Game Grumps: Restaurant Stories

  • Published on Dec 24, 2018
  • In this compilation, Dan and Arin share some of their stories from eating at the best and not so best restaurants around. Also Merry Christmas!
    @ 0:05
    Super Mario Bros. 3: Go Go Go - PART 7 (7:43)
    @ 2:11
    Zelda A Link to the Past: Keep Falling - PART 27 (9:20)
    @ 5:09
    Mario Golf Toadstool Tour: Stuffed Birdies - PART 3 (0:23, 2:01)
    @ 6:58
    Sonic Boom: Tread Carefully - PART 30 (4:48)
    @ 12:21
    Super Mario Sunshine: Doot Doot Doot - PART 26 (4:47)
    @ 15:18
    Kirby and the Rainbow Curse: Dropping Deuces - PART 19 (0:19)
    @ 16:57
    Dark Souls III: Soul Spoiled - PART 5 (2:41)
    @ 18:49
    Dark Souls III - Giant Rats of Death - PART 10 (11:11)
    @ 21:29
    Ivy the Kiwi (21:47)
    @ 25:13
    Super Mario Bros. 3: Time to Spare - PART 24 (4:42)
    @ 26:33
    Bloodborne: Super Jacked - PART 67 (5:07)
    @ 28:05
    Stardew Valley: Raising the Roof - PART 2 (9:55)
    @ 31:53
    Zelda A Link Between Worlds: Rock Blocked - PART 9 (1:07, 8:00)
    @ 34:11
    Super Mario Maker: Making It Rain - PART 47 (0:05)
    @ 35:35
    Super Mario Galaxy - Pancakes of Love - PART 72 (8:46)
    @ 37:31
    BurgerTime (3:52)
    @ 38:36
    Bloodborne: The Purge - PART 2 (3:04)
    @ 39:43
    Kirby and the Rainbow Curse: Stairway to Nowhere - PART 2 (5:07)
    @ 41:34
    Spongebob Squarepants The Battle for Bikini Bottom: Hostile Jellyfish - PART 2 (5:42)
    @ 44:16
    Bloodborne: Come at Me, Beast! - PART 1 (5:32)
    @ 45:01
    Zelda The Wand of Gamelon: Zelda VS Crab - PART 4 (0:43)
    @ 46:05
    Distance (13:08)
    @ 47:04
    Sonic Unleashed: Reading Some Fan Fiction - PART 3 (11:25)
    @ 47:47
    Cook, Serve, Delicious: Meat, Bacon, Cheese, Go! - PART 2 (3:23)
    @ 49:00
    Super Mario 64: Head Fungus - PART 39 (3:37)
    @ 50:30
    Finding Teddy II: Ross'd in Translation - PART 1 (5:10)
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  • Austin Pearson
    Austin Pearson 15 hours ago

    2:11 Me every time someone says they don’t drink green tea

  • Sun Sableye
    Sun Sableye 18 hours ago

    I live in Florida and I love the train at Sloans

  • Broth
    Broth 21 hour ago

    Dude! If the layer of grime on the whole building is less than an inch thick then it's not a REAL Waffle House!

  • Suzanne Sawafta
    Suzanne Sawafta Day ago

    fuck holly

  • Mini Movie Mania

    30:32 that did not age well

  • socks
    socks Day ago

    Someone needs to tell arin about roakes in ne portland. Best burgers ever

  • Noob Sandwich
    Noob Sandwich 2 days ago +1

    Well... at least it wasnt the fishing that caused their divorce...

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz 3 days ago

    Still wonder what Subways Arin has went to, because here they're great, and they DO have drive-thrus lol

  • Christopher Minutolo

    I was eating chips and when Dan said "Whoops! There's vagina..." I nearly choked.

  • Brie Smith
    Brie Smith 3 days ago

    Play stroke play and order the cream of sum yun guy at young dong

  • Conner Spencer
    Conner Spencer 4 days ago

    That is an extreme sandwich mood

  • zoinks !
    zoinks ! 4 days ago

    *wHeRe tHe pUSsY pRoDuCts*

  • zoinks !
    zoinks ! 4 days ago

    Edit: oh. They stated it already.

  • Scout Micucci
    Scout Micucci 4 days ago

    41:32 "Chum Bucket"
    Next scene: Spongebob
    Coincidence? I think not!

