Which Try Guy Knows Eugene The Best?

  • Published on Aug 29, 2018
  • In this final friendship trivia edition of Try Guys Game Time, the #TryGuys are challenged with weird, scary, and surprising questions about Eugene to find out who is actually his best friend! #TGGT
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    Break Free
    I’m Late
    Mystery Solved
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    Flight Of The Bumble Bee
    Dance Of The Cygnets
    Badger Bear 2
    Another Dimension 2
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Comments • 17 417

  • Nara Micah
    Nara Micah 8 hours ago

    I lost my Virginiate at age 5 LoL

  • Aurora Lavelle
    Aurora Lavelle 9 hours ago

    I realized, he is right about Virgos...

  • Blurrei
    Blurrei 10 hours ago

    I think I'm the person Eugene would hate the most in the whole world. I'm a Pisces with rising Virgo and moon in Cancer.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 11 hours ago

    Well fuck you, Eugene. As a Pisces, I don't trust you.

  • Paul Hillman
    Paul Hillman 11 hours ago

    I am a Taurus

  • lilshrub 05
    lilshrub 05 13 hours ago

    I was born on November 22 so I'm a Sagittarius but I was born on the cusp of Scorpio

  • Annie De La Rosa
    Annie De La Rosa 13 hours ago

    an idea try guys you should do storytime when you all 4 lost your virginity for the first time

  • Mark Perry
    Mark Perry 14 hours ago

    Eugene is from the greater Austin area!!!! I'm from Manor

  • Jhopey
    Jhopey 14 hours ago

    I love Ned

  • Jhopey
    Jhopey 14 hours ago

    I predict Eugene is gonna commit cannibalism in the future

  • Touka Kirishima
    Touka Kirishima 15 hours ago

    I want a video of Eugene’s zodiac rant
    You should make an extra credit video of that footage

  • EMO Person
    EMO Person 16 hours ago

    I feel offended bc I'm a Virgo i mean I would cut someone in their sleep but it depends but anyway I feel offended. Lol. Jk

  • Toxic Cactus
    Toxic Cactus 16 hours ago

    "Tauruses they are chill" I am a tarus... ❤

  • GenericFortniteVirgin
    GenericFortniteVirgin 19 hours ago

    Pretty glad Eugene called me dope

  • Rosa Maria
    Rosa Maria 19 hours ago

    -1+1=1? Makes sense😂

  • Edie A. De Graaf
    Edie A. De Graaf 22 hours ago

    I’m a Virgo..... promise I won’t bite :)

  • Sister Nation
    Sister Nation Day ago

    I’m a Virgo :(

  • susie benn
    susie benn Day ago

    That didn't mention aries that's me

  • Emily Bousquet
    Emily Bousquet Day ago

    Omg I just searched up when Zach"s birthday is and apparently I'm one day before him😂

  • Emily Bousquet
    Emily Bousquet Day ago

    aye I'm a Leo😂

  • Kween
    Kween Day ago

    boodh aq keith .......

  • Noah daddy Edwards

    He already knows about the Virgos 💪🏼

  • skippy Herzmando

    Dude I'm dying cuz I'm a virgo 🤣🤣

  • Amir Mirza
    Amir Mirza Day ago

    Im a Pisces!😠

  • Tipreace Martinez

    I’m a Taurus♉️

  • Boi Fyoodont
    Boi Fyoodont Day ago

    I rewatched the first ten seconds of this video so many time 😂😂😂😂

  • Paul R. Gardner
    Paul R. Gardner Day ago

    I've thought the exact same thing about thumbs!

  • Mc Kenrick Cafugauan

    What about aquarius Eugene

    BOUBLE Day ago

    “Love libras”

    * Fucking mental screech so hard I get a migraine*

  • caitlin neeley
    caitlin neeley Day ago

    eugene grew up 40 mts from where i live

  • Maren Elizabeth
    Maren Elizabeth Day ago

    Ouch Eugene ouch IM A FRICKING PICSES

  • marisol is MAGENTA!

