Gucci Mane Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks | GQ

  • Published on Sep 10, 2018
  • Rappers all seem to agree: Gucci Mane has the most insane jewelry collection out there. “You asked for the King of Jewelry? You got the King.”
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    Gucci Mane Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | On the Rocks | GQ
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  • Tyrone Biggems
    Tyrone Biggems 21 hour ago

    How much he pay for them whack teeth?

  • Bully Gang
    Bully Gang Day ago

    Omm 💯

  • King Dude
    King Dude Day ago

    Tell me how much was the earings plz!!

  • Bogdanoff x
    Bogdanoff x 2 days ago +1

    floyd mayweather hold my bear

  • Eduardo tadeo Meléndez

    Anueeeeeel AA

  • Jasmine Galvez
    Jasmine Galvez 3 days ago

    Gucci look so different

  • deadfire18
    deadfire18 4 days ago

    This is exactly what KRS-One was talking about ya dig or u don't

  • Kendrick Jennings
    Kendrick Jennings 5 days ago

    Get take off on here

  • Mustapha Touray
    Mustapha Touray 5 days ago


  • BBQChickenLover ツ
    BBQChickenLover ツ 5 days ago


  • iamsheep
    iamsheep 6 days ago

    This is like kid's play compared to Mayweather lol

  • Vincent Joe
    Vincent Joe 7 days ago

    Your music is traaaaaaash.

  • Amine Belcaid
    Amine Belcaid 7 days ago

  • NarcoFB Beats
    NarcoFB Beats 9 days ago

    i got a nice collection on Etsy: PlantLifeSeedShop

    Solid gold chains for all :P

  • Hi-STATE of-MiNd
    Hi-STATE of-MiNd 9 days ago

    He got on a life jacket or something🤔

  • miami flow
    miami flow 10 days ago

    Boss ice

  • Raja Babu
    Raja Babu 10 days ago

    He dum.... jeweller are fooling him

    GWEN GOLD 10 days ago

    Call out mayweather

  • Zurrrq
    Zurrrq 10 days ago

    Weird flex, but ok.

  • Haks 1
    Haks 1 11 days ago

    Put birdman and mayweather on here

  • Richard Neal
    Richard Neal 11 days ago

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  • Mekelia Richards
    Mekelia Richards 12 days ago +1

    His wife's jewellery next

  • Melvin Jojij
    Melvin Jojij 13 days ago

    The watch is not platinum, my brother is a expert jeweller and looked closely and studied it for a couple of days ago and he found out it was fake and it was a 600 $ watch

  • jerome Birms
    jerome Birms 14 days ago

    Bart is schmoki schmoki

  • KCunlimitedEATS
    KCunlimitedEATS 14 days ago

    I agree. Just get one big ring.

  • Johnny Unitus
    Johnny Unitus 14 days ago +1

    At least when he goes bankrupt he will have stuff to melt and sell.

  • T_ Chopper
    T_ Chopper 14 days ago

    Mann this don’t even sound like Gucci

  • Ekimme 2003
    Ekimme 2003 14 days ago +6

    Everybody: Guch King of jewelry
    Guch : brings 5 pieces

  • Nick Defreitas
    Nick Defreitas 14 days ago +2

    He could have saved a ton going lab grown diamonds for the same thing.

  • Behrad_Radmanesh
    Behrad_Radmanesh 15 days ago

    Offset had better stuff

  • Dookster 007
    Dookster 007 18 days ago

    Gucci the King 🤴🏿

  • Darik nour
    Darik nour 18 days ago


  • boper doper
    boper doper 19 days ago +1

    Every rapper 100k on my wrist (Gucci mane
    1,000,000 dollar on my wrist)

  • WideAwakeism
    WideAwakeism 19 days ago

    He hasn't put not one person in his family through college.. pea brained niggas... smh

  • Brian Ford
    Brian Ford 20 days ago

    This is how you dont grow generational wealth

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    Cinnamon Toast Crunch 20 days ago

    Get Floyd Mayweather on this

  • Ryk Son
    Ryk Son 20 days ago

    Punk said he don't like black

  • Ryk Son
    Ryk Son 20 days ago

    All are rentals

  • Good Kat
    Good Kat 21 day ago +2

    If he think those earring set him back, wait until he meets a real professional.....Did "NAS" not explain this already. Every Ghetto
    Watchin' kids freeze in winters, they still poor
    How could I tease them with Benzes and feel no remorse
    Drivin' past them in the lively fashion, diamond colors clashin'
    Red stones, blue stones, red bones and black ones.....

  • maiya woods
    maiya woods 22 days ago

    They should get ch so cool on this show

    LIL BAYEK 23 days ago

    The more money u have the more people are poor with no money 🤔

  • iAmJordell
    iAmJordell 23 days ago

    Man y’all crazy if you think this the real Gucci go watch a the video lost about him and his sause b4 prison he don’t even sound the same........#STAYWOKE✅

  • Tasi Ortiz
    Tasi Ortiz 24 days ago

    The shirt is intense

  • Carolyn McDowell
    Carolyn McDowell 24 days ago


  • Ulises Muro
    Ulises Muro 24 days ago

    Your tattoos are trash tho

  • Pablo Valero
    Pablo Valero 25 days ago

    Were boosie at

  • Kilo Mr. 1000 Grams
    Kilo Mr. 1000 Grams 25 days ago

    Impressive Gucci mane

    YBN ARDZ 26 days ago +1

    Ok but do you have a deathrow chain?

