staying in. [lofi / jazzhop / chill mix]

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
  • 🛏️ for those 'i can't be bothered' moments
    01 00:00 City Girl - Ji-eun's Sunset
    02 02:38 sad boy with a laptop - you're the dream i never wanna wake up from
    03 04:50 Sky.High - Ethereal
    04 06:36 neeks - summer lovers
    05 08:06 harren - your evening porch
    06 11:30 biosphere - plain plaid purple morning
    07 13:40 hoogway - ingenue
    08 15:56 hentaidesu - stay
    09 17:40 ibrahim - sleeping in the postmeridian sky
    10 21:24 cat paw 🐾 - a cup of tea to warm me up ♨️
    *11 23:06 City Girl - living in a transient dream
    12 26:16 buenos dias, princesa - me preguntaron por drogas... les hablé de su sonrisa
    13 28:24 Bunko Stew - Indoor Gardening
    14 30:18 furino - listen to tommy with a candle burning
    15 31:50 WYS - close my eyes
    16 35:00 Jordy Chandra - I Want You But Not Now
    17 37:22 Brye - You're Beautiful
    18 39:18 Nohone - You're Just Alone
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    Image By: Gunseli Sepici
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  • The Jazz Hop Café
    The Jazz Hop Café  10 months ago +1442

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    We've decided to focus more on Mixes & Label only releases on our USclip platform
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    • Spartacus
      Spartacus 14 days ago


    • Kei Kei
      Kei Kei 25 days ago

      Hi I'm heaven and I'm going to be starting a youtube channel soon.
      I was wondering if im allowed to use this music for my videos?
      As I really like how relaxing this music is. Recently I know there a lot of videos being copyrighted for their musics.
      I hope I would be able to use it! ❤️
      Please let me know❤️
      Heres my email
      Much Love ,

    • Skylar Fell
      Skylar Fell 2 months ago


    • pedro Guzman
      pedro Guzman 2 months ago

      Apple Music?

  • game music mix
    game music mix 12 hours ago

    Cool chills

  • Jo M
    Jo M 18 hours ago


  • Haha Hihi
    Haha Hihi Day ago

    If only my life could turn into music, my life would be this.

  • Hoseol Jeong
    Hoseol Jeong Day ago +3

    It's early in the morning and I'm currently packing up for college

  • Cayce tasong
    Cayce tasong 2 days ago

    The art and the music in thesseeee. Damnit

  • Hazel Moss
    Hazel Moss 2 days ago

    You wake up.
    You're in a room that you don't recognize, in some sort of apartment building. You feel refreshed and calm, so you slide out of bed and peer out the window. It's a place that you don't really recognize, but looks vaguely European. You open the window.
    Outside, the early morning sun washes over your face and a subtle breeze runs its hand gently through your hair. Somewhere, you hear some sort of music playing, but you're not sure where exactly it's coming from.
    You close your eyes.

  • Jairo Andres Cen Borges

    Como que CUCO copio este beat jajaj

  • Joseph Shisha
    Joseph Shisha 3 days ago

    just chilling on my bed writing a paper for my tutor while listening to this. so peaceful. so calm. me irl

  • Ronson Sahadeo
    Ronson Sahadeo 4 days ago

  • Isabella Cerqueira
    Isabella Cerqueira 4 days ago

    WHo recognized the speaking part 22 minutes in from Scott Pilgrim :)

  • Niqhtxmares
    Niqhtxmares 4 days ago

    This is so peaceful!

  • Dill Pickle
    Dill Pickle 4 days ago

    25:32 is when the second of the same song is, but I like it so enjoy :D

  • The_Drawing_Galaxy _
    The_Drawing_Galaxy _ 4 days ago +3

    When you realize that finding good Lofi music takes longer than your homework...

