What if humans were nerfed?

  • Published on Sep 17, 2018
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  • TierZoo
    TierZoo  8 months ago +934

    Hi everyone! Thanks for watching. I also made another video about Patreon, which you can check out here usclip.net/video/H39SFzjsCUQ/video.html

    • Atamosk1221
      Atamosk1221 4 days ago

      hold on you said amphibians are on impossible mode and yet slippy in SF64.... oh wait..... you're right.

    • Insert Name
      Insert Name 6 days ago

      Hey Tierzoo, I think you missed that some humans intelligence stat has been drasically lowered, such as the flat-earther type and the anti-vax type

    • Midwest broterhood
      Midwest broterhood 23 days ago

      we need a part two, three and four

    • casbott
      casbott Month ago

      You didn't mention goats in this video, yet you just released one showing how OP goats are.
      If humans were nerfed, the world would be overrun by goats and geese …

    • dj sourcream
      dj sourcream 2 months ago

      Thanks for the awesome vid! If you haven't seen or done this already, do a comparison between different poultry builds, ducks, chickens, turkeys etc. to see which would be the best support class for humans. I totally think peacocks would raise charisma, even though they are not techinally poultry. Golden pheasants can raise charisma a lot, too. This is because they both have very good aesthetical designs.

  • The Schizophrenic Pyro
    The Schizophrenic Pyro 14 hours ago

    The thumbnail already is happening/happened

  • Sorry- What?
    Sorry- What? 14 hours ago

    Nrf humans
    Too op
    Valve pls fix

  • MI6
    MI6 22 hours ago

    You know it’s unbalanced when humans can glitch out of the map to the space server

  • Doubledekercouch

    I keep getting destroyed by humans in the NA server

  • dont be a chode dude

    I think you nerfed the humans to much

  • that one guy
    that one guy Day ago

    It’s already being nerfed because of a device the devs added and they called it fortnight and their iq is dropping significantly thankfully

  • yh DeGhost
    yh DeGhost 3 days ago

    Dude, I think the nerf is already here, certain factions of humans, namely “Flat-earthers”, “Anti-vaxxers” and “Fortnite” have their intellegence nerfed

  • Taser the fox
    Taser the fox 6 days ago

    Animal:curls into a ball

  • lykou sar
    lykou sar 7 days ago

    Judging from the success of fortnite the patch is already setting.

  • Stanko Aksentijević

    7:30 I heard that baby laugh trying to crawl out :D

  • Maximus Fischer
    Maximus Fischer 7 days ago

    This is more like what if humans disappeared

  • Ezergile Chimekazikura

    The problem is, there are an overuse of Human class, wich may in near future shut the Game server down. The fact that within their own meta there are argues about breaking the community-raised taboo on mass destruction weaponary usage, is concerning, and it might be that this will spell game over for any build on every region, wich will require complete remaking of the Game, and Devs might just not have enough resources to deliver such a reboot.

  • MUMS-Universe
    MUMS-Universe 7 days ago

    ♥️ this channel

  • Pdog 10
    Pdog 10 7 days ago +1

    Actulay humans can get back up becuse of their population and the fact that they arent that dumb to not hold a gun and shoot it or to wear clothes.

  • Pico Attomann
    Pico Attomann 8 days ago

    > 2:13
    > sam o'nella in normal difficulty
    excuse me

  • TheRaven067
    TheRaven067 8 days ago

    What song is that at the end it's so famaliar

  • TreWillz
    TreWillz 10 days ago

    it looked like the ant was smoking a blunt lol

  • Wszechświat
    Wszechświat 10 days ago

    Then i would start playing as a tiger

  • Stetson Graham
    Stetson Graham 11 days ago

    Texas longhorns actually had a history of being wild during about 1700-1900 so they're definitely viable.

  • Dimitri Čhelović
    Dimitri Čhelović 11 days ago

    Life isn't a game dude

    • Kelvin Lorenzo
      Kelvin Lorenzo 8 days ago

      Except it is, because once your hp reaches 0, it's game over.

  • Cristian Quintanilla
    Cristian Quintanilla 12 days ago

    Wut Is this game called

  • Meguelzin-
    Meguelzin- 14 days ago

    In Brazil there are more cattle than people ... yeah

  • Platonic
    Platonic 14 days ago

    Was this...ehm...was this a one turn kill? Wtf?

