Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Skittles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


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  • Claire Saffitz
    Claire Saffitz 18 days ago +12783

    Skittles might be my favorite episode so far because everyone got involved! Watch for cameos from all your favorite test kitchen editors.

    • Elizabeth Elliott
      Elizabeth Elliott 4 hours ago

      Claire Saffitz oddsw

    • CyrusKad
      CyrusKad 5 hours ago

      Could you attempt to make Girl Scout Thin Mints next??

    • Grafmec X
      Grafmec X 11 hours ago

      This is gourmet, that is gourmet everything is gourmet..
      Do everything that is made by a Chef need to be labelled gourmet?
      Looks like you are overdoing it, I'm too in the cooking industry and I like your content a lot but something about everything being gourmet gets me, what happened to homemade?
      Homemade sounds better and it's what you're actually doing, if I make chips at my home I will not call them gourmet Pringles, I will get roasted by my friends for being pretentious, I will just call them home made chip's!!

    • Carl Michael Tomacruz
      Carl Michael Tomacruz Day ago

      Indira Gandhi, is that you?

  • Star likes Macarons
    Star likes Macarons 24 minutes ago

    Did anyone here acctually try this? XD this looked like the most complicated out of all their videos

  • Nic Needs A Dab
    Nic Needs A Dab 50 minutes ago

    Am I the only one that hates lime skittles

  • Reath Greed
    Reath Greed 2 hours ago

    Why does everything need to be gourmet

  • Lauren Jean
    Lauren Jean 2 hours ago

    this was great wow

  • savannah richardson
    savannah richardson 2 hours ago

    Make gourmet Lil Debbie Honey bun

  • Hoang-Viet Tran
    Hoang-Viet Tran 2 hours ago

    I love this series, keep it up!

  • Stressy Depressy
    Stressy Depressy 3 hours ago

    She looks like Sarah Rubin

  • Sydney Bajsa
    Sydney Bajsa 4 hours ago


  • J K
    J K 4 hours ago +1

    damn she attractive

  • sketchy meow
    sketchy meow 4 hours ago

    i miss lime skittles really bad

  • Madam_Meow99
    Madam_Meow99 5 hours ago

    Learning the dynamics and ingredients of Skittles was quite interesting. I like your less fake sweetener [real sugar] candy to the unnatural Skittles. I'd like to see what you get boiling down pure maple syrup and adding corn starch or powdered sugar. Would that even work? People would def by your version of homemade candy even if not necessarily Skittles-like.

  • RoseisoutofherTOGA
    RoseisoutofherTOGA 5 hours ago

    This was boring.

  • Ramata
    Ramata 5 hours ago

    She did a great job!

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith 5 hours ago

    not a fan of the overlapping edits. too much going on

  • Lil Ashes
    Lil Ashes 6 hours ago +1

    she looked like glitterforever17 in the thumbnail

  • Erin
    Erin 6 hours ago

    Make gourmet pop rocks next!

  • Tom Foolery
    Tom Foolery 6 hours ago

    If I was the king of a country, I would have people hand make skittles for me in large bag fulls.

  • JOEY Smith
    JOEY Smith 6 hours ago

    I love skittles 😊😊😊😊🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

  • purpleskittles88
    purpleskittles88 8 hours ago

    Love love love!

  • Lucy Blades
    Lucy Blades 9 hours ago

    This was a journey.

  • Lauren
    Lauren 9 hours ago

    Please do funyuns next!!

  • Cup O Noodle
    Cup O Noodle 10 hours ago

    *C O M P R E S S E D S U G A R*

  • Tiana's Film
    Tiana's Film 11 hours ago

    I started eating skittles 😌

  • Tillie Quinn
    Tillie Quinn 11 hours ago

    In Ireland we have different flavors
    Orange is orange

  • Tinderbox
    Tinderbox 11 hours ago

    Skittles must make it easier to lure small children to her cottage in the forest.

  • Asquad .Meadow
    Asquad .Meadow 11 hours ago +1

    Try and make those Caramel Apple Pops.

  • crystal energy
    crystal energy 12 hours ago

    Put your hair back when you’re cooking.

  • soniaustralie
    soniaustralie 13 hours ago +1

    So much less unnecessary damaging chemicals when its home made !

  • chase r
    chase r 13 hours ago

    try and make cheez its!!

  • Butt Hole
    Butt Hole 13 hours ago

    Brad is hot.

  • Abby Lowe
    Abby Lowe 13 hours ago

    Clair ur not old. Put away the mother gothel hair and just dye it. Why the midlife crisis color?

  • M Soda
    M Soda 14 hours ago +1

    I miss the lime

  • Qurat Ain
    Qurat Ain 14 hours ago

    Wow amazing... hardest work

  • Anony Ninja
    Anony Ninja 14 hours ago

    each of them weighs one gram
    *toss entire handful on scale, only weighs one gram*

  • Kendra Pino
    Kendra Pino 14 hours ago

    You should make gourmet cheez-it!!

  • Donna October
    Donna October 15 hours ago

    Brad is one of the funniest people ever

  • Featherine Feather
    Featherine Feather 15 hours ago

    Claire: "I feel like they have to have color"
    Guy: "Um yeah taste the rainbow Claire"

  • Tessa Ailsa Foord
    Tessa Ailsa Foord 15 hours ago

    U should try Oreos next.

  • No Name
    No Name 15 hours ago

    I ate skittles watching this

  • Mizan Arum
    Mizan Arum 15 hours ago

    you literally have no idea how much i love these videos!!

