$7 Buffet Vs. $95 Buffet

  • Published on Mar 19, 2017
  • "Champagne wishes and caviar dreams."
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Comments • 20 061

  • Peter T
    Peter T Day ago

    did tasty have a review at the caesar's palace buffet one point or am i cray?

  • Daniel
    Daniel Day ago

    love these videos

  • Alanna Umm
    Alanna Umm Day ago

    I’ve had frog legs and it tastes like
    REALLY tender chicken

  • Noelle Iconic
    Noelle Iconic Day ago

    being now in season two i just want to tell how angelic andrew's face when he's smiling in slow motion aaawww its probably because he rarely smiles i dont even know if he smiled in this episode i just really want to share what's in my head

  • Simple Vlog
    Simple Vlog Day ago

    7!?!?!! WHT I PAY 45$ for 2PPL

  • Yuk Kuliner
    Yuk Kuliner Day ago

    2K19 anyone?

  • James McCarthy
    James McCarthy 3 days ago

    Actually, Vegas is known for casinos..

  • Blue_Angel
    Blue_Angel 3 days ago

    Wow, I'm 8 years younger than Andrew and Steven xD

  • Joseph Neutral
    Joseph Neutral 4 days ago

    I don't think that I liked the other company.
    Bunch of trash talking bastards!*

  • Cassidy Francis
    Cassidy Francis 4 days ago

    What’s a high five called if you use your foot? It’s called a low five :)

  • Baffalo 3281
    Baffalo 3281 4 days ago

    THAT WINK! 0:59

  • BadVocals !
    BadVocals ! 5 days ago

    Can you only get one plate or something 😂

  • NightcoreFox
    NightcoreFox 5 days ago

    9:45 rubs eye.

  • Auto_Maniax_Leader Pf

    why that when u have bon pan asia for 13 in england

  • frank west
    frank west 6 days ago

    frog legs are really good

  • Cameron P
    Cameron P 6 days ago

    Andrew is noticeably more comfortable in front of the camera on the latter seasons. Glad for this. He’s having fun.

  • Serena Danieli
    Serena Danieli 7 days ago

    “Spoon is my favorite utensil.” Insert Kristin from Ladylike: “SPOON”

  • _Ayo_Its_ Amira_
    _Ayo_Its_ Amira_ 7 days ago

    "Bone sucker"

  • Olivia Taylor
    Olivia Taylor 8 days ago

    I live in Vegas 😎😎

  • Joy Lim
    Joy Lim 8 days ago

    It's soo fluffy

  • Vicky Primal
    Vicky Primal 9 days ago

    *Gives Adam Cinnamon Roll*
    ME: Cannibalism!

  • TRMV
    TRMV 9 days ago

    Sterling Brunch was AMAZING!!! Absolutely the Best Buffet Experience in Las Vegas!!!

  • TRMV
    TRMV 9 days ago

    Wicked Spoon Sucked Out Loud, Just Horrible!

  • Yung XDrex
    Yung XDrex 9 days ago

    Golden corral is way better than all of these

  • kamlesh minetech
    kamlesh minetech 11 days ago

    the 7 dollar buffet seems really worth it

  • Dragonking
    Dragonking 11 days ago

    girlfriend? uhhh.. yeah....... right

  • TheFunnyPizza
    TheFunnyPizza 11 days ago

    Even in slowmo its not cool

  • Ag Cool
    Ag Cool 11 days ago

    wait, for the wicked spoon is it $50 per persoj, or $50 for the both of them? sorry, im just thinking of going

  • buckslim4
    buckslim4 11 days ago

    Thank you! I will be trying everyone of these places when I visit 😋

  • Alyssa Gill
    Alyssa Gill 12 days ago

    11:39 is hilarious 😂😂😂

  • OhhJustSTFU
    OhhJustSTFU 12 days ago

    its not about the destination its about the intoxication

  • JACKis HD
    JACKis HD 12 days ago

    Adam: like this combination of..
    Andrew: Alright shut up

  • AshmeGT Themie
    AshmeGT Themie 13 days ago

    4:22 That sounded like the phub's intro😂

  • Shealyn Kelley
    Shealyn Kelley 13 days ago

    When they pronounce Nevada wrong ):

