A Day In High School: South Korea Vs. USA

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • "All you do is sit, solve problems, and go to class..."
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    Ella Fields

Comments • 6 030

  • 달씨Darcie
    달씨Darcie 20 days ago +11018

    Hi friends!!! This is Darcie ❤️ Thank you so much for all your comments! I feel so warm😘 And again thank you so much buzzfeed for such an amazing experience! I hope I can meet you guys again💕

    • Jimin's Jams
      Jimin's Jams 12 hours ago

      I saw you in the video and I clicked Love you so much

    • 정의로운세상
      정의로운세상 15 hours ago

      @정국이영원히 나의 초등학교 후배임...

    • Shezeidipity
      Shezeidipity 16 hours ago

      Oh snap good luck on the Csat

    • Simon
      Simon Day ago

      That Philosophy book is one of favorite of all time. Fantastic for everyone.

    • Code-Grammar
      Code-Grammar Day ago

      I finally watched this video! You are sooo cool Darcie.

  • alyssa manalo
    alyssa manalo 5 minutes ago

    "What are your interests?"
    " BTS"😆
    Girl sAmE 😂😂😂

  • 호호
    호호 23 minutes ago

    아 부럽다

  • Miyu
    Miyu 30 minutes ago

    And here I am classes starting at 8 am and I usually try to leave earlier without anyone noticing around 1:15 pm and still complaining even tho we just bake all day every day 😅😅

  • PrimaDeluxe
    PrimaDeluxe 42 minutes ago +2

    Why would they pick an american school that was obviously not the regular type of school? An art high school, tf?

    HELP ME 43 minutes ago +1

    I live in the philippines and we have to be in school before 6:50 and classes starts at 7:00 and this girl is running to her class in 8:20 WOW each class is a hour long and some schools have class schedules that reach 2 hours each class.

  • 하이
    하이 Hour ago +2

    K the fact that they both woke up on time and got ready... I'm usually woken up by my mom at 8:00, get ready by 8:20, and arrive at school by 8:40. My school starts at 8:30.

  • Len0ns Videos
    Len0ns Videos Hour ago +1

    Nobody in Korea needs makeup because somehow every one of you have perfect skin

    ASiAN TRUMPUTiN Hour ago +5

    That doesn’t look like a typical Korean Highschool. I’m Korean btw

  • Da_Host L3GT
    Da_Host L3GT 2 hours ago +2

    😂or the show how real schools are the square pizzas served with chocolate milk and can fruit

  • 扬扬
    扬扬 2 hours ago

    no matter what school, lunch is always chaotic lol

  • King Ulysses
    King Ulysses 3 hours ago +13

    OK now show the American High schools in the hood lmao.

  • c h r I s t I n e
    c h r I s t I n e 3 hours ago

    school starts at 6;30 from my high school

  • c h r I s t I n e
    c h r I s t I n e 3 hours ago +8

    this a not the typical american at all

  • c h r I s t I n e
    c h r I s t I n e 3 hours ago +6

    why does the american look more Korean than the Korean

    • Sean Y
      Sean Y Hour ago +1

      c h r I s t I n e wtf

  • Liam Coulter
    Liam Coulter 3 hours ago +12

    These aren’t typical American or Korean high schools lol

  • JulieUrsitti
    JulieUrsitti 4 hours ago +1

    banana flavored what..--!!

    • Miyu
      Miyu 38 minutes ago

      According to my mum when I was a baby I wouldn’t drink anything other than banana milk

    • 하이
      하이 Hour ago +2

      Banana flavored milk is the best. Also, why you acting surprised? There are many flavored milks in North America as well... Milk2Go for example.

    • Mari Mendez
      Mari Mendez 2 hours ago

      Its delicious

    • solar solar
      solar solar 2 hours ago +4

      JulieUrsitti what do you mean.... strawberry milk is a thing why are you surprised that banana milk is also a thing?

  • 이상원
    이상원 4 hours ago +6

    점심 먹고 밖으로 나가? 좀 일반적인 고등학교는 아닌듯 전원 기숙사에다가......

  • 오스칼오스칼
    오스칼오스칼 4 hours ago +4

    Now do a South Korea vs Mexico High School/Middle School

  • Geung
    Geung 5 hours ago +8

    That's not a typical Korean high school ..

  • Tess Miller
    Tess Miller 6 hours ago +12

    They can eat their food off campus? wtf our school doesn't trust us enough

  • Денчик Хэзеков

    What a nice jail in Korea 😍

  • 김김
    김김 7 hours ago +4

    한국 고등학교가 일반적이진 않네

  • A-Leen
    A-Leen 8 hours ago +24

    Oh her school is Daegu Foreign Language high school. Somewhat different from “real” Korean high school. No uniform, dorm life... not that common in real korean hs

  • Carolyn Song
    Carolyn Song 8 hours ago +6

    Sleep for eight hours? Wow. That's so lucky.

