Avengers Endgame Trailer MISSING EASTER EGG! Thanos Soldiers Revealed!

  • Published on Apr 1, 2019
  • Avengers Endgame Trailer Breakdown! What new detail was discovered in the Endgame trailer? Why are Thanos' OUTRIDERS returning in Endgame, and why is Hawkeye fighting them? Erik Voss takes a closer look at the Avengers trailer to explain why this missable shot of Hawkeye might actually be more predictive of the Endgame plot than most other footage of the Avengers. Is this a clue that Hawkeye is grieving the loss of his family? Is Hawkeye hunting the Outriders, or are the Outriders hunting HIM? How will the Avengers "avenge the fallen" against Thanos?
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  • Serveaux's Cosplay Nerdery

    I don't like Hayden Christianson's acting... it's coarse, it's rough, and it gets everywhere.
    Aww, darnit, it got all over the prequels!
    Someone get a broom or something!
    Dang it!
    We can't have nice things!
    Do you want sand people?
    Because THIS is how you get sand people!

  • michael kennedy
    michael kennedy 4 months ago

    Anyone else pause the video so they could do the magic eye art?

  • Fire Cock
    Fire Cock 4 months ago

    lol i saw it im from the future hes defending against them

  • Kerim Lilly
    Kerim Lilly 4 months ago

    Ronin is a beast in the Movie!!

  • david donaldson
    david donaldson 5 months ago

    The tunnel hawkeye is running through almost looks the hallways in the H.Y.D.R.A. base in Captain America: The First Avenger.

  • Jacob Stanly
    Jacob Stanly 5 months ago

    Hawkeye is on Thanos's ship. Probably went back in time to save Gamora from Thanos before they goto Vormir. I think its just not Hawkeye who is on Thanos's ship. Other Avengers have also invaded Thanos's ship. Thats how Thanos comes to know about Avengers plan to reverse his decimation. Or hawkeye might have snuck on Thanos's ship after Thanos destroyed the Avengers headquarters.

  • Beaunelo06
    Beaunelo06 5 months ago

    I think that Hawkeye is defending against them because he wouldn’t hunt them and then run away

  • Black Snow
    Black Snow 5 months ago

    Someone's theory

  • sarosh ENCORE
    sarosh ENCORE 5 months ago

    Maybe it's the Chitauri army again? Because Stark's vision from Age of Ultron might still happen, right ??

  • Anna Lucas
    Anna Lucas 5 months ago +1

    Okay, they said Thanos killed half the people on EARTH but Peter Parker, Tony Stark, ect. were not on Earth, so... does that change things? I don’t know, i’m so confused. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Rogue Echo
    Rogue Echo 5 months ago

    Why does this magic eye change? I see a tray with a ball, or two trays and three balls, or three trays and four balls. How is that possible?

  • Campbell Comedy
    Campbell Comedy 5 months ago

    Imagine the Russo brothers just looking down on us and our theories like:
    “Yes fools! Make us laugh!”

  • ironic_memes1738
    ironic_memes1738 5 months ago

    Theory:What if this is Hawkeye first mission maybe his team is in wakanda destroying the ship of outriders to help out the past avengers so that the past one can remove the mind stone and They could collect it without hurting vision.

  • Daksh Khanna
    Daksh Khanna 5 months ago

    If there was time traveling they could just time travel to thanos’s birth and kill him

  • 5thSense
    5thSense 5 months ago

    At 4:57 if anyone is scrolling down and see's this comment do you see that head right there? it might be thanos idk

  • don't matter
    don't matter 5 months ago

    What about flashbacks? Maybe having shown what Hawkeye was doing while they were doing fighting of their own?

  • Michael Kaiser
    Michael Kaiser 5 months ago

    Looks like Hawkeye is about to activate the Quantum Realm/Pymtech device on his hand just before the wall of fire and Outrider parts hits him.

  • HailG3
    HailG3 5 months ago

    "One Metallica track away from a perfect Frank Castle impression" is how I feel on most days 😂

  • anb3rlyn
    anb3rlyn 5 months ago

    Question. If i watch Endgame in 2d vs 3d. Will i miss certain parts of the movie? Im not a 3d fan.

  • Nancy Ann
    Nancy Ann 5 months ago

    "I see boobs!" God, you kill me!!! 😂😂😂😂 Love you to death! ❤

  • Replaze
    Replaze 5 months ago

    Hawkeye is neither hunting them nor defending them. What if he is trying to detstroy Thanos’s ship from the inside? Like while the Avengers fight Thanos on Xandar, Hawkeye and maybe a few others would go and deystroy Thanos’ fleet

  • Grass Hopper
    Grass Hopper 5 months ago


  • Richard Elbe
    Richard Elbe 5 months ago

    @anyonereadingthis , SO at the end of the WINTERS SOLDAT, (lol) SHIELD is gone, FURY goes deep under and burns the eye patch..Hill goes to work for STARK? was it?? etc etc.. then we see FURY and HILL back with SHIELD at the end of INFINITY WAR and FURY with SHIELD during Spidey Home Coming. Anyone else see something weird with this???

  • MAC Anthony Calvino
    MAC Anthony Calvino 5 months ago

    Defending against them.

