Korean TRADITIONAL MARKET & FIVE STAR Breakfast Buffet in Seoul South Korea | Asiana Business Class

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
  • Traveled from Seattle Washington to Seoul South Korea for filming on Asiana Airways Business Class, the headed directly to Namdaemun market for some local Korean food.
    #koreanfood #businessclass #seoul
    Airline: Asiana Airways
    Hotel: The Plaza
    Market: Namdaemun
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  • Mikey Chen
    Mikey Chen  16 days ago +1565

    Ok....so heres the thing...I'm really really incredibly dumb sometimes. I meant to say this was November NOT January lol this was filmed last week. Sorry! 😬

    • Rama Khraisat
      Rama Khraisat 5 days ago

      If you're planning to come to a country in the MENA region especially Jordan, I'll be more than happy to show you my country and all nice restaurants here

    • Hydrogen _
      Hydrogen _ 8 days ago

      mikeeeyy i perfer u to buy adidas ultraboost its because its super comfortable and its good for walking to and running and going to the gym it makes ur feet cold inside the shoes it feels like ur wearing socks.

    • TEAM_MIST _
      TEAM_MIST _ 8 days ago

      You should watch food war it’s a really good food anime

    • Shabina Khan
      Shabina Khan 9 days ago

      mike u would love to be in Pakistan!

    • Neta Batata
      Neta Batata 10 days ago

      You made me so confused hahaha
      I'm like "it took him 11 months to edit?" but also I was surprised the streets are not snowy in Seoul LOL

  • Stephen dela Cruz

    Take your time Mikey... take your time. Do what it feels right! 👍👍

  • alisonyaj
    alisonyaj Hour ago

    OMG Mike. I'm glad that you were able to experience this trip on your own... Your someone is waiting out there for you. Good luck!

  • Shandy Leer
    Shandy Leer Hour ago

    I want to take Mike in Pampanga- the culinary capital of the Philippines.

  • Peggy Gresham
    Peggy Gresham 4 hours ago


  • Lydia A
    Lydia A 7 hours ago

    Nooo Mikey tell us more 😩😩😭😭

  • Prasanna Gurung
    Prasanna Gurung 8 hours ago

    😢 I just hope you’re happy and I love to watch you eat.

  • Jung Hee
    Jung Hee 17 hours ago

    Hermès doesn’t sell macaroons and it’s something you should really keep haha
    Its okay, korean girls are hard to forget, we know that 😉

  • Jan Op
    Jan Op 20 hours ago

    Time heals Mike... we got your back.

  • Zubair Nisar
    Zubair Nisar 20 hours ago


  • 시애틀의 잠잘자는 언니

    I like you eating deliciously~welcome to korea^^

  • My Opinion
    My Opinion Day ago +1

    You got me all teary with you...

  • Selin Canker
    Selin Canker Day ago +1

    Does anyone know why he doesn’t consume alcohol?

  • Anjali Durbejai
    Anjali Durbejai Day ago

    1:08 its a good brand

  • Zack Siddiqi
    Zack Siddiqi Day ago +2

    7:03 i felt that😔

  • Sesrin
    Sesrin Day ago +1

    Man mikey i understand the location thing
    I've always wanted to visit (maybe even move to) Vancouver, Canada and i once had a long distance partner who i was going to visit there around new years
    So when things ended about the end of November right before the holiday season everything just kind of changed so quickly for me and its been really tough processing it
    I can't even begin to think of planning that trip now even a year later because all I can think about is all the dreams we talked about and all the places they wanted to show me
    It's a weird mess of missing them and feeling like I'm missing the opportunity for the chance to keep those potential happy memories
    Hoping that one day I'll be fine and I'll be able to travel there myself and sight see haha
    Proud you were able to make it back to Seoul!
    That's a stop on my list too haha

  • Cindy _
    Cindy _ Day ago

    Your cheese comment is sO truE!!! LOL Hilarious!!!

