Baking My Boyfriend A Birthday Cake

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • Here's the link to the recipe I used:
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  • wolfiehampton
    wolfiehampton Day ago

    he loves stressing her out its lol

  • wolfiehampton
    wolfiehampton Day ago

    "julien's a catcher and i'm a pitcher" OH, WORD?

  • wolfiehampton
    wolfiehampton Day ago

    julien is SO full of energy wow

  • wolfiehampton
    wolfiehampton Day ago

    wtf how did i totally know jenna is older than julien. she has like,,,,an older attitude. meanwhile julien is always bouncing around bc people in their 20s are weird

  • lucy ossi
    lucy ossi Day ago

    julien: 0:41

    BLUE BELL Day ago

    “This is a school zone, you went 65!”

  • Angela the fruitful bish


  • Selena
    Selena Day ago

    Ok but where’d y’all get that big ass bowl tf

  • Amazing Grace
    Amazing Grace Day ago

    Jenna looks like she just can’t anymore at 16:59

  • Freya Williames
    Freya Williames Day ago

    My birthday is the April the 18

  • Grace Clarke
    Grace Clarke Day ago

    Why does Julien remind me of Jason Mendoza from the good place

  • Jeanette Jenkinson

    “I do what I do, and you do what you can do about it” I died😂

  • loveabbygrace
    loveabbygrace Day ago


  • Maggie Lee
    Maggie Lee 2 days ago

    I am also gluten intolerant (idk if it’s celiac) I can never find good flour and its not in the recipe :(

  • Maria Cortez
    Maria Cortez 2 days ago

    Someone make a compilation of Julien’s off camera mic comments pls

  • L Cross
    L Cross 2 days ago

    I know this is late but if you are making buttercream frosting(what Jenna made) and add too much milk you can add more powdered sugar to the frosting to make it thicker

  • Ariana Potorski
    Ariana Potorski 2 days ago

    When making buttetcream, in order to get the bEST texture, I recommend whipping the (softened) butter, adding in the powdered sugar a bit at a time, adding vanilla and cream/milk. In that order, whipping between each step.

  • _ StayAMuffin
    _ StayAMuffin 2 days ago +1

    Jenna: I don't think I'm gonna cut it like those cake gooroos
    Also Jenna: *why is it lopsided and falling?!*

  • DjoseR 13
    DjoseR 13 2 days ago

    Their kitchen is 10/10!

  • HalaMaverick GT
    HalaMaverick GT 2 days ago

    Safiya made a funfetti cake and so did simplynailogical and jenna marbles added on,who else is gonna do it

  • lowercase f
    lowercase f 2 days ago

    17:04 julien screaming "SHUT UP" at the kettle killed me

  • Evelyn Mundt
    Evelyn Mundt 3 days ago +2

    Jenna reminds me of the mom from bob’s burgers

  • Dingle Berri
    Dingle Berri 3 days ago +1

    I'm excited for Julien to turn 32 so he can say "I'M A 32 YEAR OLD ARIESSS"

  • Clara ottum
    Clara ottum 3 days ago +1

    Jenna do you have a Rosanna Pansino fetish / addiction

  • Uzbek Queen
    Uzbek Queen 3 days ago

    When jenna said , people do this for fun, on a tuesday???, as a baker we mostly dont frost it-unless for some special occassion or if we are feeling FaNcY

  • Christa Maribel
    Christa Maribel 3 days ago

    Can someone link the two gold necklace she always wears ?? 🙏🏼

  • Bethbunny
    Bethbunny 3 days ago

    i think the title should be saying fiance not boyfriend but yeehawww

  • Jonesy Mayo
    Jonesy Mayo 3 days ago +4

    every time jenna says rosanna pansino:

    • Evelyn Mundt
      Evelyn Mundt 3 days ago +1

      Somebody out there needs to make an edit of every time Jenna says Rosanna Pansino

  • Krystle Brooks
    Krystle Brooks 3 days ago +1

    I love the beginning and the cough.. Jenna you need to seriously make the singing 32-year-old lady thing the beginning of whatever videos, I love it.

  • Baran Aygun
    Baran Aygun 4 days ago +10

    Julien has just the most uncanny knack for improvised buffoonery

  • Pineley
    Pineley 4 days ago +1


  • Eva Castano
    Eva Castano 4 days ago +1

    Omg i knew you were a Virgo (i didn’t know her bday)

  • Jay
    Jay 4 days ago +1

    Take a shot every time Jenna says Rosanna. You will die.