  • B. Lee
    B. Lee 5 days ago

    Arin Hanson - raves about Waffle House, disgusted by Applebee's.... 😂

  • Artie Rupinen
    Artie Rupinen 6 days ago

    The Subway in my hometown is much better than Arin's.

  • Andrew Ready
    Andrew Ready 7 days ago

    Arin is such a fat snob lol. This whole video was just him bitching about everything except Wendy’s. Like you think Wendy’s is higher quality then Applebee’s you’re retarded sorry. California I swear

  • Wild meme Appears
    Wild meme Appears 7 days ago


  • None Yabizness
    None Yabizness 7 days ago

    South sweet tea? Ohh! Liquid diabetes

  • Sacrilicious
    Sacrilicious 8 days ago

    Can someone please tell me what game Barry and Ross are playing when Ross is telling how he shit his pants? Around the 50 minute mark.

  • The S Squad
    The S Squad 9 days ago

    Young Dong

  • Colten Demster
    Colten Demster 9 days ago

    When he said Olive Garden a Olive Garden commercial

  • 1950 LADA
    1950 LADA 10 days ago

    Arin: "Got a big case of the fuck yous"
    Me: here we go

  • Stitch Snow
    Stitch Snow 10 days ago

    "Holly hates animals getting hurt"
    Obviously she cared more about fish than her fucking husband

  • Griffin Dunivan
    Griffin Dunivan 12 days ago

    When I go to Subway and I ask for what I want on it I just say everything at once like the be like what do you want I'll be like pepperoni American cheese tomato lettuce cucumber mayonnaise and they'll be like 'repeat' and I'll be like 'you didn't catch it the first time?'

  • Dead Autumn
    Dead Autumn 12 days ago +1

    16:00 thats because us texans have bowels made of steel

  • SketchyatBest
    SketchyatBest 15 days ago +1

    Holly; "won't eat meat". unless the meat is projared's dick.

  • Hunter Clauss
    Hunter Clauss 15 days ago

    I went to the union plaza diner

  • Mirushii
    Mirushii 16 days ago

    I love everything that has to do with Matcha and green tea ♡

  • Bella Gomez
    Bella Gomez 17 days ago

    Holy shit I just choked on my cereal when Dan said Union Plaza Diner. I’ve been there before and I know exactly what train he’s talking about.
    I think the train broke a few years ago since I never see it run anymore. Pancakes are good though

  • mistake
    mistake 17 days ago

    B'scuse me. CVS is not a fast food restaurant.

  • Charmin XD
    Charmin XD 17 days ago

    I'm weird i like to make a pizza sandwich and that's the only thing good their and cheese cake cookies

  • GoldXiezhi 083
    GoldXiezhi 083 18 days ago

    41:28 sick segue way bro

  • Hyjinx —
    Hyjinx — 19 days ago

    Me, a southerner: wait you guys don’t have sweet tea?

  • LucianAmpersandDerpy
    LucianAmpersandDerpy 20 days ago

    The people working at Subway in Germany are actually pretty much the opposite of those in Arin's story. Sometimes a little slow but I'm always satisfied with what I get.

  • Stalin
    Stalin 22 days ago

    Dan, we have waffle house in West Virginia. It's not a southern thing.

  • Wood Man
    Wood Man 22 days ago +2

    Ross: "Oh no! Gonna get divorced!"
    And look what happened...

  • Nacho Windham 2012
    Nacho Windham 2012 23 days ago +1


  • Joel Carli
    Joel Carli 23 days ago

    "Whoop, there's vagina"

  • MagicMelones lol
    MagicMelones lol 24 days ago

    I have shit myself too in the exact same way except no insulting

  • TheKuroki42
    TheKuroki42 25 days ago

    I see comments from like 5 months ago mentioning how the comment Ross made on getting a divorce did not age well..... I'm here from the future just to say it got even worse now LOL

  • All ears Gaming
    All ears Gaming 25 days ago

    Im just fat

  • Arvu ReBantra
    Arvu ReBantra 25 days ago

    Cream of Young Dong please...

