TRYING A BURNISHER?! | Mystery Art Supplies | Scrawlrbox Unboxing | Colored Pencils

  • Published on Apr 13, 2019
  • I always open Scrawlrbox a month late, nothing new here, hehe. Lets make some art with the art supply I just don't understand...Colored Pencils!!
    Id love to be your #drawingbuddy! Let me know if you draw along with me!
    ► I'M GIVING AWAY THESE SUPPLIES: (Ends April 19th, 2019 - 4:00pm EST)
    Staedtler Super Soft Coloured Pencils
    Derwent Blender and Burnisher Pencils:
    Mobius + Rupperts Double Hole Sharpener
    Koh-I-Noor Progresso Woodless Pencil: Koh-I-Noor Progresso Woodless Pencil
    Pilot V Ball 0.7 in Black:
    YPO Jumbo Graphite Pencil
    West Design Purple Sketchbook
    Illo Sketchbook:
    ► (For Prices and More Information. This Box was provided to me free of charge and was not otherwise sponsored.)
    ► Featured Artist: Sakuems

    Artist I mentioned: Loish:

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  • I Love Chipotle
    I Love Chipotle 14 hours ago

    How does she do random squiggles and it looks like something a famous artist would draw and I’m over here spending like 2 hours trying to draw something and it looks like trash?!? She’s soooo amazing!

  • Nico Barrack
    Nico Barrack 14 hours ago

    When you use colored pencils you should color in circles instead of the up and down and side to side motions! This will take the pressure off of your wrists, it will reduce the amount of white spots, and it will allow for easier blending. When you color in up and down motions you are pressing the pigment of the pencils to far into the texture of the paper which makes it flatten and it will no longer grab onto the color abs that's how you get that messy and muddy coloring.

  • Nyatalie
    Nyatalie 14 hours ago

    She reminds me of Cersei Lannister from Game Of Thrones

  • kitty kind
    kitty kind 14 hours ago

    I tried to enter the give away but it didn't work so i gave up... but anyway i love your drawing i wish i could draw like you!!!!

  • Sweet PotatoCream
    Sweet PotatoCream 14 hours ago +1

    Next week is my birthday!So I can get some likes???💖🌸💖🌸And go watch my vids!

  • Sebastian Wolfe
    Sebastian Wolfe 14 hours ago

    Be softer and use wider motions. It will take several layers, but it’s faster to cover and easier on your wrist

  • Hi There
    Hi There 14 hours ago

    12:33 she said "do you like the idea of the cloak being made of magic" and my mind when straight to Dr. Stranges cloak of levitation

  • Samel the camel Draws
    Samel the camel Draws 14 hours ago

    Are you Aussie because I’m Aussie

  • DarjeelingJelly
    DarjeelingJelly 15 hours ago

    You just love saying magic 😁🍌🍍❤❤❤❤❤

  • Kittencatu 4ever
    Kittencatu 4ever 15 hours ago

    5:20 I don’t like rainbows 🤨 OR it’s just that I hate happiness 😒🤨 but I am bisexual or part of the lgbtq+ I’m gay and lesbian ( I like girls and boys am a girl)

  • Life in paradise M
    Life in paradise M 15 hours ago +1

    i wish i had her imagination

  • Milagros Garcia
    Milagros Garcia 15 hours ago

    I love your sketches how are you soo good

  • Emily Jones
    Emily Jones 15 hours ago

    I'm *SOOO* in love with the first enchantress design 😍😍😍😍

  • M VA
    M VA 15 hours ago


  • Munhtsetseg Buyndalai
    Munhtsetseg Buyndalai 15 hours ago

    they make u feel usefull whemever u feel useless in lie them just remember the white pencil

  • Miguel Chavez
    Miguel Chavez 16 hours ago


  • Abijail Beltran
    Abijail Beltran 16 hours ago

    WOW 😮

  • OkayKiley
    OkayKiley 16 hours ago +1

    Is Scrawlrbox worth it? I'm thinking about getting it

  • ThumperTheGamingRabbit 39

    Watches, looks around SOMEONE GIVE MEH PAPER NOW I NEED TA DRAW!!!!!!