  • Sho
    Sho 4 days ago

    Take a shot every time Jenna says
    Rosanna Pansino

  • Melanie Rodriguez
    Melanie Rodriguez 4 days ago

    Are they really just friends?

  • Robyn Van
    Robyn Van 4 days ago +1

    17:00 - 17:21 is their entire relationship XD

  • Itslunknown24
    Itslunknown24 4 days ago +1

    Rosanna pansino please help uss

  • All HailHailey
    All HailHailey 4 days ago +7

    "Cuz Julie's a catcher, and I'm a pitcher"... aight. Thanks for sharing

  • Wisdom Kat
    Wisdom Kat 4 days ago

    I have the same birthday as Julian!!

    ANGELINA RAMIREZ 4 days ago

    It’s bothering me that the cake is leaning and they didn’t put it in the fridge to semi-harden the icing

  • person Lvr229
    person Lvr229 4 days ago +1

    Jenna:I'm MaKiNg A mEsS
    Me: you're a good chef then, good chef😂

  • Bad IMovie Edits *
    Bad IMovie Edits * 4 days ago

    I don’t think people realized that Julien put “Julen” on the cake, I may be missing something, or they just fucked up

  • Madison Emma
    Madison Emma 4 days ago

    julien lowkey in the corner just like

    "hello yes im here, im queer, im ready to die"

  • nugsboodlepoo
    nugsboodlepoo 5 days ago

    I love when you guys cook! I love the cooking videos on juliens channel! They are so well produced, they seriously look as good as a food network show. Love you guys~

  • Monica Mao
    Monica Mao 5 days ago

    Ohhh is this a video lol.

  • Monica Mao
    Monica Mao 5 days ago +7

    “Oh Julian this is a mess”. 🤣🤣
    Sounding like a mom lol.
    I love y’all.

  • Amira Williams
    Amira Williams 5 days ago

    i think the cake looks good😂😅

  • Katie Kalivoda
    Katie Kalivoda 5 days ago

    Jenna: this is alot of work. People just do this for fun? On a Tuesday?
    Flashback to me last Tuesday... *Casually baking 2 types of cookies at 2 am* um... No? Definitely not. Nope. No fun.

  • Sandra Lee
    Sandra Lee 5 days ago

    Geez I thought u and Julian where the same age lol

  • Ay'ana Gaddies
    Ay'ana Gaddies 5 days ago

    Awww this was really cute

  • valeri_ ē
    valeri_ ē 5 days ago


  • Amber J
    Amber J 5 days ago +5

    It’s hilarious that just a few years ago, Julien was being a little shit and saying how nice it was having 20/20 vision, and now he’s one of us! 😂

  • Goofy Geeko
    Goofy Geeko 5 days ago

    Jenna:It tastes like birthday cake
    Me:it is birthday cake

  • Grace Hill
    Grace Hill 5 days ago

    I live for videos with julien in them honestly

  • Анастасия Глушкова

    Ahahaha :D
    So cute ♥♥♥

  • Trevor McDonald
    Trevor McDonald 5 days ago

    Julien is just Kermit human form

  • K Shoyou
    K Shoyou 6 days ago

    I hope I find my julien one day

  • Esmay Pintor
    Esmay Pintor 6 days ago

    Julian is stressing me out 😂😂😂 but then again I’m a Virgo and everything needs to be perfect 😂

  • Jessica Burkman
    Jessica Burkman 6 days ago

    18 minutes and 28 seconds of Julien sneaking little nibbles

  • mili boye
    mili boye 7 days ago +4

    I’m having an anxiety attack and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I came to Jenna’s videos for comfort... they make me feel safe

  • Rlin Landa
    Rlin Landa 7 days ago

    jenna being a mom for 18:20

  • Siobhán Maisie Jones
    Siobhán Maisie Jones 7 days ago +1

    16:31 to 17:07 is pure chaos

  • Møøñštôñë
    Møøñštôñë 7 days ago

    This is how many times Jenna said "Rosanna Pansino"

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 7 days ago

    Me in the background
    When they steal your spotlight 😂

  • JoeyBoots
    JoeyBoots 7 days ago

    Damn she has hit the wall.

