I Tried Following A James Charles Makeup Tutorial


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  • Andrew Espinoza
    Andrew Espinoza 10 hours ago

    girl i think "nude" is not your color, i love u

  • Jessica Ancinez
    Jessica Ancinez 15 hours ago

    I think what we've learnt here is "less is more" 🤣🤣😂😂

  • Jessica Ancinez
    Jessica Ancinez 15 hours ago

    Girl you had me DYING laughing at 6:30 I just can't 😂😂😂

  • Your Friend Lara
    Your Friend Lara 16 hours ago

    You look like drunk Ke$sa gurl. Love you tho

  • vma862
    vma862 16 hours ago

    I'm sorry Jenna but when you point out your hands your nails bug me. I like nails to be even😬

  • Satan
    Satan 21 hour ago

    GIRL I love you but you should sit by the pool and play on the background "CAKE BY THE OCEAN OHH"

  • Jonathan Kerr
    Jonathan Kerr 21 hour ago

    Hey Jenna me again! Hoping I can get your attention for a small request! If you see this please check your Instagram DMs :) is really appreciate this and it would be super special!

  • • sadnmad •
    • sadnmad • Day ago

    julien: "brother"
    *sisters has left the chat*

  • Jenauxn
    Jenauxn Day ago

    LOL... it's all "I don't have that..... so I'm going to use this."

  • Sophia Magri
    Sophia Magri Day ago

    jenna i gotta tell you. youre my favorite youtuber and i love you. but im a theatre major at my university and one of the classes i take is a theatrical makeup course. and i gotta tell you. watching you put your contour that far onto your face only gets more and more physically painful each time i attend class

  • Amali Brown
    Amali Brown 2 days ago +1

    Jenna- sister Julien
    Julien- -sister- brother

  • VK Jungenberg
    VK Jungenberg 2 days ago +1

    3:19, 12:27

  • natty_cakes
    natty_cakes 2 days ago

    I'm always watching James Charles' videos and every time I'm like "when is he going to do the other freaking eye"

  • Michael Lombard
    Michael Lombard 2 days ago

    "Its gunna be ok we look the same OK?"

  • Michael Lombard
    Michael Lombard 2 days ago +1

    "ya gunna find your person!"

  • _fangirlism_
    _fangirlism_ 3 days ago

    do you have anymore almond milk? 12:29

  • bela barton
    bela barton 3 days ago

    jenna and julian created the brother-sister argument

  • Anime Aunty
    Anime Aunty 3 days ago

    The outer half of the eyebrow being thin CAN b an indicator of thyroid issue. Have u done blood work lately

  • rancidcompass
    rancidcompass 3 days ago

    I cry when your beautiful natural skin tone gets covered up by a too tan concealer TT-TT girl embrace you some paler pinker concealer. Ya ain't that yellow!
    Fave quote: "It's like face art" 😁💕

  • Sarah . Just Sarah
    Sarah . Just Sarah 3 days ago

    I want James Charles to do sister Jennas makeup

  • Kari Tacoma
    Kari Tacoma 3 days ago

    You look just like Penny from TheBigBangTheory.

  • hate and fear
    hate and fear 4 days ago

    She looks like if Ke$ha was even more drunk than usual

  • Devin Wintz
    Devin Wintz 4 days ago

    Oof Josh dun who

  • Ana Campbell
    Ana Campbell 4 days ago

    Her contour has me dead 😂

  • Terra Belle
    Terra Belle 4 days ago

    Jenna: I feel like this is going bad
    Julien: naaw you looked good
    Get u a man like Julien

  • It's Allison
    It's Allison 4 days ago

    I actually like it!

  • Animal Lover
    Animal Lover 4 days ago

    This is so hilarious

  • Angeline
    Angeline 5 days ago

    I remember you from the videos in the white room with the spiderman photos! Jenna 😍

  • Maya O
    Maya O 5 days ago

    my dog goes off every time the intro plays

  • Mimosa Amelia
    Mimosa Amelia 5 days ago

    Almost the whole way through I was expecting this to be a full on disaster, but suddenly it looked great...black magic!

