EO - Next Up? [S1.E35] | @MixtapeMadness

  • Published on Apr 11, 2018
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Comments • 2 266

  • xX_DmG_Jake_X x
    xX_DmG_Jake_X x 4 hours ago

    Hes reminds me of Ramz I love it

  • Delali Dotse
    Delali Dotse 6 days ago

    Love you EO dad

  • Kyran Maloney
    Kyran Maloney 6 days ago

    This banged differently

  • Dami Safi
    Dami Safi 7 days ago +1

    this song is SOO underrated omds (Elisa)

  • Hamza Qadeer
    Hamza Qadeer 7 days ago +1


  • edgar martin
    edgar martin 13 days ago

    On some cocky shit you lot listen to this song at 1.25x speed like this if sounds better 😂💯

    II AZNEE II 22 days ago +1


  • Jamila Akhtar
    Jamila Akhtar 26 days ago +1

    I just heard the heart breaking news just found out eo dad died 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢☺️😭😭

  • DiscoYOLOBOY 2
    DiscoYOLOBOY 2 29 days ago


  • VICTOR De NeRd xz
    VICTOR De NeRd xz Month ago +3

    Just stop it Digga D has the best next up

  • BestGrimeMusic2019 Official

    Defo One Of My Favourite Songs By EO Listened To This When it First Come Out Bangs Hard Tho ❄️❄️❄️🥶🥶🥶

    II AZNEE II Month ago +3

    If I was your father I would give you everything and anything
    RIP ❤️😢

  • Mask Gun SniperGod
    Mask Gun SniperGod Month ago

    thisbest music for ever

  • liam beast liam
    liam beast liam Month ago

    00:43 was when it got lit 🤩🤪

  • iAmRaman
    iAmRaman Month ago

    Deep ❤

  • faruuq omar
    faruuq omar Month ago +6

    I got hate for the war Afghanistan stop it
    If you got a head I beg don't chop it
    If you got a skeng I beg don't pop it
    If you got beef I beg just drop it 😂

  • El Nogzy
    El Nogzy 2 months ago +1


  • ruud der
    ruud der 2 months ago


  • daniel ames
    daniel ames 2 months ago

    The man litterely said he was gunna blow and did it in one video😂🤣

  • Jayden Choudhury786
    Jayden Choudhury786 2 months ago +1

    "I wanna blow" You already have

  • Sivan Akkas
    Sivan Akkas 2 months ago

    She look young but Dope Shit dude 💪🏽
    Greatles from Turkey

  • Sakeena Fatima
    Sakeena Fatima 2 months ago

    Noon vs pro vs hacker vs god

  • Fr3shedOut
    Fr3shedOut 2 months ago

    Ur voice is amazing !

  • Grant bonsu
    Grant bonsu 2 months ago +2

    His Dad would be proud of his movement ✨ RIP ❤ Keep at it bro 💥


  • Abaas Anbar
    Abaas Anbar 2 months ago

    I love that
    he secse

  • Jayden Choudhury786
    Jayden Choudhury786 2 months ago +2

    R.I.P EO's dad

    • Jheezzzy B
      Jheezzzy B Month ago

      Jayden Choudhury786 his dad died

  • FaZe Kay
    FaZe Kay 2 months ago

    RIP u would have made him super proud he is very lucky to have u as his son

  • shilly willy
    shilly willy 2 months ago


  • waveyemz.t1 omds
    waveyemz.t1 omds 2 months ago +1


  • COCO
    COCO 2 months ago

    V v,n ,'

  • Tomas Harrington
    Tomas Harrington 3 months ago +3

    Your dad would be proud 💛

  • SS1 Crew
    SS1 Crew 3 months ago

    needs to make german remix

  • Chelsea Parker
    Chelsea Parker 3 months ago


  • ix Fr4gZz
    ix Fr4gZz 3 months ago

    I swear English rappers are so underrated
    Ennit tho

  • Incali03
    Incali03 3 months ago

    Looking back on this and his other songs I still want EOxNot3s

  • Gurleen Kaur
    Gurleen Kaur 3 months ago +1

    Girl: do even want to be with me forever?
    Boy: no
    Girl: do you even like me?
    Boy: no
    Girl: would you cry if I walked away?
    Boy: no
    She heard enough and was hurt..... she walked away with tears in her eyes
    The boy grabbed her arm
    Boy: your not pretty.. your beautiful
    Boy: I don't want to be with you forever... I need to be with you forever
    Boy: I don't like you... I love you
    Boy: I wouldn't cry if you walked away.. I'd die if you walked away.
    Boy whispers: plz stay with me
    Girl: I will
    *tonight at midnight your true love will realize they love you
    *something good will happen to you between 1-4 pm
    *Tommorow it could be anywhere
    *get ready for the shock of your life
    *if you don't post this to 5 other videos... you will have bad luck in relationships for the next 10 years

