Jeff Goldblum Says He Likes to Be Called Daddy While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Aug 30, 2018
  • Jeff Goldblum is known for his roles in films like The Fly, Jurassic Park, and Independence Day, and you can catch him in The Mountain, which is headed to the Venice Film Festival. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the beloved actor and style icon faces down the (vegan) wings of death in a very special Season 6 finale. As he clambers up spice mountain, Goldblum breaks down Jurassic Park lore, discusses his spiritual encounter with Quavo, and delivers the first "11 out of 10 Goldblums" rating of his life.
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    Season 6
    Episode 12
    First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.
    #hotones #spicywings
    #hotones #spicywings
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  Year ago +34767


    • Thomas Marshall
      Thomas Marshall 23 days ago

      I think this the most likes on a comment that I've seen on USclip. Taught me the meaning of Zaddy.

    • B J
      B J Month ago

      Jay C Come on

    • John Benko
      John Benko Month ago

      Damn right.

    • Terry Masters
      Terry Masters Month ago

      Thanks Jeff, your very interesting...

    • Hagbart
      Hagbart Month ago

      @Pelican74 Yeah, he acts like a whiny pussy.

  • Brandon Brockwell
    Brandon Brockwell 2 hours ago

    Jeff Goldblum is super gay in the most heterosexual way.

  • paige !
    paige ! 4 hours ago

    i am in love with this man

  • Nova
    Nova 5 hours ago +1

    if its possible to be naturally high then Jeff definitely is.

  • Trent Wicks
    Trent Wicks 7 hours ago

    stupid little nibbles

  • Der Wunze
    Der Wunze 10 hours ago

    Even when he's talking nonsense and stuff I just don't understand I still love listening fo him talking

  • csvagrant
    csvagrant 10 hours ago

    If/When Morgan Freeman retires from playing as GOD, Jeff Goldblum will need to take over.

  • Zeeyang Guo
    Zeeyang Guo 12 hours ago

    ya we all think hes the best and can do no wrong.... but he totally cheated XD

  • Sanguineon
    Sanguineon 22 hours ago

    “Virile to the last drop.”

  • Baby Bhari
    Baby Bhari Day ago

    Im not gonna lie...seeing Mr. Goldblum upset when he tasted the spicier wings really hurt my soul.

  • Baby Bhari
    Baby Bhari Day ago

    Im not gonna lie...seeing Mr. Goldblum upset when he tasted the spicier wings really hurt my soul.

  • santo santos
    santo santos Day ago

    Ladies get you a man that talks about you the same way Jeff talks about his wife.

  • Gabriel Moran
    Gabriel Moran Day ago

    I was a little sad that Sean didn't know about The Godfather.

  • phips914
    phips914 Day ago

    I would pay money to watch Paul rudd, bill hader, & jeff goldblum have a 3-person dinner party.

  • Momma Locke
    Momma Locke Day ago


  • John
    John Day ago

    Can you not eat meat in Hollywood??

  • This is Queso Blanco

    “For heavens sake, how dare you?” 🤣🤣

  • amal zuhair
    amal zuhair Day ago

    Honestly I wouldn’t be able to handle the first wing, literally I’d be coughing and crying. And I’m brown shame on me.

  • Noah
    Noah Day ago

    i would love to watch Tony Hawk do this

  • Shuvo Speaking
    Shuvo Speaking Day ago

    10 Goldblums to all of them, 11 to the last one. Didn't hurt any company's feelings. How can you not love this guy?

  • Yason You
    Yason You 2 days ago

    Such a lovely man!

  • J T
    J T 2 days ago

    10/10 Goldblums!

  • Mike0o0 Animates
    Mike0o0 Animates 2 days ago +1

    27:18 : “I am the pirate KING “

    Luffy: I’m a joke to you


  • Eric Ryan
    Eric Ryan 2 days ago +3

    “Quit gawking at me, man” 😂😂

  • Maynardj
    Maynardj 2 days ago +1

    ~ Jeff GoldBlum

  • Maynardj
    Maynardj 2 days ago

    I absolutely Love Jeff Goldblum maybe its because I grew up watching him. But it didn't seem like Sean really Enjoyed the Interview in comparison to a lot of the other guests

  • Steve Del Cid
    Steve Del Cid 2 days ago

    Smh pussy bites

  • Jackson Noblin
    Jackson Noblin 2 days ago

    Jeff needs to drop an ASMR channel.

  • Killian Coakley
    Killian Coakley 2 days ago

    Jeff Goldblum would make a great Carl Sagan.