  • Ask Swifty
    Ask Swifty 16 hours ago +1

    "Why can I not hold on to this?"
    You literally threw it. Watch ut in slow motion if you don't believe me. So many UScliprs are doing this. It's so lame. We all know you're trying to be funny, but it gets old really fast.

  • Ashley Skelton
    Ashley Skelton 16 hours ago +1

    I got that pencil sharpener from the dollar Store lol 🤣😂🤣

  • Bahar Al
    Bahar Al 16 hours ago +1

    Hey can you pls make Charakters from winx club pls they are so beautifull lyem

    BTS MAKNAE 16 hours ago +1

    U literally sketch like it's a peace of cake...but I'm over here struggling with a line😅🙃😩

  • Gavriela Tsaka
    Gavriela Tsaka 16 hours ago

    Where can I buy this whole box with everything in it because there’s no way I’m winning the giveaway because I’m in the UK so can you please reply and let me know where I can get this box. Thank you 😊

  • s u n f l o w e r
    s u n f l o w e r 17 hours ago

    It looks cool

  • Lancey Saury
    Lancey Saury 17 hours ago

    "Magic from the tattoos"


  • Inspiring themes
    Inspiring themes 17 hours ago

    The trick I use with my colouring pages is lots and lots of patience. It can take days to weeks for me to finish one page, but I’ve also recently been diagnosed with carpal tunnel in both hands and tendonitis in my right hand (I’m right handed 😂) so I go very lightly and the braces I have make it very hard to blend so most of the time I just don’t wear them, so I have to take a lot of breaks to massage my hand. But I’ve always preferred colouring pencils so I deal with how long it takes. And tbh I’m clueless with blending anything other than pencil crayons, no matter how many tutorials I watch I just can’t do it 😂

  • Viktoria Mercado
    Viktoria Mercado 17 hours ago

    "Imagine the first person that's seen a rainbow" weelllll....his name was Noah, lol 🤦‍♀️😂

  • JaydeHarmony
    JaydeHarmony 17 hours ago

    My dad brought me home pancakes... Awkward..

  • Ziggily Smith
    Ziggily Smith 17 hours ago

    It's beautiful and i love your laugh byeee

  • Presley Sandefer
    Presley Sandefer 17 hours ago

    That journal should be where you swatch everything from all the boxes

  • Foxy Lovelace
    Foxy Lovelace 18 hours ago

    A magical poncho!!!

  • Ki Semmes
    Ki Semmes 18 hours ago

    A colored pencil tip would be not using a coloring motion because that exercise wears you out fast - but try stroking the line like a marker - or using directional lines to color the shape you want it be but the steadiness helps you make straighter lines next to each other and save your wrist

  • zack williams
    zack williams 18 hours ago

    Scrolls down to read comments, hears gunshots coming from video. Scroll back up, it's that stupid League of Legends ad.

  • weirder things thing
    weirder things thing 18 hours ago


  • Isabella
    Isabella 18 hours ago

    Colored pencil tip: layers and circular motions it's good to only use straight lines on details and fur.

  • FideChristi
    FideChristi 18 hours ago

    You make drawing look fun!

  • Kayleigh Wright
    Kayleigh Wright 19 hours ago

    I liked the first idea

  • Spritzoll
    Spritzoll 19 hours ago

    Well, being a witch, I can clarify that that's not exactly how magic works... Still a fun idea though! Loved the design :) also, if you look up Wiccan tattoos and meanings, it's super deep and meaningful. ^^

  • Sabrina Wilcox
    Sabrina Wilcox 19 hours ago

    Colored pencil tip: hold the opposite side of the pencil, rather than close to the tip. This helps to prevent pushing down too hard.

