Game Grumps: Restaurant Stories


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  • SuperMario Neb
    SuperMario Neb 4 hours ago

    Wow thats how the Californiains react to whataburger

  • Hal J Smokes
    Hal J Smokes 7 hours ago

    Why the fuck are you putting Ross in these complications? He’s literally the worst story teller of the group.

  • Titanium Toilet
    Titanium Toilet Day ago

    NOOOO. Ross made a divorce joke

  • Pierson Ellis
    Pierson Ellis Day ago

    Weird af that sweet tea isn’t a thing to Dan I drink it all the time

  • Pierson Ellis
    Pierson Ellis Day ago

    I hope they’ve eaten at Young Dong

  • Sergei Sall
    Sergei Sall Day ago

    Ross The Divorce Force.

  • Dominic Maberry
    Dominic Maberry Day ago

    I wish that arin would have said "don't judge me, you work at subway"

  • Wooten
    Wooten 2 days ago

    I actually hate Waffle House, because my friend would always want to go to Waffle House and I got tired of ordering 1 of about 4 different menu items all the time.

  • Vera -
    Vera - 2 days ago

    30:30 oh noooo

  • Aiden Faunt
    Aiden Faunt 2 days ago


  • spoopy marshmallow
    spoopy marshmallow 2 days ago +1

    There’s a really cool waffle place called The Waffle Window in Portland but I don’t think it’s really famous.

  • QueenLadyKill 11
    QueenLadyKill 11 3 days ago

    So we had this restaurant down the street by a Kroger called the Fo King Way and everytime me and my mom would drive passed shes say something about it and I'd reply "No Fo King Way". Its actually became a meme for a little.

  • annabel smith
    annabel smith 3 days ago

    famous Dave's is BBQ

  • MarieIsInTheDark
    MarieIsInTheDark 3 days ago

    That Subway story is the most real thing thing I’ve ever heard.

  • RockinIan121
    RockinIan121 3 days ago +1

    The southern U.S has some of the best food in america. BUT NOT YOU WAFFLEHOUSE you have moderate food that's served. It's not the best and not the worst.

    • Wooten
      Wooten 2 days ago

      It doesn't help that they only have about 6 menu items.

  • MegaDeath117
    MegaDeath117 3 days ago

    The way he says “we both looked at eachother like” and sonic saying “how do we get out of here” is so perfect

  • Depresso Espresso
    Depresso Espresso 3 days ago

    As an Ex Subway worker, I can clarify that Arins Subway experience is 100% accurate.

  • Creeper Queendom
    Creeper Queendom 3 days ago +1

    41:34 did anyone else appreciate the transition from Dan saying Chum Bucket to a Spongebob Game Grumps episode?

  • blaa6
    blaa6 3 days ago

    Hearing about Holly and Ross I kind of feel sad.

  • jesse panosh
    jesse panosh 4 days ago +2

    30:31 Oh no

  • Doggo Drapy
    Doggo Drapy 4 days ago +1

    *M O R E* *O N I O N* *P L E A S E*

  • Barbara Monnone
    Barbara Monnone 4 days ago

    Loved that Subway story! Lol.

  • Hattori Hanzō
    Hattori Hanzō 5 days ago

    10:57 Lmao. Good timing.

  • Yung Bathwater
    Yung Bathwater 5 days ago

    What the fuck Ross? Everybody knows that if you shit yourself you gotta free ball for the rest of the day

  • TheJege12
    TheJege12 5 days ago

    50:30 Ross' Shitty Shambles in Little Tokyo, featuring JonTron, Holly and Katie

  • AJexxan
    AJexxan 5 days ago

    I was eating shepherds pie when rosses anime expo story came on.... FUCK UUUUUUU

  • Zach Sanchez
    Zach Sanchez 5 days ago

    I had to google the sloans bathroom to see if that shit was real 😂😂

  • PurifiedMadness
    PurifiedMadness 6 days ago

    Sonic the Food Chain is AWESOME

  • Michael Sells
    Michael Sells 6 days ago

    Apple Pie Pancake at The Original pancake House off of SW 24th off of Barbur Blvd in PORTLAND, OR (Wed - Sun: 7am - 3pm). I promise you, you will love it. If you don't finish it, put it in the fridge for a couple hours and eat it cold. It's like candy!! If you end up going, ask for Jana, tell her that Michael S. referred it to you guys, (and I guess to anyone else that is interested. Been going there since I was kid.
    If you guys end up going, PM me on my Instagram @pandemonium_ms
    I would kill to meet up with you guys there!
    And Arin!! Got an anime for you!

  • John B
    John B 6 days ago

    The grumps saying ass sounds like sorrowtv saying acid

  • B - WARED
    B - WARED 7 days ago +1

    Whoops! Theres vagina.14:00
    I. Died.