  • dear diary,
    dear diary, 2 days ago


  • Jocelyn Garcia
    Jocelyn Garcia 3 days ago +1

    The way he just talk about his wife.The look and the desperation,the thirst!!!!

  • GutsRage
    GutsRage 3 days ago

    Man Jeff feels like his brain is constantly producing words out of his mouth non stop hahahaha

  • Jocelyn Garcia
    Jocelyn Garcia 3 days ago

    I just love this man!!

  • ian roberts
    ian roberts 3 days ago


  • Will Zelazny
    Will Zelazny 3 days ago +1

    the only guest to ever catch Evans off guard with his information

  • Brian Gall
    Brian Gall 3 days ago

    Isly's Chipped Ham!! YES!!!

  • Metro Mobile
    Metro Mobile 3 days ago

    The comment section scares me. So weird when people worship celebrities

  • Vanessa Caulford
    Vanessa Caulford 3 days ago

    This outro lol

  • Nicolás Rementería
    Nicolás Rementería 3 days ago +5

    Talking marvelous things about his wife, whose is almost half his age, of course she will have a great body, lol.
    Still, beautiful show!

    SAVE MOTHRA!!! 3 days ago +1

    he is the only one allowed to take small bites

  • Macky Pamintuan
    Macky Pamintuan 3 days ago

    Even though the it's almost 40 years old, I felt Goldblum's disappointment when no one in the room knew the Greatest American Hero theme song.

  • Ken Cohn
    Ken Cohn 4 days ago

    Man,I love this show! Really great idea. I wish you could get Mike Rowe on. I'm sure he would be up for the challenge.

  • Austin Starke
    Austin Starke 4 days ago +1

    Is he selling doilies?

  • Michele Casartelli
    Michele Casartelli 4 days ago

    prr...prr... prada

  • rulinghabs
    rulinghabs 5 days ago

    Jeff is the coolest of the cool.

  • spacekitt3n
    spacekitt3n 5 days ago

    why you gotta put an ad in the bottom corner? its now 2019 and that shit is irrelevant and will be for all time.

  • Kendal Cramer
    Kendal Cramer 6 days ago +3

    This man is unreal. I feel most people would describe him as “a character”, which he certainly is - I’ve never come across anyone else like him, nor do I think there is or ever will be anyone else like him. However, at the same time, he feels so pure & genuine. Oh my, and listening to him gush over his wife?? Absolutely tantalizing. 🤤

    • Dashi
      Dashi 4 days ago

      too bad he raped young women lol

  • sarah wood
    sarah wood 6 days ago

    i hope one day i can find someone who looks at me the way he does when he talks about his wife

  • ilovehouse888
    ilovehouse888 6 days ago

    Deep cover! Yeeah buddy.

  • HeyHay
    HeyHay 6 days ago

    Jeff goldblums wife: what are thooooose?

  • Dave smith
    Dave smith 6 days ago

    Wow what a legend love that guy I know he couldn't take more than a lil bit out of each wing but he is 70yrs old although he doesn't look it

  • Q Jones
    Q Jones 6 days ago

    yo that ad break in the middle of his jurassic park story is cruel

  • Olivia Compagnino
    Olivia Compagnino 6 days ago

    You're telling me you interview pop culture icons for a living and don't know James Caan played Sonny Corleone, or equally as important Buddy the Elf's dad? smh

  • Jordan Lyngle
    Jordan Lyngle 6 days ago +2

    When you have social anxiety this guy is terrifying! Made me want to drink the hot sauce, break the glass of milk on my head, and flip the table. Why are you so smooth Jeff...WHY?!?!

  • Annie Kee
    Annie Kee 7 days ago

    a rap battle to end all rap battles

  • Suirei Gangmei
    Suirei Gangmei 7 days ago

    The way he replied to SEAN :I LIKE THE WAY YOU TALK. Instantly reminds me of " *CONAN*

  • Suirei Gangmei
    Suirei Gangmei 7 days ago

    Haven't seen all of it through and I liked it.
    Seen some and came to comment what a great show because I know for sure. HE nailed it.
    A proud fan inspired from a CONAN SHOW.

  • HenryManson
    HenryManson 7 days ago

    JEFF GOLDBLUM is such a unique legend!

  • HenryManson
    HenryManson 7 days ago

    JEFF GOLDBLUM is such a unique legend!

  • Red Planet
    Red Planet 7 days ago

    National treasure... Jeff Goldblum