• Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • Hey guy, so today's video is one thats a bit different than I have done. I was scrolling through the explore page of IG the other day and saw a few ads on teeth whiteners that really upset me, blatant false and deceptive advertising. Then I was over on Facebook and saw the same thing, scams showing people using Dermacol foundation but touting it as their brand of foundation. I wanted to show you guys because I saw the comments below the posts and all of them were inquiring about the products and how they could purchase them based on the videos that they were watching in the ads, which were not even the product being sold.
    This video is more or less to shed some light on the fact that there are people out there who spend their hard earned and saved money on products that aren't even what they are being marketed as. I know this is NOT a new thing, false advertising has been around since ads have, but I saw HUNDREDS of commenters below the posts of people wanting to buy the products and I realized that people outside of the beauty community and beauty space on USclip may not know that these are not the real product being used, and I see people giving their money to companies who ARE LYING to get your money. Their products may work, but they are illegally using videos from people testing other products and calling it their own.
    The teeth whitener is completely photoshopped and people PURCHASE the fakery. This video likely won't stop it from happening, because outside of the USclip community, it is easy for companies to swindle their viewers with deceptive ads, but I just wanted to let people know to keep their wits about them, realize that things aren't always what they seem and that just because its on your favorite app, doesn't mean you should take what they say at face value.
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  • Lexy Perez
    Lexy Perez 6 hours ago

    We need a tutorial on this eye look!!!!!

  • Rosey Bennett
    Rosey Bennett 15 hours ago

    Thank you for telling those in the beauty community who dont have the experience to know to do their research before buying things!!! I dont spend a dime unless I research something first or know the brand well enough to trust their formulas ...

  • Amanda Straight
    Amanda Straight 7 days ago

    Looooooooooove your eye look... BEAUTIFUL ❤️

  • Rachel Killaa
    Rachel Killaa 13 days ago

    I'm going to share this on my facebook

  • Holly Carter
    Holly Carter 14 days ago

    I sure can’t wait to share stuff on my page.., I am new to USclip.
    I mean like 6 mths or so.....
    Show grace, I’m old.. not actually, just a hairstylist that’s super busy & I hv all the excuses. Anywho in love w kristi.
    Oh ps. Why do people repeat what you’ve said?
    Is that the thing to do?? I’m not going to, but 😆

  • Alexa Boyd
    Alexa Boyd 17 days ago

    Also allot of these products being sold online can be manufactured in un-safe environments and with un-safe materials to cut on costs which will ultimately result in a poor and possibly hazardous product.

  • Alexa Boyd
    Alexa Boyd 17 days ago

    Sidenote, your eye look is bomb

  • Alana Elliott
    Alana Elliott Month ago

    The company called Pheora recently contacted me to be an ambassador for their brand, that I would be sent products to review and also receive commission with a discount code...as long as I buy something using my personal code within 72 hours to activate the ambassador process. 🙄 All the work of commenting and DM’ing and promising of this and that, just so I or anyone buy a product. Pathetic.

  • TheRealPP1
    TheRealPP1 Month ago

    This is why I fucking love you !! ❤️😭😭😭😭

  • Sophia C
    Sophia C Month ago

    I cancelled my smile direct club after doing more research, apparently there's a lawsuit against them for fraud and false advertising

  • Alice Abrahamsson
    Alice Abrahamsson Month ago

    3:20 That is Karin Berndt, a Swedish youtuber.

  • Catherine
    Catherine Month ago

    I found with those makeup & other product scams on Facebook when u comment the truth about it, within an hour your comment is goooooone. They delete all the negative comments so potential customers don't get to see REAL reviews & make it look like their product is in high demand. Then when customers find out its all bullshit after they buy it they offer a refund if u send it back, BUT the cost of postage to send it back is usually more than what your paid for it or they have a tiny little sized disclaimer saying they don't offer refunds etc. Thats why it's cheap. bloody ridiculous.

