Extreme Couponing Season 4, Episode 6 Maryann & Haley

  • Published on Jun 18, 2015
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Comments • 110

  • Coupons Mom
    Coupons Mom  5 months ago +18

    How to Get a Free Sample Box Every Month >> tinyurl.com/FREESAMPLEBOX2019

  • Leon Stanton
    Leon Stanton 5 months ago +8

    Ummm nothing healthy to eat. No Fruit or Veg just sugar laden unhealthy stuff. Most of it will have expired before she gets to use it. Good idea but sad she hoards it and could be helping poor families.

  • mia kempster
    mia kempster 5 months ago +27

    She literally said her family doesn’t like that, but it “looks good” on her shelf. JUST DONATE IT!

  • Kurious Kat
    Kurious Kat 5 months ago +16

    Ummm maybe you could donate some to the needy??

  • Emmy N
    Emmy N 5 months ago +7


  • Sam Conforti
    Sam Conforti 5 months ago +10

    Imagine how many people are starving in this word and she is talking food that she doesn’t eat😒😒😒

  • Mil Lie
    Mil Lie 5 months ago +11

    I also save a lot of money. I use white vinegar to wash nearly everything in my house so I don't need to buy all the washing stuff. I reuse a lot, like the water of my dryer, coffee grounds, old clothes that we don't wear anymore... It saves a lot of money plus it's better for our planet!

  • Ezaki -chan
    Ezaki -chan 5 months ago +2


  • VaporionHd
    VaporionHd 5 months ago +7

    " please don't put your brother in half Nelson" best quote

  • Plank Stek
    Plank Stek 5 months ago +4

    So when does the food get spoiled???

  • Cake Fury
    Cake Fury 5 months ago +24

    how come USA doesn't have a 5 maximum per person limit example on products ??? here in Australia if there's a special there is a limit. more importantly why is she so ANOREXIC

  • Eta V92
    Eta V92 5 months ago +16

    This little girl...is she eating food or just busy collecting coupons?

  • Brittany Chan
    Brittany Chan 5 months ago +6

    i think couponing is good if you spend close to nothing on the things youre buying, like the first person who spent almost nothing for all those groceries. otherwise, if you spend 27 bucks on stuff you arent gonna be using or anything, youre still losing 27 bucks. might as well spend that money on something useful.

  • Giraffelily
    Giraffelily 6 months ago +2

    What would happen if there was a house fire, or a burgulary??

  • Isis Leskien
    Isis Leskien 6 months ago

    That dad tho for the first one lmao

  • ron donnis
    ron donnis 6 months ago +1

    i feel sorry for her partner

  • GingerMatwho
    GingerMatwho 6 months ago +1


  • Jennifer Cosme
    Jennifer Cosme 6 months ago +146

    haley needs to start eating that stockpile

  • manal 1417
    manal 1417 6 months ago +5

    I think she had enough bbq sauce for life

  • manal 1417
    manal 1417 6 months ago +1

    Wow 😮 I impressed that coupons can do that we don’t have such thing back in my country

  • Zane Skadina
    Zane Skadina 6 months ago +7

    the husband's a mood

  • Lauren Cabeso
    Lauren Cabeso 10 months ago +13

    All for free stuff but when you take so much to just store you need to re-evaluate. Give some to families who cannot afford it.

  • Basil Jan
    Basil Jan 10 months ago +2

    Just.go to dollar store in there everything is a dollar I go because my mom is cheap

  • Gabriel Retana
    Gabriel Retana 10 months ago +14

    To be fair if a nuke dropped they would be set

  • Ally Peddie
    Ally Peddie 10 months ago +2

    Can she be my mom

  • Mouza Ny
    Mouza Ny 10 months ago +174

    It will be great if she give that to homeless people , as it doesn’t cost her anything , especially the pads, many homeless women will be relieved