    Omg!!!!!!!!! Eugene said he loves Libra’s IM A LIBRA!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍

  • Trash Man
    Trash Man Day ago

    Scar down his back? Emphasized anal glands? Under bite? Awesome.

  • emily arellano
    emily arellano Day ago

    He's not wrong about virgos. We can be nasty lol

  • Unknown
    Unknown Day ago

    yaaaay Eugene loves me
    im a libra bitchhhh

  • Unknown
    Unknown Day ago

    7:33 ELEVEN WHOOOOOO!?!?!?!?!?

  • billy
    billy Day ago

    pflugerville is twenty minutes away from me, what the heck. that’s hella crazy.

  • Star Night980
    Star Night980 Day ago

    Damn.Me trying to find this video then it comes to zodiac signs,he put cancer and I was like "OMG ppl should stop telling me that"

  • lil chicken nugget #nuglife

    Is Eugene gay?

  • The Mutated donky

    Flight of the bumble bee

  • Jack Pabich
    Jack Pabich Day ago

    Eugene doesn't like Pisces? I feel personally attacked...

  • Ivara
    Ivara Day ago

    me: drawing not paying much attention.
    Eugene: My Mothers name is "Min-young"
    Me: MIN YOONGI? WHERE? oh. Min-young... oh well. ㅠ^ㅠ

  • Erin Kenney
    Erin Kenney Day ago

    Love Libras✌🏻

  • sleepyhead asleep

    A cancer is an awesome friend to have and they'll have your back but if you fuck with them... let's just say you kinda need to write your testament

  • OhMyGawd REALLY
    OhMyGawd REALLY 2 days ago +4


  • Genevieve Lee
    Genevieve Lee 2 days ago

    Ummm...Ned looks always uneasy and mad at something..?

  • Aneesha Ali
    Aneesha Ali 2 days ago

    The thumb fleshy palm because it looks like a drumstick!!! Glad I'm not the only one who thought of this.

  • Ananda Kale
    Ananda Kale 2 days ago

    Should we get ice cream....
    Me-(screams) YEAH..

  • Elaine Joy Mayol
    Elaine Joy Mayol 2 days ago

    Eugene's Virgo description is so on point 😂😂😂

  • NOOB_king1656
    NOOB_king1656 2 days ago

    I fucking love the try guys this one part I cant stop watching 4:49

  • The Queen Of Super Sarcasm

    Eugene either gets drunk a lot or he is only drunk around the Try Guys mostly if they know all of his drunk personalities, probably both.

  • ShaShay Noella
    ShaShay Noella 2 days ago

    I was born in Texas and I never knew there was a town called *Pflugerville*

  • Hunter Watson
    Hunter Watson 2 days ago

    Don't call me out like that 😂 #Virgo

  • Kate Clark
    Kate Clark 2 days ago +1

    *Holds breath before he says the zodiac signs*

  • ♡🌹SharyFlower🌹♡

    Im a virgo 😑

  • Kate
    Kate 2 days ago +2

    Did they get the ice cream though?

  • Trenton Toney
    Trenton Toney 2 days ago

    Taurus’s are the best

  • Weird Small Yaoi Girl

    I'm a ♍ virgo and

  • Phreak Phayse
    Phreak Phayse 2 days ago

    When you're learning Korean and you know more about Hangul than the try guys xD (Obviously beside Eugene)

  • Dimma
    Dimma 2 days ago

    8:26 I mean wow... COULDN'T AGREE MORE!

  • Aj Wilkie
    Aj Wilkie 2 days ago

    They through scorpios under the bus😢😢😢😢 but EUGENE'S MY BOIII HIT EM WITH THE FACTSSS

  • Bianca Rae
    Bianca Rae 2 days ago +1

    I'm a capricorn and Eugene's birthday is 7 days away from mine😳

  • RaeAnne Hill
    RaeAnne Hill 2 days ago

    Us cancers are definitely sucky when we aren’t okay lol

  • Heyiamhuman Heyiamhuman

    IM PICES!!!

  • fox/wolf girl is Good at gaming

    I'm cancer

  • Dedmaw5
    Dedmaw5 2 days ago

    rip pisces me

  • Katreen Denverk
    Katreen Denverk 3 days ago

    Who saw the thumbnail and was like, ”Nah lad. No way.”

