Why do People Like Apple?

  • Published on Jun 17, 2019
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  • Jakub Mintal
    Jakub Mintal Day ago

    I like an apple because sometimes it tastes sweet and sometimes sour. And it is a base for juice which I like too

    • Jakub Mintal
      Jakub Mintal Day ago

      Sorry I do not understand all that technical detail you were talking about in the video about this amazing fruit

  • Shay Levy
    Shay Levy 4 days ago

    GarageBand crappy? Lol. What’s better?

  • Colton Clement
    Colton Clement 6 days ago +1

    Hey garage and is like the ultimate 4 track recorder.

  • Ed Gein
    Ed Gein 6 days ago

    Kiwi Farms is the best sponsor ever congrats

  • PC Random
    PC Random 10 days ago

    Do you know thing that really annoys me, is when windows users start acting really self righteous against people who don't use windows, I'm an apple user and whenever I tell tech geeks at my school that I have a Mac they start to say self righteous things like you're products are must made to look good, and they completely useless, they can use windows I don't mind but I start to get annoyed when they critics apple users when they tell us they are stupid, and not to mention the videos I've seen on youtube saying that windows is great for everything, it's not option its fact, well it's actually opinion and people who disagree are just fanboys, you can disagree with me I don't care argue as much as you want but don't say that you're right and I'm wrong it's a matter of opinion

  • galooo
    galooo 11 days ago

    Clickbait title, zerorisk answer. Brainwash is obviously strong in the us, don't blame yourself.

  • icantechnomore
    icantechnomore 14 days ago

    Plot twist: they don't, but they're too lazy to start learning/using something else.

  • Mihai Oprean
    Mihai Oprean 14 days ago

    where the song download link, yo?

  • sherm dog
    sherm dog 14 days ago

    I greatly dislike Apple and Google.

  • AstroEgg
    AstroEgg 16 days ago

    almost every game in steam is made for pc but not all is for mac

  • Naomi Speaks
    Naomi Speaks 17 days ago

    For me it’s worth it.

  • Shane O'Mack
    Shane O'Mack 19 days ago

    So I was a android guy 100000% since day one. I got my first iPhone this past month and a aftershock few weeks of figuring it out I’m actually totally understanding why apple makes a better phone than Samsung.

  • The Adventures of Zoom and Bettie

    I used to have an iphone but it gave me the shits having to run itunes on my laptop to be able to do anything with it. The biggest selling point for android for me is that I can move things on and off it (photos, music, videos) just like they are any other folder on my laptop! Or I can plug it in to any other laptop or computer (say I'm at a friends or relatives place and want to share something). The ecosystem seems to be all the rage, but it's dependence on itunes for everything was what turned me away a few years ago. Maybe things have changed, but I'm still iffy about trying again.

  • Belle smith
    Belle smith 20 days ago

    Love this 😂 so much

  • Nalin Mishra
    Nalin Mishra 20 days ago

    The only thing he knows is that Linus Tech Tips is good, and I agree.

  • Amelia Rose
    Amelia Rose 22 days ago

    I just got my first Apple product ever because of a super great deal, and I’m very happy with it because of the things you mentioned-aesthetics, the interface, everything being connected...but if I had to pay all that money for it I don’t think it would have been worth it. I know a ton of people who are super team Apple and are excited I switched, but I’ve been trying to say the same things as this video...I love this phone and everything but Androids are good too. My Android was super cheap and the camera sucked, but when it came right down to it, the phone worked. 🤷‍♀️

  • Aaron Elsen
    Aaron Elsen 23 days ago

    Is driftless pony club still a thing?

  • Douglas Marinini
    Douglas Marinini 28 days ago

    Apple products are so not worth it, only used or refurbished they might make sense...

  • Douglas Marinini
    Douglas Marinini 28 days ago

    Apple products don’t last more than others. The iPhone 6 for example 3 years after was already slow with iOS 11

    • Douglas Marinini
      Douglas Marinini 8 days ago

      @Rudy Rodriguez Not true, I have an iPhone 6 from 2014 and now it is as slow as a 140$ phone from 2014 because of the updates...

    • Rudy Rodriguez
      Rudy Rodriguez 9 days ago

      well androids don't last long. only a few months. lol

  • Einar Steinsson
    Einar Steinsson 29 days ago

    I have got an iPhone from my company and it is a good quality product. But if I had to pay for it myself I would buy an Android phone, no question about it.