  • ella eilish
    ella eilish 5 days ago

    get you a hype man like julien

  • Drink more Bananas
    Drink more Bananas 5 days ago

    I would love to see her eyebrows microbladed that be interesting

  • Ruth Ruthie
    Ruth Ruthie 6 days ago

    You need better make up.

  • Morgan Whiter
    Morgan Whiter 6 days ago

    SHE LOOKS LIKE A ZOMBIE but like no offense cause i love you so much


    Give her some ALMOND MILK give her some ALMOND MILK !!!


    OK DID ANY1 ELSE HAVE Marilyn Manson POP IN2 THEIR HEAD @ 3:00

  • mille
    mille 6 days ago +1

    oh, jenna...

  • Justinee Howardd
    Justinee Howardd 6 days ago +4

    She looks like she’s doing a drag look instead

    • drzoidberg4evr
      drzoidberg4evr 6 days ago

      That's because Beauty Gurus essentially do softened drag makeup

  • Amber Perch
    Amber Perch 7 days ago

    6:25 she looks like a raccoon!

  • Bee.
    Bee. 7 days ago +1

    You're soooo funny I love it I love you and you did this look BOMB AF way better then I would.

  • Malena Pope
    Malena Pope 7 days ago +3

    Everyone needs to get them a Julien!!!! 😁

  • Rachel Baby
    Rachel Baby 7 days ago +5

    julien just casually emerges with a handmade " brother " sign.
    ugh what a legend. a true icon.

  • Lin Johnson
    Lin Johnson 7 days ago

    *your before is my after*

  • That Shorty Peanut
    That Shorty Peanut 7 days ago

    do i smell a collab?

  • Glitchez. Exe
    Glitchez. Exe 8 days ago

    Am I the only one whon immediately started hearing Marilyn Manson in my head at 3:03 3:04 ?

  • peachy proncess
    peachy proncess 8 days ago +2

    James Charles acting like no ones ever made it to age 18 without having a boo before lmao

  • Sophie Soph
    Sophie Soph 8 days ago

    "when did you make that??"

  • balancebeambitch
    balancebeambitch 8 days ago

    Jenna, your eyes came out so good! It looks like that foundation/concealer isn't your color and you applied the contour too high/heavy on your cheeks. You have all the artsy parts down tho!

  • Brenden Melven
    Brenden Melven 8 days ago

    When you realize that a sister is a nun in the church

  • Princess A
    Princess A 8 days ago

    James Charles left the chat
    Jeffree Star is typing

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari 9 days ago

    Jenna stop saying you have so many wrinkles I’m 13 and have way more....... wait no, those and fat rolls.

  • Hayley Witinok
    Hayley Witinok 9 days ago

    Don't end the glitter Jenna keep glittering.

  • Charlieroxs13
    Charlieroxs13 9 days ago +1

    how is james charles younger than me, more beautiful than me, and more talented than me. Im just an ugly college student trying to pass my finals

  • sharon maclean
    sharon maclean 10 days ago +1

    Does anyone think Julian gets any? Jenna treats him like he's gay or a girlfriend.

  • Felix
    Felix 10 days ago

    I'd date James 100%

  • Ana Bugulet
    Ana Bugulet 10 days ago


  • Ana Bugulet
    Ana Bugulet 10 days ago

    Ok but she actually looked sick in this video

  • Carolina Leon
    Carolina Leon 10 days ago

    Do a video where you do your makeup but all the makeup is actually just glitter

  • Angela Mathison
    Angela Mathison 10 days ago

    Anyone else notice that after Jenna dyed her hair blue Jenna really just kinda gave up on wearing makeup for her videos and whatever 😂😂😂

  • Cosmoni YT
    Cosmoni YT 10 days ago

    I have a feeling she was hungry during this
    "I look like a half eaten *apple* on a road trip"
    "...dusty hot pocket..."
    And I'm in the middle of this video. I'm praying she ain't making any more metaphors for the rest of the vid XD

  • Cosmoni YT
    Cosmoni YT 10 days ago

    Me: Hmm, what's in my sidebar feed? I just need to find something to watch after thi-- "I TRIED FOLLOWING A JENNA MARBLES MAKEUP TUTORIAL - James Charles"

  • sad5s
    sad5s 10 days ago

    This was hilarious! I cried!