  • Sheikh Life
    Sheikh Life 3 days ago +7

    Cancer ♋️ like dis

  • Jane
    Jane 3 days ago

    Eugene loves Libras I’m so happy 😭

  • Willow Eske-Paquet
    Willow Eske-Paquet 3 days ago

    I think Eugene should make a video with his thoughts on the different Zodiac signs.

  • Rochelle Braverman
    Rochelle Braverman 3 days ago

    i think i would fuck Zach

  • Jazzy Jaz
    Jazzy Jaz 3 days ago

    Yay he loves libras!

  • Will Peck
    Will Peck 3 days ago

    fuck u ned i’m a taurus

  • Xerxes
    Xerxes 3 days ago

    Everyone's a damn Scorpio critic but Eugene knows what's up!

  • Helen Why you here
    Helen Why you here 3 days ago +3

    I’m a cancer.....♋️

  • Maggie Heck
    Maggie Heck 3 days ago +3

    Scorpio’s forever okay

  • Maddie Green
    Maddie Green 3 days ago +7

    Im a pisces tho.....

  • AkinCaribou 4000
    AkinCaribou 4000 3 days ago +3

    I’m a Virgo ♍️💖💝

  • Bogi B
    Bogi B 3 days ago

    I heard Try Guys Gay Tag instead of Try Guys Game Time😅😬

  • MoreWithMoore
    MoreWithMoore 3 days ago +13

    poor Zach ACTUALLY won 😂

    • MoreWithMoore
      MoreWithMoore Day ago +1

      Lucky Spe they both would have had 14 in the end haha bc the -1 would take 2 points to get to 1 haha

    • Lucky Spe
      Lucky Spe Day ago

      no Ned did, with 14

    # TATANATIONNN 3 days ago +50

    Zach: "im not here to make friends, I'm here to make friend"

  • Kaitlyn Muirhead
    Kaitlyn Muirhead 3 days ago

    Eugene loves Libras, he loves me!!! :) ❤️

  • Missy Gold
    Missy Gold 4 days ago

    Ay! I'm a Capricorn! No wonder I relate to Eugene so much!

  • Kendy Louwaars
    Kendy Louwaars 4 days ago

    Are the rest of em heterosexual?

  • NT flips
    NT flips 4 days ago

    Lowkey kinda mad everyone hates on Capricorns(I'm a Capricorn)

  • Kim Seuko
    Kim Seuko 4 days ago

    Your all here jus defending your Zodiac and I'm sitting over here like I'm sagg

  • UnicornPie
    UnicornPie 4 days ago +1

    I was so glad my zodiac was never mentioned 😂

  • Ramah Bell
    Ramah Bell 4 days ago

    Can we Talk about how cute Eugene looks with his feet altogether?? ❤️

  • mariimar
    mariimar 4 days ago

    omg 25

  • Chaos Arcader
    Chaos Arcader 4 days ago

    *E U G E L U T I O N*

  • emo_tionless
    emo_tionless 4 days ago

    Watch out y’all, I’ve got an agenda and I’m ready to fucking cut you in your sleep

  • Jonathan Van Hyning
    Jonathan Van Hyning 4 days ago

    Ned is so agro

  • EllaJones
    EllaJones 4 days ago

    Well fuck you ned I'm a Taurus

  • lilbxtchass
    lilbxtchass 4 days ago

    Ok Eugene and I both hate babies, love dogs, hate hugs, constantly drunk, loosing our virginity at 25 it’s uncanny

  • Toni Wheat
    Toni Wheat 4 days ago

    I'm a pices

  • Jiho Park
    Jiho Park 4 days ago

    most serial killers are Pisces so yee

  • Audrey M
    Audrey M 4 days ago

    Truth about Pisces guys

  • FlossyCarp506
    FlossyCarp506 4 days ago

    I guess I’m chill

  • Lailah Oliviere
    Lailah Oliviere 4 days ago

    that is true about virgos

  • simplyeason
    simplyeason 4 days ago

    0:06 i swear, ned is so freaking adorable.