• Published on Apr 20, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 5 571

  • Katie Bullock
    Katie Bullock 13 hours ago

    I ALWAYS have subtitles on when I watch movies and TV shows but Im not deaf or hearing impaired either

  • Lily Maples
    Lily Maples 14 hours ago

    Was anyone like she needs glasses she would see fine

  • Lily Maples
    Lily Maples 14 hours ago

    You know in school how they say i” hey what sense is your most grateful for I’m like idk like hearing and sight because I’m someone who can hear and see and some people don’t have it as strong I’m grateful that I have both. Who else

  • Twenty one Chemical Crybabies at the Disco

    I just realized that deaf people can't listen to music until they get some hearing peice or something and I'm going to cry now😭😭😭

  • Camryn Vanderwegen

    How do you do your makeup? Just a question

  • Brian Meyers
    Brian Meyers Day ago

    Because of molly's videos, I have been more educated and informed. She also shows the other side of a person. Quite the inspiration. 💙

  • Racheal L
    Racheal L 4 days ago +1

    My grandma was fully blind and she would always look at you when she talked to you.

  • Silvia Ivanica
    Silvia Ivanica 5 days ago

    Gurl there are some glasses for BLIND people that will help ya see but idk how they're called PLS TELL DIS TO MOLLY SHE MUST KNOW I WANT HER TOO SEEEEEE :C

  • Perfectblogsbycami Flor

    My sister is half deaf and almost half completely blind from one eye. She tells me when people talk to her form
    The other ear she feels embarrassed because she can only
    See them not hear them

  • Em Powers
    Em Powers 6 days ago +1

    okay but can we just talk about how molly literally looks good with any hair color she can literally pull it off so well

  • Rylie Kuhn
    Rylie Kuhn 6 days ago +1

    I love how she talked about saying “praying for you” is controversial and that she doesn’t like when people say that to her. I recently got into a horse related accident and can no longer walk. I’ve recovered for the most part but when people say “praying for you” it’s makes me angry because when they say that I feel like they think I’m a completely different person even though I’m not. They say that and act like just because I can’t walk that I feel I’m broken because I can’t walk. It’s very frustrating when people try and do everything for me and think I can’t do it by myself when I actually can. I know they just have good intentions but I can’t help but feel like they think I need saving. If I needed help I will always ask but I just don’t like when they assume I need help. Yes not being able to walk has been different and it’s a learning process and it’s been hard but very eye opening. Not being able to walk has taught me so much and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Lots of love to everyone who has had to learn to live life with new obstacles!

  • Brin Vaccarella
    Brin Vaccarella 6 days ago

    Subscribe to my channel and I subscribed to yours

  • Marcela Rochin
    Marcela Rochin 7 days ago

    Miranda and Molly are the sweetest pair ever! We need more videos of both of them together

  • Cara Parsons
    Cara Parsons 7 days ago

    What is your least favorite color ?
    Btw your so awesome and I love your videos

  • Annesophie Maelie
    Annesophie Maelie 8 days ago +2

    does molly have a dog to help her

    • musicalmegan
      musicalmegan 5 days ago

      Yes she does, his name is gallop, and he’s awesome

  • IceNixie0102
    IceNixie0102 9 days ago +1

    ...Sitting here with perfect hearing, with the captions on, at 18:25 when Colleen says she does the same thing. I'm a visual learner, and also have two small kids and pets who make a TON of background noise, so the captions are a lifesaver...and now I'm too used to them, when they are off I feel like I miss so much.

  • PenguinGaming
    PenguinGaming 10 days ago

    That moment when you realize that a blind person can match better than you...

  • Shadwa Barghash
    Shadwa Barghash 10 days ago

    Watch Lucifer (tom ellis) with Molly, with description, plz

  • kittycorn 4 lifez
    kittycorn 4 lifez 12 days ago

    I went deaf when I was younger I had to get gromits to help me hear it helped because I'm 10 now and can hear but it effected my speach because everybody was learning how to speak in nursery but I couldn't because I couldn't hear

  • Heather Morrison
    Heather Morrison 13 days ago

    Both Molly and Colleen are such amazing, kind, lovely people. This collab is awesome!

  • Cleora Asaran
    Cleora Asaran 14 days ago

    This could be me, but just thought wearing makeup for a blind person seems odd. I go to a college and it has two blind girls, one of which I have had class with. But none of them wear makeup. One uses a dog and another a cane, which the girl with the cane was in my class. She also has a blind twin sister that uses a dog.
    I took a class on bioethics and we talked about 'curing' people of pre-birth diseases, and I have asked a couple of my deaf friends if they would want to hear. Most of them said no, but a few said they would like to experience it. Gina (the blind classmate) said no because her blindness defines her. I get all of that, but I also wish people didn't hold on to something that, if possible, could be fixed solely because it makes them unique. I think these people could still find something to make them unique. I am not saying that being blind or deaf is bad, but normally if I ask people if they would give up their hearing or eyesight, no one would agree to it. So it is easier to accept it when you don't have a choice, which is why I would like my deaf and blind friends to consider these cures if they come about. As the girl on the left has said, her brother has cochlear, and I have heard from some friends they aren't perfect, it depends on your level of deafness.
    Lastly...ATM. The M stands for machine. You made it sound like an ATMM is a new thing for blind people.

  • Catherine Clark
    Catherine Clark 18 days ago +1

    Who else just watched Moose in the background the whole

    No just me.....K

  • Exuse_My _Beauty
    Exuse_My _Beauty 19 days ago

    I see that chai ☕️💘👀

  • Aleisha Hoyle
    Aleisha Hoyle 20 days ago

    WOW, these people are AWESOME!!