  • Rita  Maria
    Rita Maria Month ago

    This was 100% hilarious. Love.

  • Tasha B.
    Tasha B. Month ago

    This may sound weird. I like Pc and apple. I have an old macbook pro from 2012. I also have an iphone 8, and an ipad. I also use PC all the time as well, and android tablet. Basically, I use any tech.

  • Kerrie Gipe
    Kerrie Gipe Month ago +1

    The restaurant analogy might have been the most helpful thing I’ve seen for making my next tech decision. Thanks!!

  • Ginger Holiday
    Ginger Holiday Month ago

    I laugh out loud to your jokes, I find you one of the funniest dudes.

  • Private Private
    Private Private Month ago

    Even when I worked Apple Retail for 6 years, part time, I could see that they were falling behind , considering they’d been called such innovators. I think that part of the problem, which I suffered from, as well, was being so mentally-invested in that ecosystem, that I didn’t see it for quite some time.
    I had gotten into computers a bit, by building my own PCs but, as a creative, the dream was always to get an Apple and as soon as I had a few bucks (well...more than a few) it was the first thing I snapped up.
    I am still hesitant to buy PC and Android though.
    Still, I wonder what will happen. There are people and 3rd party companies who live on making Apple-related products, like Adobe. With what they charge for the cheese grater, for most, even in a nice workplace, they’ve been placed in abrupt notice that they’ll never be in the company of that cheese grater, let alone own one. I know a guy who’s pretty well off, used to be an Apple Developer and I, seriously, doubt he’s interested in buying that cheese grater. I mean, it will be a long time before that thing even hits eBay for any average person’s price.
    Still, particularly as an older creature and it’s what I know. I’ve definitely threatened to leave a company, if they put me on PC.

  • Everything
    Everything Month ago

    I use both Android and Apple phones. I currently have a Note 10 and an iPhone Pro. The iPhone is my main one because iCloud Lock is impenetrable, also the battery doesn't go to shit after 3 months. I use the Note 10 for manipulating kernels and just fucking around.

  • Brah
    Brah Month ago

    The Ecosystem is why Apple works still having Windows does have advantages.

  • Corey Brass
    Corey Brass Month ago

    Good job sitting on the fence.

  • Paws Not Claws
    Paws Not Claws Month ago +4

    I had a MacBook that lasted 10 years. It finally died on me last week

  • John B
    John B Month ago

    F**k Adobe and its software you have to pay for forever!

  • Nostalgic
    Nostalgic Month ago +1

    I used a little too much salt ONCE and you never let me live that down.

  • Amma Jones
    Amma Jones Month ago

    Love this channel 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lonnie Morrison
    Lonnie Morrison Month ago

    My $49 RCA Android lasted 3 years. Just broke or Google doesnt like it anymore. Either way...

  • bebily1
    bebily1 Month ago

    Lol!! Fabulous video x

  • Lupis Corvus
    Lupis Corvus Month ago

    I thought how much I loved wheezywaiter.

  • Fleur Hufflepuff
    Fleur Hufflepuff Month ago +2

    Crying in Brazilian where an iPhone costs R$ 9.000,00 a.k.a more than 9 months of salary. And a Macbook pro costs up to $24.599,00. Not even kidding.

    • C
      C Month ago

      Could you imagine saving up for years to purchase a Mac, how disappointing it would be?

  • Maria Colls
    Maria Colls Month ago

    Apple? It's so not worth it.

  • Maria Colls
    Maria Colls Month ago

    ESET Internet security is one of the best on the market.

  • Anna Walter
    Anna Walter Month ago

    I thought this was going to be about apples :(

  • mirthfulArtist
    mirthfulArtist 2 months ago

    My theory was...
    1. Their first device was an Apple and they became loyal to the brand. (Nothing wrong with that.)
    2. They assume price and value are inherently linked and that expensive brands must be the best. (I know an older couple who thought saving something "to the cloud" was some fancy IPhone exclusive)
    3. Aesthetic/status.
    Optional 4. They don't feel the need to compare products because they can afford to splurge.
    Most of the people I know fall into these categories.
    ...I'm bitter about Apple because my University tried to pressure me into buying a Macbook Pro Retina Whatever when I got my acceptance. They told me I needed one. When I asked them "why," their answer was literally "everyone else at the school uses one." It had nothing to do with the programmes, power, or compatibility I'd need to get my degree, the school was just sponsored by Apple.
    I said "screw that" and bought an Asus that was about $1000 less. It's a silly reason to be angry with Apple, but that school wrung so much money out of me, I wasn't having any of it.