  • Ethan Collins
    Ethan Collins 5 days ago

    Dont be afraid of taking time off! Use your headspace practically, break yourself down when something makes you upset, become the self that you want to express! shine so hard that you fall in love with yourself and share your presence with people that make you feel emotion, i feel love, pain, and passion when I read these comments and yall are keeping it very wholesome and hopeful i love it. Rant over, do your fucking thang, bust up a jam!

  • André
    André 5 days ago

    my mom usually tells me to turn down the music that I listen to because it was distracting her.
    I then decided to play this on the PS4. at first she didn't have any reaction, but as time went on, she asked me about what type on music that I'm playing. I told her it's "lo-fi that fits the mood".
    up to this day, she's loves listening to lo-fi. heck, she even recommends me her favorites! I just find it grateful that for once, my mom has caught up on something that *_I_* like.
    that said; I want to break the rumor saying music doesn't bring people together.

  • Elsa Christiansen
    Elsa Christiansen 6 days ago

    reading the comments and it's good to know that there are people like me

  • Adisak Thiboonbun
    Adisak Thiboonbun 6 days ago


  • Nashi !
    Nashi ! 7 days ago

    I listen to this playlist day in and day out and I’m still in love with it.

  • 4walls_DE
    4walls_DE 9 days ago +6

    oooh I feel so uplifted just by listening to your compiled tracks. And yes, a year has passed and the universe is still good, still hanging on. Love life ❤️ it remind me of this song

  • leyla apil
    leyla apil 9 days ago

    I love for this

  • JP Geeezzeee
    JP Geeezzeee 9 days ago

    09 17:40 ibrahim - sleeping in the postmeridian sky; i can listen to this all day everyday

  • Default Cube
    Default Cube 10 days ago


  • Sia Thou
    Sia Thou 10 days ago

    amazin relaxing music~ nice nice nice~

  • amelia : P
    amelia : P 11 days ago

    「カプチーノと、ストロベリーケーキをください。 わたしの分と、あなたと分。 代金はお支払いしますから、一緒に食べましょう」

  • 11 days ago +1

    trying to study with this but it feels so relaxing i feel like sleeping instead lol

  • irene iskandar
    irene iskandar 11 days ago

    loving that room

  • Canhchimhaiau59
    Canhchimhaiau59 11 days ago

    I love it

  • Sandra Jovic
    Sandra Jovic 11 days ago


  • Sandra Jovic
    Sandra Jovic 11 days ago

    I seriously doubt that over a thousand bothered to give a thumbs down! (what a scam) Congratulations on the thumbs up. This vibe is cool with me♥

  • Sandra Jovic
    Sandra Jovic 11 days ago

    My close friend

  • 배수현
    배수현 11 days ago

    미쳤다 개좋다 내 취향 노래만 모아놨네...어쩜....이렇게 잘 맞기도 힘든데..올려주셔서 감사해요...ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • cursedツ
    cursedツ 12 days ago

    I'm in love with jazz music, it's so calming but also gets you upbeat

  • luana anjos
    luana anjos 12 days ago

    My favorite

  • jk_0115 kim
    jk_0115 kim 13 days ago


  • Laberinto Soundtracks
    Laberinto Soundtracks 13 days ago

    Love it

  • 영호영
    영호영 14 days ago +8

    it so hard to not look at the comments :)
    if you want simiral mood.
    aso - ultra violet
    Dept - mine
    Seo actor - i don’t know about yo

  • Sporadic Musings
    Sporadic Musings 14 days ago


  • Yuki Potato
    Yuki Potato 15 days ago

    I pay this music when i'm playing roblox coz i hate the background sounds i just turn off the game's background song.

  • 토끼마우스
    토끼마우스 16 days ago

    뭔 광고가 두개씩이여????????????

  • Pun Pun
    Pun Pun 16 days ago +1

    End of the May and still this is my themesong

  • Thanos was taken
    Thanos was taken 16 days ago

  • gen shu
    gen shu 16 days ago


  • Julistra Anggara
    Julistra Anggara 16 days ago +1

    I don't know why, but that laugh at 26:30 got me in tears... thanks for the beautiful playlist, love it

  • Xerxes Cambaliza
    Xerxes Cambaliza 17 days ago +1

    This is probably the only reason to subscribe to that USclip premium thingy so that i can listen while my phone is locked 😑.

