CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer Breakdown! Super Bowl Avengers Endgame Theory!

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • Captain Marvel Super Bowl Trailer! How could Captain Marvel tie into Avengers Endgame and Guardians of the Galaxy? Go to, to take back your Internet privacy TODAY and find out how you can get 3 months free.
    Carol Danvers finally meets Monica Rambeau in the Captain Marvel final trailer! Who is Spectrum, and why could she end up being the next major Avenger? Erik Voss breaks down the Captain Marvel "Big Game" trailer for all the Easter Eggs and details you might have overlooked. Did you catch the hidden Skrull in the trailer? What seemingly throwaway detail in Guardians of the Galaxy could have established a relationship between Captain Marvel and Star-Lord Peter Quill? #CaptainMarvel
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  • Thirdy Guy Productions
    Thirdy Guy Productions 2 months ago

    Me : Gamora!!
    ME : LOL I'm gonna comment this

  • Austin West
    Austin West 2 months ago

    Very glad I didn't watch any of the trailers/this video before watching the movie because dang this was spot on

  • Ricardo Bolanos
    Ricardo Bolanos 3 months ago +1

    Who’s watching after watching captain marvel

  • Nick Avey
    Nick Avey 3 months ago

    Jesus you're good at what you do.

  • abrkljacic54
    abrkljacic54 3 months ago +4

    I am surprised on how much he got right😂
    Who else is here after CM came out?

  • brylidan
    brylidan 3 months ago +1

    kek you pretty much got the whole movie

  • Mr. Plenty
    Mr. Plenty 3 months ago +1

    I've seen captain marvel 😊😊

  • Jonk063
    Jonk063 3 months ago

    The acting didn't even seem convincing because I knew the turn ahead of time. Smh

    GREXGO 3 months ago

    it is a plot twist movie. 10/10 for goose.

  • Orlando Ortiz
    Orlando Ortiz 3 months ago

    Confirmed goose is a flerkin!!!

  • sarosh ENCORE
    sarosh ENCORE 3 months ago

    Captain Marvel : Higher , Further, Faster.
    Star Lord : Hey, have you got a tape ??😁

  • mrbeast
    mrbeast 3 months ago

    Erik voss f*ck yah

  • Kian Moe
    Kian Moe 3 months ago

    It's called the Ski'arr, that's the other species.

  • Kian Moe
    Kian Moe 3 months ago +1

    The kree r good Supreme intelligence is bad.
    Skrull r also bad
    Leave it at that.

  • Kian Moe
    Kian Moe 3 months ago +1

    Some people move on from Captain Marvel... not us

  • Kian Moe
    Kian Moe 3 months ago +1

    Anyone else notice how the Kree warrior on the far left of the marching scene looks a lot like Korath from Gaurdians of the Galaxy? No body seems to notice that!

  • oBuLLzEyEo1013
    oBuLLzEyEo1013 3 months ago +1

    IMDB says Jude Law is Yon-Rogg... Also have you seen the Nick Fury toy with the little cat that has handcuffs and a muzzle à la Hannibal Lecter...?

  • Ben Chrisoit
    Ben Chrisoit 3 months ago +1

    I hope Eric voss kills himself

  • Aj Miller
    Aj Miller 3 months ago

    A Thanos cameo would be cool

  • LyT-Jacubbz
    LyT-Jacubbz 3 months ago +1

    Some people like Peter’s death..
    But not us, not us.

  • Mister X
    Mister X 3 months ago +2

    Thats not your mother its a skrull baby...

  • We Are Voltage
    We Are Voltage 3 months ago

    I would reely want 4 groot &Rocket 2 somehow run in with carol along the just like with guardians

  • EchoTechsRule1
    EchoTechsRule1 3 months ago

    Peter quill is one I would love to see with Captain Marvel

  • JoneseyBhoy
    JoneseyBhoy 3 months ago +1

    I can't wait to skip this one

  • Steve McEldowney
    Steve McEldowney 3 months ago

    I would like to see a Howard the Duck cameo

  • sidney collier
    sidney collier 3 months ago

    This film copies top wars the force awakens!!!..."no surprises here"!

  • 1ComboA
    1ComboA 3 months ago

    Captain Marvel and Star Lord XXX Parody incoming.

