Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Lucky Charms | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


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  • Erin Lynn.
    Erin Lynn. Day ago


  • Mark Hilario
    Mark Hilario Day ago

    “It’s one human being.”

  • Michael Sgarioto
    Michael Sgarioto 2 days ago

    Make a gourmet coffee crisp. We don't have them in the states, which is practically sacrilegious, so why not make a gourmet version.

  • Brigette Belenky
    Brigette Belenky 2 days ago

    Sour patch

  • Ash m
    Ash m 2 days ago

    KFC with the exact spices crisp and flavor

  • Abigail Vazquez
    Abigail Vazquez 3 days ago

    I've never had a dog treat and i had my dog for like 8 years. You ain't the weird one claire! Love you and this series!!!!

  • Anna Stewart
    Anna Stewart 3 days ago

    You should do Reese’s

  • Jared Frutos
    Jared Frutos 4 days ago

    Legit just had lucky charms!

  • Lyndsey Babcock
    Lyndsey Babcock 4 days ago

    A pet food commercial played lol

  • ༄ Starllia
    ༄ Starllia 5 days ago

    Bruh they literally tasted dog food (●__●)

  • HanZ
    HanZ 5 days ago

    does anyone else always wonder how she doesn't get so frustrated??

  • Jeremy Jewell
    Jeremy Jewell 5 days ago

    Thank you and you are very welcome i love your cute little videos baby have a great evening and goodnight bye for now and, you are welcome... :) : ) for good luck ditto : )

  • emily mullen
    emily mullen 6 days ago

    this woman is honestly so creative

  • Commenter Person
    Commenter Person 7 days ago

    I wouldn’t spray them with honey; it naturally draws water to the product and will kill the crisp

  • TheDrJonzo
    TheDrJonzo 7 days ago

    Pop Rocks!!!

  • ash is trash
    ash is trash 7 days ago

    i was weird. whenever i had lucky charms i only had the cereal, put the marshmallows in a bag and gave them to my friends at school. they always tasted gross to me.

  • Naive Piglet
    Naive Piglet 7 days ago

    such resignation at 6:22 breaks my heart, nvm flour mill cool tool created happiness

  • Mia Guzman
    Mia Guzman 8 days ago

    a splash of vanilla

  • BonnieLyz
    BonnieLyz 8 days ago

    Why does Brad kinda talk like Joey from Friends

  • Ben Kowalsky
    Ben Kowalsky 8 days ago

    Gourmet wine gums

  • Megan Chipps
    Megan Chipps 8 days ago

    please try to make Little Debbie Banana Marshmallow Pies!!!!

  • CL
    CL 8 days ago


  • Wizdigo
    Wizdigo 9 days ago

    Everyone - - - Go watch: "Aaron Russo's: AMERICA - FREEDOM TO FACISM" for the LIES about our INCOME TAX, from our wonderful system of .............. CAPITALISM.

  • Jrezky
    Jrezky 9 days ago

    if ur tryna add air, just keep whisking.

  • Brianna Gordy
    Brianna Gordy 9 days ago

    I'm triggered that she calls it an hour glass. It's a SHOOTING STAR!

  • ginger squash
    ginger squash 9 days ago

    Y are yall eating dog treats

  • Daeyoung Ha
    Daeyoung Ha 10 days ago

    Pocky maybe

  • homiefromfl
    homiefromfl 10 days ago

    The world... where we spend hundreds of dollars trying to recreate a recipe perfected by a cereal company (not even the generics come close), and we scoff at trying dog treats.... 🙄🤣

  • Raina Nief
    Raina Nief 10 days ago

    Fig newtons

  • Bobby Da Bear
    Bobby Da Bear 10 days ago


  • Owen Coffey
    Owen Coffey 10 days ago


  • high horse
    high horse 11 days ago

    Did that one girl at 9:45 really go to work in a robe-like shirt with a vneck? Wtf...and then she'll complain about people staring at her non-existent cleavage

  • Exploding Tomahawks
    Exploding Tomahawks 11 days ago

    I've grown up with cats my entire life and I NEVER thought of eating their food or treats. Seriously, you're talking about eating dog or cat treats like you're speaking about mundane subjects. YOU are the weird one, dude.

