I Did A Full Face Of Glam Using ONLY Special Effects Makeup


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  • not me
    not me 15 hours ago

    I could feel this video on my face.

  • Iris Rodriguez
    Iris Rodriguez 16 hours ago

    You look nice

  • kyliewalker
    kyliewalker 3 days ago

    Katya is that you?

  • UncomfortablyGay TM
    UncomfortablyGay TM 4 days ago

    The blurred part in the thumbnail looks like Katya and I... can't?

  • Katie Brindley
    Katie Brindley 4 days ago +1

    Gonna start something here but how come mykie can make a better shade match than James Charles can find one

  • Todoroki Kun
    Todoroki Kun 5 days ago

    Ok I javent been on on a while ok you do t even remeber me in on an anime account the chances since then

  • Rachel Johnson
    Rachel Johnson 5 days ago

    15:04 ....... we all saw that beauty blender!!!
    (i dont blame you)

  • Jacob Hock
    Jacob Hock 7 days ago

    Lol the subtitles say Lemon Gore hahaha

  • Kookiekatie
    Kookiekatie 11 days ago

    Ben Nye the cream paint guy

  • Lulu Wolves
    Lulu Wolves 12 days ago

    U literally just look like a vampire 😂
    ( This is not hate I just thought it was funny )

  • Kirsten Elliott
    Kirsten Elliott 12 days ago

    ANYONE SEE THAT SATANIC GREEN GLITTER IN HER BANGS AT 19:40 ? *right after she spills blood on herself* hmmmm (She’s looking at the ground)

  • Rachel Price
    Rachel Price 13 days ago

    “I do not smoke” 😂😂😂

  • Deery dear
    Deery dear 14 days ago +1


  • 666 666 satan's side Bitch

    So thickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana 17 days ago


  • Dresha802
    Dresha802 18 days ago


  • mystery person
    mystery person 18 days ago


  • Ariela Alvarado
    Ariela Alvarado 19 days ago

    Please do an ASMR video!!!! Doing makeup!!!!!

  • Ky Cooly
    Ky Cooly 19 days ago

    You said wooder and cemented your place in my heart. I’ll pick you up for a wawa date at 8

  • HolyGuacamoleYall
    HolyGuacamoleYall 19 days ago +1

    I just found your channel and I love you...your wig is killin' me

  • Juliana Rosas
    Juliana Rosas 20 days ago

    Why was this growing one me? 😂😂😂😂😅

  • Justine Raney
    Justine Raney 20 days ago

    Listen I literally had corn syrup mixed with koolaid powder up in my hair and tits when I was a zombie for Halloween so don’t you tell me about discomfort.

  • Kandy King
    Kandy King 20 days ago

    Who's saying you cant listen to Celine? mix in some Streisand and we can compromise here.

    • Kandy King
      Kandy King 20 days ago

      You cheated yourself by not having lashes, but now you know after the grinch makeup, you're allowed to keep lashes in your SFX kit C:

    • Kandy King
      Kandy King 20 days ago

      "I'm gonna use 'grime' mixed with 'filth'." Such a mood.

  • Melanie Dixon
    Melanie Dixon 20 days ago

    Fun: 2/10

  • Dead Prince Cosplay
    Dead Prince Cosplay 21 day ago

    I’ve done my eyeliner with body paint before I, it looked pretty good honestly, (it was water activated

  • Serena Gibson
    Serena Gibson 21 day ago

    Ew i didnt know thus was asmR gross

  • Samantha Nelson
    Samantha Nelson 21 day ago

    OMG who freaked tf out when she got it in her eye

  • Lance Isthename
    Lance Isthename 21 day ago

    The stress of finding a decent matching foundation is overwhelming

  • itsmealyssajaye 77
    itsmealyssajaye 77 24 days ago

    You got 200,000 likes you have to turn yourself into Ripley now

  • Good IDia
    Good IDia 26 days ago


  • Samantha Palker
    Samantha Palker 28 days ago

    Your eye makeup looks like Mila Kunis

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 28 days ago


  • Mariol Paez
    Mariol Paez 29 days ago

    You’re so cool

  • Mariol Paez
    Mariol Paez 29 days ago

    And I love you

  • Mariol Paez
    Mariol Paez 29 days ago

    She kind of looks like a hot cocoa

  • My chemical pilots fallout at the disco

    Someone copied off this video

  • Gradybear
    Gradybear 29 days ago

    Love your wigs... But your natural hair soooo beautiful
    Sorry...you only like those who can spell... so*

  • Art Fisher
    Art Fisher Month ago

    You look kinda like gore Taylor Swift

  • Chicklet 🐥😜
    Chicklet 🐥😜 Month ago

    It look really good

  • I love Malachis cat

    Yes I do lose things when they are up my hands♥️♥️

  • Jade_
    Jade_ Month ago +1

    Take a shot every time she makes a new channel slogan

  • caitlin hq
    caitlin hq Month ago +1

    Do your eyes like traveling? Because they have their backs packed! 😂

  • Millie Lach
    Millie Lach Month ago

    I once was looking for my phone as I was watching psych and my mom was like 🤨

  • Rozalynn page
    Rozalynn page Month ago

    you honestly pull it off in those after pictures

  • Boop Boop Dee doop
    Boop Boop Dee doop Month ago

    Oh man, I get it. I've lost my glasses before when they were on my face. It's even worse because I am so nearsighted that everything more than 2 feet away from me is a blur when I'm not wearing my glasses.

  • myrosakins
    myrosakins Month ago

    She sounds like fred when she sucked in helium

  • Ashlee S
    Ashlee S Month ago

    My pores are screaming!!!!

  • Leen Hussein
    Leen Hussein Month ago

    how do you not have beds under your eyes???????????