  • Ashley Cuyler
    Ashley Cuyler 14 days ago


  • Harley Morris
    Harley Morris 14 days ago

    Go to Laughlin at the river side they have a Buffet and a lot of regular eatery places and do a best casino/hotel please I would love to have you read my comment

  • Ma Living
    Ma Living 14 days ago

    No, no.. it is topped with a red waffle 😂 my kind of man

  • Kaitibug Bennett
    Kaitibug Bennett 15 days ago


  • David Adrian Fernández Rodríguez

    Alright alright shut up 😂😂

  • Xuan Dinh
    Xuan Dinh 15 days ago

    Steven, where are you from?

  • d.lopez
    d.lopez 15 days ago

    5:24 Steven- “first things first...
    Steven- “...im the realist”

  • Michael Bergeron
    Michael Bergeron 15 days ago

    I absolutely refuse to watch any episodes that include aDam

  • menuki desilva
    menuki desilva 15 days ago

    wait 95 is considered expensive, and THERE ARE BUFFETS YOU CAN GO TO FOR 7 DOLLARS? i always just went to the 95 ones....... WASTED

  • Bryce lambeth
    Bryce lambeth 16 days ago

    Blue face baby

  • Yesenia Puentes
    Yesenia Puentes 17 days ago

    5:23 😂 okay iggy

  • Kaye Domingo
    Kaye Domingo 17 days ago

    I love Adam

  • Shan Lin
    Shan Lin 17 days ago +1

    3:29 your welcome

  • The Ewok Lord
    The Ewok Lord 18 days ago

    12:48 Drunk Andrew was too disappointed

  • Funny Memes
    Funny Memes 18 days ago

    7 dollars for all that food?!?! Are you kidding me?!?!?!

  • Funny Memes
    Funny Memes 18 days ago

    Steven's Chinese?

  • Shalena Lam
    Shalena Lam 19 days ago

    “first things first.... i’m the realest” and “jump back to reality.... ooo there goes gravity (Keith in a sims video)” have the same energy

  • Veronica Chan
    Veronica Chan 19 days ago +1

    Andrew: Yo pull the f$&k over I'm petting this puppy

  • Kumari Ghalley
    Kumari Ghalley 20 days ago

    When you feel confident 13:21

  • Kumari Ghalley
    Kumari Ghalley 20 days ago

    Adam 12:23 driver

  • Alarise Bama
    Alarise Bama 20 days ago

    what am i doing watching this in the middle of the night torturing myself with this delicious foooooooods 🤤

  • Melat G
    Melat G 20 days ago

    Where is this 7 dollar buffet

  • Eila Nusrat
    Eila Nusrat 21 day ago

    You don't feed Adam enough! 🤨

    • Melat G
      Melat G 20 days ago

      He eats off camera with the rest of the crew

  • Jason Jason
    Jason Jason 22 days ago +2

    These guys are so gay🤢

  • Jeff Lam
    Jeff Lam 24 days ago +1

    this is pretty cool

  • Supreme Jae
    Supreme Jae 25 days ago +1

    adam should be the star of the show, look At tHE mF hAiR

  • jetttskiman
    jetttskiman 25 days ago

    Enough with the slow motion shots of the food going in their mouths.

  • im not inappropriate im not weird

    The buffet that I go it cost 64 dollers

  • SnowBallYT
    SnowBallYT 26 days ago

    funy because i watch these when im either hungry so im jealous , or im very full so eating is the last thing i want to do .

  • _E5TARs _
    _E5TARs _ 26 days ago


  • HeHoZy
    HeHoZy 26 days ago

    Can we just talk about how classy Adam looks with those sunglasses?

