Top 10 Scary Cursed Paintings You Should NEVER See - Part 2

  • Published on May 17, 2019
  • Top 10 Scary Cursed Paintings You Should NEVER See - Part 2
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    I'm honestly just a sucker for backstories, i love me a cheeky backstory i feel like stories are just neater and more detailed that way. And thankfully most paintings come with backstories whether that's of the artist them self or the inspiration behind the painting. But i have to clarify something when i talk about paintings you shouldn't see and the effects of them, these effects can really only harm you if you look at the painting in real life. Showing you the painting digitally does nothing so you're in safe hands. So now that my lecture is over, class is in session and this is the Top 10 Scary Cursed Paintings You Should NEVER See - Part 2.
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  • levi smells new subscribers

    "No one can stare into her eyes for more than 5 minutes"
    Me: hold my beer

  • littel granny
    littel granny 3 days ago +1

    I know those people with no face they were in animated storys they riped appart a girl with blond hair

  • Anne Bright
    Anne Bright 3 days ago


  • Andrew Watson
    Andrew Watson 3 days ago

    I think we found mom'o cousin

  • kc32005 lol
    kc32005 lol 4 days ago +1

    at 5:53 til 5:55 if you stare at the picture you can see her smile getting bigger and the eyes getting bigger

  • Brisingr Dragon
    Brisingr Dragon 5 days ago

    0:26 HMMMMM... 🤔
    How oddly convenient...

  • Sophia Grace
    Sophia Grace 5 days ago +1

    1: The faceless women
    Me: Their heads look like my doll Mirari's head

  • Sophia Grace
    Sophia Grace 5 days ago +1

    6: The Unkown Painting
    Her(I forgot her name): this THING
    Me: That is a yokai. I forgot what it's called but, it can only possess women (btw YES that IS a "I'm gonna kill you smile" and here's why:) and basically whenever women are possessed by it then basically in the night their necks extend as much as needed (there is literally no limit to their necks) then they eat a whole bunch of people and also her name means neck so there is something and she is in a tiny group of her and a yokai that possesses women and makes their head detach from their body and their flying heads drink people's blood in the middle of the night (kinda like rogue vampires)

  • R3aper0fSouls
    R3aper0fSouls 7 days ago +1

    The black and red gave me the coldest darkest most fearfilled feeling ive ever had

    BLUE SKULL 7 days ago

    No anguished man

  • Amanda Long
    Amanda Long 9 days ago

    I seriously love how you called Madame Lalaurie a hoe. :D

  • Ocean Mist
    Ocean Mist 9 days ago


  • Bryony Black
    Bryony Black 16 days ago

    im 8

  • Candice Adams
    Candice Adams 18 days ago

    Some artist: "I wanna paint something that makes people feel suicidal."

  • Abigail Karper
    Abigail Karper 19 days ago

    " Honestly this hoe finds herself in every video, I swear to God."

  • Smol Potato
    Smol Potato 20 days ago

    *Unknown Painting - Tomino's Hell*

  • Shiloh Ramirez
    Shiloh Ramirez 20 days ago

    Anyone else see the suicide girl's eye move

  • Diana Podushka
    Diana Podushka 22 days ago

    Ur my favorite host now!

  • Glaurong
    Glaurong 23 days ago +3

    "No one can stare at her eyes for 5 minutes."
    Challenge accepted.
    All right I did it and I also did it 5 months ago when I first saw the painting and heard the story. Nothing happened.

  • KinG Bankz
    KinG Bankz 24 days ago

    4:00 i have stared at the painting longer than five minutes, but I’m still fine

  • Girl GamerYT
    Girl GamerYT 24 days ago


  • Girl GamerYT
    Girl GamerYT 24 days ago

    i kinda wanna see her eyes cause like u can only feel sadness i gues?

  • Sylvia Alt
    Sylvia Alt 28 days ago

    Stop you are scaring me I'm never going to bed

  • shayzeghost reaper
    shayzeghost reaper 28 days ago

    Good I was scared that I'll die

  • Fantastic TM
    Fantastic TM 29 days ago

    She called the first artist a hoe damn they got beef???