    • Gurleen Kaur
      Gurleen Kaur 2 months ago

      @Ashton Powell 🙃😏😂

    • Ashton Powell
      Ashton Powell 2 months ago

      Gurleen Kaur lmao you cheeky one

    • Gurleen Kaur
      Gurleen Kaur 2 months ago

      @Ashton Powell I copy and pasted it from another video shhhhhhhhhhhhhh😂

    • Gurleen Kaur
      Gurleen Kaur 2 months ago

      @Ashton Powell thx bbs xx

    • Ashton Powell
      Ashton Powell 2 months ago

      Gurleen Kaur lol was all that worth the 1 reply

  • Gustavs Strazdins
    Gustavs Strazdins 3 months ago

    Who needs some dope beats? 🔥

  • Samir Sohrabi
    Samir Sohrabi 3 months ago


  • Samir Sohrabi
    Samir Sohrabi 3 months ago

    What a gifted rapper

  • Jsplash2k
    Jsplash2k 3 months ago

    FIRE IN THE BOOTH!!!!!!!!

  • Adamwright.
    Adamwright. 3 months ago

    E.O & D’One should do summit

  • Thomas Benson
    Thomas Benson 3 months ago

    He should do a video with aitch

  • laras chanel
    laras chanel 4 months ago

    rip ur dad is proud of u in hevan love uuuuu

  • laras chanel
    laras chanel 4 months ago

    my guy make more songs with amilea monet plz

    • laras chanel
      laras chanel 3 months ago

      @Janet's gacha world he might make more in the futer

    • Janet's gacha world
      Janet's gacha world 3 months ago

      They ain't making anymore songs they are not friends or even a couple.........-😥
      -I wish EO never cheated-

  • Jack Kitoko
    Jack Kitoko 4 months ago +2

    yes man blasting tho music

  • kieran waller
    kieran waller 4 months ago +1


  • Adam Said
    Adam Said 4 months ago


  • Brock Mujjie
    Brock Mujjie 4 months ago

    Describing my life before the fame

  • Brock Mujjie
    Brock Mujjie 4 months ago

    That half of my life

  • Sadaq Jeff
    Sadaq Jeff 4 months ago

    My guy went to my school u know

  • 1wheel sexappeal
    1wheel sexappeal 4 months ago

    A g

  • GravityAHM
    GravityAHM 4 months ago

    If it weren't that wavy then this would bang

  • Sunta
    Sunta 4 months ago +1

    Came up in a council flats, no P's we ain't have no racks
    Nuffin' but two beds, 1 fridge, 2 chairs and about 10,000 rats
    Mummy worked hard with that 9 to 5 and she done overtime, that's 9 and back
    Lived in a house where the heater's bruck and always cold so you know we had to sleep with hats on
    But now we're living larger than a boulevard
    The P's are blessing man, they put us inna foreign cars
    If you see me on the street with a skeng throwing shots make a wish cause you're looking at a shooting star
    Mum I made it, I'm on T.V., I'm a superstar
    I'm humble but I got smoke, no cigar
    These boys tryna pull my strings, I ain't no guitar
    These hoes tryna gold dig, they can kiss my ass
    You don't even know what man's on
    I'll leave you soaked in blood like a tampon
    Four hundred pound what I stand on
    I got money on my mind like the Sam song
    Say I'm young, man, I don't wanna settle down
    That's what the girls said in carni time but now it's money time and all the girls wanna come around
    Cos we're in the spotlight not the background
    Cah my boys ain't broke, nah we make pounds
    Cah my amm don't shush, nah it makes sounds
    Cah my ice don't melt but I still drown
    Cah my ice don't melt but I still drown
    Cah my ice don't melt but I still drown
    Cah my bro them kings and they got crowns
    Cos we made it to the top from the damn ground
    I've got hate for the war, Afghanistan, stop it
    If you got a head, man, I beg don't chop it
    If you got a skeng, man, I beg don't pop it
    If you got beef, man, I beg just drop it
    Shit, it's not easy, you can't get a locket for the coffins
    Brothers dying, mothers crying, I swear them words there horrifying
    I already know, where I wanna go
    I ain't moving slow, I'm gonna blow
    Yeah, I'm gonna blow
    I already know, where I wanna go
    I ain't moving slow, I'm gonna blow
    Yeah, I'm gonna blow
    [Verse 2]
    I'm gonna blow, don't say I didn't tell you so
    I'm the coolest kid from Africa
    My money long, I got the stamina
    It's longer than London to Canada
    I've been sending shots with no camera
    Just come and see, I'm at where you wanna be
    And I ain't even in my legacy
    The taste that you got is called jealousy
    The taste on my tongue is called Hennessy
    Have you ever tried grinding? Nope, you just sit at home, real bored
    While I'm grinding to be on these billboards, big fat house with the silk floors
    And I, bring heat to the cold war
    And I, bring waves to the seashore cause I'm wavy
    I'm gonna blow like a C4 and I'm gonna blow like Osama
    I grind all day, no time for the drama
    The money lost ago but it comes back around like Karma
    I'm a lyrical soldier, my words are my armour
    I grind every day as respect to my mother
    I grind every day for my sister, my brother
    I grind as respect to the grave of my father