  • Scar Hernandez
    Scar Hernandez 19 hours ago +1

    The colors of the rainbow are red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet if you like rainbow so much get your Rainbow facts straight

  • Scar Hernandez
    Scar Hernandez 19 hours ago +1

    Plus the highlighter yellow is not you in the rainbow and black brown and magenta and pink are also not in the rainbow

  • The Channel
    The Channel 19 hours ago

    Ok her cloak looks like teh one on roblox 10:15

  • Scar Hernandez
    Scar Hernandez 19 hours ago +1

    Oh girl believe me I love rainbows but the way that you lined up the colors just gets me angry yellow does not come first and dark green does not come last Hunty

  • Little Sade
    Little Sade 19 hours ago

    Her: "How do you get them to blend without completely destroying your wrist?
    Me: Sweetie, YOU HAVE A BLENDER!
    Edit: I still love you never forget💕😙

  • K 790
    K 790 19 hours ago


  • Astrid EastDragon
    Astrid EastDragon 19 hours ago

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I just got click bated
    And so did you

  • Unicorn Marvin
    Unicorn Marvin 19 hours ago

    So....what’s your trick to come up with ideas and have everything come out perfect like I spend an hour figuring out what I want to draw

  • Artsy Smartie
    Artsy Smartie 19 hours ago

    I had this one last month... Why

  • Julia Catherine
    Julia Catherine 19 hours ago

    New art supplies always makes me happy!

  • Payton S.
    Payton S. 19 hours ago +3

    Well I thought the pencil would actually be clear...

  • That Bowler Hat Guy ASMR

    If you use the burnisher then rub it with your finger, it makes it a lil bit shiny

  • Kelly Kogami
    Kelly Kogami 20 hours ago +1

    But, what about the clear colored pencil

  • Paris Howard
    Paris Howard 20 hours ago

    5:26 Have you heard of Noah’s Ark?

  • wolfgangproductions7
    wolfgangproductions7 20 hours ago

    Great video thx

  • mat granu
    mat granu 20 hours ago

    thar moment when your like makes the 34,000

  • wolfgangproductions7
    wolfgangproductions7 20 hours ago

    I’m addicted to sketching I love water color pencils

  • wolfgangproductions7
    wolfgangproductions7 20 hours ago

    Did you also do create this BOOK2? I finished it in 6 weeks please check it out and tell me what you think thank you

  • wolfgangproductions7
    wolfgangproductions7 20 hours ago

    Burnisher is used before color to make brick indents

  • Purple Llama
    Purple Llama 20 hours ago

    is anyone else thinking about enchantress from suicide squad?

  • Rey Skywalker
    Rey Skywalker 20 hours ago +1

    New artist here
    How do I draw hands? I mean I am good at the torso and limbs but hands and feet are horrible.

  • Dance Crush with Ishita

    From where can I get it......🙄😥?

  • Fluorite Wolf
    Fluorite Wolf 20 hours ago

    Whoa that yellow looks like a neon yellow!

  • itzAllygacha
    itzAllygacha 20 hours ago

    I wish i can afford all thosr stuff

  • Lala Lulu
    Lala Lulu 20 hours ago


  • Elise VanPelt
    Elise VanPelt 21 hour ago

    I loved the second design they're all so cute I wouldve used cool toned greys and light light pinkish for the dress but I like your colors too. Maybe even more blue gray with the hair

  • The minecraft Psysho
    The minecraft Psysho 21 hour ago


  • Teun
    Teun 21 hour ago

    A clear pencil blends.

  • lanebreakerRBH
    lanebreakerRBH 21 hour ago

    v ball pens are amazing

  • ShadowGirl888
    ShadowGirl888 21 hour ago

    With colored pencils... start off with doing the base color..( just one shade of blue,let’s say) lightly.. then you add a slightly darker color(darker blue)and gently blend/shade gently layer after layer (VERY lightly) then shade in the folds of fabric or shadows....... for me it’s hard to explain but hope this helps even just a bit

  • Alexa Wright
    Alexa Wright 21 hour ago

    i actually really liked that tattoo idea! might have to use it!