  • B - WARED
    B - WARED 7 days ago +1

    Texas Whataburger is worth the pain. Chophouse Cheddar burger is 👌

  • KnightRider378
    KnightRider378 7 days ago +1

    The one thing I've learned from this video is that Arin has probably the most shit taste in food I've ever seen, and I'm not sure exactly how I feel about it.

  • wert gropljg
    wert gropljg 7 days ago

    The person they were talking about at 31:54 was my friends grandma

  • pigsnake productions

    We have a restaraunt like the train one but the trains deliver food sometimes they would miss the tray the food was supposed to land but lands on the table or you catch it

  • binkyboy78
    binkyboy78 8 days ago

    Famous Dave's is fucking delicious!

  • LordOfTheDings
    LordOfTheDings 8 days ago

    I wanna go to Mommy Burger right now.

  • Jmbabwe frøm Zimbabwe


  • birdeynamnam
    birdeynamnam 9 days ago

    These weren't as appetizing as I thought they would be...

  • Jackson Switch
    Jackson Switch 9 days ago +1

    Fun fact:
    1:44 looks like Japan

  • Stephen k
    Stephen k 9 days ago

    it makes me happy knowing that dan has most likely gone to the same famous daves as me

  • Miriam Albroot
    Miriam Albroot 9 days ago

    The subway one never gets old

  • Oober Noober
    Oober Noober 9 days ago

    We went to applebees and both had that noment of
    *sonic* how do we get out of here

  • boo galoo
    boo galoo 9 days ago

    I lost it at quivering young dong

  • Tammy Ferrer
    Tammy Ferrer 9 days ago

    Anybody else not really like steam train? I could never get into listening to Barry or Ross. I always skip their parts

  • Troupbomber
    Troupbomber 9 days ago

    I love KFC

  • Ryan Garcia
    Ryan Garcia 9 days ago


  • Cinnabonbun !!
    Cinnabonbun !! 9 days ago


  • Jonathan Leung
    Jonathan Leung 9 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that right at 1:40 to 1:47 while they are saying they would go to Japan, that Mario is actually going to the islands in World 3 that are meant to be shaped like Japan???

  • Kittysoup
    Kittysoup 10 days ago

    Every time I listen to them talk about Poops I just get the intense feeling Arin has colitis and Dan has IBS-C or Crohn's.
    as someone with both, God Have Mercy On Their Souls with all the shit they eat.

  • Idk BOI
    Idk BOI 10 days ago

    My friend text me saying “I burnt my pizza but it’s pretty good” and I stayed “are you high? Its not that good” she said “I’ve lived in extremely poor conditions my whole life, it’s pretty decent.”
    I lost my shit

  • Btw, ima nerd
    Btw, ima nerd 10 days ago

    Dan: they're avocados they're the cheapest fucking things ever
    Me, a washingtonian my entire life who also happens to be obsessed with avocados: all around me are familiar faces

  • Palathaxx
    Palathaxx 10 days ago

    Funny how Arin grew up in a rural Florida environment, but he turned into a prissy city boy who complains about Subway flatbread

  • Hal B. Noire
    Hal B. Noire 10 days ago

    I feel I can relate to Dan on a spiritual level in terms of green tea (that and the
    The Last Unicorn); my absolute favorite flavor on many food spectrums such as ice cream. 😋

  • jules
    jules 11 days ago

    when i saw the title of this i was like "there's no WAY they talk about restaurants to put it in an hour long video" and then i realized you could probably have an hour long video of arin talking about wendy's alone

  • hankster112
    hankster112 11 days ago +1

    Famous Dave's is the best goddamn BBQ in the Midwest I will fucking cut you

  • sophia mezzio
    sophia mezzio 11 days ago

    Being from buffalo its an ice tundra hell of drunk sports fans and the only good thing our city has is beer, punk music,and chicken wings. And our sports teams suck😂

  • momparty
    momparty 11 days ago

    How in the name of GOD can Dan love applebees and hate waffle house?

  • Aaron Norcross
    Aaron Norcross 11 days ago

    what a story to end this on a;slkdjfk;fasd;hdask;lds

  • Rossty
    Rossty 11 days ago

    'Next time on game grumps, I'm not huge on green tea...… WHHHHAAAAAA-'

  • jenny jenny
    jenny jenny 11 days ago

    i've NEVER heard that 24:50 bit until today and it was so fucking funny i had to listen to it twice holy shit

  • Lenny Bananya
    Lenny Bananya 11 days ago


  • Echo
    Echo 11 days ago +4

    “oh no I’m getting a divorce” - Ross ...foreshadowed.

  • Faith Stokes
    Faith Stokes 11 days ago

    The quivering young dong

  • SentinelAkira
    SentinelAkira 12 days ago

    Famous Daves is a "burger" place??? I think Dan went to the wrong Famous Daves

  • Crimson Vulpes
    Crimson Vulpes 12 days ago

    You dont "go to" Waffle House. You End Up At Waffle House.

