Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Skittles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Jun 5, 2018
  • Claire Saffitz takes on another challenge, this time to recreate the tastes of the rainbow... Skittles, Gourmet-style.

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    Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Skittles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit
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  • Username
    Username 4 hours ago

    In the uk the green skittles are still lime

  • Janisha Mehta
    Janisha Mehta 14 hours ago +1

    Who is eating skittles while watching this?

  • Alexe Jade Official
    Alexe Jade Official 20 hours ago

    Gourmet Rocky Chockas

  • Alexe Jade Official
    Alexe Jade Official 20 hours ago

    How do you go a decade without skittles

  • Cam Bar
    Cam Bar Day ago

    Brad is such a misogynist. Eurgh. He needs to elevate Claire instead of making fun of her. So sexist.

  • Jacob Straw
    Jacob Straw 2 days ago

    I bet Skittles are made with granulation that is compressed in a tablet press and then coated in a tablet coater. Industrial Pharmaceuticals are made the same way.

  • Vanessa Cisneros
    Vanessa Cisneros 2 days ago

    Please excuse my ignorance, what's the difference between lime and lemon?

  • Becca
    Becca 3 days ago +1

    brad: cOmPResSed SUgAr

  • davdin2
    davdin2 3 days ago

    Or go to 7-11 with 75 cents.

  • RBCop 1.
    RBCop 1. 3 days ago

    4:23 *UHOOO*

  • Olivia Davis
    Olivia Davis 4 days ago

    I absolutely love the trend of Brad saying/doing something crazy or dumb-sounding, claire swearing it won't work or it's not a thing, and then Brad's method is the one that works in the end 😂

  • Buff Cat
    Buff Cat 4 days ago

    Why does brad sound like Sam from uncharted 4

  • Ashlee Smith
    Ashlee Smith 6 days ago

    Do Mentos. You would do so well with that.

  • AnnaSophia777
    AnnaSophia777 7 days ago

    I love your recreations! What about trying to make a Mars bar.

  • Apple
    Apple 7 days ago

    You should try making Runts candy!

  • Molly Brooks
    Molly Brooks 7 days ago

    Pretty sure your first attempt made dragons beard or whatever that stuff is that’s like old school cotton candy. Which you should make 😂

  • Kate Bluck
    Kate Bluck 7 days ago

    In New Zealand green has always been apple but the purple used to be blackcurrant and it got changed to grape!

  • Little Kay
    Little Kay 7 days ago

    U forgot grape😫😂

  • Natalie Melvin
    Natalie Melvin 8 days ago

    Underrated friendship: Claire and Ameil

  • tam tam
    tam tam 9 days ago

    brad lost weight maaan. wow

  • umeng2002
    umeng2002 9 days ago

    You have to eat all the flavors at once.

  • ItsLex
    ItsLex 9 days ago +2

    Is it just me or is the failed skittles at 5:46 just a successful starburst she was struggling with lmfao

  • Crazy Cajun
    Crazy Cajun 10 days ago

    Annoying that she keeps looking away from the camera each time she shows an iten in her hand

  • Becky M
    Becky M 10 days ago +1

    Did yall know skittles is just 1 flavor but rainbow colored?

    • tia nguyen
      tia nguyen 7 days ago

      Becky M bruh that’s froot loops

  • qwerty842
    qwerty842 10 days ago

    @9:10 Brad resisting the urge to say I told you so is admirable

  • Delaney Watkiss
    Delaney Watkiss 11 days ago

    Make Linder chocolate truffles

  • Madi Crawford
    Madi Crawford 11 days ago


  • TheCultureshock101
    TheCultureshock101 12 days ago

    The more I re-watch these episodes, the more I appreciate the editors. The random little edits they do are so funny!

  • Bruno Giambroni
    Bruno Giambroni 12 days ago

    Gaby is such a team player! The best 👍🏼

  • Angel36930
    Angel36930 12 days ago +2

    Take a shot for everytime compress is said🤭🤭

  • Angel36930
    Angel36930 12 days ago

    04:20 I keep thinking of dragon beard candy when I see that🤭

  • Lana
    Lana 12 days ago

    I tried skittles for the first time after this video and I loved it except of the green one.
    Ps.I’m 16 😂

  • Gregorio del Pilar III

    bon appetit needs to be a sitcom lmao

  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

    "It's too thick" Well, you're too.

  • Lauren Asuzano
    Lauren Asuzano 16 days ago +1

    Claire: brad what is that??
    Brad: it’s the stuff you gave me
    Claire: can you pick it up??
    Their interactions are always SO FUNNY

  • Susan Rojas
    Susan Rojas 16 days ago

    Can you make m&ms

  • Nik Vape
    Nik Vape 17 days ago

    Needs a better name. “Claire’s Skittles”. No, too basic. How about “clittles”. Oh wait.......

  • mackenzie
    mackenzie 18 days ago +1

    this was a year ago already???

  • Samantha Bednar
    Samantha Bednar 18 days ago +1

    I’m STILL upset they changed the green ones

    • tia nguyen
      tia nguyen 7 days ago

      Samantha Bednar i think that they’re fine and the only reason people don’t like them is that they’re afraid of change and aren’t ready to admit it

    • Samantha Bednar
      Samantha Bednar 7 days ago

      tia nguyen they just don’t match with the rest of the flavors!

