you're the dream i never wanna wake up from ~ lofi hip hop mix

  • Published on May 5, 2018
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    ►Hey all it's Feardog here and today I have another love lofi hip hop / jazzhop / chillhop beats music mix for you all. It is good for studying, sleeping, relaxing, meditating, gaming etc. I uploaded 2 mixes this week so I hope you all enjoyed both of them because they are veeery long and took a lot of time to make. I hope you all have a fantastic day/night!:)
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    0:00 Aso - her garden
    3:06 sad boy with a laptop - you're the dream i never wanna wake up from
    5:28 Wulf Morpheus - Until we speak again
    7:11 halberd - long ago
    9:17 卿Mittens - I Love You Too Much
    13:19 burbank - sorry i like you
    15:23 Caleb Belkin - for her
    17:12 lofty - sleepless
    19:35 enluv x eisu - just friends
    22:12 mf. tired - cigarettes & coffee
    23:24 quickly quickly - getsomerest/sleepwell
    28:56 Pabzzz - Love
    33:33 卿Mittens - Too Easily
    36:22 Wulf Morpheus - Sleep until the Moon comes out
    38:04 Wulf Morpheus - Why is it still Cold
    39:24 Caulden - April (Full beattape)
    sad boy with a laptop:
    Wulf Morpheus:
    Caleb Belkin:
    mf. tired:
    quickly quickly:

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    📷Artwork by Crisalys:
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    ►you're the dream i never wanna wake up from ~ lofi hip hop mix
    ►you're the dream i never wanna wake up from ~ lo-fi hiphop mix
    ►you're the dream i never wanna wake up from ~ lo fi hip hop mix
    #Feardog #lofi #aesthetic
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  • Feardog
    Feardog  Year ago +977

    I made 2 long mixes this week, hopefully all of you enjoyed both of them because these two are probably my best so far

    • Anjilena Grace
      Anjilena Grace Month ago

      Feardog this is my favvv🌸💕💕

    • TTempes TT
      TTempes TT 3 months ago

      This mix is so good love your mixes 😊

    • Jordan Payton
      Jordan Payton 3 months ago

      Is this royalty free (like can I use it for a USclip video)

    • Joey Fares
      Joey Fares 7 months ago

      U should have more subs

    • Luka deshawn
      Luka deshawn 8 months ago

      thank you, all i want to say is thank you

  • Possibly Mae
    Possibly Mae 8 days ago

    So many times

    I thought I found the person for me

    But it was never them.

    I hope I'll find someone...

    One day.

    For now,

    I'll let my heart fall into you.

  • Khương Duy Nguyễn

  • iluvwolvesandfoxes aj

    aaaaaa home by cavetown!!

  • Ly Houy
    Ly Houy 9 days ago +1

    This is my comment before fall asleep:
    I saw the caption said “You’re the dream that I never want to wake up from” then I click to play the music until I get fall asleep and I wish you was in my dream tonight. You’re my favorite dream because I can see in person in dream because I know it can’t happen in real life. #HTSN ♥️

  • Victoria Loh
    Victoria Loh 10 days ago

    This song is pretty good but I've only listen for 15 mins and it already the fourth advertisement

  • Ranez
    Ranez 10 days ago +1

    man this is so relatable when i had a dream of this big anime tiddie girl

  • Keiそふぃあ
    Keiそふぃあ 10 days ago

    ooo~ nice

  • zeyzey story time
    zeyzey story time 11 days ago +1

    I rly love listening to music like this when it's raining and I'll just lay in bed, cuddle with my dog and just chill.

  • louianne
    louianne 11 days ago

    this is so satisfying i wanna cry😢💘

  • Amanda Waddle
    Amanda Waddle 11 days ago

    It's just amazing how a person can create types of music like this, I hope you make lots more in the future.♫♪★▬

  • Mella Yang
    Mella Yang 12 days ago

    i love the pics!!!!!!!!!

  • Julia Bernett
    Julia Bernett 12 days ago

    The song with the bells for a while really Confused me because my cats collar has a bell on it and I thought it was her

  • {Too Tired}
    {Too Tired} 13 days ago

    I love this song

  • Queen Quintessential
    Queen Quintessential 13 days ago

    I was so pleasantly surprised once I heard the songs used, most of all Everything Stays. This mix is so beautiful and inspired me to no end, it even got rid of my headache I swear. :)

  • Nicola Fusco
    Nicola Fusco 13 days ago

    5:30 My personal favorite :)

  • snikers online
    snikers online 14 days ago


  • Aliya Cookie Cat
    Aliya Cookie Cat 14 days ago

    you knew me well
    you promised me you'll never leave me
    you care for me
    your cute boy ish laugh
    your adorable smile
    the cute letters we wrote hehe
    the cheeky looks we gave each other and look away when we started to smile
    those heart dropping moment we bumped into each other
    our cute funny emojis we sent each other

  • •Animes_ Mangas• *_*

    Follow me please

  • cry me a river.
    cry me a river. 15 days ago

    23:24 That´s just perfect

  • I love you
    I love you 15 days ago


  • Qxeen XXgachanovaXX
    Qxeen XXgachanovaXX 16 days ago

    I downloaded this on my phone and played it every time I had a bubble bath or did work like drawing or such, I played it so much that even my mum started listen to it. Then my phone broke and I lost the song, but now finally I’ve found it and I’m so happy thank you for making this mix even tho it’s a year old but I don’t care

  • Elijay Leaf
    Elijay Leaf 24 days ago

    I feel like I'm the last resort.