  • Maxoto
    Maxoto 26 days ago

    @30:32 wooops
    Sorry, Ross

  • horrorkesh
    horrorkesh 26 days ago

    The Applebee's fish and chips meal is pretty damn good

  • Ou Ch
    Ou Ch 27 days ago

    Fuck taco Bell

  • Lyric Comments
    Lyric Comments 27 days ago

    you should've added the restaurant story that was in the Pepsi man series
    (I think it happened in during the desert level??)
    it was something about a lady asking if he wanted it 'toasted' but he thought she was saying 'doce'(not sure if that's how you spell it)which he thought was Spanish for '2' so he said no and then realised later that she was asking him if he wanted it 'toasted' and that 'doce' is '12' not '2'
    there was another restaurant story you missed, though I don't remember what game they were playing when they told it. I remember Dan saying something about him going to a restaurant with some friends and one of his friends said something like "who's dick do in gotta suck to get some service around here" and a fork dropped or something???
    it's been a while since I heard both stories. I also watched half the video on one day and the other half of the video about a month or 2 later so sorry if I'm bringing this up and they were in the video but I just forgot
    I hope you'll make a part 2 as time goes on and they have more restaurant stories to tell 👍

  • The Professor
    The Professor 27 days ago

    Ross @ 30:31

  • Captain Galaxy
    Captain Galaxy 28 days ago


  • HaloKid
    HaloKid 29 days ago

    5:27 Just imagine a storehouse with a bunch of 10 year olds. Every time they run out of food, a guy goes back to the storehouse with a knife and says, “Sorry boys. Time to replenish the stock.”

  • Madelynn Booth
    Madelynn Booth 29 days ago +1

    Ah crap it has 666k views I gotta go to hell a g a i n

  • Ulises Moreno
    Ulises Moreno 29 days ago

    30:32 YIKES

  • lil toe
    lil toe 29 days ago

    My cousin works at riot, it's neat

  • Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson Month ago

    Dan! I can't believe you don't like waffle house!

  • Son Of Trex
    Son Of Trex Month ago

    The only thing I like at Mcdonalds is those fucking mcgriddles

  • Son Of Trex
    Son Of Trex Month ago

    30:32 *O O F*

  • Wirukasu
    Wirukasu Month ago

    30:30 so that's what it was about

  • TheBrazilRules
    TheBrazilRules Month ago

    Can someone explain to me what is so bad about frozen food?

  • Justin Scozzarro
    Justin Scozzarro Month ago +1

    Yo, dan. Just wanted to say that the union plaza diner is till open and that train guy is still running. Just an update on what’s going on Jersey pal.

  • Lenny L
    Lenny L Month ago +3

    30:31 well that didnt age well at all lmao

  • Garrett
    Garrett Month ago +1

    These compilations are getting so wildly specific

  • OriFairyfire
    OriFairyfire Month ago

    the one and only time I ate at olive garden my food was still frozen, and when I got a replacement the bread had mold on it. safe to say I never went back.

  • Honor Sword
    Honor Sword Month ago

    Danny they know they are being edgy with "young dong" holy water son.

  • cassandra5322
    cassandra5322 Month ago

    Moral of the story: Don't eat outside, and don't take pictures with Ross.

  • Zeeker03
    Zeeker03 Month ago

    I liked that shit story

  • Captain Beardly
    Captain Beardly Month ago

    The Sloan's bathroom is the ONLY bathroom in the building. It's not "women only"

  • TheSlavBiker 250
    TheSlavBiker 250 Month ago

    As a Texan when he started talking about Whataburger and i was like, "be real fucking careful Arin" but the he talked about the yum to dump and I was like yeah I got ya homie

  • sαтυяησρεяαтιvε

    'i'm just serving icecream and, oops! there's vagina' might be my absolute favorite assembly of words in the english language, without contest

  • Evil Eye
    Evil Eye Month ago

    I’m sick as balls and I’m starving but I can’t eat THIS ISNT HELPING

  • Jakob Wedel
    Jakob Wedel Month ago +2


  • Kiya Snell
    Kiya Snell Month ago

    Im slightly offended. I work at subway. Fuck you Arin.

    • DEAD_ M3ME
      DEAD_ M3ME Month ago

      @Kiya Snell k

    • Kiya Snell
      Kiya Snell Month ago

      @DEAD_ M3ME i work at subway, but i dont repeatedly ask customers what they ordered. I was joking lol.

    • DEAD_ M3ME
      DEAD_ M3ME Month ago

      Do you do what Arin complains about?

