Jersey Shore: Ronnie Magro Reacts to Sammi 'Sweetheart' Giancola's Engagement (Exclusive)

  • Published on Jun 6, 2019
  • Get a sneak peek at ET's exclusive sit-down interview at the reality star's Las Vegas home.
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  • La Original
    La Original 2 days ago

    I wish things would have worked out between him and Sam. 💔

  • La Original
    La Original 2 days ago

    Ronnie seems like a great dad 🥰

  • nivledamh
    nivledamh 14 days ago +2

    He got the women he truly deserved in the end!The grass is not always greener Ron!Should have cleaned up your act when she was stil invested in your dumb ASS!Glad she found a beter man!

  • Aimee Marie
    Aimee Marie 21 day ago

    He says he’s happy but deep down you know he still loves Sam and always will. I think he realizes now he fucked up but unfortunately he realized too late. I really hope he finds true happiness in life. And Jen isn’t it 👌🏼

  • 1
    1 26 days ago +1

    Beautiful daughter

  • Jean Rhys Forges
    Jean Rhys Forges 26 days ago

    He Had His Chance He Fucked Something Good Could Ended Up With Someone Who Treats Him Like Shit

  • 312vandal
    312vandal 28 days ago

    Lmfao what's with those teeth? 🤣

  • MaskedBanditzz
    MaskedBanditzz 29 days ago

    You can tell my man is still in love. He looks healthier but you can tell he’s hurt. One day he will get over Sammie but he will first need to forgive himself. Just let the hurt go bruh

  • Shonuff
    Shonuff Month ago

    Engaged, married and divorced, all in about 6 weeks time, trash

  • amber isaac
    amber isaac Month ago

    I hope there all very happy

  • ByrdHouseFilmz
    ByrdHouseFilmz Month ago

    So he got the chiclet size teeth too?

  • Justin Tran
    Justin Tran Month ago

    This dude got libbo to take all the fat out his stomach 😂

  • Antonio Medeiros
    Antonio Medeiros Month ago

    Dude recently got fake teeth

  • miguel savage
    miguel savage Month ago

    Felt that...

  • Mr. Bennett
    Mr. Bennett Month ago


  • MarQ D
    MarQ D Month ago +1

    Ronnie got those veneers on deck. Lol

  • ChemaHD
    ChemaHD Month ago

    That ugly hoe blocked me on ig

  • jakeyboy851
    jakeyboy851 Month ago

    Rons story is really sad, like at least his rich lol

  • Tim S
    Tim S Month ago

    All you jersey shore followers are brain washed straight up delusional

  • Tim S
    Tim S Month ago

    Are rich not by a whole lot!
    Even for a single dad this fool is whack!
    These fools are puppets all about views attention they are drooling their audience for a little bit of spare change to live breathe off

  • Shayna sweet
    Shayna sweet Month ago +1

    He’s still not happy you can tell he still loves her he just needs help to grow and be a man

    CALIMAN Month ago +1

    he so sorry he had a baby

  • Saint
    Saint Month ago

    “engaged aint married”

  • Faze_Julius
    Faze_Julius Month ago +7

    You can tell he’s not happy look how he walked into the room

  • Cindy Silveria
    Cindy Silveria Month ago

    Omgosh his daughter is adorable

  • Shawn M
    Shawn M Month ago +3

    I guarantee Ron tried to pound out the reporter.

  • G-Mack, 58.
    G-Mack, 58. Month ago +1

    Mike is in prison, and I think he has a situation between his cheeks! 🤢🤮

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace Month ago

    did drugs cause him and sammi to break up?

  • yourefat andlazy
    yourefat andlazy Month ago +1

    what a family mess and the kid isnt even 5 yet

  • Andre Whitley
    Andre Whitley Month ago

    That's why she wont come back to the show cause of Ron she know either shell fall back for him or hell go loco

      CALIMAN 29 days ago

      @Andre Whitley in the case she had to do it because she can make enough maybe for the rest of her life, she will be sorry when she gets divorce

    • Andre Whitley
      Andre Whitley Month ago

      @CALIMAN true but sometimes happiness is more imp than money but it woulda been better caused more drama for the show tired of ron and the babymama

      CALIMAN Month ago +1

      she passed up millions, its really a mistake

  • Vinny B
    Vinny B Month ago +1

    Why is he a single dad?

  • Nancy Robbins
    Nancy Robbins Month ago


  • Cynthia R
    Cynthia R Month ago +1

    You ain’t fooling anyone Ronnie. I can see the pain of knowing that you’re with that crazy woman.
    I hope this couple can change their ways for lil Ariana.