  • Albert Zweistein
    Albert Zweistein 19 days ago

    I come right out of my ears. It does me good on stomach, anus, balls and guts. Love it, love it.

  • dva -
    dva - 19 days ago

    Holy shit the first song. dAMN I DONT EVEN KNOW-

  • OpaqueDragon
    OpaqueDragon 19 days ago

    Welcome to the relax zone.
    We have snacks.
    We have meals.
    We have replay buttons.
    0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00
    We have places to stay.
    All it costs is a smile

  • Daniel Rodrigues Corrêa
    Daniel Rodrigues Corrêa 19 days ago +1

    i'm from brazil!
    and you?

  • Daniel Rodrigues Corrêa
    Daniel Rodrigues Corrêa 19 days ago +4

    oh my God,i love this
    i should make be doing my homework,but i can't

  • Striver of Strength & Beyond

    My current state in the summer of 2019 be like:

  • Mehtalynx
    Mehtalynx 20 days ago

    I just listen to this mix when nobody's home...Its so peaceful, no shouting or swearing, no other radios blasting out pop music...Its just me alone in my room.

  • Natalie Ringdahl
    Natalie Ringdahl 20 days ago

    For the image of the video, what kind of art is that? where can i find art similar to that kind of style? (other than the artist that painted the one above please?)

  • Ayoub Karrouache
    Ayoub Karrouache 20 days ago

    Hey guys, I'm Ayoub and i need a partner to maximize my level of english, also to be friends then why not we could visit each others
    happy to join me on facebook : @karrouache0

  • m yama
    m yama 20 days ago


  • FuroChip
    FuroChip 21 day ago

    35:00 reminds me of SU / steven universe

  • Sisa M
    Sisa M 21 day ago

    This music makes me
    feel like spring

  • _Micha_
    _Micha_ 21 day ago

    This is such a beautiful mix, thank you so much.

  • Sky Tube
    Sky Tube 21 day ago

    Good people watching music at a park drinking a bice cup of coffee and The breeze blowing and just Relaxation Hmmm I csb picture it when i listen to this

  • Nghĩa Nguyễn Đức


  • KJam Fam
    KJam Fam 23 days ago

    This is the only lofi mix that I'm actually loyal to

  • Multifandom_PieceOfTrash
    Multifandom_PieceOfTrash 24 days ago +1

    it was surreal, i sat at my desk the slow humming of my laptop and the slight vibrations and music from my mini speakers. My window slightly ajar allowing the fresh midsummer's night breeze to rustle the leaves, ruffle my curtains and caress my curls. my lap emitted its warm dim yellow light and the scent of my warm cup of coffee wafted up my nostrils. My pen in my left hand prepared to pour out the inspiration on to the paper which lay gently under my hand. My thoughts after a long while were at bay, my body calm, tranquil and at ease.

  • uwu free gucci ma'am?
    uwu free gucci ma'am? 24 days ago

    I love how that girls room looks like mine In a way lmao

  • Bao Anh
    Bao Anh 25 days ago

    the music is really helpful to focus on the study

  • hajimaa .m
    hajimaa .m 25 days ago

    where can i get this as for my desktop wallpaper omg it's shoooo cute and cool at the same time

  • Clarbist Artist
    Clarbist Artist 26 days ago

    Aight, Y'all I'm just scrolling in the chat giving love and advice to those who need it. Love you all, Life is a hard thing to go through, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't appreciate it. There are just those places you arrive at the right time and meet the right people. The amazing thing is, This is one of those places.

  • Turquoise Star
    Turquoise Star 26 days ago


  • Solo
    Solo 27 days ago +1

    The only way my parents get me to clean my room, is if they put this music on.

