Build Stone Fish Pond


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  • Itzme_kyle _
    Itzme_kyle _ 46 minutes ago

    Y is the water so dirty

  • nabil rafid
    nabil rafid Hour ago

    For real?!

  • Yanih Gonil
    Yanih Gonil Hour ago

    Bang ajarin toh kalo bisa

  • Charlotte Nourse
    Charlotte Nourse Hour ago


  • Connor Ritchie
    Connor Ritchie 2 hours ago

    Dam I don't think I could do that, that is so lit🔥🔥🔥

  • Rihana Nikaj
    Rihana Nikaj 2 hours ago

    If I built that I wouldn’t use for my fish but only for me 😂

  • Omar Elshabassy
    Omar Elshabassy 3 hours ago

    Where are these guys located?

  • mariusz alamido
    mariusz alamido 4 hours ago


  • Nurlaila Usman
    Nurlaila Usman 6 hours ago

    Mereka tidak mandi kali ini 😂

  • Eleanur Bahira
    Eleanur Bahira 6 hours ago

    i hope you become rich

  • MarioAndres
    MarioAndres 7 hours ago

    This guys play Minecraft in the real life xd

  • TaviriGamer
    TaviriGamer 7 hours ago

    Did you know? Wasn't Aliens! Remember! Wasn't Aliens!

  • Shinay McCarter
    Shinay McCarter 7 hours ago

    It's so nice how they build and they use mud to connect rocks cool!

  • Gustavo Rodriguez
    Gustavo Rodriguez 8 hours ago

    TBH I love watching these videos and chilling in my bed and just watching them build it's so comfortable and I grab a snack to I love this. HaHa.

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams 9 hours ago

    These guys would make a lot of money if trained in a western country. They’d be millionaires..

  • akachuy
    akachuy 9 hours ago

    I watch porn when I'm bored,. Just thinking about what I could have built in so many hours is so depressing

  • Rocko Yao
    Rocko Yao 9 hours ago

    Who wants to hire them?

  • Helin Cilgin
    Helin Cilgin 9 hours ago

    Wherever they living those fishies are creepy af

  • jackspeckneck
    jackspeckneck 10 hours ago

    Nice catfish

  • Kevin Tovar
    Kevin Tovar 11 hours ago


  • Jenny Quishpe
    Jenny Quishpe 11 hours ago

    Filisidades hermoso como asen con sus propias cosas 👏👏👏😍😍😍

  • Kim S
    Kim S 11 hours ago

    This is the kind of thing I would find myself doing at 3am instead of studying for an 8am exam

  • TheChallenge Channel
    TheChallenge Channel 11 hours ago

    Dang I don’t know why but I actually enjoy these videos btw I subscribed😉

  • Sophia Freitas
    Sophia Freitas 11 hours ago


  • sofia flores amor de Deus


  • It's Madge's Zone
    It's Madge's Zone 12 hours ago

    Literally, when I saw the underground home and the pool from the other video, and a wooden fence, I was pretty satisfied.

  • Maritza Diaz Rosas
    Maritza Diaz Rosas 12 hours ago

    The best thing ever I am going to go and build that right now

  • edwin Ivan
    edwin Ivan 13 hours ago

    Estos weyes son la vrg :v

    EL HISH META 13 hours ago

    Me cae viven mejor que yo jajaj

  • ToxicVibez
    ToxicVibez 14 hours ago

    Your guys videos are awesome and you guys are so creative

  • sleepy cabbiege
    sleepy cabbiege 14 hours ago

    Do they ever talk to each other

  • chinga tu madre bro :v
    chinga tu madre bro :v 15 hours ago

    Pishi maincra en la vida real

  • Lorenzo Pellegrini
    Lorenzo Pellegrini 16 hours ago

    Why did they put the fishes on the grass and then in the water? Wtf

  • Harmony Bunnell
    Harmony Bunnell 16 hours ago

    Tell me how to do that please 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😄😄😄😄😄😅😅😅😅😅😃😃😃😃😃☺☺☺☺☺😏😏😏😏😶😶😶😶

  • KB7 Ronaldo
    KB7 Ronaldo 17 hours ago

    It really is legit.Keep up the hard work.

  • Rosa Rodriguez
    Rosa Rodriguez 17 hours ago

    It's all fun in building until you get roasted by the sun😂😂😂😂 I admire their dedication.

  • Thomas Neuhaus
    Thomas Neuhaus 17 hours ago

    How do they make cement?

    • Thomas Neuhaus
      Thomas Neuhaus 16 hours ago

      I just watched one of the other videos and they just have a large pool where they grab clay off the bottom. Amazing.

    • Upside down detective
      Upside down detective 16 hours ago

      I think they use clay

  • Nyra Draws
    Nyra Draws 17 hours ago

    See what the nature can make without any chemical stuff? And their is so many ways u can do without a help from a machine just it's slow but what matters the nature is there for us too give us stuff too make a new chapter.