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark Month ago

    Omfg your eye look 😍

  • Kelly Knight
    Kelly Knight Month ago

    I tried that foundation because of having bad acne, and yeah they got me because I felt hopeless on finding a foundation to help and this ain't it, should have bothered and known the comments from people saying it worked were fake!! p/s also doesn't cover tattoos/ isn't matt/ does rub off mostly all over my boyf face when I kiss him! going to try dermocol now i've seen you have used it and its good! I did try and do my homework but fake reviews are also a big problem

  • Gacha Lover2000
    Gacha Lover2000 2 months ago

    I agree with most of this video specifically the teeth whitener and the false advertising bs on IG. Now as for the dermacol one... they may have an amazing product, can’t afford advertising, found the closest videos or images to show how their product works and used it in hopes to get their business off the ground or reach ppl who may not be able to afford Dermacol. Idk I am trying to see the positive because idky someone would blatantly lie when the people are going to get the product and come back and say this is bs! Ugh it’s a tough one. I don’t however think they should use anyone’s images without their permission except for people already on the public platform in regards to beauty or health whatever their business line is.

  • Cherise Johnston
    Cherise Johnston 2 months ago

    I hate photoshop pictures. They are so fake. I sell toothpaste that whitens( within a week) and alot of people are skeptical because of the fakes out there.

  • Melissa Newton
    Melissa Newton 2 months ago

    Funny enough, I stopped by your channel because I saw an ad on FB for magnetic eyeliner and lashes, and I wanted to see if it was legit. I'm one to always do in-depth research before buying things, and that's something I always suggest to do! I never make a purchase before making sure the company and product are what they claim.

  • WinterLover
    WinterLover 2 months ago

    On eBay you can buy brushes that say Bobbi Brown or Mac or Sigma, even Wayne Goss for $20!! Why ebay or Facebook allow this to happen is unreal to me. This is supposedly against the law. Most people are aware but some poor people believe it and waste their money on shit from China! It infuriates me. I never buy from Facebook or eBay.

  • Manic Mommi
    Manic Mommi 2 months ago

    You should make this a series. Shit products that don’t work! 👍🏻

  • JeepMom
    JeepMom 2 months ago

    I love you, you’re the best and you crack me up! Plus you always look amazing😄

  • michele natzke
    michele natzke 2 months ago

    Had to share on Facebook

  • Sour Eggz
    Sour Eggz 2 months ago

    Also, you bet your ass half those comments are bots that are meant to impress upon people that there is interest in their product and gives the impression that it is legitimate.

  • Hexe689
    Hexe689 2 months ago

    Almost every single publicity is garbage and lies even the publicity made by the so called beauty gurus who recommend products and don’t even use them at the end of the day they just do it to gain money with their “discount codes”

  • loz6702
    loz6702 2 months ago

    I’m a bit late to the table but what also pisses me off is when you call these companies out in their comments they will delete it. Which is no surprise considering the way they operate.

  • Jeanicia Sparkles
    Jeanicia Sparkles 2 months ago

    *Hates Facebook*
    *Gets a Facebook ad*

  • Krystle Neumann
    Krystle Neumann 2 months ago

    Love your videos!!! BTW, your makeup here is stunning!!! Please do a tutorial on your eye look 😀😀

  • Anessa Lea
    Anessa Lea 3 months ago


  • Jess Blended
    Jess Blended 3 months ago

    I fell for the Phoera ad I ordered it and never got it in the mail. I tried to email and the email for their customer service wouldn't work

  • Jayne Gardiner
    Jayne Gardiner 3 months ago

    You go girl!

  • Sammie A
    Sammie A 3 months ago

    Same shit different smell 💩

  • Diamond Dia
    Diamond Dia 3 months ago

    You girl just ROCK ! Everything u have said was real and the truth .Hate Facebook too 👍 thanks for the upload

  • Kim K.
    Kim K. 3 months ago

    It’s the same as on regular tv advertising mascara and the woman has false lashes on!

  • Kim K.
    Kim K. 3 months ago

    YES!! I commented on that video that they were using video clips OF OTHER BEAUTY INFLUENCERS WHO WERE TESTING DERMACOL ON THEIR OWN CHANNEL!!!!

  • Holly Porter
    Holly Porter 3 months ago

    Agree 💯 with you. Also, have you don’t a tutorial on this eye look! Its phenomenal!! I would love to learn how you did it. 💋

  • cheryl hensley
    cheryl hensley 3 months ago

    Yes girl, this shit pisses me off to no end. It makes me sick. This is why I love your channel, you are honest n straight up so thank you for what you do.