  • Sebastian Lopez
    Sebastian Lopez 3 months ago

    What if goose is talos the skrull

  • Geo The Great
    Geo The Great 4 months ago

    Yondu please. Hes my favorite. Marvel really didn’t have to kill him off

  • ikillz
    ikillz 4 months ago

    With Captain Marvel here the games are really about to end!!🤯

  • Fat Cat
    Fat Cat 4 months ago

    captain marvel looks like a plain jane with a nasty attitude
    hey if youre not pretty at least try to have a better attitide

  • Thomas Larson
    Thomas Larson 4 months ago

    Eric likes the words 'binary' and 'thorax'...

  • Issa Balerio
    Issa Balerio 4 months ago

    @newrockstars did thanos actually kill the collector?

  • G Funk
    G Funk 4 months ago

    Pretty sure that isn't Danvers with Fury in the prototype quinjet, pretty sure it is Maria Rambeau

  • M
    M 4 months ago

    hi iam erik voss

  • Jaylen McNair
    Jaylen McNair 4 months ago

    A young Hank Pym and Peter Parker’s young parents cameo would be fire!

  • Legendtamer 007
    Legendtamer 007 4 months ago

    I wanna see the collector

  • L_dj 310
    L_dj 310 4 months ago


  • Godspeed
    Godspeed 4 months ago

    James Rhodes needs to cameo on the airbase

  • Ahmed Cereal
    Ahmed Cereal 4 months ago

    rocket and groot

  • jacob morales
    jacob morales 4 months ago

    yes let’s go

    YEETOS THE GOD 4 months ago

    eric voss, the only person who can turn 30 seconds into an 8 minute video

  • Lightefilit Faylin
    Lightefilit Faylin 4 months ago

    The most important part of this movie: *Phil Coulson!*

  • yolo lik
    yolo lik 4 months ago

    I want Groot and Rocket to be in Captain Marvel because i want to see Rocket can kill the evil cat

  • Leonardo George
    Leonardo George 4 months ago

    How about a cameo from Agent carter or Stark's Dad

  • Trey Hall
    Trey Hall 4 months ago


  • Liz J
    Liz J 4 months ago

    6:16 to skip commercial

  • Reincarnated PewDiePie
    Reincarnated PewDiePie 4 months ago +1

    Yando needs to have his own movie

  • 유준
    유준 4 months ago


  • MexicanPanda31
    MexicanPanda31 4 months ago

    I wanna see the biggest and baddest villain TaserFace for cameo

  • John Ernst
    John Ernst 4 months ago


  • horror 4u
    horror 4u 4 months ago

    Do easter Egg of child's play ( 2018)

  • NYR144
    NYR144 4 months ago

    Howard the duck

  • ConTEM08
    ConTEM08 4 months ago

    I wanna see nebula... yeah.

  • The Gobaug
    The Gobaug 4 months ago

    I hope to get a superskrull reference

  • Kenny Zeman
    Kenny Zeman 4 months ago

    that got really dumb around the peter part because the whole plot of that movie was revolved around a Kree extremist antagonist.. i didn't finish at the time of writing this comment but i am still gonna fish this, but just no what a time fill for a joke i didn't need to hear

  • Green Dovah
    Green Dovah 4 months ago

    I just discovered that Captain Marvel and Supergirl have the same last name. Coincidence? I think not.
    Just kidding, it probably is, I just wanted to throw that out there.

  • Jack Beacham
    Jack Beacham 4 months ago +1

    Gamora or nebula could appear because we don’t know their age they could age slower

  • thetourettesgmr
    thetourettesgmr 4 months ago

    I commented on your post months ago about captain marvel being who star lord is referring too.

  • Bear Brown
    Bear Brown 4 months ago

    Yondu should be there. I thought Jude Law’s character was comfrimed as Mar-vel!?

  • John Castiel
    John Castiel 4 months ago


  • Natepeel2828
    Natepeel2828 4 months ago

    his Peter/Carol plot theory is some CW hot garbage. Hard pass.idk what it is about this movie, but the trailers and promo stuff has done nothing for me... not at all excited for it.

  • Devon Presents
    Devon Presents 4 months ago +1

    Personally, I'd like to see the backstory of TASER-FACE!

    A.S MARVELOUS 4 months ago

    3:52 minn-erva is a better canidate for that.

  • Maksim Schiba
    Maksim Schiba 4 months ago

    5:52 its probably $6.99 cause that's less than 7$

  • elydakai
    elydakai 4 months ago

    Erik Voss is a national treasure

  • ME2
    ME2 4 months ago

    good !

