GLIDER SUIT! - Where to find BLUE Gems - Ark Aberration Expansion Pack DLC EP#7

  • Published on Dec 14, 2017
  • GLIDER SUIT! - Where to find BLUE Gems - Ark Aberration Expansion Pack DLC EP#7
    What is "Ark Aberration"?
    Ark Aberration is waking up on ‘Aberration’, a derelict, malfunctioning ARK with an elaborate underground biome system, survivors face exotic new challenges unlike anything before: extreme radioactive sunlight and environmental hazards, ziplines, wingsuits, climbing gear, cave dwellings, charge-batteries, and far more, along with a stable of extraordinary new creatures await within the mysterious depths. But beware the ‘Nameless’: unrelenting, Element-infused humanoids which have evolved into vicious light-hating monstrosities! On Aberration, survivors will uncover the ultimate secrets of the ARKs, and discover what the future holds in store for those strong and clever enough to survive!
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Comments • 120

  • alina heirloom
    alina heirloom 5 months ago

    You didn't even show on your map where the gems were

  • Crazyboy 3003
    Crazyboy 3003 Year ago

    The glide suits are way better on pc that console. I would’ve plummeted straight to the ground as soon as I took off on console

    • All Might
      All Might 9 months ago

      Whys that ? As a Console player im worried

  • Eisen Wolf
    Eisen Wolf Year ago

    If you want to try something really fun use the Glider Suit and climbing picks on Ragnarok. I did it on my Xbox one.

  • NeWRaiN
    NeWRaiN Year ago

    Watch a PRO!!!! ( falls like a rock).... LOL

  • EasyRagePlays
    EasyRagePlays Year ago

    Dude... the chestpiece was damaged because you got attacked by a pack of ravagers 😂😂😂

  • Fishyfishington
    Fishyfishington Year ago

    16:05 floating dodos

  • Rusty Kyle
    Rusty Kyle Year ago +1

    Can you please do more normal ark pvp so I can play

  • Cole Ortlieb
    Cole Ortlieb Year ago

    Did royals voice crack through out the vid

  • CodeBlue
    CodeBlue Year ago

    is anyone gonna talk about the random dodo's in the air when he was gliding, lol XD

  • Dusst
    Dusst Year ago

    Jumping the whole time while running is really irritating, can you just run like normal!?

  • Synity Shadow
    Synity Shadow Year ago

    Just a little tip, stamina regens slow when your low hp, even dinos

  • DeLeigh 5
    DeLeigh 5 Year ago

    The Glider Suit is cool

  • Raven Kinomoto
    Raven Kinomoto Year ago

    didn't they have gliders when they tamed the roll rat or am I crazy?

    • ZaySaurus
      ZaySaurus Year ago

      Nah you're right, but that is the episode after this one..

  • Araval The Panda
    Araval The Panda Year ago

    Those are badass!

  • Cameron Gordon
    Cameron Gordon Year ago

    Unsubbing after this vid lol. Royal is such a whiney bitch.

  • Ezekiel WICP
    Ezekiel WICP Year ago

    Check your structures because earthquakes can damage them if strong enough

  • Clayton Murrell
    Clayton Murrell Year ago

    I just got the suit and my first time gliding at the edge, then my ps4 blue screen error and when I logged back on my bulbdog died and I died shortly after losing a lot of gear and narcotics. I'm now currently too depressed about losing all that work just to let it all go to shit cause wild card doesn't know how to optimize a game

    • Clayton Murrell
      Clayton Murrell Year ago

      Raven Kinomoto I got it on PC but most of my friends can't get a good pc

    • Raven Kinomoto
      Raven Kinomoto Year ago

      play on pc, consoles are for nerds lol j/k

    • Clayton Murrell
      Clayton Murrell Year ago

      PezzaHando well maybe not to u but all my friends get blue screened daily

    • PezzaHando
      PezzaHando Year ago

      Clayton Murrell I've not had any running problems

  • Tijl Smeets
    Tijl Smeets Year ago

    u need to find the Equus, it is really cool but u need to have rocharrots to feed it

    • PezzaHando
      PezzaHando Year ago

      Tijl Smeets They are everywhere but they suck at low levels, I need a high level for taming they are great for taming just kick the snot out of everything spinos even go down easy

  • Joshua Campbell
    Joshua Campbell Year ago

    Im calling bullshit on the update to make the spawn easier cus I got a level 26 Bassi in the starting area.