    • Mouza Ny
      Mouza Ny 10 months ago +8

      It will expire before they use half of it , donate better

  • Emma May
    Emma May 10 months ago +21

    Waste of plastic

  • Helga Rudolf
    Helga Rudolf 10 months ago

    This people is so scared to not have..Day want all. .Tipical social society

  • Speedy Art work
    Speedy Art work 10 months ago +10

    @-@ ᴬᴸᴸ ᵀᴴᴬᵀ ᴾᴸᴬˢᵀᴵᶜ
    ᴮᴮᴮᴮᴮᴮᴿᴿᴿᴿᴿᴿᴿᵁᵁᵁᵁᵁᵁᵁᴴᴴᴴᴴᴴᴴᴴ ᵂᴬˢᵀᴱ

  • Katiemcintyre
    Katiemcintyre 10 months ago +36

    Why don't you use them products that you never use in your garage to charity or the homeless

  • james ferguson
    james ferguson 10 months ago +203

    I'm confused how do they buy a coupon folder if there is no coupon for it

  • Feliza Maria Sabado
    Feliza Maria Sabado 10 months ago

    What is Coupon NO Offence?

  • Auntie Nessie
    Auntie Nessie 10 months ago +7

    I think it is sick to forse it on to people over the back of her daugther. Witb the Birthday party.

  • strawberry jam
    strawberry jam 10 months ago +2

    is she that woman from pawn shop lol?

  • Hungerfo
    Hungerfo 10 months ago

    Haley is fukin skinny and enoying

  • SSSWORLD Samson
    SSSWORLD Samson 10 months ago +3

    Actually smart though if an evacuation happens it’s fine

  • abir jamal el ddine
    abir jamal el ddine 10 months ago +3

    If my mom could save that much with that total of money HOLY COW MY HOUSE WOULD BE A STOCK ROOM

  • Victor_Be_My_coach
    Victor_Be_My_coach Year ago +5

    why do i even...why..

  • Actiive. Cynthiax
    Actiive. Cynthiax Year ago +70

    imagine they all went out of date before they even ate it

  • Angelo Adair
    Angelo Adair Year ago +2


  • Maddie Leishman
    Maddie Leishman Year ago +602

    those stockpiles piss me off, like donate that to charity....

  • XD Bitcoin
    XD Bitcoin Year ago +4

    Bullshit she buys 60 sauces which is 50p it makes 30 POUNDS SHE GOT 28 THIS SHOW ID FAKE EXPOSED

  • Kerry Hall
    Kerry Hall Year ago +49

    She looks like a giraffe

  • Capital Armada
    Capital Armada Year ago

    Supermarket shopping can be profitable for you

  • dreams
    dreams Year ago +64


  • Spitzkopf Larry
    Spitzkopf Larry 2 years ago +216

    she doesn't even need all of that, why are people jusz couponing for themselves when you can help homeless people by couponing

  • Gemma Thompson
    Gemma Thompson 2 years ago +35

    its crazy how much planning goes into this but seeing how much money they save i totally get it.

  • HanaitsRetro1
    HanaitsRetro1 2 years ago +796

    Yes, she saved her family some money.. But they can hardly survive on BBQ sauce, razors and soda.

  • Cindy Quach
    Cindy Quach 2 years ago +421

    dont they expire?😂

  • Cobra
    Cobra 2 years ago +72

    I get that people want to coupon on shampoo and cleaning supplies because that shit's expensive and won't expire but man, when are you ever going to use 250 packets of cakemix or 150 bottles of barbecue sauce
    Also no offence to kids but that kid is fucking disgusting

  • Marie Thompson
    Marie Thompson 2 years ago +773

    Oh my gosh... Haley Is Soooo Skinny 😟 that's not healthy... and it seems that she has OCD

  • Locaalana
    Locaalana 2 years ago +48

    How does Hayley buy soooo much but she is sooooo skinny

  • midget_ princess
    midget_ princess 2 years ago +45

    omg that girl is so skinny i really hope shes well. she really could do with a little weight on her bless her

  • Jasmin Mc Laughlan
    Jasmin Mc Laughlan 3 years ago +888

    Haley is really skinny it doesn't look healthy

  • gamefan449
    gamefan449 3 years ago +142

    And she cares about coupons more than her kids

  • gamefan449
    gamefan449 3 years ago +36

    She is saying cupeorner and if her kids asked wuts for dinner mom: sugar wafers and gatorade dear kid: gives mom eye roll

  • Harshit jholapara
    Harshit jholapara 3 years ago +179

    Meanwhile in third world countries where people are starving while most of this food is going waste in a basement

  • prototipi
    prototipi 3 years ago +6

    but she can work

  • BelleCraunchette
    BelleCraunchette 3 years ago +670

    If everyone in town was couponing, the supermarkets would get no money, go out of business, or stop selling coupons all together.

