10 Weird Websites That Will Cure Your Boredom!


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  • PVP GurlYT
    PVP GurlYT 12 hours ago


  • Kyle Gandini
    Kyle Gandini Day ago

    take me to a random website

  • Crafts,Friends, Fun

    Watching that flashing made me throw up lol

  • Abdul-latiff Shamroukh

    Matt Frost

  • Miraak
    Miraak 2 days ago

    Do you know da way

  • Weird HAMILTON fan
    Weird HAMILTON fan 3 days ago

    You got this from the useless web

  • The Last Knight
    The Last Knight 4 days ago +1

    Pause the video at around 8:04 then think about Bryan asking where they pull pictures of people pointing from..
    Asked and answered.. it's really simple :D

  • Hbde Qwet
    Hbde Qwet 5 days ago

    $-7’hgtbbvgqwf😌🇬🇷☺️Ahyfjiopohv&(:?5$;6(!;3($&7)?;4&ixndjcjgjcjxjzisjfjcxjquryr/)!(“”-)()$)(;((())((((4$)chjbloldghnbgfh. See the lol?

  • Naranjah. :D
    Naranjah. :D 5 days ago

    -My brain hurts
    -What brain :v.

  • GoldenWing
    GoldenWing 6 days ago

    8:09 "Number nine on this list"

    • GoldenWing
      GoldenWing 6 days ago

      11:14 "Number eight" - Sorry lmao

  • PerthYoungstas
    PerthYoungstas 6 days ago


  • Lily Hall
    Lily Hall 6 days ago

    Hi 👌 👌 👌 👌

  • LuckyOwl777
    LuckyOwl777 6 days ago

    put your pointer in the top left corner of the pointerpointer website
    Edit: Posted this before he did it in the video.

  • brandon lee
    brandon lee 6 days ago

    @8:10-8:12ish, Matthias calls it number 9 when its actually number 8 hahaha, then at 11:17 calls number 9 number 8. Wonder if it was intentional? Lol

  • ellie600 C
    ellie600 C 7 days ago

    find the invisable cow

  • HarmonyMusicVEVO
    HarmonyMusicVEVO 7 days ago

    How about Feed the Head or Metamorphabet?

  • Leila Wood
    Leila Wood 7 days ago

    He said China for the essay because of the great wall of China behind matt.

  • Cat Lover Kittien lover

    A website is .windosill

  • julia stalska
    julia stalska 8 days ago

    10:02 he picked China because it was behind Matthias pic of the fine bridge lol

  • Nugget .S
    Nugget .S 9 days ago

    'Say I have to write a essay, on ___. Mike: China. (Picture of the Great Wall of China behind him)

  • Kyla Holland
    Kyla Holland 9 days ago

    Matthias can you do the essay type on a phone plz tell me I want to do the app

  • Aidan Lindon
    Aidan Lindon 9 days ago

    Hanake.net was shut down. it says you don't have permission to access the / directory

  • vievi AJ
    vievi AJ 10 days ago

    I live in Idaho and yeah it just as bad...


  • Laney Lampp
    Laney Lampp 11 days ago

    The sticker is perfectly edible, MATTHIAS

  • Mikaeel's Tube
    Mikaeel's Tube 13 days ago

    Who’s watching 2018

  • Eliza Shea
    Eliza Shea 14 days ago

    you didn't get to the part where someone sticks a dagger in her back and all the apples fall out and she gets thinner again

  • Daniel Di Genova
    Daniel Di Genova 15 days ago

    WEIRD SITE IS nooooooooooooooo.com.

  • LPS Ruby
    LPS Ruby 15 days ago

    Gosh I am from Slovakia and that si NOT like California.

  • Jaci Bair
    Jaci Bair 16 days ago

    i live in idaho and it dose not look like that

  • Ice Shark
    Ice Shark 17 days ago

    14:27 i thought it was anywhere in the "world" not space. LOL

  • wolfie 350
    wolfie 350 18 days ago

    Who is watching in 2009

  • Tj B
    Tj B 19 days ago


  • Lorelai Wampler
    Lorelai Wampler 20 days ago

    Matt"how smart am I"
    Bryan: "very much"

  • The Megalomaniactic Artist

    Little did Matt know, that Uganda would become a great place known as DA WAE.

  • Shredmaster The Gamer

    "This is number 9 on the list" but it says 8. Logic

  • Wade Johnston
    Wade Johnston 21 day ago


  • Liliana Ramalia
    Liliana Ramalia 22 days ago

    Go to useless site

  • Stephen Allred
    Stephen Allred 22 days ago

    The number one stupid site on USclip / Matthias

  • Dope Penguin
    Dope Penguin 23 days ago

    Cookie clicker is fun but pointless

  • Lucas Wingard
    Lucas Wingard 23 days ago


  • Nikolas Ciocalau
    Nikolas Ciocalau 23 days ago

    www.staggeringbeauty.com if you put and the music my hope will never die, thats cool

  • Nikolas Ciocalau
    Nikolas Ciocalau 23 days ago

    www.haneke.net got deleted

  • William Gaming
    William Gaming 24 days ago

    Can u reply on a reply on a reply test it!!!

  • the glitchty guy
    the glitchty guy 24 days ago


  • Steve Weaver
    Steve Weaver 24 days ago

    Myyyyy hhhhheeeeeaaaadddd oooowwwww

  • Logan Dresel
    Logan Dresel 24 days ago

    The lady have something happen if you gave her enough apples

  • Jennifer Wynhoff
    Jennifer Wynhoff 25 days ago +1

    Ah my iz

  • Youtube Music
    Youtube Music 25 days ago


  • anonymouse person
    anonymouse person 25 days ago

    the moment you see langemarkestraat belgium and realize you're only 15 minutes away LMAOOOOO

  • Sophia Gatlin
    Sophia Gatlin 28 days ago

    Hey get the app talking Tom hehe

  • Mightynine -EST-
    Mightynine -EST- 29 days ago

    windows93.net is the best life wasting website! No no pornhub is actually but windows93 is better than porn.

