CLEAR POTATO CHIP & Bonus Tater Tots Recipe

  • Published on Mar 13, 2018
  • You can see right through this potato chip. Here's how to make it and
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  • Frank's world
    Frank's world Day ago

    Eat the ducky moss!

  • Ethan l
    Ethan l Day ago

    💩 💩 💩 💩

  • Ethan l
    Ethan l Day ago

    Kinda sharty

    ARMY BLADER 2 days ago

    8:39 hahahahahahahahahahah

  • joshua
    joshua 2 days ago

    Your voice is so calming. Can’t go to bed with out watching your videos 💚

  • Ann De Jager
    Ann De Jager 6 days ago

    How long do they keep?

  • Sam
    Sam 7 days ago

    I thought that it was ice in the thumbnail 😂

  • Aaron Preston
    Aaron Preston 7 days ago

    no clear tater tots?

  • Racial Ray
    Racial Ray 8 days ago

    Crystal meth chips? I gotta get me some of those 😂

  • TheDulooo
    TheDulooo 12 days ago

    I can make these with just my dick

  • 2degucitas
    2degucitas 13 days ago +1

    I finally found someone who comes from my home planet. Does voices, makes noises, sings segue music and soybd effects. Love it.

  • FlowerPower123
    FlowerPower123 13 days ago +1

    This bitch has too much time and money.... So ridiculous...

  • What about Rob?
    What about Rob? 13 days ago

    Add flour Yamamoto.

  • Chris Gonzalez
    Chris Gonzalez 15 days ago

    That looks like crystal meth 😯 thanks for the recipe ima start selling that shit in the hood! 😂

  • Yung Sorrow
    Yung Sorrow 17 days ago

    Goes to whip off the starch ends up getting more on yourself 😂

  • DemonKing Kaze
    DemonKing Kaze 18 days ago

    She hasn't even started yet and she already making a mess and getting dirty lol

  • Nicholas Zguro
    Nicholas Zguro 18 days ago

    I'm from methenberg ky (muhlenberg) so I got to say it potato shards and u r beautiful and so adorable

  • DIL Singh
    DIL Singh 18 days ago

    English fluency is much better

  • Glenn lafaelove Karaka

    Love how she speaks

  • Adarsh kumar
    Adarsh kumar 23 days ago

    Emmy how old are you?

  • Clear Skies
    Clear Skies 24 days ago

    You can start with potatoes to me these if you want to.

  • 2muchtv
    2muchtv 24 days ago

    My mom usually adds chopped chilis.

  • Charly & Ruby
    Charly & Ruby 25 days ago

    I can totally relate to her..
    Clumsiness 💗😂

  • yaya aa
    yaya aa 25 days ago


  • tune agee
    tune agee 26 days ago +1

    Mmmm deep fried cum

  • Ryan Stauss
    Ryan Stauss 26 days ago

    Emmy has perfect teeth

  • Arpita Nayak
    Arpita Nayak 28 days ago

    It's good that we are trying new kinds of recipes BUT when you can have amazing potato 🥔 chips then why this??! 😢

  • Robo Studios
    Robo Studios 29 days ago +2

    Damn, that potato chip is clearer than my eyesight without glasses.

  • Nick Baldwin
    Nick Baldwin Month ago

    *Driving along in a car* Driver: Is anyone hungry?
    Passengers: Yeah, can we get some glass?
    *Gets in car crash*
    Driver: Lunch is here guys. Glass for everyone.

  • Shaz Bonny
    Shaz Bonny Month ago

    Omg Emmy. I have a broken rib and dang near passed out laughing when you said "sharty". I'm dying. It hurt but you made my day.

  • Digital Error
    Digital Error Month ago +1


  • windyduck123
    windyduck123 Month ago

    Where in Montana did you live. I'm in the flathead.

  • Isa Rabago
    Isa Rabago Month ago +1

    if emmy and claire from bon appetit we’re in the same room i’m sure we could negotiate world piece

  • BLADE Curtis
    BLADE Curtis Month ago

    Yes deep fried water is amazing

  • GOT7withIGOT7 Danica Jane

    What a sarcasm when you say "starch on my sleeve isn't that great" "it's all over my shirt isn't that great"

  • Safara Marshall
    Safara Marshall Month ago

    This is so cool

  • JFS !
    JFS ! Month ago

    Im gonna loop this and make it my ringtone!!!

  • Zuplex
    Zuplex Month ago

    Its just starch but ok call it transparent potato chip! Like Wodka out of potatos 👏🙄

  • Tequila _
    Tequila _ Month ago

    There’s an easier way to make clear potato chips
    So you get wax paper
    Then you get the hot glue gun-

  • Christina Chapman
    Christina Chapman Month ago

    You have quickly become one of my favorite channel presenters. You are funny and quirky, and I love your noises! LOL! I make them too! Your videos are so interesting and you have such a variety--but all food! It is delightful!

  • bp blink
    bp blink Month ago

    I love her voice only me tho😊😊😊💫

  • Jaylen gamer
    Jaylen gamer Month ago +1

    Oh wow I got some in my eyes... "Isn't that great"

  • DaTrippster
    DaTrippster Month ago +14

    “Mom can we get some chips?”
    “We have chips at home”
    *the chips at home*

  • Avinux
    Avinux Month ago +1

    Suntukan tayo tangina mo

  • Adriana Perezz
    Adriana Perezz Month ago +1

    We did it...we have figured out how to deep fry water.😂😂

  • DiabeticDreams
    DiabeticDreams Month ago +1

    Emmy: "I used to dry mushrooms on this"
    Me: nice.

  • Purple Weezy
    Purple Weezy Month ago +3

    USclip: here's a vid of someone making fried water

  • emmanuel vecina
    emmanuel vecina Month ago +4

    2019 anyone??

  • Aniket Sarkar
    Aniket Sarkar Month ago

    "fried piece of plastic"

  • wina salsabila
    wina salsabila Month ago

    Can I make it with maizena starch?

  • Roch24
    Roch24 Month ago

    I hate when the oil pops... it scares me and when it lands on my skin it burns!!!! How can I work my way with it?

  • Acro
    Acro Month ago

    Cuz milady it ain't potatoes chip it's just starch

  • Brazen Brunette
    Brazen Brunette Month ago

    God bless you

  • Wolfshark
    Wolfshark Month ago

    Are you sure you didn't made PLA plastic? You can make PLA plastic from potatoes, so i am wondering if you accidentally did that :D

  • Amber Bumpus
    Amber Bumpus Month ago

    My daughter and I always love your shows!! ESP the funny last bits you throw in at the end 😂 ❤️

  • Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper Month ago

    It would be fun to make a cellophane bag out of this stuff, print a label in edible ink, and then put some regular potato chips in the bag. Then you could impress people by eating the chips from the bag, and then eating the bag.

  • Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper Month ago

    What if you use some of that potato starch to hold the tater tot shreds together?

  • Elleshanndria Cnossos

    Why didn't you bind it with potato starch?

  • ɹɹoʇS
    ɹɹoʇS Month ago

    Halloween trick
    Step one: make the chips look sharp-ish
    Step two: Use a ketchup/sauce or red cheese dip

    Step 3: Enjoy your glass!

  • Alejandro Menendez
    Alejandro Menendez 2 months ago

    Your shirt!