  • dilshad haroon
    dilshad haroon 3 years ago +15

    Teach me too

  • Syafiqah Omar
    Syafiqah Omar 3 years ago +519

    She buys all this stuff almost for free and she keeps it??? On display??? So what's the point of having them?

  • Sarra Hamouda
    Sarra Hamouda 3 years ago +89

    The little girl is anorexic

  • Jack watson
    Jack watson 3 years ago +740

    She save money on food but doesn't eat ? I am confused??

  • Lewis Hamilton
    Lewis Hamilton 3 years ago +15

    1 DOLLAR?

  • Candice Ross
    Candice Ross 3 years ago +472

    The parents are insane if they let a CHILD control them. So thankful she isn't mine because unfortunately she would get a rude awakening right quick. Little brat.

  • Floriann Everingham
    Floriann Everingham 3 years ago +187

    What I've noticed with this couponing is it's all stuff you can't really live off... 60 bottles of BBQ sauce is useless if you have nothing to put it on... So they may save a huge amount of money buying these things, but still need to do another normal shop to get the actual basics such as milk and bread.

  • Jeon Jung-Kook
    Jeon Jung-Kook 3 years ago +56

    wtf kind of detergent is 92 dollars at the intro

  • R Elise Cheong
    R Elise Cheong 3 years ago +51

    jeez i hate that haley girl. disgusting, the way she talks to her parents bout shopping

  • 8ouvou
    8ouvou 3 years ago +35


    • 8ouvou
      8ouvou 3 years ago +4

      Mind = Blown

    • Kagome
      Kagome 3 years ago +2

      Well if u watch this show you should coupon at that store can double. So the sauce is most likely free. Or some of the coupons go over and those extra get deducted off the total amt she pays.

    • SUGARPOP73
      SUGARPOP73 3 years ago

      I bet she sell them , she is very smart and enterprising .

  • justacrazygirl5
    justacrazygirl5 3 years ago +108

    Instead of getting her a car i would get her a therapist. She is a bit obsessive, but she is extremely skinny.

  • kiaora224
    kiaora224 3 years ago +798

    This wont happen in Australia unfortunately, they have limits to how many coupons can be used to what value etc lol

  • tdanks9
    tdanks9 3 years ago +144

    why is she so skinny it's not like she has a lack of food

    • Mummyonabudget
      Mummyonabudget 3 years ago +67

      +tdanks9 anorexics have a obsession on food...buying making storing organising and also ocd comes with it. i would say the poor thing might be suffering from anorexia as shes nearly old enough to drive...that or shes just super skinny :D.

  • Luis
    Luis 3 years ago +618

    How come I don't notice them buying vegetables

    • C G
      C G 3 years ago +70

      +SUGARPOP73 that's 100% true, but do remember there are some people who do buy veggies with the money they save from their coupons just not these people. like who tf buys so much candy

    • SUGARPOP73
      SUGARPOP73 3 years ago +157

      Coupons are for products you don't need to survive . Take out vegs,fruits, eggs, unprocessed fresh meat , fish , fresh eggs , fresh milk . Those people are morons feeding their family junk and their sizes shows that .

  • Luis
    Luis 3 years ago +99

    Why is she excited for menopause

    • kiaora224
      kiaora224 3 years ago +41

      +Luis plays (totoro) No more periods lol

    • Luis
      Luis 3 years ago +2

      Get some help please

  • vetech 90
    vetech 90 3 years ago +309

    one thing i have never seen in all these videos... fruit and vegetables... couponing seems to become more inportant than health.