  • konnichiwas YT
    konnichiwas YT 24 days ago +2

    нεℓℓσ тнεяε! ι'м sεℓℓιηg ☕ вυт ιт cσsтs 1 ℓιкε! ^w^

  • sophia loves drawing
    sophia loves drawing 26 days ago

    You help me get to sleep, thanks!

  • Mikey and Violates fnaf world afton and duran

    Mikey:even tho im animatronic i absalotly love this part of the internet
    People are so real and this part helps me and my bf makes us feel human again
    Yea things make me sad but when i get here in this part of the internet i feel like all my problems just go away

    Honestly i love your vids and i hope that everyone who watches this finds happiness and pease in there life and leaves there axiety.deppression.and others and just know that there there good in there own way
    Edit:thx for soo many likes :3

  • Fernando The One
    Fernando The One 29 days ago

    ok i know imma sound wierd but lowkey i want the girl in the vid to be my gf :|

  • naimah zainin
    naimah zainin Month ago

    23:24 marbles

  • Artsy Olive
    Artsy Olive Month ago +1

    I picture you
    Inside my head
    I wish you were here
    So I could say the million things i never said

  • Small Phoenix
    Small Phoenix Month ago


  • Solehah Ahamad
    Solehah Ahamad Month ago

    while researching for my assignment

  • Thanh Nguyen
    Thanh Nguyen Month ago

    Okay though why is there so many ads on this vid all of a sudden, i had to turn off one every 5 minutes or so

  • JA
    JA Month ago +1

    Adventure time !

  • phinkham Somphavanh

    Everyone have so many deep thoughts..

  • Earthxplore
    Earthxplore Month ago

    *is less stressed about tomorrows exam with this playing in the background*

  • Ian Davis
    Ian Davis Month ago

    2 midroll ads wtf lol

  • Bella xx
    Bella xx Month ago

    I fix things
    I'm a fixer.
    But the hardest part is,
    Nobody ever tries to fix things for me
    It sounds so selfish when stated
    But I can't rid this feeling
    The feeling...
    Is loneliness.

  • Aryan Goswami
    Aryan Goswami Month ago

    Hey someone explain the genre of music

  • Oliver Heller
    Oliver Heller Month ago

    Oh fun. Im the edgy 15 year old everyone says listens to this stuff

  • Pterazei
    Pterazei Month ago

    Whenever I feel numb, these songs help me feel again

  • 十戈一戈弓心日口大

    Whoa this kinda vibe it's really interesting

  • Georgia Dora
    Georgia Dora Month ago +1

    After re playing this multiple times times I realized or we'll assume that the opening part with the muffled words sounds like "let's go in the garden you'll find something wait right there when you left it lying upside down"- from adventure tim

  • Thiing Nothing
    Thiing Nothing Month ago

    I am sorry.

  • TheKianaJanee
    TheKianaJanee Month ago

    Please reconsider your ad placement.

  • Grapefruit Kween
    Grapefruit Kween Month ago

    You know,, I thought i was in love
    But now that I think
    I’m just happy that I have a friend now... it’s a friendship love and I’m happy

  • Demon Gacha Games
    Demon Gacha Games Month ago +1


  • Smol Bean QwQ
    Smol Bean QwQ Month ago

    This playlist is so pretty uwu

  • Šñøwÿ Láñðß

    This kind of music helps me with my depression and anxiety if I didn't have music like this I would of committed suicide to be free from the I bet I sound cheesey rn

  • Zeqr0
    Zeqr0 Month ago

    Love this one

  • Jane Kim
    Jane Kim Month ago

    “Just as you don’t know how you manage to be conscious, how you manage and shape this body of yours, that doesn’t mean to say that you’re not doing it. Equally, you don’t know how the universe shines the stars, constillates the constillations, and galactifies the galaxy. You don’t know!”
    Now, I don’t wtf he’s talking about but I just think that that was beautiful.
    Or maybe I’m just hungry. Idk

  • Aniya Jo
    Aniya Jo Month ago +1

    Such a pretty visual ⭐️🌈

  • Persephone Hades
    Persephone Hades Month ago

    I swear that very last one sounded like Daithi De Nogla

  • 诗 lilian婷
    诗 lilian婷 Month ago

    Life can be so unfair
    Life can be so pretty
    Life can be so much pain
    Life can be so happy
    Dont think too much about life 's sucks etc
    Just be yourself
    Until people would make you happy
    About your life
    Start a new life
    Even we alone,I can just make myself happy
    Listen music ....
    It would make heart alive ...
    Also just be positive
    Happy would make my life happy ....
    Remember that

