Diving Platform Alley Oop | How Ridiculous

  • Published on Nov 27, 2015
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    Ep 2 of our TV show has the whole HR squad ballin' at the indoor pool! Love those chlorine feels :D
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Comments • 408

  • Xhelloxshane X
    Xhelloxshane X Month ago +1

    I’m...so confused..it has the “Disney XD” icon in the bottom left corner...but it’s HR...so..what?

  • Jesse
    Jesse Month ago

    He wasn't in the air at the top. This was a fail

  • robtowen
    robtowen 2 months ago


  • A Dempsey
    A Dempsey 3 months ago +1

    Corporate how ridiculous lol

  • Paul Azzi
    Paul Azzi 3 months ago

    Plz don’t try this at home unless if you dude perfect

    ANDREW HOLTON 4 months ago

    How far you have all come in presentation style since then 😲. 😁

  • jack o'connell
    jack o'connell 4 months ago

    Couldn’t get they’re bodies out then 😂😂

  • David Macaulay
    David Macaulay 4 months ago

    Comparing the stiff, scripted, watered down feel of this video to independent How Ridiculous is like night and day.

  • Benjammin
    Benjammin 5 months ago

    Rewatching for old times sake. I like it better how it is now though

  • Logan Mills
    Logan Mills 5 months ago


  • Alexander Willow
    Alexander Willow 5 months ago

    I would have known about you guys sooner if I had access to cable.

  • Archimedes Joseph Calnan

    Comment from the future: CHRIST THIS IS CRINGEY

  • eevee
    eevee 6 months ago +2

    So your on Disney XD now?

  • Kid Trix
    Kid Trix 6 months ago

    I so want to do that

  • Gaming For A Day
    Gaming For A Day 7 months ago +2

    I don't know how to watch Disney XD back😢I'm live in Malaysia but I'm not promoting to Malaysian that I'm live in Malaysia

  • tomonkysinatree
    tomonkysinatree 7 months ago

    They probably got good experience from working with Disney, but I like their format better. It's just not the same without a commtest!

  • wriggling winston
    wriggling winston 8 months ago

    Fridge vs rc cars

  • wriggling winston
    wriggling winston 8 months ago

    No commtest

  • Sophie Rajakariar
    Sophie Rajakariar 8 months ago

    Binge watching all the videos I forgot to watch. So insane how good you guys are. So underrated.

  • Evo Docturine
    Evo Docturine 8 months ago

    They made you guys sound like robots didn't they!!? I'm gonna go find my tin hat.

  • Aaron Fleshner
    Aaron Fleshner 10 months ago

    Being a diver this is awesome! I always love y'all's videos and to find one that incorporates what I love to do. Its just amazing. Thank you guys so much for throwing this in one for your videos. If you all are ever I think the states and wanna go even bigger let me know and I'll see what I can do with to help y'all out!

  • Eli Reid
    Eli Reid 11 months ago

    I thought you Aussie boys were in to budgie smugglers?

  • Jack Blades
    Jack Blades 11 months ago

    Every now and then I notice you guys sound like you have a gun to your head and then I realize it's one of your Disney videos.

  • Thomas Jensen
    Thomas Jensen Year ago

    I can’t swim and I’m a bit scared of heights, so don’t worry...I won’t try this anywhere.

  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson Year ago

    Your down in Tassie!

  • bioLarzen
    bioLarzen Year ago

    Pure luck I've just sold my diving tower - now I sure can't try this at home!

  • Jake's Channel
    Jake's Channel Year ago

    2018 anyone

  • Maz Vlogs
    Maz Vlogs Year ago +1

    Uhhhh what the heck was this... I mean dope, but this isn't the kind of videos you make, you pretty much just put your commercial on your channel lmao

  • Olav
    Olav Year ago +1

    3:21 So genuine! LOL

  • JigsawFlix 123
    JigsawFlix 123 Year ago

    He says don’t try this at home

    Me: oops too late

  • XxxFraction 11xxX

    A little cringy but really cool!

  • Lily Pickford
    Lily Pickford Year ago

    It makes me smile to see you boys so happy and relived!! That’s amazing

  • becky bevan
    becky bevan Year ago

    to bad it was short

  • becky bevan
    becky bevan Year ago


  • silly chipmunk
    silly chipmunk Year ago

    Wow like I have a 2 meet at pool at home with basketball hoop

  • Coolest Jackson Of All

    Where was this?

  • Kemal Çaput
    Kemal Çaput Year ago


  • aaah tex
    aaah tex Year ago

    How many peeps have a Diving Platform setup like that to try it @ home???

  • Campbell  Froude
    Campbell Froude Year ago

    This is HBF stadium do you guys live in perth

  • David Waters
    David Waters Year ago

    Derek was still on the platform when he caught the ball!

  • Roger Dinarte
    Roger Dinarte Year ago

    Nice...yall must have been tired after going up on them stairs

  • Jake Heathcock
    Jake Heathcock Year ago

    Now try for a swish

  • 328am
    328am Year ago

    Anyone know the outro song?

  • Sam sam
    Sam sam Year ago

    I want chocolate

  • Mostly Impossible

    I hate the child stuff

  • theo sidoruk
    theo sidoruk Year ago +3


  • Jezzamanu
    Jezzamanu Year ago

    383 shots made

  • red pollard
    red pollard Year ago +25

    did Disney edit this? doesn't feel like the normal how ridiculous

  • samadamn morphett
    samadamn morphett Year ago +4

    Urgh the Disney XD videos are so shit

  • Quinn Mulcahy18
    Quinn Mulcahy18 Year ago

    For all the idiots out there. These guys are British

  • Aaron Kuusela
    Aaron Kuusela Year ago +8

    score review.
    Judges call is Derek didnt jump of when he grabed ball.
    After review he did not jump in time.
    Boys, re-do the trick.

  • Will White
    Will White Year ago

    Why can’t we try this at home

  • PrinceBejita
    PrinceBejita Year ago

    doesnt count you should all jump at the same time

  • Shaun
    Shaun Year ago

    well done chaps

  • Brandon Cutler
    Brandon Cutler Year ago

    Collab with dude perfect!

  • plasticfrank
    plasticfrank Year ago

    66% Habsburg Jaw. Is USclip now just a place for the aristocracy to show off?

    JAXON BEARE Year ago

    Do not try this at home ya because we all have a big ass swimming pool in are backyard

  • Kelsey Savage
    Kelsey Savage Year ago

    Can I try it at a friends place instead?

  • xxYUMOxx
    xxYUMOxx Year ago


  • Uncooked Toast
    Uncooked Toast Year ago

    Don't try this at home
    OK i will just do it at the community pool

  • der Boss
    der Boss 2 years ago

    They shoulda dunked it this was kinda lame

  • Blaize Parrish
    Blaize Parrish 2 years ago

    You can tell they had lines worst actors yet

  • Jamie Parsons
    Jamie Parsons 2 years ago

    Was that filmed in melbourne?

  • Jacob Andrew Productions

    Don't try this at home ok I will just try it my public pool

  • boubaker hedyaoui
    boubaker hedyaoui 2 years ago +1

    haha after effect :)

  • Jkou Files
    Jkou Files 2 years ago

    I tried it at home and it worked

  • Brooke Kerr
    Brooke Kerr 2 years ago

    so good 😍😍

  • Squirt Cheeze
    Squirt Cheeze 2 years ago

    soooo copying dude perfect

  • Lucas Salinas
    Lucas Salinas 2 years ago

    that shot was awesome

  • Pg_jack_ lp
    Pg_jack_ lp 2 years ago

    i dont have such a big pool like that at home :D