  • Mellissa Cross
    Mellissa Cross 3 months ago

    @RawBeautyKristi so I was just trying to randomly show my husband who you were and what your channel was about. I literally clicked on this video out of a ton and time stamp approx 6:00 roughly, which is a statement he and I always talk about. No one outside of the beauty YT community knows anyone inside the inside beauty YT com.

  • Y Liberal
    Y Liberal 3 months ago

    You must be talking about Jaclyn Hill?! LOL

  • Angela Carpenter
    Angela Carpenter 3 months ago

    Amen thank u this is why I love u

  • Cecil Jasper Kelly
    Cecil Jasper Kelly 3 months ago

    I'll never fall for a scam ever again because I got scammed trying to buy an apartment last December and lost almost 3000 euro because I didn't have anyone advising me on what to do and the real estate in Dublin city is insane and incredibly fucked up

  • Narda H
    Narda H 3 months ago

    Your eyes look awesome. You look awesome ☮️

  • NinjaPegasus300
    NinjaPegasus300 3 months ago

    Girl that eye makeup here!!!!! Ah!!🤩❤️😍 is there a tutorial of this?

  • Mitchell Druken
    Mitchell Druken 3 months ago

    I'd like to know why instagram/Facebook allows these bull shit adds. I feel that they have a duty owed to make sure any advertising on THEIR platform is legitimate? They obviously don't care about their users

  • banana milk
    banana milk 3 months ago

    when your eye look said “ 🎆✨💫⭐️🌟⚡️🌈” i felt that. its perfect

  • Gaby L
    Gaby L 4 months ago

    Facebook gets draggggggged

  • J Gal
    J Gal 4 months ago

    I’m older & not sure who those women are. Glad this played on my USclip this morning bc I thought that they were modeling for multiple companies. Glad it’s not them. But shocked the company is getting away w this!

  • That Awkward Girl
    That Awkward Girl 4 months ago

    I love this eye look its so pretty

  • Conney Candy
    Conney Candy 4 months ago

    Have u heard anything about creams that instantly tighten under eye circles in 5 min as a licensed I cosmetologist get a lot of questions about them.I have a few & none of them work? LOL. You're awesome by the way

  • Conney Candy
    Conney Candy 4 months ago

    Ur Eyeshadow is amazing!?🖤

  • Lisa Gumm clark
    Lisa Gumm clark 4 months ago

    I am going to share this video. I shared it. Umm question....are you saysaying that foundation is good or what sorry I got a lil confused. I'm on disadisability and want to look my best and dodon't want to buy crap with the lil money I have. Thank you for spespeaking out

  • C Hitoshi
    C Hitoshi 4 months ago

    I'm so glad that I found your channel. I love that you tell it like it is and you're a real beautiful person and not a fake cosmo girl. As for the comments on FB, I genuinely believe that those comments are BS - I am confident that they are paid for their comments and questions to hype the advertisement. Again, thank you for your channel and for telling it like it is!

  • Copper Criss
    Copper Criss 4 months ago

    Thank you for this helpful info... You're awesome!! Just subscribed to your channel!! Looking forward to more videos from you!! xo

  • Rebecca S.
    Rebecca S. 4 months ago

    Who else clicked on the video because her little profile picture looks soooooo good!

  • M Shubhada
    M Shubhada 4 months ago

    Good eye makeup

  • Emma Angelo Haase Potts

    Also, the product is never shown in those scam videos, for example the dermacol thing, is shown in peoples reviews but when they steal and falsely advertise some shit, they neeeeever show what the product so that another thing to look for

  • Miss Anthrope
    Miss Anthrope 4 months ago

    I can't sleep and tripped across this. Ugh, I so got taken is by one of these while sick. Learned my lesson.

  • xFinal
    xFinal 4 months ago

    It's called dropshipping lol

  • Marissa Bones
    Marissa Bones 4 months ago

    Loving the eyes

  • Kat DEL
    Kat DEL 4 months ago

    Common sense is free people

  • Brendi A
    Brendi A 4 months ago

    Your so beautiful! And honest

  • Imvu Ehsi
    Imvu Ehsi 4 months ago

    Okay but SHAPERMINT IS REAL. really good stuff