  • CosnerCoPiloting
    CosnerCoPiloting 11 days ago

    Was there a reason with the pasta extruded that you didn’t use the cutoff tool that is built on to the attachment instead of scissors?

  • Darren Ditmer
    Darren Ditmer 12 days ago

    Make gourmet combos please

  • Chynna Retumban
    Chynna Retumban 12 days ago

    Please make Nerds!

  • Peyton Moran
    Peyton Moran 12 days ago

    Gourmet combos please!!

  • Art boy
    Art boy 12 days ago

    Claire can you please show us how to make natural food coloring(not red) because you keep saying that every time but end up using artificial food coloring?

  • emily mann
    emily mann 12 days ago

    alright now i want lucky charms

  • Austin David Tipograph

    Please try making Chex Mix!!!!

  • Chase Baldwin
    Chase Baldwin 12 days ago +1

    who else eating lucky charms

  • Patrick Keilty
    Patrick Keilty 13 days ago

    Reeses peanut butter cups!!

  • Brix Perez
    Brix Perez 14 days ago

    Loved the CRUNCHY VS CRISPY definition... English is not my mother tongue and I really appreciated that part

  • Nathalie J
    Nathalie J 14 days ago

    Brad Leone is the perfect man

  • Hannah McNiece
    Hannah McNiece 14 days ago +1

    please make goldfish or cheesits!!!

  • Syrena Adele
    Syrena Adele 14 days ago

    Gourmet m&ms!

  • Hannah Grace
    Hannah Grace 15 days ago

    when i was a kid, i ONLY ate the marshmallows and i would throw the cereal part away so my mom stopped buying them. she started buying it again and i still don’t eat them normal haha i eat the cereal part first and i eat the marshmallows last

  • Antraeus
    Antraeus 15 days ago

    I like her loose style. She's a teacher and a student at the same time and if she's got anything its tenacity to make mistakes and know the limits of every ingredient she uses.

  • Jesse Bright
    Jesse Bright 16 days ago

    Also a lactose free oatmeal cream pie would be appreciated for a future video.

  • Jesse Bright
    Jesse Bright 16 days ago

    I feel bad for Claire because her frustration is what makes this series so relatable and ultimately successful. I wish this weren’t so necessary because we do all want to see her succeed.

  • Jeremiah Schaffer
    Jeremiah Schaffer 16 days ago

    you guys should make gourmet blue bunny ice cream pls!!!!

  • Ashley Carson
    Ashley Carson 16 days ago

    That clear plastic bowl filled with lucky charms and milk watching rugrats was my childhood dream

  • Kenna Draper
    Kenna Draper 16 days ago +4

    claire is SO PRETTY i cant get over it

  • somethingsmatter
    somethingsmatter 16 days ago

    I love this series! Can you do Goldfish crackers or Reece's peanut butter cups next?

  • Ryan Edwards
    Ryan Edwards 17 days ago

    Dars nooooooowwwww

  • Ryan Edwards
    Ryan Edwards 17 days ago


  • Dave! Yognau(gh)t
    Dave! Yognau(gh)t 17 days ago

    Imagine fuscilli cereal. That'd be some cognitive dissonance right there.

  • Kawaii xchopper
    Kawaii xchopper 17 days ago

    Brad have a kid?!?? Shook

  • David Stanley
    David Stanley 17 days ago


  • Ulm Wurttemberg
    Ulm Wurttemberg 18 days ago

    i am attracted to this woman. that is why i am watching this video. i don't feel bad about it. it is what it is.

  • Clémentine Dragneel
    Clémentine Dragneel 18 days ago


  • ChronicCrow
    ChronicCrow 18 days ago

    when I was a kid I was convinced the cereal part of lucky charms was just unflavored cat food

  • mashu merii
    mashu merii 18 days ago

    The face when claire makes while smelling the cereals is so cute lol

  • Ar man
    Ar man 18 days ago

    No one at work? It's weekend? 13:45
    14:09 right? right? 😂😂 Somebody's thinking of cheating.. 😂

  • The9toe
    The9toe 18 days ago

    Is Emily having a own show as well? Yum!