  • Weijie Mak
    Weijie Mak 3 years ago +564

    now i know exactly where to go when there's a zombie apocalypse.

  • Fotini Karayianni
    Fotini Karayianni 3 years ago +420

    its called OCD people, Take ur child to therapy

    • nopedy no
      nopedy no 3 years ago +13

      @luminous fk I know haha. They apparently went through something when she was younger but managed to find it as a good general stress outlet too. Many people seem to find it calming.

    • Fotini Karayianni
      Fotini Karayianni 3 years ago +14

      Am talking about the little girl

  • Xill & Xhane
    Xill & Xhane 3 years ago +34

    Wonder what to do with the expirations....

  • Shafinaz Anwar
    Shafinaz Anwar 3 years ago +92

    Why would anyone need that much toothpaste tubes...? I mean, I collect things like deodorants, toothpastes, shower gel refill, but I maybe keep 3-4 tubes/packs at a time; not a whole supermarket...

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 3 years ago +665

    maybe they shouldn't try and get people to coupon for themselves, and hoard stockpiles that they don't really need - but sacrifice some of what they collect to charities and poorer families who are actually struggling.

    • nopedy no
      nopedy no 3 years ago +1

      +Jasmine A lot of them do- someone made 1,000 army base aid kits full of food and stuffs. Others give the excess to the homeless, and some keep it for their extended families to use.

    • nopedy no
      nopedy no 3 years ago +48

      +Jasmine A lot of them do- someone made 1,000 army base aid kits full of food and stuffs. Others give the excess to the homeless, and some keep it for their extended families to use.

  • Finn Hafnmr
    Finn Hafnmr 3 years ago +994

    Seems like she has control issues and her body shows it too...

  • Hannah McGlynn
    Hannah McGlynn 3 years ago +1704

    If she's getting 60 BBQ sauces at 50c each she's still spending $30 on BBQ sauce that she doesn't need. Therefore she's saving nothing, she's still spending money she didn't need to.

  • Mia xo
    Mia xo 3 years ago +62

    That crazy girl looks anorexic. Clearly doesn't eat the food she gets!

  • Zeruda Densetsu
    Zeruda Densetsu 3 years ago +57

    Why do American man want a man-cave? :S

    • nopedy no
      nopedy no 3 years ago +1

      +Zeruda Densetsu often families like these go into severe debt and couponing gets them out of it. From here, it just becomes an obsession but they're also able to give food to their extended families.

    • nopedy no
      nopedy no 3 years ago +9

      +Zeruda Densetsu often families like these go into severe debt and couponing gets them out of it. From here, it just becomes an obsession but they're also able to give food to their extended families.

  • orth82
    orth82 3 years ago +179

    I totally get Haley. Supermarkets have always had a calming effect on me, ever since I was little.

  • Marina Toshkovska
    Marina Toshkovska 3 years ago +1219

    "I'd leave my child behind but not my cupons" - GET HELP!

  • Henry Pickett
    Henry Pickett 4 years ago +323

    Salad dressing has a expire date, just saying

    • SUGARPOP73
      SUGARPOP73 3 years ago +12

      +Henry Pickett looking at their sizes I doubt they eat salad everyday . Plus salad dressing is not healthy either . Extra virgin olive oil , lemon juice and a pinch of sea salt is . It bet they don't give coupons for those products .

    • nopedy no
      nopedy no 3 years ago +2

      +Henry Pickett "a 100 bottles" doesn't make sense. it's "a hundred", or 'she said 100 bottles". most give to their extended families or away to the homeless.

    • nopedy no
      nopedy no 3 years ago +2

      +Henry Pickett "a 100 bottles" doesn't make sense. it's "a hundred", or 'she said 100 bottles". most give to their extended families or away to the homeless.

    • Henry Pickett
      Henry Pickett 3 years ago +6

      Never to use in time, maybe she give many away. And a family would never use, would have to have it for every meal.

    • Henry Pickett
      Henry Pickett 3 years ago +1

      She said a 100 bottles