  • I can see her kidneys

    She should get tested for aids

  • Cody Flasch
    Cody Flasch Month ago

    who cares

  • Breathe GUD
    Breathe GUD Month ago

    Behold. Proof that money will never buy happiness. Dude looks on the brink of suicide.

  • hushg2000
    hushg2000 Month ago

    Thumbs up if you are stunned that these grease balls are still alive from aids and std’s

  • Brittany Day
    Brittany Day Month ago +1

    Mike is in prison again???

  • MadisonHannah Shelley
    MadisonHannah Shelley Month ago +1

    He looks a lot healthier than he did a little while ago

  • jenny ann
    jenny ann Month ago

    I knw he has done wrong in the past... but y can see he is 100% devoted to his daughter and to giving her the best life possible.... have to give it to him alot of men wud run... he didnt fair play alot of respect for him....

    EUROPEAN BURMESE Month ago +3

    cocaine and steroids don't mix matter what love you have😔

  • George Panagiotou
    George Panagiotou Month ago

    “The eyes never lie Chico” he wants her back ..

  • Cat Jack Off-Road
    Cat Jack Off-Road Month ago

    I watched this show when it first came out glad ronnie has happiness with his daughter.

  • Anthony Frederick
    Anthony Frederick Month ago +1

    Holy teeth batman!!!!

  • Jollygoodfellow Nobodycandeny

    Who gives a shit.

  • Therealdeal710
    Therealdeal710 Month ago

    Sam is a psychopath and the guy who married her is a CUCK he’s gonna regret that if he has any balls

  • Tamra Hayes
    Tamra Hayes Month ago

    How can you all see the sadness in his eyes? His fluorescent teeth blinded me so much I couldn’t see anything else. The whole cast must have went to the same dentist. The only thing worse than the fluorescent teeth, is when the veneers give you a lisp.

  • AlbreshaSkilar
    AlbreshaSkilar Month ago +1

    His whole face looks different, but the teeth take the cake lol the dentist wrong for that 😂💀

  • Kalli Karen Allison Robertson

    His teeth r so fake now omg way white

  • Melissa Guerra
    Melissa Guerra Month ago

    Lol did she really need to bring up Sammy engagement? 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Jim Fitz
    Jim Fitz Month ago

    Nope...stop paying attention and these folks will go away once and for all. We deserve that/this.

  • Heidenriech
    Heidenriech Month ago


  • Quniona MD
    Quniona MD Month ago +1

    He does not have to be a single parent! I’ll marry his ass as take good care of him and that baby! 😂👶🏾😘🤷🏾‍♀️

      CALIMAN Month ago

      he aint going with the black nappy hair shit of sho

  • Tony Toni Toné
    Tony Toni Toné Month ago

    Love me some Ronnie...

  • Borey Chhorn
    Borey Chhorn Month ago

    Nice video

  • Romeo Romeo
    Romeo Romeo Month ago

    Go back to working out bruh,no excuses.

  • aliciaseptember
    aliciaseptember Month ago

    Holy teeth

  • PatronSaintOfTroll
    PatronSaintOfTroll Month ago

    "The situation" was always hideous.

  • Eazy Hunter
    Eazy Hunter Month ago +1

    Let this be a lesson to all men and women! Once you have something good DO NOT fuck it up or else you'll watch them be happy with someone else. This dude will never get over sammie fully, he'll always wish he was with her in the back of his mind.

  • Sherry Guns
    Sherry Guns Month ago +1

    Damn he got some chompers now🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷

  • Eddie Amiker
    Eddie Amiker Month ago

    I don't think he's sad about Sammi moving on and being happy. I just think he wish he could be happy with his child's mother but that lady is a nut!! Lol he looks hurt about that

  • Morgangisellexo
    Morgangisellexo Month ago

    You can tell he’s not happy ☹️

  • Questoshopping
    Questoshopping Month ago

    dude got issues get the f over sammi

  • Estevan Gomez
    Estevan Gomez Month ago

    he looks small, but tan..& greasy.

  • Michael Meara
    Michael Meara Month ago

    I know coke when I see it

  • Barbara Chieppo
    Barbara Chieppo Month ago

    Great dad

  • Alex Navarro
    Alex Navarro Month ago

    Ya boy looking like Ross when he bleached his teeth.

  • Dean Elliott
    Dean Elliott Month ago

    Who really cares?? Not me!!

