Baking My Boyfriend A Birthday Cake

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • Here's the link to the recipe I used:
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  • salty sugar
    salty sugar 17 hours ago

    Julien’s birthday is after mine♈️😏

  • Monique Thomas
    Monique Thomas 20 hours ago +2

    Anyone here for a little contrast after Julien’s Minecraft cake video 😂

  • Gabi Benavente
    Gabi Benavente 23 hours ago

    Nonononono 😭 you’re supposed to put the piping tip on the inside of the bagggggggg and then put the icing in

  • Isabella Hicks
    Isabella Hicks Day ago

    when Julien’s birthday is a day before your own

  • Jessica Mangelsdorf

    How did he write his own name wrong xDDD

  • Nerd In A Box
    Nerd In A Box Day ago

    TV casting be like 9:30

  • cassidyisnotcool

    I have the same birthday as julien lmao

  • olivia
    olivia Day ago

    i just realized julien spelled his name wrong

  • dion minus
    dion minus Day ago

    Omg my birthday is April 17th
    I honestly have my birth certificate 😌

  • Sarah Mendoza
    Sarah Mendoza Day ago

    I'm ready to find my Julien now 😭😍

  • Nadia Guerrero
    Nadia Guerrero Day ago

    6 years apart
    Still the best couple

  • Bryson Peters
    Bryson Peters Day ago

    You guys should try to make a video where Jenna switches to a Aries, and Julien switches to a Virgo
    I think it would be hilarious!

  • Crazied Artist
    Crazied Artist 2 days ago

    I love his speech about learning to listen to how others do things, but hasn't been listening to Jenna the whole video. 😂

  • Faith Peters
    Faith Peters 2 days ago +1

    Me waiting to tell my brother its my turn on the computer cause im a wuss 0:33

  • Faith Peters
    Faith Peters 2 days ago

    I love Juliens energy lol fucking hilarious

  • Jessica Stohr
    Jessica Stohr 2 days ago

    That turned out really cute!

  • Mario Ponce
    Mario Ponce 2 days ago

    23 Yeeearrr Olld Lady

  • taylor Mansheim
    taylor Mansheim 2 days ago

    Goin to be honest here, v conflicted, I am Aries by birth and Virgo by nature, and I relate to EVERYONE

  • Karime Coletta
    Karime Coletta 2 days ago +1

    Why didn’t Julien just use this recipe in his latest video?

  • Daniel Montanelli
    Daniel Montanelli 2 days ago

    Ugh the glee

  • Daniel Montanelli
    Daniel Montanelli 2 days ago

    True Aries being like wow I listened and now I’m wise

  • Daniel Montanelli
    Daniel Montanelli 2 days ago

    Wait y’all aren’t a thing?

  • Najla
    Najla 3 days ago

    if I was your friend or a family member of yours I would never eat anything coming out of your kitchen 😫with Julian spreading his germs everywhere 🤢🤮

  • Tgg_drippz
    Tgg_drippz 3 days ago

    This is the video that shows what a (virgo) earth sign and (aries) fire sign relationship would be like:

  • Faith antioquia
    Faith antioquia 3 days ago

    So if Jenna fell in love with Julian when she was 20 wasn’t Julian like 15?

  • VivaLaVlogger
    VivaLaVlogger 3 days ago


  • The Headass Show
    The Headass Show 3 days ago

    My mom when we do anything togther😂

  • Nickodaboss
    Nickodaboss 3 days ago

    Lmao #pipeitup

  • Nicole Reina
    Nicole Reina 3 days ago

    Just watched your recent vid of you turning 33 AND OMG I WATCHED YOU WHEN YOU WERE 21 doing a fucking DONUT CHALLENGE MARATHON❤️ happy birthday Jenna your awesome betchhh!!!!!

  • Brian Lewis
    Brian Lewis 3 days ago

    9:11 Jenna and Julien's relationship in a nutshell.