  • xXBlackKZoruaXx
    xXBlackKZoruaXx 14 days ago

    Humans can’t be nerfed the devs use them as an excuse to have world events and release updates. I mean they are OP but

  • Robert Minsk
    Robert Minsk 14 days ago +2

    I have sneak 100
    Nobody is going to notice this comment
    Nobody: well yes, but actually no.

  • Noah Frye
    Noah Frye 15 days ago

    We already got nerfed after the liberalism/democrat patch

  • IndiePants ;-;
    IndiePants ;-; 15 days ago

    Humans are slowly being nerfed by the ant Vaxx patch lowering hp and intelligence

  • CoolCreeper39
    CoolCreeper39 16 days ago +1

    0:43 they’d actually just starve

  • adamsrealm
    adamsrealm 16 days ago

    Aren't SJWs and the far left the Beta for this nerf?

  • GoodMood :P
    GoodMood :P 17 days ago

    There would be no other option. Nerf or nothing

  • Wolfman v
    Wolfman v 17 days ago

    What about plant duilds

  • St0rm Ranger
    St0rm Ranger 17 days ago

    This nerf is in progress as we speak.

  • Alduin
    Alduin 17 days ago

    i mean we're getting nerfed by our over-reliance on tech now. if they go, most humans in first world countries would suffer massively.

  • PunCakex!
    PunCakex! 17 days ago +1

    6:42 Captions (Carnivorous Bats such as the Clitoris)

  • Loli Kon
    Loli Kon 18 days ago +1

    As a Canadian I think the moose would rise to the top because they are allies of Canada

  • Tommy Charles
    Tommy Charles 18 days ago

    Those smooth ad segues tho lol.

  • Charlie Taube
    Charlie Taube 18 days ago

    I’m a horse player, so I’m good

  • K-Lue44
    K-Lue44 18 days ago

    I usually don't have an issue with the videos you show of animals killing other animals, but that one of the bear and the donkey (i think) was kind of upsetting. It was just standing there with a camera so close, that was definitely a feeding scenario. The look on the donkey's face.

  • Lil Donut
    Lil Donut 18 days ago

    what about gorillas? they have insane hp intelligence and strength

  • Meao Gaming
    Meao Gaming 18 days ago +2

    Why not instead of nerfing humans, we buff other classes

  • SageAir13
    SageAir13 19 days ago +1

    You forget that these humans would still have the equipment of modern humans, time wouldnt restart. With these advances, humans can build intelligence up and get free access to excellent clothing, impenetrable shelter and superior mobile options. Also, weapons they are comfortable with (like spears and bows) would be clad in carbon and be much more durable. Not only this, but humans have came a long way in physical builds, couple that with their now reduced sense of caution you would have a bunch of primates with meta gear and little sense of dignity, mercy or fear with nothing but themselves to tell them what to do, since no other animal can even get close human communication skills, even in our weakest state. Not only this, most human-inhabited locations lack dangerous predators, especially those that have become extinct or only found in captivity. You also severely underappreciate human durability.
    The best bet for animals is that humans go after eachother or alienate eachother, or that their now lacking knowledge leads them to spreading disease from lower classes like mosquitos, which is natures best tech against mankind.

  • the guy
    the guy 19 days ago

    That moment when your whole channel is a meme

  • Mr Internet Guy
    Mr Internet Guy 19 days ago

    I play as the Shaggy Build. I had to use Hacks to access the Build, but it was worth it :) The Devs didn’t ban me because once you play this Class, you can’t be banned, and you can even remove Dev Powers from Devs and when they Nerf the Shaggy Class. I just load a Save File to reverse the Nerf, this ability is unlocked after downloading the Undertale Mod.

  • SkyHooler
    SkyHooler 19 days ago

    I mean the lowest avrage iq is in equatorial Guinea and that is 59 iq so maybe it's not that bad

  • Toni Krvavica
    Toni Krvavica 19 days ago

    I wish I could travel to parallel Earth in which 99% of humans die, and only 1% with lowest intelligence survive. They could probably still do agriculture and animal keeping, but they couldn't find their way around any technology, especially since technology wouldn't be upkept by higher intelligence humans.
    I have a dilemma whether humans would eventually in 10 000 years or more repopulate the Earth (or at least go in positive direction), or if they would completely die out since we do not have survival skills, and all our skills are mostly targeted towards our jobs and things that would become irrelevant (e.g. making yourself look slimmer in Photoshop).
    Anyone wants to share their thoughts on this?!

