What's inside a Claw Machine?

  • Published on Dec 1, 2018
  • We DESTROYED a Claw Machine! See inside the Lego House in Denmark! usclip.net/video/glO1CShcSXQ/video.html
    This was an amazing time we had with the machine: usclip.net/video/zsAFwQheZz4/video.html
    We ended up giving all of these toys to kids in an orphanage and they were super excited to have them all.
    Have you ever one a big prize from a Claw machine? It isn't as easy as you would hope right?
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  • What's Inside?
    What's Inside?  8 months ago +189

    The BEST time we had with this Claw Machine was this epic video on our Family channel: usclip.net/video/zsAFwQheZz4/video.html

  • Brian Collister
    Brian Collister Day ago

    Omg I wonder what’s in a claw machine maybe stuffed animals

  • Roblox_give
    Roblox_give 2 days ago +2

    They need to put that type of glass in a iPhone 😑

  • Devin Seeley
    Devin Seeley 5 days ago

    R i p Grant you will never be forgotten

  • szander360 official
    szander360 official 5 days ago


  • Laura Beddall
    Laura Beddall 6 days ago

    Wow you don't say. Toys in a claw machine

  • Pink6rizzlyBear
    Pink6rizzlyBear 7 days ago

    R.I.P Grant

  • Olivia Huggett
    Olivia Huggett 7 days ago

    RIP Office

  • Kipper The man
    Kipper The man 9 days ago

    We know what’s inside a claw machine

  • Patric Cusack
    Patric Cusack 11 days ago

    What’s inside I know I’m late but if you see this. On some claw machines you can change how rigged it can be.

  • Spectral 12945
    Spectral 12945 11 days ago +1

    You could have went in

  • Dragon 3
    Dragon 3 12 days ago +1

    finally I can know all these years edit: It was like 2 years

  • W.warriorgamer707 YT
    W.warriorgamer707 YT 13 days ago

    My brain cells went from 100 to 400

  • Wasagamer 301
    Wasagamer 301 15 days ago +6

    What’s inside a claw machine?
    Stuff that’s impossible to get.

  • Xavier Madrid
    Xavier Madrid 15 days ago

    there's a party in my tummy so yummy so yummy

  • Sunshine Gacha G
    Sunshine Gacha G 16 days ago

    Rip office

  • mr.beast reaction time

    Rip office

  • Jonathan Finger
    Jonathan Finger 19 days ago

    When your like dude you need to hit it on the side the middle is the hardest point to brake

  • The Android Kid
    The Android Kid 21 day ago

    4:56 sorry, its so hard to take things seriously with THOSE sound affects lol 😂😂😂😂😂
    They were hilarious

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore 21 day ago

    Did I See Wally From Kikoriki?

  • Jaams Merrill
    Jaams Merrill 23 days ago


  • sam
    sam 24 days ago

    you should have just shipped it to me

  • Mr. Milkshake606
    Mr. Milkshake606 25 days ago

    yo gabba gabba Muno Brobee Fufa Tuttie Plex you know what I'm talking about older veiwers

    STUPID COOL DIY 26 days ago


  • Heather Banks
    Heather Banks 26 days ago

    What has hapend to link s voice

  • Stacey Small
    Stacey Small 26 days ago

    Oh how cute like you I can’t see you love you

  • Grace Perez
    Grace Perez 26 days ago

    Damage test:
    Pick:4 hits smithereens
    Normal hammer 💯 hits
    Gun 1 shot
    Bow 10000 arrows

  • Ethan Penman
    Ethan Penman 27 days ago


  • Axel Eddins
    Axel Eddins 28 days ago

    R.I.P office

  • Mew685
    Mew685 28 days ago +2

    I use to watch YO GABA GABA when I was little like if you did to and turn it blu
    ⬇️ 👍 🗣