  • EllieHamlin
    EllieHamlin 27 days ago

    i'm smiling from the bottom of my heart.
    it's like my world turns into a beautiful art.
    all the things suddenly got sense.
    i sat for awhile in a lonely bench.
    right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot.
    i sway my foot and dance with the trees.
    now i can hear silence of being in peace.
    as my infrequent joy completly vanish.
    walk out, take a glimpse of the nature, think least.
    i tried all my best to keep my immortal beast.
    yet my own treasure makes me badly hurt everyday.
    i am stuck in this limestone rotting jail.
    can i ever win over my everything?
    i guess my suffering is unending.
    because i think it's time to say "i give up"
    there's no other world that can lift me up.

    except to my own reality.
    -ellie :)

  • EllieHamlin
    EllieHamlin 27 days ago

    sooo i made a poem bout my pen.. it's terrible but i'll do my best to make a good one.
    i once brought a pen.
    my friends have it too, like ken and ben.
    it's really cheap and so is the quality.
    whenever it falls, it's like a pen with disability.
    i brought two so i can't lose the other one.
    if my pen disappears, i'll buy myself a gun.
    i proceed to use my pen.
    now i'm making some random poem.
    trees, nature, depression, MY PEN!
    my pen accidentally fell!
    now i can't finish my poem.
    but i realised i have another one.
    i proceed to look for my pen.
    notebook, pencils, books, MY PEN!
    my pen is now missing!
    i want to ask my friends but they are silently reading.
    i guess my misery will never end.
    like how atlantic and pacific can never blend.
    i now understand how unlucky i am.
    even my pen is leaving me, fam.
    let me cry on the edge of my non-existing circular room and measure how pointy it is.

  • Anna Isabel
    Anna Isabel 27 days ago

    here´s a tip if you wanna make your listening experience better:
    open another youtube window and search for ``Relaxing bird sounds´´ , and I promise it´ll sound like ur in heaven, NO JOKE

  • Critalchii
    Critalchii 27 days ago

    school got me so. fucked up to the point where even lofi stresses me out IM DONE I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO

  • Anna Sophie Lautenbach

    you are walking on the street. you see an old bookshop and wonder, how would it look from the inside? slowly you come closer. as soon as you enter you notice that there is a special kind of serenity in the store. you can see small dust particles floating in the sunlight, coming from a window at the top of the store. there are cupboards full of old books up to the ceiling, and a sliding ladder to grab those you can't reach. you feel tranquil over your whole body and mind. you see sumptuous, ancient books. you grab a book. it is the miraculous book you've ever seen. you take your thermos out of your self-sewn bag, pull your walkman of your jacket, put on your headphones and listen to lofi music. you wish time could cease, so you can enjoy this extraordinarily moment in perpetuity.

  • justaguy human
    justaguy human 28 days ago

    It’s a wet cool spring morning I’m sitting in my friends apartment in downtown looking out the window taking in the quiet bliss of the chill am peace to ya mates

  • yo1k2
    yo1k2 28 days ago +1

    i put this mix to do my work, but then i got lost on those cat eyes

  • xUnknown Glitchx
    xUnknown Glitchx 28 days ago

    This makes me want to work at a small café in a small city... that's how relaxing this is

  • Tea is just leaf water
    Tea is just leaf water 28 days ago +5

    I love this community. I wish I could find you all so we can just be relaxed and aesthetic friends

    • Clarbist Artist
      Clarbist Artist 26 days ago

      Funny thing is, Maybe we all are already together, we just don't know it...

  • chestnut
    chestnut 28 days ago +1

    i have no idea why but this gives me bob's burgers vibes

  • Thirst Tae
    Thirst Tae 28 days ago

    *m1lk tea*

  • Soukloudy
    Soukloudy 28 days ago

    It's a cool spring afternoon. I'm wearing a flowy white sleeping dress and painting my nails white as the sun rays enter the room softly and this playlist is on. I love it.