  • Rhonda Campbell
    Rhonda Campbell 20 days ago

    Sorry, video is a little late. Humans DID already get a nerf. What, you haven't heard?

    It's called the Flat Earther nerf, followed by the more recent Anti-Vaxxer nerf. You may argue these are debuffs, as only already low-intelligence humans get this "debuff". Sadly, it is becoming more common, thus will eventually become a nerf.

  • Jake L
    Jake L 20 days ago

    I stat boost my strength points by utilising dbol perk.

  • the lazer light
    the lazer light 20 days ago

    When I first looked at the thumbnail, I thought it was saying that our intelligence was about 69, but nerf guns made us geniuses

  • Kermit Boi
    Kermit Boi 20 days ago

    This is spirit central, where you pick an animal and live as it.
    If you have questions, watch TierZoo on youtube. Now go, go on young spirit.

  • empirecrumbles
    empirecrumbles 20 days ago

    How dare you insult our lord and savior Sam O’Nella

  • 1nkvi
    1nkvi 20 days ago

    old runescape soundtrack in the background, so nostalgic :D

  • Elias Birkeland
    Elias Birkeland 20 days ago

    The Runescape music tho

  • S C
    S C 20 days ago

    We can see what happens with a lower iq. Please Google images: global iq by country

    • Toni Krvavica
      Toni Krvavica 19 days ago

      Equatorial Guinea avg IQ=59, I am unsure which standard deviation they used, but average person in this country is an idiot by our standards. Probably on a level humans were 50 000 years ago

  • jakob
    jakob 20 days ago

    Cattle would die out due to not being milked every day. plus infections and such...

  • faceshed
    faceshed 20 days ago

    First, you forgot the communication ability. That's something needed, normally we assume all builds have it, but for most of them it's only basic communication and they need advanced before they can make a society.
    What about crows? They are even starting on tool crafting now and they have used humans to transport them across all the servers. They have advanced communication, social abilities, tool use and crafting and with the tenancy to stash valuables they would have an easy time unlocking agriculture. The only thing they are missing is a long lifespan, but I suspect with a power grab of this scale it will be more about short term and that short lifespan could help them adapt quicker and give them the temporary foothold and that should be all they need.

  • FREE Media
    FREE Media 20 days ago

    The nerf happened... social media

    ESHBAIL GILL 20 days ago

    Ww3 dlc: nuclear bomb. is gonna devistate all clases, except god tier

  • dixievfd55
    dixievfd55 20 days ago +7

    It's rumored that humans got a few loot boxes from alien mains on the space servers.

  • Magik
    Magik 21 day ago

    that music at the end... i recognize it

  • dogguy
    dogguy 21 day ago

    unga bunga

  • Tyler Li
    Tyler Li 21 day ago

    Well technically we are in the process of getting nerfed *cough *cough flat Earthers *cough *cough anti vaxxers *cough *cough

  • The Theory
    The Theory 21 day ago +2

    Well, actually... while unlocking agriculture, fire and tool use are good starts, anything that wants to reach the human level would then have to also pick the 'society' perk as a whole guild, or as a large majority of it. They would then have to organise in setups where they can be mostly uncontested by other builds, seeing as how agriculture requires certain spots to not be accessed by griefers, but also seeing as how one of the humans' greatest perks, philosophy, unlocks an ability that can only be used if the user is not under physical duress, and buffs their intelligence by an absolutely insane amount. Anything that would want to take up after humans would have to unlock all the three 'starter' intelligence perks, THEN make a guild-wide choice to upgrade to society, and then have enough individuals use the Free Thinking ability you get from the Philosophy perk to buff their own intelligence. But that's not enough -- they would also have to upgrade their communication capabilities, since otherwise they wouldn't have enough individuals benefitting from Free Thinking's intelligence buff, as intelligence's best characteristic is that it can be communicated to other players from one high INT player, to increase these players' intelligence. That's a whole lot of requirements;

    Unlock Fire, Agriculture, Tools > Upgrade GUILD-WIDE to use the Society perk > Set up large enough communities to be safe from predators and other griefing builds > Unlock Philosophy > Use Free Thinking