  • Yash Mokal
    Yash Mokal 4 months ago

    Have you gone on the official website of captain marvel and played the game of guessing who is creed / human coz it says there are more than one creed on that train

  • Armaan jain
    Armaan jain 4 months ago +1

    I come here only for his jokes.

  • Ikue P
    Ikue P 4 months ago +1

    Sylvester Stallone's character would be great for a cameo.

  • Sneakyplayer
    Sneakyplayer 4 months ago

    The racooon that inspire rocket just passed away

  • OmniverseOutlaw `
    OmniverseOutlaw ` 4 months ago

    Vance Astro........

  • Melkofficial
    Melkofficial 4 months ago

    Last time I trusted Someone I Lost An Eye.

  • Will Backhouse
    Will Backhouse 4 months ago

    Great 'A Holes' Reference from John C Reilly's character

  • X-MAN
    X-MAN 4 months ago

    What about a Gamora cameo?
    Carol and Gamora bump into each other while both on a mission for the bad guys they work for/don't know are bad yet.

  • Joey Gylytiuk
    Joey Gylytiuk 4 months ago

    somebody once said it was going to be 2 hours of Captain Marvel standing up, and now I can't unsee it.

  • Eione Reddick
    Eione Reddick 4 months ago


  • GoldenAssassin
    GoldenAssassin 4 months ago

    You know what’s crazy, I went to gamestop one day and I was looking at the pop figures they had, and I saw one that was a Captain Marvel pop figure and I read the name and it said Yon Rogg, now watching your videos it made me think that it could be Jude Law’s character and the figure did look like a male character

    • GoldenAssassin
      GoldenAssassin 4 months ago

      I guess the toys and figures do have a connection with the movies

  • E.E the dolphin
    E.E the dolphin 4 months ago


  • Central FLA
    Central FLA 4 months ago

    Bring back Glenn

  • AsianSpoongeBag
    AsianSpoongeBag 4 months ago

    1:56 I still can't get over how funny that face is.

  • Chinmay Moondra
    Chinmay Moondra 4 months ago +4

    Who here wants a hugh Jackman cameo.

    • Ashwin Sundaram
      Ashwin Sundaram 4 months ago

      Doubt it's gonna happen, but I'd like to see it happen, if not now

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 4 months ago +4

    captain marvel suit looked great at night, in the day time not so much.

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 4 months ago

    star lord and captain marvel hookup mind blown!!!. retcon it marvel its all connected. they retcon little kid in stark expo as peter. so it could happen.

  • Alexander Emberton
    Alexander Emberton 4 months ago

    The ahip at the beginning kinda looks like the quinjet

  • Annette Camara
    Annette Camara 4 months ago

    I think 🤔 in the first 👩‍✈️ captain marvel i think that nick fury lost his 👁 eyein a car accident

  • Jack Fullen
    Jack Fullen 4 months ago

    I love your face so much

  • Cocain
    Cocain 4 months ago

    I want back Stan Lee :(

  • MyBigC16
    MyBigC16 4 months ago

    Yondu please!!!!! He’s my favorite Guardian of the Galaxy

  • 엉 엉
    엉 엉 4 months ago

    6:21 WTF = WHAT THE FACE

  • A Vagina With Vitamins In It

    I want a Hannibal Buress cameo

  • Samuhhh Bites
    Samuhhh Bites 4 months ago


  • Steven James
    Steven James 4 months ago

    I am Groot.

  • Alex Chambers
    Alex Chambers 4 months ago +3

    Video: hi, I’m Erik Voss
    Me: smashes like button

  • TotallyNotCool
    TotallyNotCool 4 months ago

    I don’t really like the farther further faster thing i think it’s too much of a mouthful

  • Lasen Grill
    Lasen Grill 4 months ago


  • Emitt Modisett
    Emitt Modisett 4 months ago

    The Collector

  • Colby Steffens
    Colby Steffens 4 months ago +5

    The big question is what is going to be in the post credit scene

  • Jarred .2019
    Jarred .2019 4 months ago

    The Hookup! Best duo ever!!! Marvel please make this movie

  • madponcho
    madponcho 4 months ago

    Quill and Vers anyone??? (Low key imagining that scene when they meet again and I’m giddy lol)