    • PezzaHando
      PezzaHando Year ago

      Joshua Campbell I haven't got the update but I never saw a basi, just so many bloody raptors which is kinda handy to get a couple for early bodyguards

  • Henry Moreau-Smith

    They are at fertile lake 3

  • FreeZe
    FreeZe Year ago

    If u click c wile on the zip line with and ravenger u go upside down

  • Scruffy616
    Scruffy616 Year ago +11

    I cannot wait to see PvP on this map. Gonna be so epic

    • Scruffy616
      Scruffy616 Year ago

      PartiallyRoyal someday when I can afford to get my computer upgraded I'm gonna join your PvP servers haha

    • PartiallyRoyal
      PartiallyRoyal  Year ago +1

      Scruffy616 same!

  • Fabian _209
    Fabian _209 Year ago

    Running out to the left hugging the wall from the 3 Rings is the way i found the Exit to the outside but i died almost instantly from dehydration even with full water .

  • michiel vermaat
    michiel vermaat Year ago

    One of the mushrooms stops and prevents the hallucination

  • sopheakro rik
    sopheakro rik Year ago


  • Mukim Ahamed Middya

    You should use the "c" ability of ravagers on zip line you get upside down so you can cross zip line both at the same time and you can use a weapon while doing that too.

  • Jayden Leonard 2.0

    Where is your cliff base on the map can you show us

  • Blah L
    Blah L Year ago

    Are gonna do pvp if so when

  • Garland Thompson
    Garland Thompson Year ago

    Add face cam

  • Wolfgang Yt
    Wolfgang Yt Year ago +6

    I recommend pumping a few points into oxygen and get a basilisk they are op and super cool but hard to get you will need a few rock drake eggs to tame the basilisk
    Guys plz like this so they see this comment
    Also I love the vids keep it up ❤️

  • nathan wells
    nathan wells Year ago

    HEY Royal two people can ride one ravangers at a time

  • jarrylthe crab
    jarrylthe crab Year ago

    i feel bad for code he gets picked on and his tames always die first!

  • Unicorn Madness
    Unicorn Madness Year ago

    I wish I could play ark my internet and my pc are so bad that I went into my inventory on ark and it crashed my game it’s so frustrating but anyways keep up the great work .

  • FlyingDoge 789
    FlyingDoge 789 Year ago

    Half of your vids aren't showing up in my notifications

  • fucketh thou
    fucketh thou Year ago

    Damn that croc at the beginning had ado much shit

  • Trey Finley
    Trey Finley Year ago

    U sound sick

  • RaGeZone48
    RaGeZone48 Year ago

    Just make 4 hour long episode plzzzz

  • David Power
    David Power Year ago

    Grappling hooks would be amazing with the climbing axes

  • natrocks 03
    natrocks 03 Year ago

    "I got a metal pike" there's only one kind of pike pshhhh amateurs

    • natrocks 03
      natrocks 03 Year ago

      Evan Mullin Decoste I meant pssssh amateurs as sarcasm I'm not trying to start anything but there were some grammatical errors in that statement

    • Evan Mullin Decoste
      Evan Mullin Decoste Year ago

      alot of people say metal pike because of the basic spear...sometimes your not thinking clearly and you call it a pike when its not, or you call the pike a spear when its not

  • Savage Gamer
    Savage Gamer Year ago +17

    you need the bottom elevator engine not the top

  • Ivegonefishing
    Ivegonefishing Year ago +1

    Save some explorer notes for the Nameless Queen gestation!

  • David Stedile
    David Stedile Year ago

    This dlc reminds me somehow gw2

    • Yours Truly
      Yours Truly Year ago

      David Stedile ooooo im stupid af... Thx

    • David Stedile
      David Stedile Year ago

      Yours Truly Guild Wars 2... About 1 jear ago Arenanet did a similar dlc on gw2. Vertical map and gliders

    • Yours Truly
      Yours Truly Year ago

      Garden warfare?

    • Yours Truly
      Yours Truly Year ago


  • Casual Yeezies
    Casual Yeezies Year ago

    Are thylas available on this map?