  • helleswahn
    helleswahn 20 days ago

    I haven't really seen the bird box challenges, but I thought the movie in itself was lowkey offensive? Like presenting losing sight as the scariest, most terrible thing in the world.. Same with "a silent place" or what it's called. Bird box wasn't even good tho, and not scary at all, so I never got the hype

  • Lauren McKeand
    Lauren McKeand 21 day ago +1

    Does visual impairment count as legally blind ?

  • Jessica Holliday
    Jessica Holliday 24 days ago

    She's amazing

  • TheGhostSquad
    TheGhostSquad 28 days ago

    I just have a question I want to since I don't know any blind people personally but when a blind person is in school and can't see I just want to know like when you have to write some thing how do they do it? Do you use computers or just speak their answer to the teacher? I just want to know :D

  • Jordi P
    Jordi P 29 days ago

    Your brother is still deaf though, even though he has an implant and can hear now if that makes sense !

  • Andy Meyer
    Andy Meyer Month ago

    that was good. i learned some things

  • Maddie
    Maddie Month ago

    I could listen to Molly talk about her blindness for hours

  • Leanne Sebastian
    Leanne Sebastian Month ago

    The only kind of bird box I like is the fried kind lol

  • ForeverSunny3
    ForeverSunny3 Month ago

    This is an instance where the internet, USclip and social media is a powerful tool to teach people.

  • riley McCutcheon
    riley McCutcheon Month ago

    Who the heck said that She's not blind Because she didn't see the same thing

  • Riley Orr
    Riley Orr Month ago

    Gosh Molly is such a beautiful, and inspirational woman.

  • Autumn Queen Mangle Wild

    Ten times more deaf people yet I'm only one of two out of about 500 students in my school. But then again, there's not any blind people in my school

  • ogregirl23
    ogregirl23 Month ago

    I hope that you are consuming small amounts of caffeine. It does transfer to breast milk and could be effecting his sleep and mood. A lot of women drink sleepy time teas to help aid sleep for their breastfeeding babies.

  • ツJustPeachy
    ツJustPeachy Month ago

    I’m legally blind, it doesn’t bother me as much. I get headaches a lot, but it’s fine cause I have ibuprofens! I like being legally blind because it’s unique. Even though I have to get surgery soon, I like it. So I can probably relate to some of these things, but probably not all of them because I’m not fully blind.

  • Adie Xox
    Adie Xox Month ago +1


  • Anime Nightcore
    Anime Nightcore Month ago

    Molly burke is Colleen's switched at birth daughter confirmed!!!

  • Kelsey Newberry
    Kelsey Newberry Month ago

    Do blind people listen to Molly’s vids?

  • Farz Blue
    Farz Blue Month ago

    Wait! She is blind?

  • Genelle Campbell
    Genelle Campbell Month ago

    I sincerely hope that it's not offensive that I feel like people who are blind or deaf are freaking superheroes.

  • Genelle Campbell
    Genelle Campbell Month ago

    THANK YOU for this video!!!🙏🏽❤I am ignorant to much about blindness. This video is very helpful. Thanks for breaking the ice for us.

  • Krystal M
    Krystal M Month ago

    Doggo in the background is constantly looking for a snack snack 😂💕

  • Capri Fredrickson
    Capri Fredrickson Month ago


  • julsbme1964
    julsbme1964 Month ago

    mukbangs are not just about eating the sounds of chewing talking with your mouth full are all part of it you can do do it

  • Hilary Gladstone
    Hilary Gladstone Month ago

    Who tf doesn’t still use ATM machines?

  • Nikita Victorsen
    Nikita Victorsen Month ago +1

    My grandparents are deaf so i have learnt to do the old Ausland sign language as i am Australian

  • ella k.
    ella k. Month ago

    i got an ad that molly was in lol

  • pbsjones
    pbsjones Month ago

    I missed a huge chunk of this video because I was staring at the background thinking, 'Look at the size of that kitchen!" Nice. Oh, good video, too. What I saw of it.

  • Alannah Simmons
    Alannah Simmons Month ago

    Omg I love this video because they both are amazing UScliprs that I love ❤️

  • Roby Jafari
    Roby Jafari Month ago

    Hiii I have a question. Since you did this video with molly who is blind ( not to be offensive ) but can blind people see their dreams???? If you could ask molly than answer to this it would be great. Or anyone who is blind or knows someone blind.😘😘😃😃

  • Christian Majetic
    Christian Majetic Month ago +1

    Go Molly!!!!

  • Hailey Taylor
    Hailey Taylor Month ago

    This is so important to think about these people r blind but they can do so much stuff people think she faking but she's not she wouldn't have a special dog that helps her walk yall gotta believe

  • sarah head
    sarah head Month ago

    has any1 ever watched haters back off with the audio description feature on? its pretty funny, really cool tho

  • Rosie Roka
    Rosie Roka Month ago

    see my cousins had been blind for 16 years and some of this stuff i never knew thank you for making this video so i can basically understand her more ... xx

  • Lexi 4806
    Lexi 4806 Month ago

    RIP i see 20/30 vision RIP so um im not blind but im still kinda blind half blind to be exact

  • Kiera Espey
    Kiera Espey 2 months ago +1

    When she said legally blind I thought she said legally blonde 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Vikki Bark
    Vikki Bark 2 months ago

    “Oh fooood”