  • Sajjal Aftab
    Sajjal Aftab 18 hours ago

    Minecraft in real life 😂

  • Edson Yoel Valdes Calvo

    Simplemente, ellos son los amos, son los mejores constructores, en cambio uno se dificulta la vida para poner soluciones a problemas sencillos

  • tigerwaz73
    tigerwaz73 20 hours ago


  • ItsMe ProGuy
    ItsMe ProGuy 20 hours ago

    You guys need to build fences you might fall down there

  • Dipanjan Choubey
    Dipanjan Choubey 21 hour ago

    Salute to you all , you work so hard

  • Butch Nixon
    Butch Nixon 21 hour ago

    These guys just keep doing the same shit over and over. Ohh look a swimming pool, ohh look a rock pond, ohh look another damn swimming pool. Great guys, your creativity it about as limited as Verizon data rates.. Hmm, I wonder what they will build next, it couldn't possibly be another hole in the ground filled with water could it?

  • Yiğit Efe
    Yiğit Efe 22 hours ago


  • AVM3798
    AVM3798 22 hours ago

    How to make the cement like paste and is it still resistant over time...

  • Diyorbek Shodiev
    Diyorbek Shodiev 23 hours ago


  • r i n n e r
    r i n n e r Day ago

    This isn’t ‘primitive’
    Hunter gatherers didn’t have time and resources to build these but cool nonetheless

  • Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor Day ago

    Its like there forcing me to do what they are doing every single video is a command

  • 이관우
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  • Natalie Partida
    Natalie Partida Day ago

    You all need to subscribe and like because look at that work

  • Enanod bros
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  • Enanod bros
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  • Blanca Berenice Avila Zaragoza

    Que bonitoooooooo😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😗😗😗😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😚😚😚😚😚😚🙄🙄😏😏🤗

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    اي شخص عربي خل يخلي لايك اثبت وجودك#لايك

  • Claudia Yarely Dominguez Flores

    Olle estamos en amerika no en afrika xDD

  • K. B Team g. Kumar


  • Andrea Rubio
    Andrea Rubio Day ago

    Se ve increíble 🤩

  • FAIL key
    FAIL key Day ago

    Al soy el único vato español los gringos son mecos

  • Elizabeth Piñon

    me gusta lo que asen

  • laura arriaga
    laura arriaga Day ago +1

    dale like si te gusto este video

  • Morena Silvq
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  • Will Cox
    Will Cox Day ago

    Where is this

  • Will Cox
    Will Cox Day ago

    Where can I download this cool Minecraft Mod

  • iiPandae
    iiPandae Day ago

    Does the grass still grow?

  • kevin yoon
    kevin yoon Day ago

    isn't cement super alkaline. wont those fish die? and also how is oxygen getting into the water?

  • nguyễn minh văn

    ai là người vn k

  • Maíra games gadelha brito

    Eu quero ver vcs terem comida

  • Liv is Soulless
    Liv is Soulless Day ago

    This is amazing

  • Ronalbaltazar Guardadoclemente

    Alguien se dio cuenta que son los mismos hombres que icieron a quella piscina y que a hi está su 🏠

  • Canal Top Videos


  • Tremonta the woolf

    Alguien que hable español?

  • maria da paz
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  • Umaru Chan
    Umaru Chan Day ago

    Wooh I like watching these videos,they're gonna get famous

  • Haydn Gwilliam
    Haydn Gwilliam Day ago

    What I wanna know is where they put their gold play button?😂

  • caius costencu
    caius costencu Day ago

    Wish I had a friend who would help me to build some stuff,not just leaving after 30 min ...

  • Izzy Phillips
    Izzy Phillips Day ago

    Playback speed 2x

  • Santiago Ariel Paiva Lopez

    ellos son lokendo😂😂

    TG MODER Day ago

    Deu foi sono ;__; ksks

  • Aamir Mukadam
    Aamir Mukadam Day ago

    You have 2 million in so fast

  • Aamir Mukadam
    Aamir Mukadam Day ago

    I remember when you only had 360 K subscribers

  • Brave LH
    Brave LH Day ago +1

    Como le hacen para que no se les filtre el agua?

  • JadoLive - İKİZLER

    OMG !!!


    Congrats 2 million subs

  • Hype Mixer2018
    Hype Mixer2018 Day ago

    This is amazing

  • Hype Mixer2018
    Hype Mixer2018 Day ago

    Wait if there doing all this to survive how do they have internet and cameras for YT?

  • Laurent217
    Laurent217 Day ago

    They are making the thickest and litest place on earth

  • FLuffyxKittyCat
    FLuffyxKittyCat Day ago

    so now you feed them everyday?

  • JS_ Mafia
    JS_ Mafia Day ago

    We need people like these guys in my country

  • Duc Truong
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  • Clachu Clachi
    Clachu Clachi 2 days ago

    Pobres peces

  • 권예슬
    권예슬 2 days ago

    물을 멀리서 갖다 퍼붇네

  • Justin Alveranga
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  • caiden williams
    caiden williams 2 days ago

    Where did you get all thouse rocks from?

  • Da Co
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  • DJ Egghead
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    This go primitieve technology winning form subs

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      Game Play Theme 2 days ago

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  • Borjon 1
    Borjon 1 2 days ago

    These dudes are fucking amazing

  • KH Daily Drawing All Entertainment

    Nice video