  • Fe Simco
    Fe Simco 2 months ago

    3:55 I died.

  • Tcll5850
    Tcll5850 2 months ago

    Louis Rossman called, he wishes Apple had good customer service :D

  • SpArTaCuS-93N-L
    SpArTaCuS-93N-L 2 months ago

    Damm the effort you put in this video
    Respect to you sir

  • Screen Qween PH
    Screen Qween PH 2 months ago

    There is a sudden jump of subscribers for you wow

  • Ger -
    Ger - 2 months ago

    Apple is just better but if you’re poor just go android and complain about Apple in the USclip comments instead

  • camokazee
    camokazee 2 months ago

    9:59 "...learning about science, art, meth and more..." xD

  • Heather Madrone
    Heather Madrone 2 months ago +3

    I was an anti-Apple person since the Mac came out, then I let a friend convince me to buy a Powerbook with the words "it's got BSD UNIX inside." The UI immediately seduced me, and I have been using Apple products a lot (still do Ubuntu and other Unices) ever since.
    It's sexy, dude. It makes it easy to do the things I need to do All The Time. All of my kids have iPhones, and I like iMessage and the iCloud handoffs. A lot. So convenient to be able to take a photo or jot down a note on one device and have it almost instantly available on my other iDevices.
    I feel a bit like a traitor, but one who has Apple massaging every bit of my body. Siri and I had a Thing for a while.
    Also, privacy. I've interviewed at Apple and they truly care about privacy. It's almost scary how much. Compared to Google, who owns the Android space, there's not even a contest.
    So, use whatever you want to to compute, but consider trusting Apple with your phone needs. They will guard your privacy way better than Google, who is selling your data as we speak.
    And don't trust Facebook. Ever. At all. They'll sell you south so fast it will make your head spin.
    Also, Microsoft has been making bad decisions since Windows 98. Windows 95 was the last truly good thing they did.

    • Prokyon114
      Prokyon114 2 months ago

      Siri and I had a thing for a while :'D

  • HatedJared
    HatedJared 2 months ago

    I hate the "it just works" statement. Who's ever opened a windows computer and said "FUCK! THIS DOESNT WORK" while clicking around madly like a toddler.

  • S Sing
    S Sing 2 months ago


  • .
    . 2 months ago +1

    At least iPhones don't get annoying pop up malware that forces you to factory restore your phone when browsing shady websites.

    • Orav A.
      Orav A. 2 months ago

      Yeah, fuck android

  • Oxiphy
    Oxiphy 2 months ago

    “Error subscribing to channel” but WHY USclip!?

  • Riverdale tales
    Riverdale tales 2 months ago

    8========≠≠≠D 💦

  • Diego Afaga
    Diego Afaga 2 months ago +1

    Isheeps:triggered...am triggered!

    • Diego Afaga
      Diego Afaga Month ago

      Rudy Rodriguez k and why would a android user want a iPhone?

    • Rudy Rodriguez
      Rudy Rodriguez Month ago

      android fans: I'm so poor wish I could afford apple. maybe if I hate on youtube video like this, I'll get an iphone.

  • Pabio Floner
    Pabio Floner 2 months ago

    and now its dubstep

  • Erik van Ravenstein
    Erik van Ravenstein 2 months ago +1

    Because, just like kiwi’s they are very healthy for you?

  • Marissa Araceli
    Marissa Araceli 2 months ago

    Wtf that was hilarious

  • Lee Smith
    Lee Smith 2 months ago

    I read that as why do people like apples. I was curious if people really did like apples. They are always in abundance and I rarely see anyone eating them.

  • Critique Nut
    Critique Nut 2 months ago

    0:28 he went bill wurtz for a second, i guess

  • LightningZeno
    LightningZeno 2 months ago

    These days flagship android devices cost just as much as Apple and with Apple compromising on prices this time around I'd like to see how the battle fairs now that you can get an iPhone from $450 to $1000

  • gokul balagopal
    gokul balagopal 2 months ago

    People who will buy the monitor will probably have a stand or have the money to buy the 999 dollar stand,it is aimed at professionals,not every day users