  • Jesus Melchor
    Jesus Melchor 26 days ago

    I know 21 Savage bought some earrings that cost him 250,000 idk for each one or for both and they look about the same size so maybe the it was more idk just a guess

  • Cristofer Ramirez
    Cristofer Ramirez 26 days ago

    Gucci sounds so chill

  • mem rae
    mem rae 26 days ago

    get drake on this

  • Keyante Miller
    Keyante Miller 26 days ago

    get trippie redd

  • Nick Watson
    Nick Watson 26 days ago

    So your dad was a con man piece of crap doesn't surprise me LOL

  • João Calixto
    João Calixto 26 days ago

    Yall should read Gucci’s book, just saying 🤘🏼

  • Under The Spiral
    Under The Spiral 27 days ago

    If diamonds are rare and very limited resources then how tf do all these rappers have all these diamonds?😂

    • Tyrese Mbambo
      Tyrese Mbambo 27 days ago

      Under The Spiral cause they got money to afford it that’s why they got so much of it he just like he said that one diamond ring cost him 500k I mean I don’t see everyone else walking around wid one

  • The Scarlette Show
    The Scarlette Show 27 days ago +1

    Woah that’s a lot of jurrey

  • DX66 First Native Rap Star MADPoets

    you didnt say we were doing this near water!? gucci doesnt do water get the life coat.

  • DonnieBoy TV
    DonnieBoy TV 27 days ago

    Guuu Yeeee

  • miguel padilla
    miguel padilla 27 days ago

    Just get one fucken ring!! Lol

  • Lam Belton
    Lam Belton 27 days ago

    Need philthy rich and sauce walka on here

  • Soloman 5k
    Soloman 5k 27 days ago

    Gucci Mane!!??? The gayest lamest name you can ask for. Whewwww

  • Robb holmes
    Robb holmes 28 days ago

    No play no games 🤣💯

  • christian chim
    christian chim 28 days ago

    I wanna be his wife haha

  • Travis Butler
    Travis Butler 28 days ago

    That’s cool how he shout it out his son is the Migos.

  • Deezy Troop
    Deezy Troop 28 days ago

    Why gucci sound like a kid...😹

  • adam the singer
    adam the singer 28 days ago

    Gucci seem super happy

  • C1K Drop
    C1K Drop 29 days ago

    Get Travis scott

  • Gucci Gang
    Gucci Gang 29 days ago

    🗣Is Gucciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Lamont Brown
    Lamont Brown 29 days ago

    Get trippie Redd on hear

  • Shaqepreme
    Shaqepreme 29 days ago

    0:18 Beatname?

  • Amber May
    Amber May Month ago +1

    Help. There is a such thing as rich getting rich and poor getting poorer. So help?!! Yeah help raise our taxes that you don't help pay plus don't contribute to the government that's we all under.

  • Amber May
    Amber May Month ago +1

    This not the old Gucci put this away .. Him it's aggy

  • Grass man
    Grass man Month ago +8

    This muthafuckas got a watch over a million.
    Bruh I'm struggling to pay for a year of Xbox live

  • Dr. Officer
    Dr. Officer Month ago

    It's okay to be Gucci

  • Ricardo Perea
    Ricardo Perea Month ago +1

    Lol Floyd may weather jewelry is better but underrated

  • IM El
    IM El Month ago +6

    Mayweather has joined the chat
    Gucci Mane : i have to go see ya later

  • Noku Kunaka
    Noku Kunaka Month ago +6

    “I been iced out since a lil boi”
    -Gucci Mane ❄️

    STR8-FACTZ EAT Month ago


  • Miles Malone
    Miles Malone Month ago

    he has such a thick southern accent I love it

  • Ali el Sahili
    Ali el Sahili Month ago +1

    I love Gucci. One of the best. I wish I could have someday a piece of jewelry same as him.

  • Mathieu Muller
    Mathieu Muller Month ago

    How much money would he have?!!!?!??

  • Bonkthekid Xslang
    Bonkthekid Xslang Month ago

    Do trippie redd

  • Marcelo Ferreira x
    Marcelo Ferreira x Month ago +1

    What does the Simpsons picture represent ??
    before they hung the symbol of africa in the neck today in hangs animes before

  • Marcelo Ferreira x
    Marcelo Ferreira x Month ago

    o que o desenho dos Simpson representa ??
    antes em penduravam a simbolo da africa no pescoço hoje em penduram animes

  • Lil AirPod
    Lil AirPod Month ago

    do juice wrld

  • Hendrix with an X
    Hendrix with an X Month ago

    Guy wears Grillz so much he permanently had a speech impediment

  • Markus Nørgaard
    Markus Nørgaard Month ago


  • Damario Lamb
    Damario Lamb Month ago +4

    When he said not too many can say they have this watch I looked down at my wrist and forgot I had it on silly me🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Don Scheib
    Don Scheib Month ago +2

    I didnt say nothing until he dropped the pinkie ring on me ....DAAAAAM. Half a million on a PINKIE RING!!!
    That is ridic! He is the boss of bosses

  • Teddy Mata
    Teddy Mata Month ago

    I was hopping for him to show his 500k panther chain

  • Alan Gomez
    Alan Gomez Month ago

    Fake jewelry lol

  • A Ali
    A Ali Month ago

    Obama changed everything.

  • alias unknown
    alias unknown Month ago +1

    kwater milion dollas

  • Q Buckets
    Q Buckets Month ago

    They straight up be buying houses to wear.

  • Peyton Chappel
    Peyton Chappel Month ago

    Get Floyd maweather on here

  • bill the butcher
    bill the butcher Month ago

    And still looks like a clown. What a idiot

  • ŃalitaR M
    ŃalitaR M Month ago


  • Emari Alexander
    Emari Alexander Month ago +2

    Theres no way he paid that much for his jewlery he's a lyer

  • Samantha Carrion
    Samantha Carrion Month ago

    I fkin love Gucci Mane been all about him since he started out.

  • Riley John
    Riley John Month ago

    Eminem plss!!!