  • Doggo Pleun
    Doggo Pleun 21 hour ago

    Just came back from asmr

  • Karen Gómez
    Karen Gómez 21 hour ago

    I feel like people clicked on the video right away bc of the thumbnail 😂

  • Kenjmax doggos
    Kenjmax doggos 21 hour ago

    5:20 I don't

  • Berkley Pearl
    Berkley Pearl 22 hours ago

    I love me some derwint blending pencils

  • Zaria Amorese
    Zaria Amorese 22 hours ago

    Not going to lie this isn’t my favorite drawing

  • Rose Ogbonna
    Rose Ogbonna 22 hours ago

    what WiffWaffles will do:
    - Use pencil
    - Use liner
    - Erase pencil
    - Use art supplies
    what Kasey Golden does
    - Use pencil
    - Use liner
    - Erase pencil
    - Use art supplies

  • Dee
    Dee 22 hours ago

    I love your style, it's so beautiful. I can't seem to get mine down 😅

  • Marsha Micallef
    Marsha Micallef 23 hours ago +1

    "What does a transperant pencil do?'
    Me: writes.
    Fans: 😤 QWERTYUJFU
    Me: shut watching a video
    Fans : 😡
    Me : * looks at them* MIND UR OWN BUISNESS.

  • Maddie Reynolds
    Maddie Reynolds 23 hours ago

    the burnisher is used for more naturalistic drawings. the idea is that you add many thin layers of colour and shading, then you burnish with that to remove harsh lines and the grain of the paper xxx

  • Arkady Svidrigailov
    Arkady Svidrigailov 23 hours ago

    I really liked the thumbnail before the last one that you said you liked too. I love your art, but I think it would be cool if you did more stuff like that that’s not full body

  • Andoy Abay
    Andoy Abay 23 hours ago

    Hey um can you draw a siren

  • Kuro Kisaki Covers

    I love it to watch you sketch. Your ideas floating in your head like water. XD
    It's amazing and inspirational.♥
    Thank you for being so cool. Love your drawings.♥


    Put the pencils in warm water for 5 minutes then they should be more pigmented.

  • Dracalli Mirari
    Dracalli Mirari Day ago

    With the style Pixar has been gravitating towards recently, you would be such an awesome concept artist for them!!!

  • LunaWerewolf
    LunaWerewolf Day ago

    you could try identity V.There you can find inspiration.

  • Samina Dorazahi
    Samina Dorazahi Day ago

    You are very creative, I wish I could draw like that. Can you do animal characters from like books as in Percy Jackson

  • Sukhmanpreet Kaur

    A great tip for pencil colours is that you colour lightly and then you take a paint brush and with a bit of water you blend it and then it looks better 😊....? And when I was watching this video is was watercolour ingredients and it was looking great the only thing was that it was normal A4 paper.😅😅

  • Angela VonSchmittou

    I love when you sketch out your ideas! I don't understand colored pencils either. Other than when I'm coloring in tiny pictures, I really feel like it's easier to color with crayons or markers than it is colored pencils, haha! I wanna learn how to really use them!

  • Рысь Уральская

    Its so cute and funny to see how you put that candy on the sketchbook page and then put it away for several times 😄🍬🍬🍬

  • Mystery Singer
    Mystery Singer Day ago

    For blending it works better when u start lighter and go darker when ur layering while blending them together

  • 100 monsters
    100 monsters Day ago

    The same thing that an eraser does?...

  • Ferne Swinamer
    Ferne Swinamer Day ago

    At 25:12 what are you using to erase the extra markings? I need one of those

  • AlphaGacha Nugget


    T Pose

  • Esme Medrano
    Esme Medrano Day ago

    Aww I can't enter the giveaway I don't live in the US

  • Freya Mac
    Freya Mac Day ago

    Cool video

  • GamerTamz XoXo
    GamerTamz XoXo Day ago

    I have the exact same notebook

  • Richie Rubino
    Richie Rubino Day ago

    The first person to see a rainbow was Noah and his family and the rainbow was a sign from God saying he will not flood earth like that again

  • Sociallyawkwardpieceofpersonage 1

    6:28 SAME😂😂😂


  • Just Bella
    Just Bella Day ago

    Witch craft!