  • Amber Kmieciak
    Amber Kmieciak 10 days ago

    this video is LIFE!!

  • Yanara Camacho
    Yanara Camacho 10 days ago


  • AJ
    AJ 10 days ago

    I've watched this before but now my sides hurt and my abs from laughing so hard!

  • April H
    April H 10 days ago +1

    i hate how the beauty community ignores jenna, why no collabs

  • AJ
    AJ 10 days ago

    He looks good without makeup.

  • Kendra Swift
    Kendra Swift 10 days ago

    i'M wEaRiNg YoUr LoOk

  • Simmi Parab
    Simmi Parab 11 days ago

    I'm like double binge watching your videos... sitting here wondering, since you do so many rachet salon videos and videos like THESE, do you get sent any make up or nahhh girlll!!! Coz you should be sent some!!!!! I know you'll make the best of it :O

  • JustRandom
    JustRandom 11 days ago

    ....before she added the glitter she reminded me of the grave robber from reapo the genetic opera...

  • Kauffee
    Kauffee 11 days ago

    sister jenna sounds like a nun

  • Brittany Avila
    Brittany Avila 11 days ago

    I love you Jenna and Julian💜

  • irishtrashbag is like bread

    so tell me why Jenna looks like cement after he was bitten by a spider

  • Holly Szymanski
    Holly Szymanski 11 days ago


  • toxic sundrop
    toxic sundrop 11 days ago +1

    9:38 is that josh dun

  • Courtney Thornton
    Courtney Thornton 12 days ago

    😍😍😍😍 yes girlfriend

  • Laurie Mc
    Laurie Mc 12 days ago

    She needs to stop it with the f word.

  • Devin Jones
    Devin Jones 12 days ago

    Can I flag for being too amazing?

  • Shelby Clinkenbeard
    Shelby Clinkenbeard 12 days ago

    Jenna trying to figure out her forehead contour/bronzer and why it doesn't look quite right is me every.day.

  • domonation59
    domonation59 12 days ago

    jenna is always beautiful to me no matter what i promise this

  • MoonSun is real
    MoonSun is real 13 days ago

    "When you order it vs when it arrives"

  • hailey_nicole
    hailey_nicole 13 days ago

    She legit started with a Josh dun eye and ended with a February holiday look😜😂

  • Kristina Imshaite
    Kristina Imshaite 13 days ago

    you look like madonnas hotter sister

  • Miss Amanda
    Miss Amanda 14 days ago


  • Trisha Livingston
    Trisha Livingston 14 days ago +2


  • Mozarel
    Mozarel 14 days ago

    She actually did really good but the process was... much 😂 love you Jenna!!!

  • Katty Animaitions
    Katty Animaitions 14 days ago

    Yes Shane Dawson is a beautiful people *mouth pops*

  • Lil' Cringe _
    Lil' Cringe _ 14 days ago

    Watching Jenna bake creases into her under eyes is not cute lmaoooo

  • Lil' Cringe _
    Lil' Cringe _ 14 days ago


  • LindsayCaught Frostbite


  • Shannon Trinder
    Shannon Trinder 15 days ago


  • Zumari
    Zumari 15 days ago

    Okay but actually? This look ain't half bad

  • Don’t ask Don’t tell

    Bulls hit you didn’t go full naked prior to putting make up on. I say this cause it would be easy to sneak in some foundation and you’re so pretty

  • bananananaO9
    bananananaO9 15 days ago

    jenna u need lip injections pls ur dog lips scare me

  • Morgan Jackson
    Morgan Jackson 15 days ago

    brother julian

  • Carrie Morgan-Trussell

    Love the tongue “popping”...🤣😂

  • yeehaw
    yeehaw 16 days ago

    julien correcting jenna and calling himself brother is actually ian correcting james and calling himself brother

  • Taylor Marie
    Taylor Marie 16 days ago

    Still waiting on Jenna and James to do a collab

  • Ashton S
    Ashton S 16 days ago

    U Vlogn the month of now times or nah? :)

  • Katie Swamp-Monster
    Katie Swamp-Monster 17 days ago

    Kat von D? Oh sister, Jeffree is no longer interested lol