  • Soleil Z
    Soleil Z Day ago

    wait what you're opening A RESTAURANT??? PLS correct me if I'm wrong

  • Veronica Gray
    Veronica Gray Day ago

    I would love to watch him do a no voice mukbang with a bit of asmr😊😊😊😊

  • HM S
    HM S Day ago +1

    Mikey: this is getting too depressing, lets go find food...
    ME:NO!! WAIT!!!! I HAVE QUESTIONS. Come Back😢

  • Tenz Tops
    Tenz Tops Day ago

    Wow someone’s really hungry, go get something to eat , it really is getting depressing

  • Olman Aguilar
    Olman Aguilar Day ago +1

    Delicious breakfast, yummy yummy

  • Tommy Tith
    Tommy Tith Day ago +1

    Yes Cambodia Cool

  • Rupi Singh
    Rupi Singh 2 days ago +1

    Heart break can fuc up ny one bro u say u got over here in an year took me 5 years to get tht out my system. It's a sad solo journey where u jus look back n think I did this wrong but in truth it's jus a realization tht it was not ur all ur fault . And the best cope up is to let new ppl in ur life so u can make better memories with them. Happy eating bro .

  • Christine Cubacub
    Christine Cubacub 2 days ago

    Wow 😮

  • zach smith
    zach smith 2 days ago +1

    I appreciate the opening up more to us on this video hope keep up the videos always love to see your adventures

  • C.O.E ContentOfEverything

    There's always lots of fish in the sea Mike don't worry.

  • hanny z
    hanny z 2 days ago +1

    so cute when you slid the mirror before entering the bedroom and say HELLO! 💕

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    Beyond science 😐😯😔😔😔

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    Jawm Ramos 2 days ago

    Jackie chan look like hehehe

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    Tee S 2 days ago +1

    Heartbreaks hurt alott

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    Pauline Rod 2 days ago

    Watching your videos is torture and happiness in the same time xD

  • Nahum James
    Nahum James 3 days ago +1

    really excited about you coming to Pakistan. It had been a wish of mine for the longest time :'3

  • dabu5459
    dabu5459 3 days ago +1

    Don’t stop traveling 🧳!

  • Moshi Moshi
    Moshi Moshi 3 days ago

    Here watching Mike Chen eating. While im here eating Indomie.

  • BigBoy 2010
    BigBoy 2010 3 days ago +1

    I love this man so much

  • Kae Dunn
    Kae Dunn 3 days ago +1

    Person you thought you were going to marry? Oof, been there. Took most of a year after to get over it. I was a wreck - tbh, it's been one thing after another since 2014 (we split in 2016)... But, a few years later, I'm married to one of my oldest friends and will be migrating to Australia.
    Always loved your videos, Mikey. Provoker of so many cravings, you are. ♥️🤤

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 3 days ago +1

    That buffet looked pretty amazing. What was that dish you referred to as tasting like an eggy pudding? I love the idea of soup for breakfast, but I barely have time to grab coffee or tea before I run out the door so I usually pack something to have either on my way to work or when I get to the office.

  • Dark King Silvers Rayleigh

    We love you Mike!!!! ❤❤❤

  • David S.
    David S. 3 days ago

    Me at that breakfast buffet

    -How many dumplings do you want sir?

  • dbsommers1
    dbsommers1 3 days ago

    Yep... that was airplane food.

  • Caitlin Simpson
    Caitlin Simpson 3 days ago

    hi! can you tell the the name of the song playing playing throughout this episode? Id b super grateful!

  • Biplob88
    Biplob88 4 days ago +1

    You're awesome youtuber.. you are an amazing influence .. I really want to meet you in-person when you come to Toronto.. please buzz me.

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    It's plane food, how good you was expecting it?

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    It was so weird yet refreshing to see Mikey talk about something that I went through recently. I felt every word he said on that topic... damn :'(

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    At last he is using spoon

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    Coming to the comment section to see who the girl is 😭 then seeing everyone so supportive of Mikey makes me so happy!! ❤️

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    RockyStClaire 5 days ago

    Im down for the change. Life moves in cycles.

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    Lekz 5 days ago +1

    Thanks for the video Mikey! Great advices for newbie travelers like me :)