just love jLo so much she$ beautiful kind talented and her kids!

  • Jlo Fan
    Jlo Fan 4 years ago +6

    love you JLO

  • Luis Salas
    Luis Salas 4 years ago

    el mejor regalooo soy tu fan desde que te vi en la película de Selena Quintanilla todas tus producciones son espectaculares espero que algún día que vengas a Ecuador poder conocerte :) eres Fantástica

  • Gilberto Fernandes Monge

    São lindas filhas gêmeas da JLo, tal mãe tal filhas

  • Erick Fernández
    Erick Fernández 4 years ago +1

    your babies are so cute :3 Like you, no one else :*

  • Billie Henderson
    Billie Henderson 5 years ago

    I found the land first i own u u do what i say / look at eyes both ways / the sun iz moveing fake / we r machinez / slc utah

  • Ralph Earl Parsons Jr.


  • Fhey Pascual
    Fhey Pascual 5 years ago +2

    JENNIFER LOPEZ.. your the best ...PEOPLE LIKE YOU ALL OVER THE WORLD.. ..as in ALL OVER THE WORLD.. muuaahhhhh

  • odara santaos silva
    odara santaos silva 5 years ago

    i love she and yours babys!!!!very beautiful!!!!!kiss JENNIFER I LOVE YOU OK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    rgF ASFFASF 5 years ago

    fuck this video. Jen, if you want to do some genuine philanthropist work, match the donations made by your twitter followers, instead of dangling your show in front of them as incentive to donate. You should definitely do the former, and maybe the latter as a bonus. Also, I just researched your net worth. I don't know how reliable the source was, but it said you were sitting pretty at 300 million with an annual salary of 12 million generated from your role on American Idol. You can spare it.

  • MOe Rezigua
    MOe Rezigua 5 years ago

    yes give give give now.

  • AlanJLoFan
    AlanJLoFan 5 years ago

    You're so Special my LOVE S2

  • nicole ishak
    nicole ishak 5 years ago

    AWWWWWW GIVE GIVE GIVE GIVE and the sisters like merry christmasssss

  • Ayush Rowjee
    Ayush Rowjee 5 years ago

    There's a Thief in the house :O

  • Boumesha Zineabidine
    Boumesha Zineabidine 5 years ago

    oh oh you have much lover !! accordance the biggest!fan ahha


  • Rosangela Félix
    Rosangela Félix 5 years ago

    I love You Mom. Kiss!

  • Jayleen Pike
    Jayleen Pike 5 years ago

    YOU ARE MY idol P.S I HAVE your c.d dance again

  • Gabrielle Frackowiak
    Gabrielle Frackowiak 5 years ago

    she's so AH-MAY-ZING

  • ejecu
    ejecu 5 years ago

    Live It UP!

  • Lauren
    Lauren 5 years ago

    Jennifer you are and will always be an inspiration to me! Thank you for your music, and movies etc! Biggest fan ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Firuz Saidov
    Firuz Saidov 5 years ago

    Jlo you super

  • amanda cox
    amanda cox 5 years ago

    jlo amazing xx love u in selena

  • Loli Alexandra
    Loli Alexandra 5 years ago

    that boy Marc's clonning

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    Snake_bgd 5 years ago


  • Nic Piper
    Nic Piper 5 years ago

    Please follow me @Jlo_always_fan.. Thanks

  • εύα ζ.
    εύα ζ. 5 years ago

    fyrom or skopie

  • Nadica Natce
    Nadica Natce 5 years ago

    I love youuu Jennifer you are amazing

  • εύα ζ.
    εύα ζ. 5 years ago

    Love love love you!!!From GREECE:-)

  • D Videos
    D Videos 5 years ago

    I love you Jennifer

  • Baby Golosone
    Baby Golosone 6 years ago

    Jennifer *-* Sei fantasitica guai a chi ti Tocca

  • Víctor Naveda
    Víctor Naveda 6 years ago

    Te Amo Preciosa. I Love You JLo♥

  • Rocío de los Ángeles


  • kotosqopos
    kotosqopos 6 years ago

    You jelly?

  • steew ie
    steew ie 6 years ago

    u're amazing and seeexxyyy

  • Mauro Fernando Fontao
    Mauro Fernando Fontao 6 years ago

    Hablá en español!!!!!

  • MarieJlover
    MarieJlover 6 years ago


  • melgior baeni
    melgior baeni 6 years ago

    utiliza a sus hijos para pedir dinero, todo planeado. da el 10% de todo tu dinero y deja de pedir perr..!!

  • Isabella martinez ramirez

    mery christmas Jlo I Love You
    Feliz Navidad Jlo Te Quiero
    Desde Colombia!!