    f in the chat bois

  • Ten90
    Ten90 28 days ago

    Umm inside a cla machine Terr is toys and stuffies and sommetimmes electronics

  • Homer Simpson
    Homer Simpson 29 days ago +1

    Winner winner -* Chicken Dinner *-

  • lol lol
    lol lol 29 days ago

    R.I.P Office have fun with the new office

  • Payton’s Page
    Payton’s Page 29 days ago +1

    At 3:22 lol 😂 I’m dying

  • Connor Perrin
    Connor Perrin 29 days ago

    Supersmash bros-NEW POWERUP! The Vending machine

  • 25_Bob_Gamer
    25_Bob_Gamer Month ago

    7:55 :0

  • Malachi Perry
    Malachi Perry Month ago

    Can I hav the claw mushed

  • MoonChild
    MoonChild Month ago +1

    Its so irresponsible to do this with no safety equipment whatsoever and then you let your child pick up glass with no gloves or anything on. yes it was safer than regular glass but it still could have cut you and your child

  • Michele Beech
    Michele Beech Month ago

    RIP office

  • Meester Krabz
    Meester Krabz Month ago +2

    2:48 No masculinity in that hit.

  • Joelis Ayala
    Joelis Ayala Month ago +1

    Whats inside a claw machine we all know *TOYS THAT WE CAN'T GET*

  • Djfortnite Morgan
    Djfortnite Morgan Month ago

    The peenes

  • mecguy76
    mecguy76 Month ago

    I want the cloa

  • ZLD Smogless
    ZLD Smogless Month ago +19

    This is how many people didn’t attend it’s funeral

  • Fridven F
    Fridven F Month ago

    Its cool you get money of destroying things and looking at The inside

  • N3000 Liang
    N3000 Liang Month ago

    What’s inside a claw machine? Toys

  • Dayton Li
    Dayton Li Month ago

    Rip office

  • Fly Like Eguy HI
    Fly Like Eguy HI Month ago +1

    This is how many people attended claw machine’s funeral

  • Olivia Alexandra
    Olivia Alexandra Month ago

    They have tempered glass so no one can break it

  • DreadCriuser
    DreadCriuser Month ago

    What's Inside a claw machine?

    Me:Plushies sometimes Toys

  • Stevie Francis
    Stevie Francis Month ago

    Can I have some stuffed animals

  • Stevie Francis
    Stevie Francis Month ago

    Are you Guys going to take the stuffed animals

  • Grapes Juice 2
    Grapes Juice 2 Month ago +1

    R i p office

  • Rohtrex Productions

    I know what’s inside a claw machine! Toys.

  • Trae Williams
    Trae Williams Month ago

    Did he break a mirror?


    Rip office

  • Dylan Alex
    Dylan Alex Month ago

    4:56 rip stuff toy
    He was a toy

  • Ralsei
    Ralsei Month ago

    rip orifice

  • Evo Gamery
    Evo Gamery Month ago

    He said 500K likes but now it is 18K. Lol

  • Gamaliel Matos
    Gamaliel Matos Month ago

    I would go full Bakugo on the claw machine

  • Samuel Lee 2019
    Samuel Lee 2019 Month ago

    What's inside a vending machine

  • Sarah Thomas
    Sarah Thomas Month ago

    Can I plese have the claw

  • Aiden Robbins
    Aiden Robbins Month ago

    I would buy the claw from you for 2 $

  • gavin france
    gavin france Month ago

    rip office

  • Manoik Ong
    Manoik Ong Month ago

    Me before I watched: what’s inside a claw machine........ TOYS😂

  • GlAdIaToRgAmEr6812
    GlAdIaToRgAmEr6812 Month ago

    5:24 he has bad luck now cuz that’s a mirror

  • Austin Hancock
    Austin Hancock Month ago

    The first. Thing I thought when I saw the title was "toys"

  • Deborah Sanders
    Deborah Sanders Month ago +1

    I saw a few yo gabba gabba toys in the claw machine in the thumbnail. I used to watch that show when I was a baby! Childhood memories

  • Kate Beutin
    Kate Beutin Month ago

    Answer: toys

  • Wapowah
    Wapowah Month ago +1



    You could have used pieces of a spark plug and that would have probably broken it

  • IV mocha IV
    IV mocha IV Month ago

    Are you in Colorado

  • Carl Pelias
    Carl Pelias Month ago +5


  • Trenise Rose
    Trenise Rose Month ago