  • Rhianna Clark
    Rhianna Clark 16 hours ago

    gourmet Maltesers

  • sarah thedaisy
    sarah thedaisy 16 hours ago

    By far my favorite episode so far😂

  • robspunk
    robspunk 16 hours ago

    They're so condescending to her

  • real nigga hours
    real nigga hours 17 hours ago

    I think I found my dream job

  • Totes McGoats
    Totes McGoats 20 hours ago

    If you had one of those huge rolling drums it would have made your life a lot easier

  • Chantel Kok
    Chantel Kok 21 hour ago

    Claire, pls make Gourmet Oreo Cookies!!😍

  • maddy
    maddy 23 hours ago

    Skittles needs to take notes

  • 60,000 without any vids Tentacion

    Ur weird if u dont know wat Skittles are

  • YasminGamingYT
    YasminGamingYT Day ago

    Where's the grape!!!!

  • Red Vixen
    Red Vixen Day ago

    Oh my god SHE DID IT

  • wabash
    wabash Day ago +2

    Steps to making Skittles:
    1. Drive to store.
    2. Buy a bag of skittles.
    3. Eat said bad of skittles.

  • jack james
    jack james Day ago

    Try making Starbursts. They are very interesting..

    • jack james
      jack james Day ago

      Oh and omg the end look was shistar shnapped.

  • Mateo Murillo
    Mateo Murillo Day ago

    They look like small pretty patties from SpongeBob

  • Daniel Ribeiro
    Daniel Ribeiro Day ago


  • Loogaroo1
    Loogaroo1 Day ago

    I'm giving this a thumbs up solely fore the reason that you are doing lime Skittles and not green apple. I haven't bought a pack of Skittles since they changed flavors.

  • Patrick Strong
    Patrick Strong Day ago

    I swear her hair got more and more grey as this episode went on.

  • OpenMinded Doll
    OpenMinded Doll Day ago +1

    interesting 😮

  • Edwin Ly
    Edwin Ly Day ago +1

    I like the lime too bad it's green apple now :(

  • Jennifer Lee
    Jennifer Lee Day ago

    Where do I order a bag

  • J C
    J C Day ago


  • Nicholas Maurice

    Can you suggest another skittle recipe that doesn't require friends :(

  • Jenna Tandy
    Jenna Tandy Day ago

    I thought red was cherry, my whole has been turned upside down.

  • Dam Son
    Dam Son Day ago

    damn it brad

  • Keirstyn Francis

    You should try to make gourmet sour patch kids but don’t put my name in the video if you give me a shoutout

  • Lance Buttercream

    Hahaha. Camera guy knows what's up with the green ones. Nice.

  • Annie Sun
    Annie Sun Day ago

    you should make high chew or tic tacs or ice breakers

  • TheFireplace - Minecraft and More

    Do gourmet PEZ PLEZ

  • AM Hockey Club
    AM Hockey Club Day ago

    Came for the junk food, caught a crush instead. Dang it.

  • Godzilla Rider Gamer

    Gimme some!

  • Leem
    Leem Day ago +1

    I much prefer the UK Skittles flavours!
    Purple = Blackcurrant
    Green = Lime

    • ccggenius12
      ccggenius12 Hour ago

      Damn Limeys and their better candy...

  • msp lord 1234 msplord

    the skitles taste like lime in england

  • Isabella Simpson


  • Vanessa Thomas
    Vanessa Thomas Day ago

    Who is actually going to make it

  • Sofia Apolinário

    The key to making skittles is using tapioca it's just tapioca

  • Faith The Cat
    Faith The Cat Day ago

    i still have lime skittles where i live so yeah :))

  • •••
    ••• Day ago

    We still have lime in England lol

  • Eric Jian
    Eric Jian Day ago +12

    lime is better than green apple

  • Tati Key
    Tati Key Day ago

    Make gummy bears!!

  • darkness deputy of bloodclan

    I wanna try to make Skittles too now

  • aj hale
    aj hale Day ago

    I love brad

  • Kawaii sicle
    Kawaii sicle Day ago

    Please try to make gourmet m&ms

  • theCogentIntrovert

    I wanna marry her

  • BrainBread
    BrainBread Day ago

    Should have used something similar to the candy they used to make jawbreakers. Just a thin coat of that might have worked a bit

  • Rachael W
    Rachael W Day ago

    What she doesn't realize is that Skittles are a white in the middle because they use the same center for all Skittles. The flavor is in the coating.

  • skypie 700
    skypie 700 Day ago +1

    Skittles are my favorite candy!!

  • TheClosetGamer
    TheClosetGamer Day ago

    Where is your hair net?

  • TechXtreme
    TechXtreme Day ago

    Props to this chef for putting up with some nasty comments she got from her co workers.

  • Muhibb Sarfaraz
    Muhibb Sarfaraz Day ago

    Claire's wifey asf

  • Ukkometso
    Ukkometso Day ago

    Green skittle in UK is still lime.

  • Klea Rusnim
    Klea Rusnim Day ago


  • c
    c Day ago

    Claire's persistence to get it right is something I aspire to!

  • Scrimjaw
    Scrimjaw Day ago

    So much waste :(

  • Alexa Ybel
    Alexa Ybel Day ago

    Im getting Julien vibes from Brad

  • Chong Vang
    Chong Vang Day ago

    Bone apple tea 😂

  • Earl Soriano
    Earl Soriano 2 days ago

    Rip grape skittle

  • LTLyndo
    LTLyndo 2 days ago

    Pay 10 dollars for 30 skittles or 4 for 50 which one?

  • Kiwitoca Sims
    Kiwitoca Sims 2 days ago

    Please make Takis

  • Akash Grewal
    Akash Grewal 2 days ago

    Omg I thought this was sarah with grey hair wtf

  • Explodoboy
    Explodoboy 2 days ago

    "Natural flavors". lol For a test kitchen chef, this woman doesn't have a good grasp of chemistry. lol the word "natural" is meaningless.