  • ilike kawaiipizza
    ilike kawaiipizza 2 months ago

    I like this place of youtube so relaxing

  • Vietnam- God
    Vietnam- God 2 months ago


  • Young Cabbage
    Young Cabbage 2 months ago

    I panicked while getting head for the first time I turned this on and instantly calmed down

  • Nazrin
    Nazrin 2 months ago

    thank you Feardog

  • Adam Fenn
    Adam Fenn 2 months ago

    Tbh my brain just fells low energy and I'm usually always... well tired and sad. Lo fi revitalizes me sometimes. It feels like a temp. Natural Anti-depressant

  • mochikook
    mochikook 2 months ago

    I’m here because I’m not motivated to study so

  • Dara Mohd
    Dara Mohd 2 months ago +1

    oh once,
    You were the dream I never wanted to wake up from
    But you changed
    And you became a nightmare
    The nightmare I so badly wanted to wake up from

    You horrified me
    Though I was still drawn
    I kept coming closer and closer
    Nightmares become reality
    The beautiful dreams fade
    My soul materializes into the air
    Is replaced with one of despair
    I want to run my fingers through your hair again
    Silence the chatter of the women
    I've forgotten everyone but you
    What will I do
    now that you're gone?
    now that you're my worst fear.

    You aren't here
    Yet you memory lays
    frozen in my head
    Even on the hottest summer days
    You will never leave, never melt
    You aren't here
    yet your aura is
    and I'm terrified.
    I want to wake up.
    ~ By me, a stupid teenager.

    • Lisa Peeters
      Lisa Peeters 2 months ago

      This describes the situation that im in rn a little to good :3

  • a fetus in the womb
    a fetus in the womb 2 months ago

    This is the home where all the depressed and un loved come, because we are a family. We are our own family of love, because each of us find each other's flaws perfect.

  • LOJ
    LOJ 2 months ago

    still my favorite playlist

  • Scribbler_1
    Scribbler_1 2 months ago +1

    Hey does anyone know where this image is from? I'd really love to use it!

    • Benjamin Eunice
      Benjamin Eunice 2 months ago

      @Scribbler_1 I'd email the creator. The main reason for this is that if you can't use the work, all of your writings could be taken down(to be honest, I'm not entirely sure if that's how content creation on Wattpad works). But even then, I'd just send the email, artists are really incredibly nice people I wouldn't be worried about messaging them, in fact, they really like it when you take interest in using their works. If you can't use it, go to sites like Deviantart(or use this useful creative commons search tool, specify BY in the "i want to use this work for..." filter and search for Creative Commons Attribution works. These artists have made their works available for everyone to use so long as they are credited with making the work. Also, I'd be interested to check out what you're writing on Wattpad! Hope this helps!

    • Scribbler_1
      Scribbler_1 2 months ago

      @Benjamin Eunice hi, I have one more really quick question. I'm actually planning on using the image as a part of a fiction work that is currently under process on Wattpad, but im slightly worried to email crisalys XD do you think I should just go for it lmao?

    • Scribbler_1
      Scribbler_1 2 months ago +1

      @Benjamin Eunice thank you so so much for the info

    • Benjamin Eunice
      Benjamin Eunice 2 months ago

      So, I looked at crisalis' Tumblr which was linked in the description and found the image on that page. I have no clue what the copyright on the image is, but I doubt it's a Creative Commons Attribution license since it isn't mentioned anywhere I could find on any of her links including Patreon. If you're looking to use this in a video(I'm an indie filmmaker, so I look at copyright a lot sorry for the technicalness btw) I'd hazard to message or email and see what you get.

  • Arme Facunla
    Arme Facunla 2 months ago

    This playlist.. it's really familliar.. hmmm..

  • mads the vampire3.0
    mads the vampire3.0 2 months ago

    5:40 "cut my hair.." omg this made me look up from my hw

  • JeanDaQueen 15
    JeanDaQueen 15 2 months ago

    This is so beautiful, your music really has helped me stay calm and even. You definitely managed to relax all my thoughts!

  • Ethen Bensalam
    Ethen Bensalam 2 months ago

    What the last song

  • Natália Pereira
    Natália Pereira 2 months ago

    Brazil ?

  • Hitoshi Shinsou
    Hitoshi Shinsou 2 months ago

    I met this really nice girl was there. She was super sweet and whenever I was lonely, she was there. She was also really pretty
    But then I woke up

  • Brandon Torres
    Brandon Torres 2 months ago

    Fuck found out my friend is going to prom with a girl I like

  • MaDs mAdS
    MaDs mAdS 2 months ago +1

    Idk how I feel about this. Idk... just like ❤️

  • Sābřinā Tåles
    Sābřinā Tåles 2 months ago

    i had a dream about my bestfriend he was so nice to me before and now i confessed my feelings toward him he was so cold in that dream he just smiled and left i really miss him...the old him..

  • MeowMeowMeow
    MeowMeowMeow 2 months ago

    I crush too easily,
    Anyone else?

  • Ghostly Tea
    Ghostly Tea 2 months ago

    Is it bad that I've been uncontrollably freestyling to all of this lol. Venting works