  • Natalie Chandler
    Natalie Chandler Month ago


  • Moratory Owl
    Moratory Owl Month ago

    Anyone notice that Matt said, "Number 9" on the 8th website introduction?

  • FireCrimson34
    FireCrimson34 Month ago

    He telaportef

  • Jack Marcotte
    Jack Marcotte Month ago

    actuly i ithnk it did!

  • Jack Marcotte
    Jack Marcotte Month ago

    i played staggering beauty and it dnidt confuse mmeh

  • Roula Nihme
    Roula Nihme Month ago


  • Dirk Bottom
    Dirk Bottom Month ago

    Cornhub, the actual cornhub site

  • Skele Toons
    Skele Toons Month ago


  • Skele Toons
    Skele Toons Month ago


  • Aidan Doobobolin
    Aidan Doobobolin Month ago

    8:10 it says number 8 but Mathias says number 9 I need answers explain plz I need ANSWERS!!!!

  • cool kids
    cool kids Month ago

    You said in the world not out of the world

    CRAZE PLAYZ Month ago


    CRAZE PLAYZ Month ago

    Here’s a website that will waste your life EVARY WEBSITE

  • Jonathan Blas
    Jonathan Blas Month ago

    N⃟u⃟m⃟b⃟e⃟r⃟ 8 a⃟n⃟d⃟ 9 w⃟e⃟r⃟e⃟ s⃟w⃟i⃟t⃟c⃟h⃟e⃟d⃟ l⃟o⃟l⃟ ????

  • Avant Hector
    Avant Hector Month ago

    anyone 2018

  • usdusi nsusia
    usdusi nsusia Month ago

    Luv ya
    Buh bai

  • Emily Edwards
    Emily Edwards Month ago

    You should definitely review USclip then

  • the cresent wolf
    the cresent wolf Month ago

    dominac monaghan?

  • TheNava3ffect
    TheNava3ffect Month ago

    0:23 "NO dude, I got to warn them before you show your face" LMAO!!!

  • Squidward’s ŚEa
    Squidward’s ŚEa Month ago

    I died.

  • Marvin Ryan
    Marvin Ryan Month ago


  • Kieran Martin
    Kieran Martin Month ago

    Why did ylu rename your channel?

  • Real Queen
    Real Queen Month ago

    Cure for boredom....
    👉🏽wake up
    👉🏽get dressed
    👉🏽eat breakfast
    👉🏽go to work
    👉🏽pick up kids
    👉🏽make dinner
    👉🏽clean up
    👉🏽shower then bathe kids
    👉🏽get everything ready for all again tom
    👉🏽go to sleep
    If that’s not enough,..... maybe your not doing things the way you need too??
    LIKE” if that’s how you live and cure boredom... ( minus and add the little things in between your daily routine)
    Love the channel... DOPE OR NOPE. ...... Is Dope!!!

    T8ERMAN Month ago

    No it was a tele porter

  • Thecubingboy 226
    Thecubingboy 226 Month ago

    8:08 anybody noticed that the number was eight but he said nine

  • Lola
    Lola Month ago

    no no no NO NO!!! XDDDDDD 14:55

  • Zephyr the Goddess of Inflation and Fertility

    Do u no da wae? XD

  • Sophia Tartaglia
    Sophia Tartaglia Month ago

    the bored button is a waste

  • panduh boi
    panduh boi Month ago

    We're you wearing illuminati merch?!

  • Alaeddine Moalla
    Alaeddine Moalla Month ago

    He didn't play fat lady apple all the way!

  • Dxnir
    Dxnir Month ago

    Uganda Knuckles

  • Cody Heath
    Cody Heath Month ago

    This is ducking stupid

  • xXcreeperfailXx
    xXcreeperfailXx Month ago

    Hehe, number 8 and 9 got switched? Is it april's fool again already? Anyway, have you already gone on ZOMG.de? ist another Website with very much bs on it, but could be potentially funny to make a video of it I guess.

  • rose ashes :3 msp
    rose ashes :3 msp Month ago

    Bored button website

  • HannaBanana _32
    HannaBanana _32 Month ago

    i hope it works lol
    it should have sound

  • emerald luva
    emerald luva Month ago

    Matt ... I have a picture of Ur daughter....

  • Logan Benjamin
    Logan Benjamin Month ago

    Well... the sticker WAS still on the apple...

  • Shannon Mcpeak
    Shannon Mcpeak Month ago +6

    number 8
    says number 9
    13:06 ugandan kunckles from.... SONIC DA HEDGE HOG???!?!??!?

  • flamingoluver85
    flamingoluver85 Month ago

    I can’t do that blue marble thing because it says “You don’t have permission to access this website”

    TGTHOR Month ago


  • Pinky The Pig
    Pinky The Pig Month ago

    You don't have to go to weird websites to cure ur Bordem

  • BandyN01
    BandyN01 Month ago


  • SomethingRandomProbably 13


  • Kittykat Coor
    Kittykat Coor Month ago

    I swear,you crack me up..I absolutely love your videos.....

  • Bailee Hovland
    Bailee Hovland Month ago

    bored button

  • dimitrius the gamer

    try www.windows93.net/

  • Hayley Staples
    Hayley Staples Month ago


  • sans time
    sans time Month ago

    The ball teleported

  • AHamid007
    AHamid007 Month ago

    try trump trump