    +Upgrade communication to be able to communicate complex ideas to other players, I'm thinking Tier 3+ communication at LEAST, and that's just for a start

    Let's go over the Free Thinking tech requirements, and its possible upgrade paths; First you have to get Society, then upgrade into Philosophy, which grants you the ability Free Thinking. Afterwards, you may unlock, at some point in your playthrough, the single, most powerful ability/perk in the game, the one that allowed humans to gain access to their most powerful tools. Without that ability, your character is stuck using only basic tools like spears and the such. This ability/perk is called Scientific Thought, and requires the player's intelligence stat to be relatively high (think 75+) in order to unlock. The only way any build would grow to equal humans would be by unlocking that specific perk, which has pretty damn harsh requirements. For that reason, I don't think parrots stand much of a chance, given that to start with, they don't have the physical strength to build fortifications, which is a must have for the 'third' requirement in the intelligence tech tree (to build a community to be safe from predators). They would be relatively safe from ground-based predators if they kept their agriculture to high trees, however other flying characters would easily be able to swoop in and fight them, wreaking havoc on their harvests and setting them in a spot where they can't unlock higher perks, like Philosophy, due to the physical duress of either travelling to find new food sources, or of hunger itself. Elephants, however, are large enough that they wouldn't need a ton of fortifications ; their sheer size would be more than enough to scare off a lot of predators if they were to begin actively attacking as a group, and thinking as a community (three lions attacking a pack of elephants, suddenly the three lions have 8+ behemoths actively attempting to trample them). And even if they didn't need the fortifications, elephants have the physical strength to carry and place rudimentary fortifications like walls, as well as a grasping limb (their 'nose', in this case), and would only really have to worry about dexterity to develop tools that are much finer, such as smaller firearms that they could easily carry and shoot. The main issue for elephants would be protecting territories large enough to hold their agricultural plantations, as they are quite large and would need a lot of food. My main guess is that elephants' best bet to becoming the top build of the meta, should humans be nerfed, would be to nerf their sizes a little bit (like -20% max size. Their size is so massive that even that little bit of reduction would give them enough points to at least start up in the intelligence skill tree) to put the points into the intelligence skill tree, and as their communities would grow more solid, they could begin transitioning more and more from massive size to more intelligence, as they would rely less and less on raw power, and more on the tools and fortifications they would create.

  • Członek Rady O5
    Członek Rady O5 21 day ago

    Am I the only one that thinks that some of the people were already nerfed?

  • Aiden harker
    Aiden harker 21 day ago

    4:38 wow. I want a link to that

  • x Apollo x
    x Apollo x 21 day ago

    I fucking love this game

  • Corey Britt
    Corey Britt 21 day ago

    Disease is how humans got nerfed from launch to patch 2.01.9. Thats why people are always begging for healers..and waiting hours for them. I always play a male “African American” race because of high base stats but I always have to spec into intelligence no matter what class I’m playing because of the secret passive all the other races have when in contact with my mine. I always get flamed for no reason on the N/A servers though.. maybe the Meta will change and I can respecc hopefully..

  • tangles01
    tangles01 21 day ago

    Wait the Australian and south american servers aren't hot enough? I lay on the Australian server.... I can assure you the environment damage is real.

  • Laxyzo
    Laxyzo 22 days ago

    Anti waxer, flat earthers and other species like those got nerfed to the ground.

  • Fireslothguy Is lonely

    Bro, your predicting the future

  • Chigim o
    Chigim o 22 days ago

    I think humans were supposed to be nerfed with HIV, seen as how their strength increases with numbers

  • Christopher Austin
    Christopher Austin 22 days ago

    The game wiki for the dingo build has recently been updated to reflect new discoveries about older versions of the game. Dingoes were actually gray wolf builds that migrated south across Asia and logged into the Australia servers by glitching across an ancient land bridge around the same time as early Aboriginal Human builds. Some entered co-op play with these humans but were never completely support classes and are not feral dog builds as the devs previously hinted.

  • GeneralEuro
    GeneralEuro 22 days ago

    I can't wait for the 1.3.7 update I think that new flood map would be awesome

  • the past
    the past 23 days ago

    Sam O'Nella

  • PresidentWordSalad
    PresidentWordSalad 23 days ago

    Fox News is the game devs trying to reduce human intelligence stats

  • Sam's Dumpster
    Sam's Dumpster 23 days ago

    have we not already nerfed our intelligence?