  • Nolan Oka
    Nolan Oka 27 days ago


  • Samira Abdelhady
    Samira Abdelhady 27 days ago

    I love Andrew 😂😂

  • D B
    D B 27 days ago

    That is the happiest I have ever seen Adam.....

  • Bby Blue
    Bby Blue 27 days ago

    *[ToUngE ViBraTioN]*

  • Meghan Bowen
    Meghan Bowen 27 days ago

    Just marry me already Andrew. 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Fri3nd's
    Fri3nd's 28 days ago

    imagine they were vegitarians

  • zamasu the god
    zamasu the god 29 days ago

    The only people in BuzzFeed I like

  • FireBalls Fireworks
    FireBalls Fireworks 29 days ago +3

    Andrew in 0:46 is just finding an excuse to drink. I 💗 it

  • Hooi Tat
    Hooi Tat Month ago

    Ya all kids should be eating whiskey carrots!

  • Sincerely, Agatha
    Sincerely, Agatha Month ago

    I need to move to Vegas.

  • Surjasarathi Adhya
    Surjasarathi Adhya Month ago

    all expensive buffets have seafood, i hate seafood

  • Scaria Minu
    Scaria Minu Month ago

    I want to hug Adam

  • Tony Gagz
    Tony Gagz Month ago

    Lol in Australia we have a $210 buffet

  • Karuna Dhir
    Karuna Dhir Month ago

    Sterling lady: its definately worth it
    Steven and Andrew:thats our job

  • T-Animations
    T-Animations Month ago

    2:09 when I used to live in lv, I've been to that exact buffet.

  • 企鹅群752690305
    企鹅群752690305 Month ago

    I'd visit that $7 buffet every weekend.

  • Snoop Gaming
    Snoop Gaming Month ago


  • Sabina Tsang
    Sabina Tsang Month ago

    6:14 What I actually said out loud: Is It?
    (I've never seen frog legs used in Chinese food before, not that I'm an expert in Chinese cuisine)

  • Izzy johnas
    Izzy johnas Month ago

    Why is the Chinese guy always doing the talking

    • abella nhan
      abella nhan 29 days ago

      Izzy johnas hes not chinese, hes MALAYSIAN :)

  • Hoodie Boy
    Hoodie Boy Month ago +1

    Im sorry Steven. But the napkin thing is not cool. 😎

  • Elvira Fernandes
    Elvira Fernandes Month ago

    Adam 😍

  • Joey the bmx kid
    Joey the bmx kid Month ago

    I live in Vegas and I know what they're known for gambling

  • Pat An
    Pat An Month ago

    What a bunch of wankers

  • Karla Sanchez
    Karla Sanchez Month ago

    Oooohhh noooo why’d he say Nevada like that 😫😫😫

  • Bigfirdfin
    Bigfirdfin Month ago


    That's all I have to say...

  • Šêdáčłë -
    Šêdáčłë - Month ago

    They always do classical/satisfying music at the end.

  • Isabella VanderHeijden

    Who else watches this just because you are hungry af and love torchering yourself?

  • Adam Ceesay
    Adam Ceesay Month ago

    Vagas is also known for its casinos but who's looking at google

  • Clyde Elrod Jr.
    Clyde Elrod Jr. Month ago

    Adam is too cool

  • JustSomeCarrotHere Don'tMindMe

    Is it just me or does Andrew always try to undermine and talk down to Steven?

  • Kobe Huynh
    Kobe Huynh Month ago +20

    Adam is everyone’s favorite cinnamon bun. PROVE ME WRONG

  • Claudia Eats
    Claudia Eats Month ago

    “first things first- i’m the realest” bahaha, still cracks me up

  • IntelliPocalypse
    IntelliPocalypse Month ago

    Watching 2 men eat for a living

  • HunterZ21
    HunterZ21 Month ago +3

    whos watching while eating?

  • KrispyOtaku
    KrispyOtaku Month ago

    i like food