  • Blaze Lolz
    Blaze Lolz 29 days ago +1

    I looked at the painting on #8 for 6.3 minutes and my arm is feeling heavy pain and numbness and my legs werent able to move for a bit, my heart is beating really fast and then super slow and everytime i breath i get less air im legit scared rn

  • - LightSwitch -
    - LightSwitch - Month ago

    “The painting would talk to her”
    Painting: *Yo what’s happening babe how’s life?*

  • Josip Vicelja
    Josip Vicelja Month ago

    😨😨😨😱😱😱 so scary !!!

  • CrazyCupcake69
    CrazyCupcake69 Month ago +1

    I literally hate the Jappanese painting 😭😭😭

  • Lisa Plays roblox
    Lisa Plays roblox Month ago +2

    6 the unowned painting oh crap I’m out she or he looks creepy

    • Humble Halfbreed
      Humble Halfbreed Month ago +1

      Lisa Plays roblox It's he. I know because I know the Japanese urban legend Tomino's Hell and also his name is Tomino

  • jonas spelar roblox

    OOOOoO did you just curse me i stared at the face women painting and i didint listen i just looked in it

  • Alexanderplays RB
    Alexanderplays RB Month ago

    The Painting gives people suicide thoughts *shows painting

  • Alaynah Calvert
    Alaynah Calvert Month ago

    Of you ever see these paintings, take a picture, then run. So when you see your friends, you can say "I saw a picture, and it's haunted". Then you see the their faces.

  • Andrew Watson
    Andrew Watson Month ago

    I think it's both is a I want to kill you in pain smile

    • Humble Halfbreed
      Humble Halfbreed Month ago +1

      Andrew Watson you can't be his son because he is a child
      nice try though

    • Andrew Watson
      Andrew Watson Month ago

      Don't judge me I'm just this guy's son

    • Humble Halfbreed
      Humble Halfbreed Month ago +1

      Andrew Watson I think it's too innocent to be an "I want to kill you smile" and the other smile I'm not really sure

  • xacidslayerx
    xacidslayerx Month ago +1


    • Humble Halfbreed
      Humble Halfbreed Month ago +1

      xacidslayerx oh god you must be surprised at number 6 because your Icon is Tomino's Hell

  • kiwi5slayer
    kiwi5slayer Month ago

    "these paintings can only harm you in real life and not if viewed digitally as you are about to" oh *clicks away*

  • Petergay Taylor
    Petergay Taylor Month ago

    Guys cashapp me for my birthday $BlackEmpressBouitque

  • MaryKate Lee
    MaryKate Lee Month ago

    "This ho finds herself in almost EVERY video" lol, I just died!

  • Rei Enderson
    Rei Enderson Month ago +1

    Oh ok

  • Emmalee Boyles
    Emmalee Boyles Month ago

    I don't know much - if anything - about my ancestry... but my mom looks EXACTLY like Madame Lalaurie. It's actually quite scary how similar they look to one another

  • multibrandan
    multibrandan Month ago +1

    The painting for number 6 just makes me think only about the cursed Japanese poem Tomino’s Hell

  • Elissa Rose Holmes
    Elissa Rose Holmes Month ago

    Okay, I tried to do the suicide girl. I stared into her eyes for two minutes, and now I’m sobbing, and slightly anxiety ridden. It almost looks like her face melts into a sunken skull. It’s HOR. RI. FY. ING!!!

  • Hi Friends
    Hi Friends Month ago +1

    0:22 PHEW

  • Alice Waltz
    Alice Waltz Month ago

    The unknown painting won't hurt you but it does look creepy

    • Humble Halfbreed
      Humble Halfbreed Month ago +1

      Alice Waltz noh itz juzt kyoot
      edet: ken yu reed thiss?

  • Kat McKenzie
    Kat McKenzie Month ago +1

    Number 8: My boyfriend has eyes that blue...

  • Anthony Gipe
    Anthony Gipe Month ago

    seeing the unknown painting of the creepy red chick.