  • hannah nma
    hannah nma 20 days ago

    her co workers are annoying and condescending. i mean i get constructive feedback but you can be a lot nicer.

  • Billy Yum Yum Two-by-Two

    Are claire and brad dating or....

  • ExplosivaX
    ExplosivaX 21 day ago

    Whenever the ingredients get listed I need to either turn off the sound or skip it cause that is exactly what getting overstimulated sounds like.

  • Jamie Wiggins
    Jamie Wiggins 21 day ago

    What does Brad do?

  • Brandon Kirkland
    Brandon Kirkland 21 day ago

    This might not be your wheelhouse but, what about gourmet a fruit soda you can make at home with natural ingredients.

  • Locane256
    Locane256 21 day ago

    I love these videos! Seeing the process and all the failures is wonderful. Thank god for editing! XD

  • Sara Wolstenholme
    Sara Wolstenholme 21 day ago

    Gah I love Claire

  • Jenni Fa Becki
    Jenni Fa Becki 21 day ago

    Did anybody else peep the guy on the left at 11.05 😂

  • bd9102
    bd9102 22 days ago

    Cadbury creme eggs please

  • John Smith
    John Smith 22 days ago

    Claire is so Pretty

  • Jafo in Colorado
    Jafo in Colorado 22 days ago

    She needs to make Captain Crunch cereal

  • thomas petrungaro
    thomas petrungaro 22 days ago

    Brad has a child!?

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright 22 days ago

    Brad: “Keep fightin’ the good fight!”
    Claire: (Awkwardly) ”...Okay”
    Brad: (looks away) “What??”
    THAT is how you kill awkwardness lol

  • Priscilla Velasquez
    Priscilla Velasquez 22 days ago


  • LedZeppelinFan101
    LedZeppelinFan101 22 days ago

    I love these videos but they need to put a microphone on the other people when they ask them questions! I can never hear what they say!

  • Libby Greer
    Libby Greer 22 days ago

    Please do pop tarts!

  • Chase Greene
    Chase Greene 22 days ago

    pls mak sour pat kid

  • scott
    scott 22 days ago

    8:53 did anyone else hear the small distinct cry come from her throat? I DIED

  • apughco
    apughco 22 days ago +1

    Claire didn't try the LC with milk!?

  • Jules
    Jules 22 days ago

    I wasn’t allowed to get it because as a kid i just ate the marshmallows.

    Ive never eaten dog food/dog treats except they had these cacao/Carob cookie treats that smell like chocolate cookies and I have tried one of those because it smelt good. Didn’t taste good at all because it didn’t have sugar

  • Pikatupanda Vlogs,games and more

    3:41 or 3:40 did a burp?

  • Allison Biel
    Allison Biel 23 days ago

    Chick Fil A chicken nuggets

  • swtLight
    swtLight 23 days ago

    I would love to see Claire make M and Ms or Twix

  • Lucy Couture
    Lucy Couture 23 days ago

    how old is she?

  • Ashlyn A.
    Ashlyn A. 23 days ago

    You should try to make gourmet ritz crackers

  • Patrishia Can you be quite

    Clair:I had a gerbil it wasn’t a good relationship

  • Nina Ramas
    Nina Ramas 24 days ago


  • animefreak5219
    animefreak5219 24 days ago

    Claire, please make Coffee Crisp!

  • animefreak5219
    animefreak5219 24 days ago

    i love amiels glasses

  • Bubble bass
    Bubble bass 25 days ago

    The peach and white colored marshmallows look off

  • Sara Angel
    Sara Angel 25 days ago

    Whatever, the important part are the marshmallows

  • Archimedes of Syracuse

    I would love to see Gourmet version of Reese's cups

  • Jonathan Kamrava
    Jonathan Kamrava 25 days ago

    Cap'n Crunch?? Is that puffed 😬

  • mondos2001
    mondos2001 25 days ago

    8:55 😲

  • Chi Bao
    Chi Bao 25 days ago

    Claire has convinced me to buy a dehydrator