  • Nicoly Joanna
    Nicoly Joanna 6 years ago

    mery christmas for you J.LO i love you

  • maria alaimo
    maria alaimo 6 years ago

    io essere italiana nn capire niante

  • Nic Piper
    Nic Piper 6 years ago

    WHO doesnt Like Jennifer Lopez? Like Really!! I LOVE HER AND HER TWINS, EMMA AND MAX

  • Marisol Corrales
    Marisol Corrales 6 years ago


  • lorenzo di mattia
    lorenzo di mattia 6 years ago

    i love you
    ti amo

  • clarakins aya
    clarakins aya 6 years ago

    sooo cute

  • gomezlopezjoliefan diaz

    advance merry christmas

    JAMES RIOJAS 6 years ago

    i fkn love jennifer lopez!!! :D

  • caterine valencia
    caterine valencia 6 years ago


  • Nic Piper
    Nic Piper 6 years ago

    Jlo make my Christmas and follow me on tweeter @Jlo_always_fan.. Thanks

  • Sabina Gomulka
    Sabina Gomulka 6 years ago

    I like Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Lopez Like Like Like!

  • anirban bhattacharyya
    anirban bhattacharyya 6 years ago

    Search on USclip for "Jennifer Lopez rare interview" to see a fantastic interview which I produced when I met the very down to earth JLo way back in Hong Kong . Rate and comment and share. Happy holidays

  • Michaela Carr
    Michaela Carr 6 years ago

    I saw her in concert last night in Brisbane :)

  • gayer than yesterday
    gayer than yesterday 6 years ago

    The beautifullest woman in the world ❤ I love only you Jennifer. Thanks for all :')

  • Ali Zanganeh
    Ali Zanganeh 6 years ago

    she does every year

  • Ali Zanganeh
    Ali Zanganeh 6 years ago

    i'm sorry for you.
    its a gift and has to be together.
    she give money for charity every year but this gift is different.

  • Ali Zanganeh
    Ali Zanganeh 6 years ago

    look , she earned 52$m this year . think about 10% of this money.
    and if she didn't say anything about her donation here , it doesn't mean that she will donate nothing.
    maybe she thought it's not needed or she will talk about it .
    and this work (make a website and do eveything for this gift) is not free and needs money.
    if you have any doubt for your donation or ... don't donate.
    but what she did is a very good and unique thing.
    i donate and i trust her.
    don't if you don't
    Love J.Love ♥

  • TheSuperBlackMan
    TheSuperBlackMan 6 years ago

    If that's true she should mention something about her donations in the video. It's like if I make 10 million a year and you make $10 an hour, and I start telling you about organizations that are in need of YOUR donations, you'd probably be pissed and wonder why I don't donate to them myself since I'm the one who's rich. But if I tell you that I already made a big donation, and I'm now spreading the word to others since additional donations are always needed, then that's a different story!

  • محمد عبد الكريم حسن مرسى

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  • princess lopez
    princess lopez 6 years ago

    Ps I have the same names as you both

  • Joyce Silva
    Joyce Silva 6 years ago

    I Love You JLO, Max & Emme.

  • Johannes Koutroulakis
    Johannes Koutroulakis 6 years ago

    of course we are with you!!!!!!!!! love from Greece!!!

  • Firuz Saidov
    Firuz Saidov 6 years ago

    super N one

  • Mirek Paris
    Mirek Paris 6 years ago

    spadaj duza dupko.

  • dragonfly6908
    dragonfly6908 6 years ago

    I thought America was a rich country not a 3rd world country. It would be more considerate of Jennifer if she gave the money she is collecting from the general public to Haiti were 77% of it's population live in poverty.

  • Callum Mokaraka
    Callum Mokaraka 6 years ago

    She's rich...

  • André Klein
    André Klein 6 years ago


  • Ali Zanganeh
    Ali Zanganeh 6 years ago

    maybe you think like this , but many people around the world like this . because its a a good work to help people who really need together . good luck

  • dragonfly6908
    dragonfly6908 6 years ago

    Jennifer Lopez is worth an estimated $250 million dollars (net). The British Newspaper "The Daily Mail" wrote an article where it showed Jennifer's daughter Emme wearing $2,400 worth of "Chanel Accessories" to "Label's Paris Fashion Show.