  • Michaela
    Michaela 3 days ago

    My birthday is april 17th

  • Sheridoodle
    Sheridoodle 3 days ago

    Poor Jenna didn't cut the top off and then the cake started sliding

  • dana micaela
    dana micaela 3 days ago +1

    watching this after julien’s minecraft lava cake mush is soooo relaxing i love virgo kitchen

  • Natalie Wilkie
    Natalie Wilkie 3 days ago +2

    I love how the cake just says “julen” lmao

  • Alyssa Harrison
    Alyssa Harrison 4 days ago

    if i had a dollar for everytime jenna said rosana pantino

  • Stella K
    Stella K 4 days ago

    We always have ice cream cake for my brothers birthday. We get ice cream sandwich’s put six on the bottom, chocolate fudge filling, six sandwiches on top. The frosting was just miracle whip and Oreos

  • Jasmine Rangel
    Jasmine Rangel 4 days ago

    Lord what I would do to watch Jenna and Julian play catch 🤣

  • Wan Smith
    Wan Smith 4 days ago +9

    Omg you guys are the best friends ever you should date

  • Venus Blogs
    Venus Blogs 5 days ago

    lmfao is no one talkng about 7:16 and 7:20 LMFAOOOOOOOO

  • aracely p
    aracely p 5 days ago

    16:40 - 17:00 this is the future I want with my boyfriend in the future when we live together ❤❤

  • Alana Steinacker
    Alana Steinacker 5 days ago +4

    just wanna find the catcher to my pitcher

  • Shepyrd
    Shepyrd 6 days ago

    18:00 the greatest idea ever this is why they’re the perfect couple and such fucking GOALS 😭🙌🏼 imagine flossing wit ya future wife

  • Teaghann Powell
    Teaghann Powell 6 days ago

    Baking cakes is hard and you should be proud of what you made! Pastry chefs train for literally years to be able to make cool pastry confections... For future reference, if you mix up your vegan butter until it's light and fluffy and then add the icing sugar and oat milk the frosting will be a better texture for piping decorations.

  • Only The100
    Only The100 6 days ago +1


  • Josh Black
    Josh Black 6 days ago

    Julien should be mic’d every vid

  • samler pill
    samler pill 7 days ago

    Y’all licked your fingers so many times while making this please don’t feed your friends

  • Beautiful Tangled Mess

    Is that a wide lens that they are using?

  • Katherine Minaya
    Katherine Minaya 8 days ago

    omg Jenna's face at 17:00 LMFAO they're really funny and work so good together! keep it up you 32 year old ladyyyyy

  • Neva Ortiz
    Neva Ortiz 8 days ago

    I know how to make a ice cream cake since I work at dq B))

  • sorrynotsorryforbeingbias

    I am Aries and very chaotic but that teapot going off put me on edge

  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie 9 days ago

    Im 32 and my life sucks. Thanks Jenna.

  • Corrina Hernandez
    Corrina Hernandez 9 days ago

    17:04 She looks pissed
    Or sad...

  • Wise_Ducky
    Wise_Ducky 9 days ago

    ive watched this about 16 times and just noticed he spelled his own name wrong "Julen"

  • Mony Lopez
    Mony Lopez 9 days ago


  • Torijsu
    Torijsu 10 days ago

    Jenna you said all we have to do is ask and you'll do it. Well.... can you buy ALOT of fake fall leafs and make a pile of them in your backyard and jump in it? Happy Fall!

  • Melannye Aguilar
    Melannye Aguilar 10 days ago

    @16:40 is basically my boyfriend and he is a aries and the energy he gives is wow 😂😂and i’m a leo so i don’t really mind 😂

  • Lyndsey Smith
    Lyndsey Smith 10 days ago

    this video put such a big smile on my face oh my goodness

  • XxIrene AngelxX
    XxIrene AngelxX 10 days ago +1


  • Janine Stade
    Janine Stade 10 days ago

    I got a vsco ad before this and i don't appreciate it.

  • Hii I’m hungry
    Hii I’m hungry 10 days ago

    Jenna: “there’s no vegan cake recipes”
    Ad: *how to make a vegan cake recipe*