    • Humble Halfbreed
      Humble Halfbreed 29 days ago +1

      Anthony Gipe help. me. please.

    • Anthony Gipe
      Anthony Gipe Month ago +1

      @Humble Halfbreed i call it nightmare fuel. make me extra-eamly uncomfortable to have it staring at me lol

    • Humble Halfbreed
      Humble Halfbreed Month ago +1

      Anthony Gipe it's not a creepy red chick or a thing in fact I think it's really cute

  • D D
    D D Month ago +1

    “A known wizard in his town”
    Super casual

  • ( O_〉O)?
    ( O_〉O)? Month ago +2

    The faceless women looked kinda Japanese.
    Just sayin'.

  • Vicky Wiley
    Vicky Wiley Month ago

    Marilyn Manson bought a bunch of Gacy’s paintings.

  • Chantal Cattleman
    Chantal Cattleman Month ago +1

    Every where i go i see his face,5:16 i just really miss him

    • Humble Halfbreed
      Humble Halfbreed Month ago

      Chantal Cattleman I wish it was the same with me it's too cute too resist♡

  • immortal9922
    immortal9922 Month ago

    I love Madam Lala

    THE THINK POT Month ago

    I want to see all of them

  • Neked Snek6990
    Neked Snek6990 Month ago

    Thanks for showing us the paintings .....

    BLACK WINGS Month ago

    Aaaa...that’s a boys name in my country 😅
    Eman is the closest to it and it means faith btw so...yeah...idk why I’m writing this

  • Hey Its Wolfie
    Hey Its Wolfie Month ago


  • omonie hunter
    omonie hunter Month ago +2

    omg madame lalurie was REAL?!?!?!?! i know her from american horror story thats Crazy!

  • Creepy Potato
    Creepy Potato Month ago +7

    Number 6 is supposed to induce suicidal thoughts....

    Too late!!! I've had those since I was 6!!!

    • levi smells new subscribers
      levi smells new subscribers 10 hours ago


    • Humble Halfbreed
      Humble Halfbreed Month ago +1

      not one bit

    • Humble Halfbreed
      Humble Halfbreed Month ago +1

      And honestly I don't know how this painting got on the video but the only thing I didn't like about it was Ayman was making fun of Tomino and I don't like it

    • Humble Halfbreed
      Humble Halfbreed Month ago +1

      It's not true it's a picture of my favorite urban legend (Tomino's Hell) and it's about a cursed poem and if you read it out loud you will be cursed with misfortune, injury, or death and the picture is not cursed it's just adorable

    • MBanette 049
      MBanette 049 Month ago


  • preston brown
    preston brown Month ago +1

    So you said the paintings can only harm you if you if you see them in person, but that korean girls portrait you said she uploaded it online before her death, so that started online

  • FaeryChild11
    FaeryChild11 Month ago


  • Vincent Malab
    Vincent Malab Month ago +1

    I really love the scary background sound. I hope the other scary videos use this sound again.

  • timothy holliday
    timothy holliday Month ago

    Question, WHY ARE YOU SHOWING US 😈 hehe

  • LightningSFM
    LightningSFM Month ago

    Never trust a man named Elia

  • Chemmow
    Chemmow Month ago

    #1 looks like some Tumblr fanart, lol

  • The Mask Maker
    The Mask Maker Month ago +1

    8 please don't show the picture again

  • Roy Benson
    Roy Benson Month ago

    Awesome night

  • Bryan Blackwell
    Bryan Blackwell Month ago

    im such a idiot for watching these videos before going to bed

  • Blizzard entertainment

    Nobody can stare at her eyes longer than 5 mins

    Me:hold my lessons

  • Blizzard entertainment

    Oh she finally said that only in real life I was about to say guess I’ll die again

  • TheRed Ghostman
    TheRed Ghostman Month ago

    Is it me or does anyone else see faces for the faceless women

  • TheRed Ghostman
    TheRed Ghostman Month ago

    I never did like the pogo the clown painting it was horribly made