  • Apoorva Verma
    Apoorva Verma 28 days ago

    Who in their right mind would dislike this?

  • persona.
    persona. 29 days ago +1

    Sometimes, I wonder on how easily things fall from my hands. I am not sad because he's gone, don't take it in the wrong way. I just ask myself: "Why did everything end without even noticing it?" As if it wasn't that relevant, after all. If he asks politely, I would surely let him in again, in my Galaxy, letting our flowers bloom together.
    Actually, I am in a relationship. I know she doesn't love me, but I can't let her go as fast as him. This prove that I am truly in love? Or it's just weakness? No, I am not in love. I don't love her either, that's why I don't care at all, if she stays or she goes away. We used to fit perfectly. I don't want her to leave my Universe, because she's not worth it.
    Yes. I am this bad.
    Yes, I am embarrassed.

  • Mariam EL-Naggar
    Mariam EL-Naggar 29 days ago +4

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    stop scrolling in the comments
    you have work to do! :-)

    • Clarbist Artist
      Clarbist Artist 26 days ago

      True, but the thought of spreading love and affection is a better thing to do that work.

  • Carol-Anne Majka
    Carol-Anne Majka 29 days ago

    so suprised that soap by melanie martinez is in that lofi mix

  • Zoleka Mncwabe
    Zoleka Mncwabe 29 days ago

    Is she in Europe? the building a outside are giving me that vibe. This Is also good driving music since m done with college.🌸🌸🌸🌸

  • Julien M.
    Julien M. 29 days ago

    If Zhuangzi was to listen to music, this'd be it.
    “The fish trap exists because of the fish. Once you've gotten the fish you can forget the trap. Words exist because of meaning. Once you've gotten the meaning, you can forget the words. Where can I find a man who has forgotten words so I can talk with him?”
    “Once upon a time, I dreamt I was a butterfly, fluttering hither and thither, to all intents and purposes a butterfly. I was conscious only of my happiness as a butterfly, unaware that I was myself. Soon I awaked, and there I was, veritably myself again. Now I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man.”

  • Ridges Channel
    Ridges Channel Month ago

    Both the music and background is so beautiful

  • ollie i guess
    ollie i guess Month ago

    8:06 reminds me of minecraft for some reason. i used to fall asleep listening to the soundtracks. it's stupid, but it's a good memory

  • Millie Wolfie
    Millie Wolfie Month ago

    if i used any of these songs for my videos would i get copyrighted?

  • Aayush Nepal
    Aayush Nepal Month ago

    THE SONG @ 26:16 buenos dias, princesa - me preguntaron por drogas... les hablé de su sonrisa , is just wonderful

  • Angelica
    Angelica Month ago +3

    I promise i was able to finish my to do list with this playing in the background.

  • Lecastorbleu
    Lecastorbleu Month ago

    Does anyone knows what the name of the effect 8:50 is ? I really love that, kinda Radwimps in Your Name vibe :o

  • F A I T H - F L 0 W 3 R 5


  • VANESSA80784
    VANESSA80784 Month ago

    At 8:08 it sounds like kuroi namida from Nana

  • ana a. martínez
    ana a. martínez Month ago

    can't wait until i can share this with someone i love.

  • Sayantan Bhattacharyya

    Love the use of the Scott Pilgrim dialogues at 22:35.

  • Бобрик Петр

    I just cry when listen this music

  • Hi Stranger
    Hi Stranger Month ago

    Am I the only one who listens to this in the shower? Or when I'm doing homework?

  • Ac Man
    Ac Man Month ago +1

    Who else asked Google Assistant to play some reading music?

  • Georgina Chard
    Georgina Chard Month ago

    Imagine you're just rounding the corner, and turn onto your girlfriends (or SO) street. You smell her shop before you see it. The pollen gently wafting towards you on the summer breeze. After all these years your heart still flutters when you see her, the florist. It's your anniversary, and she smiles at you like you hung the moon in the sky.