  • 구세빈
    구세빈 8 hours ago +4

    교복안입는 고등학교는 첨보네

  • Kteka
    Kteka 8 hours ago +12

    This comment section really trash ngl

  • Денчик Хэзеков

    what a cute jail in Korea 😍

  • Colorsof Avon
    Colorsof Avon 9 hours ago +11

    It surprises me how much dairy & carbs they eat in Korea. They're gonna get sick like us. What happened to rice and veggies?

    • alysiek
      alysiek Hour ago +2

      actually no. since soups are every common in korea, we have a lot of healthy veggies in them! so no worries. but the united states though...

    • TLDecker36
      TLDecker36 6 hours ago +2

      Rice are carbs and how they used to stay healthy along with veggies... sucks that the dairy got to them!

  • Dr.GrapeWithoutTheG
    Dr.GrapeWithoutTheG 11 hours ago +13

    Bts is gay

    Change my mind

  • Guy the aviator
    Guy the aviator 11 hours ago +4

    These schools look way better then the ones in Israel.

  • Just Relaxing and stuff
    Just Relaxing and stuff 11 hours ago +5

    WTF u get out at 3:30 😭

    • Mevolent
      Mevolent 2 hours ago

      @b Oh lmao

    • Jokezz
      Jokezz 5 hours ago

      b what’s regular? I get out at 3:15

    • b
      b 6 hours ago +1

      Mevolent they meant that the american girl gets out of school at 3:30 pm lol

    • Mevolent
      Mevolent 10 hours ago

      It's a grain pillow, similar to a hot water bottle, you heat it up in the microwave and put it on ur body lol

  • Saanvi Salkar
    Saanvi Salkar 12 hours ago +19

    These are the phares we use at school :
    Oh,I'm hungry
    I wanna go home
    What's for lunch today?
    Sis I never thought I could relate so much

  • Saanvi Salkar
    Saanvi Salkar 12 hours ago +8

    Now my main priority if I ever cost Korea : go to the convience store and eat some food

  • pinexsachan :3
    pinexsachan :3 13 hours ago +13

    Damn- in Malaysia you just have to school from 7 am to 1 pm thats all :/ also we have to wear school uniform :)

    • Simran Tyagi
      Simran Tyagi 5 hours ago

      Same in India

    • MyOldJourney
      MyOldJourney 7 hours ago

      In Romania we are going to school at 1pm and come back at 6pm, one class is 40 minutes. Uniforms in Romania are banned. ( at least in my highschool. )

    • Carolyn Song
      Carolyn Song 8 hours ago

      Koreans usually need to wear school uniforms too. And usually, the schools don't look as nice.

  • No One
    No One 14 hours ago +28

    They forgot about me, next time me and my homeschool gotta be in the vlog.
    Wake up at 10AM
    Stay up till 2 AM
    Go to bed

  • Teddy Hwang
    Teddy Hwang 14 hours ago +13

    eek the korean subtitles when ella was speaking was so off. who's translating?

    GIRL& GAMER 15 hours ago +16

    When she was dancing no one cared ....
    Me : let's dance like her at school while brushing my teeth ...

    My school : wtf is she doing ..😱👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • Ruhina Rajwadkar
    Ruhina Rajwadkar 16 hours ago +17

    I have a doubt : Why is the Korean student not wearing uniform?
    Don't they wear uniform??
    Correct me if I am wrong.

    • Minhee Kim
      Minhee Kim 14 hours ago +2

      And also some schools want their students to wear school uniforms at least when they're arriving to the school. Usually they go easy on students wearing other clothes than uniforms during the class because they're likely to stay all day in their classes on the same chair but again, it really depends

    • 리엄이
      리엄이 14 hours ago +9

      It’s nothing to do with “go easy on seniors” it’s just depends on what school you go to, lot of boarding school don’t have to wear uniforms but again, it’s just depends

    • 지HT
      지HT 16 hours ago +16

      Most schools do have rules forcing us to wear uniforms but teachers normally go easy on seniors because they’re under a lot of pressure and they practically spend the whole day studying and stuff..

  • any army here xD ?
    any army here xD ? 17 hours ago +15

    i like BTS too

  • Scarlett Cornell
    Scarlett Cornell 18 hours ago +7

    Hi I speak not a lot of English I speak French language and little bit of English (anything I can improve on spelling words)

    • MyOldJourney
      MyOldJourney 7 hours ago

      Duolingo and vocal lessons.:3 I was born in Bucharest, Romania, so my first language isn't english either. :p How about start playing multiplayer videogames and buy a microphone in order to talk with your teammates ?

    • Scarlett Cornell
      Scarlett Cornell 14 hours ago

      I was born in Quebec Canada

    • Scarlett Cornell
      Scarlett Cornell 14 hours ago

      Thank you

    • Cate Riely
      Cate Riely 14 hours ago

      That's so cool! I am learning french!