  • Lily Pope
    Lily Pope 7 days ago

    Jenna is the female reck it Ralph

  • Kat Cuccia
    Kat Cuccia 7 days ago

    Jenna: Is it gonna be difficult for you to just, like, whatever you're doing, not?
    Julian: **picks up little bottle of vanilla extract and flings it in the air**

  • Bree Harsha
    Bree Harsha 7 days ago

    Am so glad Julien said "hmm pipe it up" bc it was my first thought.

  • merlijn goldsack
    merlijn goldsack 7 days ago

    so when is the wedding?

  • Daisy Elliott-Biddle

    Jenna, I just gotta tell you that I love watching these 32 year old lady videos of just what you wanna do. It's so nice.

  • Audrey Emmens
    Audrey Emmens 8 days ago

    Wait are you guys dating? Also love you guys💖

  • jasmine saldana
    jasmine saldana 8 days ago

    jenna being a virgo and julien being an aries for 18 minutes straight

  • Sarah izumi
    Sarah izumi 9 days ago


  • Jasmine G Coleman
    Jasmine G Coleman 9 days ago

    Every time Jenna says im a 32-year-old lady I remember Julien is younger than her and think she's a bit of a cougar lmao love you Jenna!!!!!!!

  • Sierra Southers
    Sierra Southers 9 days ago

    Lol I know this is late, but for next time you make a cake, you have to cut the top off the bottom tier so it doesn’t slide like that! :) it gets rounded during baking so when u stack them they don’t fit right!

  • Katie Holt
    Katie Holt 9 days ago

    I want Jenna to make a cooking series called Mediocre at Best

  • Carlin Ybarra
    Carlin Ybarra 9 days ago

    Jenna should try to make a ice cream cake

  • cute dog with a weird owner

    You can add meringue powder to frosting to make it THICC and pipeable

  • Avery Clark
    Avery Clark 10 days ago

    r yall dating or what im confused...

  • Cassie Owens
    Cassie Owens 10 days ago

    "I can tell we're not married by the amount you don't bake" I'M DONE😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • You just got V E C T O R E D

    you can so clearly see the love and laughter that went into this cake. even though it may not look the best its so clearly what makes them happy

  • Bailey’s Corner
    Bailey’s Corner 10 days ago +1

    Mines on the 4th of April

  • Love, Lauryn Pink
    Love, Lauryn Pink 11 days ago

    Lemme just ignore the fact that Jenna is as *YOUNG* as my mom

  • Sarah Stalker
    Sarah Stalker 11 days ago

    “A 32 year old ladyyyyyy-aaHEkk
    JuLiEn YoU dOnT nEeD tO dO tHaT”

  • Cherrish Liedtke
    Cherrish Liedtke 11 days ago +1


  • Madeline Bunnell
    Madeline Bunnell 11 days ago

    This cake look so cool

  • ellie scoot
    ellie scoot 11 days ago +4

    3:29 cutest thing I’ve ever seen 🥰

  • Steph Licina
    Steph Licina 11 days ago

    anyone else gets a green and purple screen while watching this?

  • MrTJHookah
    MrTJHookah 11 days ago +1

    Did she use oven mitts to put the room temperature cake batter into the oven?

  • I Want To Watch The World Burn

    4:33-4:45 Every child talking to their teachers

  • Alpha127
    Alpha127 11 days ago

    Wait I thought they were dating

  • Julia Stevens
    Julia Stevens 11 days ago

    I love how julien is such a child and Jenna is such an adult 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Leah Bailak
    Leah Bailak 12 days ago +3

    Love how the when Julien puts the icing in the first bowl it turns from metal to glass 12:55

  • Ita Corcoran
    Ita Corcoran 12 days ago

    Jenna is finding so hard to stop holding back and whack Julien with that whisk lol

  • Riley Weinholzer
    Riley Weinholzer 12 days ago

    Aries season, but it's Virgo time

  • Meg Meg
    Meg Meg 12 days ago +1

    Omg I screamed when she said Juliens birthday was on April 17 (twiiiiins)

  • Leslie Wendland
    Leslie Wendland 12 days ago

    This was 2 days after my birthday

  • Tate Petter
    Tate Petter 12 days ago

    Drink everyrime Jenna says Rosanna Pansino

  • wheatingurl
    wheatingurl 12 days ago +1


  • Joey Meh
    Joey Meh 12 days ago +1

    "Cooking and food, that's my language of love"