  • Lizards Vlogs - Roblox

    What does FX mean

  • Kaelyn Allan
    Kaelyn Allan Month ago

    Does anyone know what video it was that she referenced? The one that she was proud of

  • PuppyKitty768
    PuppyKitty768 Month ago

    Did anyone else think that the lashes two lashes down would have been better

  • J U A N I T A
    J U A N I T A Month ago

    It's fine, this is fine

  • Bridget Roberts
    Bridget Roberts Month ago

    A+ technique!
    Oh. No...😶

  • Ciel
    Ciel Month ago

    *I D O N ' T E V E N W A N N A B R E A T H E*

  • Ben Kaiser
    Ben Kaiser Month ago

    Ummm... Could you seriously do an asmr video? I'm using my bfs youtube account btw

  • Jimmy_e_x_designer
    Jimmy_e_x_designer Month ago

    Got JLo vibe

  • M S
    M S Month ago +1

    red and yellow with a tiny bit of blue make a nice skin colour (white to change the shade)

  • Helga Jay
    Helga Jay Month ago

    Where the turning myself into Ripley video at thoooo

  • weinermoney
    weinermoney Month ago

    if jenna marbles can be kermit, you can be ripley

  • Alex Tamburro
    Alex Tamburro Month ago

    I lose my glasses when they're on my face. No, I'm not joking.

  • Sophie Cobb
    Sophie Cobb Month ago

    I paused at 6:23 and Mykie's face 😂😂

  • Anna Webb
    Anna Webb Month ago

    My eye lashes are so long when I look up they touch my eye brows

  • Marrah Wade
    Marrah Wade Month ago

    Has she changed herself to Ripley yet? Over 200k likes!!!

  • Oliva Reynolds
    Oliva Reynolds Month ago

    "we can try"

  • 앤디Aendi
    앤디Aendi Month ago

    23:33 when you get lipstick on your teeth

  • pizza cat
    pizza cat Month ago +1

    My pores are screaming lmao

  • Holly Graham
    Holly Graham Month ago

    I love you and I love ur channel but that wig line

  • Chloe Keenor
    Chloe Keenor Month ago

    "Pretty subtle tinted pout"
    5 minutes later...

  • Cheyenne Pepper
    Cheyenne Pepper Month ago +1


  • da makeup queen
    da makeup queen Month ago

    too much makeup

  • Jasmine Marie
    Jasmine Marie Month ago

    She mentioned the staircase AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WATCHING IT!! It was SOOO good, I love crime scene shows and this one was perfect. If you have a weak stomach i wouldn’t recommend watching it cause it does get graphic at some parts but all in all it was amazing.

  • Micah Payne
    Micah Payne Month ago

    Our as us Philadelphians say wader

  • Kimberley McCallister

    2019 anyone?

  • Sophia Fuchs
    Sophia Fuchs Month ago

    You kind of remind me of Amy Poehler sometimes. ❤️

  • Lydia Johnson
    Lydia Johnson Month ago

    The pfffffff of sexy.

  • It’sme Yo
    It’sme Yo Month ago

    I really want to see gore with glam makeup

  • brynlee ?
    brynlee ? Month ago

    You scared my dog with your asmr 😂

  • Shy Faye
    Shy Faye Month ago

    I work on and off in a haunted house and ive put alcohol paints directly under my eye ... oops!

  • Meghan C
    Meghan C Month ago

    I can't remember a time I've laughed as hard as I did during the mascara part of this video.

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze Month ago

    Regardless the things used to make you beautiful....you are truly Gorgeous!! love all the looks you do!!!!

  • Arceus Lord of Creation

    How is this lipstick supposed to discourage guys from kissing you??🔥

  • Arceus Lord of Creation

    “Give it that, pfft, of sexy”

  • Lavender Smoke
    Lavender Smoke Month ago

    Jennifer's Body look 😂

  • Morgan Thomas
    Morgan Thomas Month ago


  • maddie hendl
    maddie hendl Month ago


  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia Month ago

    I say were my phone i come in to my room and it in my room charging😋 yup

  • jemima
    jemima Month ago

    13:37 girl crush :)

  • Mykie Black
    Mykie Black Month ago

    “I wanna be a husky when I grow up.”
    - Mykie, 2018.

  • Yeemo Bands
    Yeemo Bands Month ago

    "This is a ghostly white shade slash my normal shade." Same 😂

  • Bibi Edwardo
    Bibi Edwardo Month ago

    The lashes tho

  • Yukie Iman Bajramovic

    my own challange is watching this while doing burgundy red gel polish..

  • Jasmin Stanley
    Jasmin Stanley Month ago

    This actually looks really good haha

  • emily buck
    emily buck Month ago

    Do you know how here eyebrows are diffrent coler

    • brynlee ?
      brynlee ? Month ago

      emily buck her* different* color* and yes it is, she is naturally a ginger but is wearing a wig.

  • Laura Laura
    Laura Laura Month ago

    he's definitely a murderer just saying

  • Jessie Hillen
    Jessie Hillen Month ago

    When she said “mAscArAAaA” it sounded TOO much like “EskEttTiTTTt” I’m gonna cry 😭😂💀👋

  • Megan Stucki
    Megan Stucki Month ago

    admit it, everyone has that one lip gloss that is so thick that you do not wanna use but is sooooooo pretty, but so uncomfortableble

  • Katie Sowerby
    Katie Sowerby Month ago

    At 19:30 watch until she looks down. Green glitter in her wig

  • Breanna Birdwell
    Breanna Birdwell Month ago

    Hey guess what! My eyelashes naturally reach my eyebrows!

  • Keagan Smith
    Keagan Smith 2 months ago

    My girl crush is Wonder Woman or Harley Quinn

  • Bri Domenique
    Bri Domenique 2 months ago

    Where do you get your eyelashes from ?