  • Lexi Spivey
    Lexi Spivey 18 hours ago +45

    bruh most high schools in the US are nothing like this chick’s lmao

    • It’s Jessica
      It’s Jessica 12 hours ago +1

      Lexi Spivey yeah. :/ They should’ve done someone more relatable; like a normal public school student

    • I AI
      I AI 16 hours ago +3

      Lexi Spivey exactly.

  • Danessa Narine
    Danessa Narine 19 hours ago +6

    5:24 Me too. ARMY💜💜

  • Danessa Narine
    Danessa Narine 19 hours ago +3


  • Zyer Anoth
    Zyer Anoth 21 hour ago +18

    Korea is soo similar to India and many schools in US have 50 min classes and in US after classes many kids work part time jobs. if you take AP or advanced class in US, yeah you do have study real well to keep good grades

    • Zyer Anoth
      Zyer Anoth 19 hours ago

      That’s true, USclip is a big help. But if you wanna have an A in AP calc, sometimes you have to be on top of Hw everyday

    • ytsas46875
      ytsas46875 19 hours ago +1

      I'm taking 5 APs and I don't really have to study much. USclip and Reddit is all you need for Aps.

  • 사는게뭔가
    사는게뭔가 22 hours ago +29

    I am Korean and not all Korean high schools have dorms... When I was in high school, I went to school from my house. But the high school senior study routine in this video is almost correct.

  • Kenneth Ordidor
    Kenneth Ordidor 22 hours ago +4

    Is it normal to not take a bath in South Korea before going to school? Damn nasty

    • alysiek
      alysiek Hour ago

      probably the night before. like what most people do.

    • メイ
      メイ 5 hours ago

      I always take a quick shower every morning even during winter. Some people do and some people don’t. It might just be preference or what they used to. I live in japan and people tend to take baths at night or after work. Night baths is the norm.

    • Kenneth Ordidor
      Kenneth Ordidor 5 hours ago

      @Skyla_Rockysy where in the philippines?

    • Kenneth Ordidor
      Kenneth Ordidor 5 hours ago

      @Mikasa thats good to hear hehe have a nice day

    • Skyla_Rockysy
      Skyla_Rockysy 5 hours ago

      Kenneth Ordidor I’m from the Philippines too ....

  • Sweet Potatoes
    Sweet Potatoes 23 hours ago +16

    The korean food looked so delicious though 👀😭💝

  • severina marczyński

    Banana milk!! One of the best thing on earth, ever👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • NPYT
    NPYT Day ago +12

    on the philippines be like, 3am: wakeup time, 4am: eating, washing, preparing, 5am: going to school

    • MyOldJourney
      MyOldJourney 6 hours ago

      @バニシャ In Romania we have no school bus. =()

    • Carlo Mendoza
      Carlo Mendoza 15 hours ago

      Meerab Zaidi I usually sleep at around 11PM-1AM based on how much school work i have to do, go to school at 6AM and classes end at 6PM on monday and friday and at 5PM for every other day not including tutoring if needed.

    • バニシャ
      バニシャ 19 hours ago

      @Meerab Zaidi i sleep at 9 and school ends at 4 I go home at 5 because my school bus is to slow

    • Meerab Zaidi
      Meerab Zaidi 19 hours ago

      When do you guys sleep omg? When does school over?

    • Kenneth Ordidor
      Kenneth Ordidor 22 hours ago

      Wakes up at 7 goes to school 730

  • Gustavo Martinez
    Gustavo Martinez Day ago +27

    77 degrees is cold?!?? Here in Illinois it’s considered is hot, well where I live.

  • Wonn Seo
    Wonn Seo Day ago +49

    Why would you compare explicit- private boarding school in Korea and an art school in US? Well I've lived in both Korea and America. I know that Korean girl's day is definately not how most of us Koreans live
    Im kind of sick n tired of how u Anericans want to fit Koreans into their stereotypes

    • Wonn Seo
      Wonn Seo 5 hours ago +1

      @Jojo Boat girl Im not complaining anything about American schools, Im just saying this comparison isn't appropriate

    • Jojo Boat
      Jojo Boat 13 hours ago +3

      I- you do realize that the American girls school is absolutely nothing like common school, so like, chill tf out

    • Amelia Gade
      Amelia Gade 23 hours ago +2

      She goes to a public foreign language school? It just happens to be a boarding school which I realise is uncommon so I do see why youd feel that way.

  • EmeraldBella
    EmeraldBella Day ago +4

    2:04 *there’s a fog upon L.A...*

  • Bella The Bear
    Bella The Bear Day ago +8

    yall need to do one of these with kids who have jobs

  • aroses
    aroses Day ago +16

    omg i love darcie!!!

  • WhatsUp
    WhatsUp Day ago +25

    I only have 3 classes, it starts 9:00 am - 1:00 pm and I’m still complaining

  • WhatsUp
    WhatsUp Day ago +7

    I thought they gonna switch schools

  • Laura Retana
    Laura Retana Day ago +3

    Darcie ❤❤❤

  • sou sed
    sou sed Day ago +8

    I want studying in koreaaaaa

  • sou sed
    sou sed Day ago