  • Kidyom U.
    Kidyom U. Month ago

    6:10 *"BIG FLOPPY DICK!"*

  • CSX500
    CSX500 Month ago

    There's a Chinese restaurant in Lake City, FL called Fu King

  • Luigiinferno
    Luigiinferno Month ago

    Funny thing, fish dont feel pain apparently but idk if thts true

  • I'm not real Not real

    I work at subway sweet onion and southwest is the way to go but my eyebrows indeed raise when one every day customer comes in for a tuna and chicken teriyaki foot long with mayo southwest honey mustard and sweet onion there’s plenty more people who do weird things with subs my top weird of all time tuna and meatball

  • Moose Itself
    Moose Itself Month ago

    Ive puked or almost puked every single time I've eatin at Denny's drunk or not and BK make me violently ill every time.

  • Lil_A_20 2.0
    Lil_A_20 2.0 Month ago

    fuck off famous daves is delicious

  • boh3nian
    boh3nian Month ago

    I played this while eating, expecting cure restaurant stories. Instead i got a story of ross shitting liquid shit in his pants

  • Ben Howerton
    Ben Howerton Month ago +1

    10:58 "We were just looking at each other like-

  • joe clark
    joe clark Month ago +1

    Fast food is a lot more disgusting in America it seems

  • Dark Arts Dabbler
    Dark Arts Dabbler Month ago

    Does Dan know Applebees is one of those chains that essentially just reheats food?

  • Sindy TheDerp
    Sindy TheDerp Month ago

    Me: Why I'm I watch this
    Brain: because you think it funny
    Me: well that a pretty good answer

  • JaguarViper
    JaguarViper Month ago

    Ross needs to learn to hold the audience with his garbage ass stories

  • edwardo bombardo
    edwardo bombardo Month ago +1

    I ate at Logan's once
    Let me tell you that that was the worst experience ever, I ordered a bacon cheeseburger, little did I nnow the xheese would be American, and not only that but breaded and fried. Gross as fuck, and the burger was dry and the drink was lemony even though it was sweet tea with no lemon as asked.

    Logan's is disgusting

  • Henry Randles
    Henry Randles Month ago

    6:11 🌝

  • darkpuzzlment
    darkpuzzlment Month ago

    whats the video at 21:30

  • FP SLYkooler
    FP SLYkooler 2 months ago

    6:25 can I get the cream of sum yung gai

  • Vic Vinegar
    Vic Vinegar 2 months ago

    The Subway rant is one of the most relatable things I've ever heard.

  • TheMCzorro
    TheMCzorro 2 months ago

    Did anybody here actually tried the AWW YEAH sauce? I'm kinda interested now

  • Keira Jonsey
    Keira Jonsey 2 months ago

    we call "Burger King", Hungry Jacks in Australia, Victoria

  • TheJege12
    TheJege12 2 months ago



  • Caine Paterson
    Caine Paterson 2 months ago

    KFCs advertising campaign is goddamn horrible to be honest

  • psychosis.cosplay
    psychosis.cosplay 2 months ago +1

    I thought nobody knew about famois daves but peoppenin maryland since i had never seen one anywhere else except when i lived in that area. I loved the place before it was replaced. Even had my sevwnth birthday there.... Bit depressing but yah know

  • Simon Lee
    Simon Lee 2 months ago +1

    "Send your most unarmed delivery man!!"

  • Nuklear
    Nuklear 2 months ago

    Arin and Dan should go to Hyvee, and purchase one of their large burgers from their in-store restaurant.

    Note: Nuklear is not responsible for Heart palpitation and/or death after consumption of said burger

  • Unknown Player
    Unknown Player 2 months ago +1

    Arin doesn’t like Burger King he doesn’t like McDonald’s or KFC fuckin KFC then what the absolute fuck do you eat fat boy you are not a real American

  • kellen menkveld
    kellen menkveld 2 months ago

    Ross predicts the future

  • Raver.
    Raver. 2 months ago

    I don't get their love for Wendy's. It tastes exactly like Burger King to me, and is always ice cold like Burger King. Five Guys and Shake Shack are unbeaten to me.

  • Bib Bubowsk
    Bib Bubowsk 2 months ago

    I like Burger King better than McDonald’s