    • tia nguyen
      tia nguyen 7 days ago

      Samantha Bednar the new green is so good though they’re my new favourite

  • Keghan
    Keghan 18 days ago +2

    I love Claire's deadpan delivery of "literally never again, as long as I live" 😂

  • Vecrisv Nueveocho
    Vecrisv Nueveocho 18 days ago

    Brad and Claire reminds me of me and my sister hahahaha it's so nice

  • Caprise Adams
    Caprise Adams 20 days ago

    I miss when she was this confident and sure of herself. What happened?

  • WhiteSpatula
    WhiteSpatula 21 day ago

    I can’t eat Skittles because they rip the roof of my mouth raw, and I don’t realize it until I’ve eaten half the bag, then I remember why I can’t eat Skittles, until I forget again.. it’s a vicious cycle. But I can say without a doubt; I know what the rainbow tastes like: Softened pumice.. fruity tangy sweet delicious eerily softened palate-sanding pumice. -Phill, Las Vegas

  • Paxton Moon
    Paxton Moon 22 days ago

    Do rainbow belts next!

  • The Wild Dinkus!
    The Wild Dinkus! 22 days ago

    Skittles supports homosexuals year round

  • The Wild Dinkus!
    The Wild Dinkus! 22 days ago +1

    How to lose friends
    Step 1: buy skittles
    Step 2: buy mnms
    Step 3: mix
    Step 4: wait

  • bobbyjoe2402
    bobbyjoe2402 24 days ago

    Claire is so beautiful

  • Ja'nai Vaughan
    Ja'nai Vaughan 25 days ago

    I hate to do this to Claire but.... MIKE&IKES🤞🏾😬🤞🏾

  • Cassy Sida
    Cassy Sida 26 days ago +1

    i low key wish she didn't do any colouring and the crew just had a lil surprise of which skittle they will get

  • Dalton Conant
    Dalton Conant 27 days ago

    Clair can you make gourmet ring pops please ❤️💙😁

  • jjforeal2
    jjforeal2 28 days ago

    I ate skittles Religiously in high school around 1998-2002 and not so much until recently. I didn’t know they changed lime until I watched this, and now I understand why they had a funky taste. They are really gross and tart when you pop a handful.

  • raeious
    raeious 28 days ago +1

    im pretty sure brad thinks claire has to replicate the snacks when she has to make them gourmet, which i feel she has been doing

  • Britney Diamond Westbrook

    Brad your not doing it right

    So once yours looks like brads you’re good

  • Michael Booth
    Michael Booth 29 days ago

    Taste the rainbow, Claire.

  • Maddison Evans
    Maddison Evans 29 days ago +1

    I’d love to see you do takis. That would be so impressive plus I think you could do it

  • Eli Foxx
    Eli Foxx Month ago +1

    "Hey Claire, whatcha got going over here?"
    "I'm making taffy..."
    "HOHH!" 😂😂😂

    • Britney Diamond Westbrook
      Britney Diamond Westbrook 29 days ago

      Eli Foxx
      Hey Claire whatcha doing
      Making taffy
      No you’re not

      That how it goes 😁nice try

  • Cougar Angove
    Cougar Angove Month ago

    They changed the purple in Australia

  • Jetzaly Cuello
    Jetzaly Cuello Month ago

    love her hair o.o

  • Courtney Burian
    Courtney Burian Month ago

    For purple, instead of grape, you could try blueberry? Not that anyone in their right minds would go through this hell after watching you do it

  • Andrew Rogers
    Andrew Rogers Month ago

    She hadn’t had a skittle in a decade and now she’s addicted

  • Cian Devine
    Cian Devine Month ago +2

    0/10 not compressed enough

  • Danai Raina
    Danai Raina Month ago

    Try fruit loops!!!

  • Nick Burry
    Nick Burry Month ago

    I love that I watch the recipe like I’m going to make it myself some day when I know I never will

  • Speed Racer
    Speed Racer Month ago

    Green lime is OG AF

  • Christina Arredondo

    why didnt she do grape

  • viewer 1
    viewer 1 Month ago

    I always wonder what everyone is doing back there

  • Lindsey Westdorp
    Lindsey Westdorp Month ago

    They’re making “gourmet” skittles and using Pam?

  • Vanimaniindra Chilukuri

    the one who marries Claire is the luckiest peraon onearth she is cute adorable funny and she can cook everthing literally everything

  • Malia Hutton
    Malia Hutton Month ago

    my sisters would love to see sour patch kids!! thank you for all your work! these videos make my day!

  • Chinmay Upadhye
    Chinmay Upadhye Month ago

    4:32 Clair accidentally made Soan papadi

  • ElixaMarrow
    ElixaMarrow Month ago

    12:20 No Bon Appétit

  • Macy Monical
    Macy Monical Month ago

    No. That is not UFO shaped. UFO is an unidentified flying object!!!

  • Eddy Wright
    Eddy Wright Month ago

    8:29 fellas

  • Mustafa Zeytin
    Mustafa Zeytin Month ago

    How old is she?

  • Andrea Mae Dela Cruz
    Andrea Mae Dela Cruz Month ago +6

    Claire: Would you say that I nailed it?
    Brad: NO
    Claire: Why?
    Brad: because you can't chew it
    Claire: But... shou... but...
    Brad and Andy: *laughs at Claire*