  • Wood Jack
    Wood Jack 5 months ago

    endgame can be one minute thor just gos for the head,that's all XD

  • Mystic
    Mystic 5 months ago

    In the second trailer Peggy says. " all we can do is start over" so they could reform the universe with the infinity stones

  • Noah Carroll
    Noah Carroll 5 months ago

    Anakin dub, a nod to cinemasins?

  • Shawn Brewington
    Shawn Brewington 5 months ago

    They're not in the movie....

  • Abijay Kollara Sajeesh
    Abijay Kollara Sajeesh 5 months ago

    hawkaye is killing outriders because these outriders may be killing or torturing the rest alive people

  • JudioRulez
    JudioRulez 5 months ago

    What if their timeline meddlin’ awakens Kang or something

  • Kolby Raymond
    Kolby Raymond 5 months ago

    It could be when some of the avengers pull up the thanos ship and Hawkeye is sneaking around and setting explosives. Then the outrides find them, chase him and as he's running away the bombs go off and he jumps to avoid them.

    ISAID PEREZ 5 months ago

    I feel like the outriders are from earth and he time traveled so thanos doesn’t get them

  • Greg Pochardt
    Greg Pochardt 5 months ago


  • pider man
    pider man 5 months ago


  • Fizer
    Fizer 5 months ago +1

    Maybe Shuri got killed by the remaining outriders?

  • Broccoli Rob
    Broccoli Rob 5 months ago


  • jacob morales
    jacob morales 5 months ago +1

    yes let’s go

  • Ninja_Jdog
    Ninja_Jdog 5 months ago

    i have a theory that either he's completely alone and this scene is on earth or he's with the avengers on a stealth mission on the sanctuary 2 ship and try to somehow destroy the ship and that's why theirs so much destruction at the planet when the avengers fight thanos

  • matthewclayton8484
    matthewclayton8484 5 months ago

    I think hawkeye is sneaking on Thanos ship. apparently he's having to beam down and not using the space stone. Wrecking his ship so he can't go anywhere.

  • Samuel Berg
    Samuel Berg 5 months ago +1


  • Weston Bradshaw
    Weston Bradshaw 5 months ago


  • Singh
    Singh 5 months ago +1

    In infinity war first scene or second with space dogs was complete red screen just watch agian plus +
    Thor blasted 2 or 3 ships with lightning flying throw where might be hawyke were hiding or attacking from inside but no one knew

  • Master Bait Fishing
    Master Bait Fishing 5 months ago

    How is this an 'Easter Egg? It is part of the movie! If there was a fantastic four toy in the background THAT would be an easter egg!

  • Dr.Deepa Shravasti
    Dr.Deepa Shravasti 5 months ago

    I think that hawk eye is on thanos' ship . And thanos' army trying to kill him......

  • Dustin Farnum
    Dustin Farnum 5 months ago

    My favorite channel by far.
    I only watch the MCU movies, so I have something to watch on this channel.

  • IDJ
    IDJ 5 months ago

    I'm sorry but you kept on saying Hawkeye he is not Hawkeye anymore he Ronin remember.

  • Frosty ‘
    Frosty ‘ 5 months ago

    He is attacking them so the other Avengers can attack Thanos

  • James Jackson II
    James Jackson II 5 months ago

    looks more like Thanos' ship and battling in some part of the ship

  • BurnedOut
    BurnedOut 5 months ago +1

    5:03 when they try to kiill thanos with normall gun 0_0

  • Bagyo Jenner-Webster
    Bagyo Jenner-Webster 5 months ago

    think he's inside thanos' ship. from the light in his ship in the closer look.

  • Doug Moore
    Doug Moore 5 months ago

    don't like Ronin with tattoos

  • Logan Cross
    Logan Cross 5 months ago

    5:14 maybe but i actually think it could be a escape tunnel due to the red lights ..... now what does red lights have to do with it
    it could be a backup generator and doesnt have enough power too put out the normal yellow light

  • • HouseBox •
    • HouseBox • 5 months ago

    If marvel wanted to make another solo movie, which side kick character do you think could carry their own film?
    Personally, I think Bucky Barnes could star in his own movie... but I think it would be triple more awesome is a team up with him and the punisher

  • Ethan Davis
    Ethan Davis 5 months ago

    go to 5:16 at 0.25 or .5

  • Damitz85
    Damitz85 5 months ago

    Am I the only person who paused the Magic Eye to see what it really was?

    • Damitz85
      Damitz85 5 months ago

      @ 0:37. FYI, not boobs...

  • Allan Smith
    Allan Smith 5 months ago

    Has anyone anywhere commented on the absence of Adam Warlock, who was teased in the aftercredits of GOTG2 and was a major player in the Infinity War comics????

  • WasHappanin 2006
    WasHappanin 2006 5 months ago


  • StevenTyler21
    StevenTyler21 5 months ago

    "...by the more trigger-able Avengers..." Proceeds to list off all but two of the remaining Avengers. lol

  • julian villarreal
    julian villarreal 5 months ago

    Hawkeye is wearing the that weird tech we saw in set photos, the wrist tech maybe nano

  • The Zoo
    The Zoo 5 months ago

    If you ever feel alone just know your not there is Drax standing in the room really still that you can’t see him