  • Gemma
    Gemma 4 months ago

    shit song this

    BENJAMIN ESSILFIE 4 months ago

    EO is a great African Kid.❤️💡🙏🏾

  • Jesse Grady
    Jesse Grady 5 months ago

    that sound go do ya thang lil bro from California (San Francisco)

  • Thayna Moraes
    Thayna Moraes 5 months ago

    bb 😍

    EMOJI GAMER 5 months ago


  • Tiago Gang Sousa
    Tiago Gang Sousa 5 months ago

    Ei is next up

  • Faze Travis
    Faze Travis 5 months ago

    Hi my g

  • matthew edwards
    matthew edwards 5 months ago


  • alice collier
    alice collier 5 months ago

    Rest in peace to your dad mate he would be so proud

  • Shsfia Nessa
    Shsfia Nessa 5 months ago

    EO'S dad would be proud of him!

  • as27936 gaming
    as27936 gaming 5 months ago

    🔥“You don’t even know what man’s on, i’ll leave you soaked in blood like a tampon”🔥😍

  • Nathan Larmour
    Nathan Larmour 5 months ago

    "Money on my mind like they sam song" Stole Daves Bar....

    TRK PRODUCTIONS 5 months ago

    EO x Yxng Bane x Not3s

  • MichHD
    MichHD 5 months ago

    My sister wants to kiss you ars

  • Ben Caldicott
    Ben Caldicott 5 months ago

    I love your music

  • supreme_fortnite 69
    supreme_fortnite 69 5 months ago


  • Jok3z
    Jok3z 5 months ago

    rip his dad man hes rlly talented

  • Callum Fitzpatrick
    Callum Fitzpatrick 6 months ago

    Wys bro

  • Emmanuel Ej
    Emmanuel Ej 6 months ago


  • Unknown._Killer Halford


  • fusuy 99
    fusuy 99 6 months ago

    Whos listening
    To this in December!

  • Yonis Hussein
    Yonis Hussein 6 months ago


  • Pell's angles
    Pell's angles 6 months ago

    You are very good

  • Khatab Saleh
    Khatab Saleh 6 months ago

    Come on eo keep singing

  • Nathey
    Nathey 6 months ago

    Mad Tune!

  • MegaDddd12345
    MegaDddd12345 6 months ago

    Eo x Deno both are the best English rappers/singers

    Like if you agree

  • anna x jaydon
    anna x jaydon 6 months ago

    hii give you number to ok youtube xx

  • Dis Retrex
    Dis Retrex 6 months ago

    Rip daddy eo 🙏❤🥀

  • Grant bonsu
    Grant bonsu 6 months ago

    ✨ RIP ❤ Keep at it bro 💥

  • FaZe _Leo
    FaZe _Leo 6 months ago

    Rip His Dad will be proud. ❤️

  • Jackie Davies
    Jackie Davies 6 months ago

    is he still with grm daily

  • Hultzs
    Hultzs 6 months ago

    Pure talent💯

  • Olaoluwa Aibinu
    Olaoluwa Aibinu 7 months ago

    A shooting star in the making ❤️❤️

  • Chloe Harris
    Chloe Harris 7 months ago +1

    Best song hes done

  • HoLa_ HyPz
    HoLa_ HyPz 7 months ago

    Keep it up bro 💨💨

  • Nevaeh Azevedo
    Nevaeh Azevedo 7 months ago

    This is a really good song 💯🎶🎶

  • Shuraym
    Shuraym 7 months ago +9

    2:51 that one hurt stiiiiilll😂🤣🤣

  • Relixon
    Relixon 7 months ago


  • Todoroki Shōto
    Todoroki Shōto 7 months ago

    Happy remembrance day⚘😔

  • Dean Theo
    Dean Theo 7 months ago

    Ma bro die in gang fight rip s🙏

  • Amira Hussein
    Amira Hussein 7 months ago


  • MJ Montana
    MJ Montana 7 months ago +1

    bare talented yute

  • TKRH
    TKRH 7 months ago +6

    R.I.P EO's dad even though we never knew you, you gave us this talented man.

  • dracarys winterfell
    dracarys winterfell 7 months ago

    U sure did blow cuz 🔥🔥🔥

  • Yxng Nemesis
    Yxng Nemesis 7 months ago +1


  • Kalaam Ul-Haq
    Kalaam Ul-Haq 7 months ago

    Best song ever

  • 100 subscribers without videos?

    RIP his dad