  • Da god o potaters
    Da god o potaters 12 days ago

    If you've been to Japan have you heard of djinn

  • Cyborg Studios
    Cyborg Studios 12 days ago

    What's so bad about Applebee's? I'm not saying I like it but I never got what was so bad about it

  • gircakes
    gircakes 12 days ago

    Subway is just a low tier restaurant identifying as fast food, and the food is just salads identifying as sandwiches.

  • Nico Amor
    Nico Amor 12 days ago


  • Crow Hex
    Crow Hex 12 days ago

    Dude I fucking love Whataburger

  • Marloin
    Marloin 12 days ago

    2:31 my subway has a drivethru

    • Marloin
      Marloin 12 days ago


  • Bad Bad Platypus
    Bad Bad Platypus 12 days ago

    What subway destroys a sandwich with spinach? I ask for spinach and they put like three spinach on that bitch and I'm MORE SPINACH PLEASE

  • Alexander Clam Bell
    Alexander Clam Bell 12 days ago

    30:32 too soon

  • Pat Lund
    Pat Lund 13 days ago

    I like how you put the spongebob story right after the chum bucket statement.

  • 21mychemicalcrybabies atthedisco

    You’re clearly not southern, or just a lightweight if ya can’t chug one of those southern ice teas, the kind that’s so sugary it’s like syrup, ya know? I can gain 5 pounds of pure sugar off of that without even thinking about it

  • Maven Reed
    Maven Reed 13 days ago

    For the joke bathroom story, I feel like it’s definitely only on the women’s bathroom cause fear of guys masturbating to women from inside the bathroom. Keep in mind I’m not excusing it only being on the women’s bathroom, I think it’s overall a bad idea, just trying to explain my thoughts on this

  • Tim Calleja
    Tim Calleja 13 days ago

    wonderful compilation

  • Little Duck
    Little Duck 13 days ago

    I fuckin love waffle house

  • Tristan Walters
    Tristan Walters 13 days ago

    Perv owners of Sloan bring you, spy bathrooms!

  • Christian cruz
    Christian cruz 13 days ago +1

    This is the most accurate representation of Subway holy shit ttttt.Itd beyond perfect

  • Snappl's Palace
    Snappl's Palace 13 days ago

    Yo guys I'm having really bad back pains because of my pillows, any tips?

  • Nekoto Nyanchan
    Nekoto Nyanchan 13 days ago

    i like my flat bread not toasted

  • erin mae
    erin mae 13 days ago +2

    i’m just serving ice cream and- whoops! there’s vagina!

  • T.J. Freeq
    T.J. Freeq 13 days ago

    Sweet Tea is fucking life water down here.

  • cool dued  papyrus
    cool dued papyrus 13 days ago +1

    2:10 .....

  • Hunter Mays Ryan Baldwin Mays

    69 dislikes nice 👌👌👌

  • Reaper Gt500
    Reaper Gt500 13 days ago

    I like kfc but churches is better.

  • Alex Russell
    Alex Russell 13 days ago

    Lol it feels like so many of these end with "Well I like Wendys"

  • Luke A-Da-Puga
    Luke A-Da-Puga 13 days ago

    52:25 S T R A I G H T F U C K I N W A T E R M A N

  • Wow Such name
    Wow Such name 13 days ago

    Growing up next to the grocery store area they had an apple bees and we went there a few times a year and all trips there were just normal except the time I went with my grandparents and I got sick directly after. I hate apple bees now.

  • Blake F
    Blake F 13 days ago

    30:30 Um... oops

  • Wynston Zellner
    Wynston Zellner 13 days ago

    I heard the same story About KFC on the odd ones out

  • Gaming Dude
    Gaming Dude 13 days ago

    That Panera line though lol

    WWSHD 14 days ago

    Burger Express is a real place and now I want to eat there

  • TheGaymer 9969
    TheGaymer 9969 14 days ago

    DAN LIKES SUSHI AND GREEN TEA ICE CREAM! I like sushi and green tea ice cream! 💖😍😄

  • Hela Lokidittor
    Hela Lokidittor 14 days ago

    The anime expo story: omg! I had no idea. I'm so sorry Ross! I feel bad now for stopping you..

  • Nate Church
    Nate Church 14 days ago +1

    43:24 If any of yous lovelies want a giant-ass burger that you'll feel like shit after eating, and are in the St Louis area, the Dog House in Desoto has HUGE burgers (the size of your head) that they server to you in doggy bowls. They literally have a doughnut burger, where they replace the buns with a giant doughnut, because who doesn't want diabetes.
    They make really good pizza, too.

  • Koji _
    Koji _ 14 days ago

    2:10 I love that little “WHAT-“ that was probably responding to both him saying he doesn’t like green tea ice cream and him dying a cruel death

  • Uramalunk Wampandifu
    Uramalunk Wampandifu 14 days ago

    How have the grumps talked about restaurants enough to have an HOUR LONG COMPILATION!?