  • Nic Piper
    Nic Piper 6 years ago

    Please follow me.. @Jlo_always_fan... Please Jlo :)

  • johnbland87
    johnbland87 6 years ago

    On December 20 Jennifer Lopez will enter into the Guinness Book of World Records and be honored with a special World Music Award for '' on the floor '' The most hit female video of all time!! Vote for JLO she is also nominated for World's Best Female Artist, World's Best video ( On the floor ), World's best song ( On the floor ) World's Best Live Act! Congrats vote for JLO ( world music award ) =) like..

  • Prince Luis Angel Rosario

    so cute the whole world trust you with there feelings why not there money i already sponsor a little boy in the Dominican Republic but i'll see what i can do for you darling. Later:)

  • T En
    T En 6 years ago

    I cannot believe the amount of people that would actually have something negative to say about something as positive as contributing to charity work.

  • Migdalia Dejesus
    Migdalia Dejesus 6 years ago

    You & Me will be helping children's in the Hospital kids. come on.!! Boys & Girls for This Christmas Holiday season were your'll christmas Spirit.!! People this is not about color.!! This is for All the kids From Around the world in that Places & Area of All Color Not Group Members of a Race,Lets give a helping hand God Bless Happy Holiday too Everyone Love

  • monique__91
    monique__91 6 years ago

    excuse me how much money is she worth??? She can give loads to charity herself

  • Sami ch
    Sami ch 6 years ago

    you have alot of mony you should done to give exemple

  • tj raz
    tj raz 6 years ago

    keep up the good work,i surport you one tjraz

  • Richard NeVille
    Richard NeVille 6 years ago

    For children in L.A ?
    What about children in Africa ?

  • H Brouwer
    H Brouwer 6 years ago

    Keep up the good work Jennifer!
    Keep on follwing your heart!
    No matter what people say!
    This is realy amazing, you are doing such a good job!
    I am doneting
    Have such much respect for you Jennifer Lopez!
    God bless you!
    Big hug and kis for jennifer lopez from Heidi xx

  • dragonfly6908
    dragonfly6908 6 years ago

    I have nothing against Jennifer Lopez and she has had an amazing career. In this video she is very full of herself with her bright idea of getting people to donate money. I have never liked any celebrity suggesting to the public to donate money. I donate to charity without anyone telling me to do so and i don't shout it from the rooftops. I also don't like Max shouting "Give, Give Give" although it is amusing to Jennifer and her fans will think it is adorable i find it distasteful.

  • Katrine JLover
    Katrine JLover 6 years ago

    Jennifer Lopez is so amazing great idea..!! :))

  • Ali Zanganeh
    Ali Zanganeh 6 years ago

    its really great.
    nice idea
    she donates 10% of her money every year (according to forbes) and now she is brinking her fans in to help people.
    what a really beautiful inside person ♥
    i will donate ♥

  • Ali Zanganeh
    Ali Zanganeh 6 years ago

    she donates 10% of her money every year. according to forbes .

  • Ali Zanganeh
    Ali Zanganeh 6 years ago

    you are someone who just can see the empty part of the glass.
    if she does something like this, you say she is acting for us.
    if she don't do this, you say she is so parsimonious and just collects money.
    she donates 10% of her money every year .
    she are doing this.
    but still you are saying that she is acting for us.
    so its better to do something that is true.
    and really you believe marc's ex wife about jennifer?
    its clear that she talk like this about jennifer.

  • Ali Zanganeh
    Ali Zanganeh 6 years ago

    shut up yourself.
    don't talk without knowledge
    According to the forbes. She donates 10% a year of her yearly income to her own Lopez Family Foundation. (Which provides Telemedicine to children's hospital's)
    she is the best in everything ♥

  • johnbland87
    johnbland87 6 years ago

    On December 20 Jennifer Lopez will enter into the Guinness Book of World Records and be honored with a special World Music Award for '' on the floor '' The most hit female video of all time!! Vote for JLO she is also nominated for World's Best Female Artist, World's Best video ( On the floor ), World's best song ( On the floor ) World's Best Live Act! Congrats vote for JLO ( world music award ) =) like..

  • Martina Januš
    Martina Januš 6 years ago

    we can collect millions of dollars ....no problem i would give , but you have millions of dollars , shut up and donate one ,two , don't buy house with 20 bathrooms

  • gomezlopezjoliefan diaz

    she's beautiful and kind

  • Cagla Blub
    Cagla Blub 6 years ago

    I love you Jen more than ever ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Cagla Blub
    Cagla Blub 6 years ago

    @dragonfly6908 shut up!!!

  • Nic Piper
    Nic Piper 6 years ago

    Please follow me Jennifer.. @Jlo_always_fan

  • DagiDedicatedDiva
    DagiDedicatedDiva 6 years ago

    You are so inspiring!!!! I admire you so much and think that you're doing something really great!!!!!