  • -12
    -12 Year ago +3

    5:58 Excuse me Carno but what do you think you are doing up there?

  • matt Edwards1
    matt Edwards1 Year ago

    You need more dinosaurs

  • Godly- -Gamer
    Godly- -Gamer Year ago

    Hey royal, when are you planning to get rock drakes

  • Prophet Snow
    Prophet Snow Year ago

    Tame a crab

    • PezzaHando
      PezzaHando Year ago

      Connor Cronin They need cannons or catapults

  • XxScretAssassnX zach.

    "oh it's dead ha ha get poned"😂😂😂😂

  • Prophet Snow
    Prophet Snow Year ago

    Heal yourself I hate the red on the screen.

  • Prophet Snow
    Prophet Snow Year ago

    Is boomer's catch phrase "Bye Ryan!"?

  • Grandex9
    Grandex9 Year ago +1

    Yess i love this series

  • Falbright54
    Falbright54 Year ago +1

    code is poo

  • CommonChame1eon
    CommonChame1eon Year ago +10

    press c to go upside down and then you won't collide with another person on the ziplines who is on the top

  • Tyler Muller
    Tyler Muller Year ago


  • Fighting Faerie
    Fighting Faerie Year ago

    don't know if you already knew this, but you can recharge your Bulbdog by taking charge from Glowfies. They are kinda like oil or water jug bugs, you just walk up to them

  • Inemity
    Inemity Year ago

    Fun fact: The Dilpo's aren't mad when they hit you, they're playing. That's why they don't do any damage.

    • Zack A.
      Zack A. Year ago

      Inemity whaaattt? I always thought they were mad af at me. I'd just be taking my morning walk around the redwoods, and they give me a dirty look then chase me and headbutt me. Makes more sense now.

  • Alex Nyhus
    Alex Nyhus Year ago +4

    The glider doesnt make you regen stam slow, you regen stam slow because low health

    • Yours Truly
      Yours Truly Year ago

      lil broomstick easy to say your an alpha in the comments

    • Alex Nyhus
      Alex Nyhus Year ago

      PezzaHando you seem mad lol i was just stating why i know how he wasnt regening fast

    • PezzaHando
      PezzaHando Year ago

      lil broomstick Good for you mate, you proud?

    • Alex Nyhus
      Alex Nyhus Year ago

      PezzaHando lol im alpha on 7 servers, lots of raids and combat we all get low health alot

    • PezzaHando
      PezzaHando Year ago

      I play ark i just don't get to low health

  • Holy Ghost
    Holy Ghost Year ago

    Day sorry i cant think right now

  • Holy Ghost
    Holy Ghost Year ago +2

    Hope you guys are having a great dad royal chard me up my horse died today and his videos cheard me up

  • Olivia Bemont
    Olivia Bemont Year ago +11

    Use the hooks while gliding and you can hook on walls while mid glide

  • Zachary Law
    Zachary Law Year ago

    I love this

  • Nolan Blevins
    Nolan Blevins Year ago +1


  • Ewd312
    Ewd312 Year ago


  • Fun Box
    Fun Box Year ago +4

    try to put wings to cloth chest soo repairing will be easy

  • P thecoyote
    P thecoyote Year ago


  • The Ranger6060
    The Ranger6060 Year ago


  • Nick Bishop
    Nick Bishop Year ago +6

    Im loving all the uploads!

  • Philip Mehok
    Philip Mehok Year ago

    Solid vid.

  • Cian Odowd
    Cian Odowd Year ago

    Why are your notifications not coming up straight away I’m not getting them 😭

  • Expo_YT-_-
    Expo_YT-_- Year ago

    I love the video!!!!!

  • Cody Nguyen
    Cody Nguyen Year ago

    wheens the next ep?

  • Sterren
    Sterren Year ago +2

    Eten is lekker

  • TheDino 21
    TheDino 21 Year ago

    U guys went to straight we’re I built my beginners house lol

  • Mr Hashtag Yolo
    Mr Hashtag Yolo Year ago

    You should use the lowest platform of your base as a storage area were you put all your crafting materials

  • Little Lord
    Little Lord Year ago

    Royal I love ur vids keep it up👍👍👍