  • Bellasky39 Dewitt
    Bellasky39 Dewitt Month ago

    LMAO 🤣😂. He's upset 😂🤣😂

  • Mr. President
    Mr. President Month ago

    Ok why did I get alert about this ... I could not care less about these people

  • Angelina Burgin
    Angelina Burgin Month ago

    hahahahaha! sure he found happiness ! but yes he is a good father!

  • fierce boo
    fierce boo Month ago +1

    Omg they broke up ages ago. Let him move on and start a new life with his child.

  • lee lunk
    lee lunk Month ago


  • Marguerite Truckey
    Marguerite Truckey Month ago +1

    when you need that money so you do an ET exclusive

  • Dawn Dawkins
    Dawn Dawkins Month ago

    Ronnie ur ass ain't happy...not with ur woman kicking ur ass...leave her

  • Christina Villafranco
    Christina Villafranco Month ago +3

    Wonder how it would have been if he would've stayed with Sammi the sweetheart!! 🙂🙂

  • Alyssa Mitchell
    Alyssa Mitchell Month ago

    His new teeth ewww

  • Rachel Winkler
    Rachel Winkler Month ago

    He's bullshitting bc hes really hurt

  • Tony Williams
    Tony Williams Month ago

    Thanks ET. Where is the rest of the interview?

  • IAmSomebody88 OnThisEarth

    Every male dog first kid is a girl

  • Tasheka Sherman
    Tasheka Sherman Month ago

    You can tell that it hurts him deep! Just look at his eyes, the eyes never lie

  • Why Bother
    Why Bother Month ago

    It’s clear Sam was never the toxic one. She gave up any and all future opportunity to make more money by giving up anything to do with JS forever because she would have to interact with Ron.
    Ron was down for her to come back for the reunion so he could repeat history. That was a major let down for him.

  • vic_gst
    vic_gst Month ago

    Yeah he deff feels some type of way lol

  • Thicckness
    Thicckness Month ago

    So he has full custody of the baby? Where's Jen? Anyways....
    He definitely misses Sammi but I am soooooo glad she got away from him and found her inner Peace and Happiness with someone who treats her better. We all need to find Happiness in something.

  • bkid831
    bkid831 Month ago +1

    Too distracted by Ronnie’s new set of teeth

  • Mya Dalton
    Mya Dalton Month ago

    I bet he’s wishing he didn’t fuck up with sammi . Men don’t know something good till it’s gone. He’s probably wishing he was good to her.

  • elijah gonzalez
    elijah gonzalez Month ago

    Karma is a bitch ronnie , treated Sammi like shit forever and now lives the rest of his life alone and sad, he can play that fake happy crap but we all know he’s hurting. I kinda feel sorry for him 😅😅

  • sydney Cassidy
    sydney Cassidy Month ago

    What an inappropriate question to ask

  • Randy Chavez
    Randy Chavez Month ago

    Get your stuff together kids life is a hell of a ride once you graduate in joy it to the fullest and take your time take it slow watch out for these wicked ass women out there and ladies watch out for those men with bad intentions best wishes from the past

  • Sammy K
    Sammy K Month ago

    So sad....! THey should have tried harder to work it out . But they definantly brought the worst in each other out but damn I can tell neither one if them will love anybody like they loved each other. And Mike did not deserve prison for tax evasion. I'm sure he paid plenty in taxes in his life. Fuck the IRS they just want so much from people it's not right . He made that money it should be his so stupid.

  • Hello!! :))))
    Hello!! :)))) Month ago

    Doe he have full custody?

  • Treasure's Life
    Treasure's Life Month ago

    Well lets see , this is what happens when he treated her like shit, talked down on her, fucked her stuff up, cheated, kissed other women and more ! She cared so much for him and loved him and he treated her bad !thanks for moving on Sammi I'm glad you found happiness 😍😍 Congrats

  • Bryan Recinos
    Bryan Recinos Month ago

    His teeth on point

  • Tonia Mann
    Tonia Mann Month ago

    His baby momma Jen looks a bit like Sammie

  • caylee d smith
    caylee d smith Month ago

    Why wouldbu even ask about sammie

  • Brittney Miller
    Brittney Miller Month ago

    Hats off to you Ronnie!!!!

  • Juju B
    Juju B Month ago +1

    This dude is a psycho

  • Liv_B
    Liv_B Month ago


  • Rich Taylor
    Rich Taylor Month ago

    Those Vaneers look great

  • Poop
    Poop Month ago

    Bitch , why would you ask that 🙄 😂