  • Dante Diavolo
    Dante Diavolo 23 days ago +1

    Cows are a carried build in all the servers where snow falls, an inch of snow covering the grasses would make cows fail because they lack the intelligence to search for grass under those conditions.

  • TheUltimateOtakuGamer
    TheUltimateOtakuGamer 23 days ago

    Some were already nerfed, like Flat-Earthers, Anti-Vaxxers, people who don't believe in climate change, that sort of stuff

  • François LONING
    François LONING 23 days ago

    I can't agree with some of what you said about builds such as cats and bats becoming top-tier due to the city biomes which would be left behind. The fact is, I don't think city biomes would last very long at all, they'd probably be destroyed in a matter of a few cat lifespans, so even though for that short period of time cats and bats might have good match-ups against other players in a secular biome, it would simply be a small one-time buff to their populations on the long-term. Great video nevertheless!

  • Josh Mcintyre
    Josh Mcintyre 23 days ago

    As an Australian, I have to say this.
    Dingos are not wild dogs, they were never tamed they simply evolved on the Australian server.

  • celtic knight
    celtic knight 23 days ago

    Sadly I'm stuck in the Asian server

  • celtic knight
    celtic knight 23 days ago

    Easy mode : Reaction videos??? Lol😂

  • Michael Dilger
    Michael Dilger 23 days ago

    Australia is warm enough to not need clothing all year long in some areas

  • Russell Wen
    Russell Wen 24 days ago

    Plz don't, we are boring enough to play on :(

  • tyson koster
    tyson koster 24 days ago +1

    i feel like you plated runescape than minecraft and than leage of legends
    and maybe a bit of age of empires

  • iBatL
    iBatL 24 days ago

    If you wanna nerf humans, just add an AI model. They'll take over and kill off the humans

  • iBatL
    iBatL 24 days ago +1

    What's coming in the new patch; and talk about the artificial intelligence model, with infinite intelligence stats, extremely high mobility, but water resistance is lacking.

  • pink prankster
    pink prankster 24 days ago

    can u talk about the uk surver

  • Anthony Tonev
    Anthony Tonev 24 days ago +1

    Some human players don't bother to upgrade the game and play it at a state before the patch which buffs intelligence a lot. Some say they play that because of nostalgia, others say they play that because the new content is overwhelming and too complex.

  • BigFire
    BigFire 24 days ago

    The fun fact, horse actually originated in North America before the last Ice Age patch. They and camel went to the Asian Server prior to the land ridge closed. Those that stay behind got griefed to death by human that came to the server. Only Llama in South America survived the onslaught of human.

  • Deimos Phob
    Deimos Phob 25 days ago +1

    If human intelligence gets nerfed then they will be more likely to fight with each other with the weapons they already have, meaning an intelligence nerf would lead to nuclear war or further destruction of the planet due to the intelligence loss, and thus the destruction of humans and possibly many other builds. Any effective nerf would always lead to a ban.

  • joeefenmama
    joeefenmama 25 days ago

    Raccoons?! Cmon

  • Rex Royulada
    Rex Royulada 25 days ago

    I think humans are getting nerfed. Several humans have been declining in their [Int] stat from listening to false claims and other low [Int] humans

  • Alexis Morales
    Alexis Morales 25 days ago

    Why is MatPat at 2:12

  • Monster_Knight3000
    Monster_Knight3000 25 days ago +2


  • Nico der Feuerlöscher

    Humans are being nerfed right now😂

  • zainal abidin
    zainal abidin 25 days ago

    2:12 lmao Tierzoo playing on impossible mode while all these noob youtubers opt for easy mode

  • Rogue Rogue
    Rogue Rogue 25 days ago +1

    Imagine getting spotted by a group of early humans and having them chase you for 24 hours. Nothing in the wild today is as scary as that.

    • Khurelbat Bayanbat
      Khurelbat Bayanbat 23 days ago

      Then they endlessly throw sharp pieces of wood and rocks doing massive chunks of damage.

  • Hoe Hoe
    Hoe Hoe 25 days ago

    Human can be nerfed with a damage on the brain, since their brain is one of the most vulnerable and essential part of their stat boost.

  • JacobLZP
    JacobLZP 26 days ago

    Lions used to exist on every server?