Metta World Peace On Malice at the Palace, Drake, Magic Johnson, & Regrets As A Player

  • Published on May 31, 2019
  • Metta World Peace aka Ron Artest sat down with Ebro in the Morning to discuss his life and career.
    He discussed what went down during the infamous brawl at Detroit named the Malice at the Palace, his thoughts on Drake's antics with the Toronto Raptors, Magic Johnson abruptly leaving the Lakers, some of his regrets as a player, growing up in Queens, advice for Zion Williamson and more!
    'Quiet Storm: The Ron Artest Story' debuts on Showtime, Friday, May 31 at 10PM EST on Showtime.
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Comments • 73

  • Sergio Carlos
    Sergio Carlos 4 months ago

    Simple minded piece of garbage artest is TRASH

  • Devinti Williams
    Devinti Williams 4 months ago

    Happy that this young man is finding his peace in life.

  • Artis williams
    Artis williams 4 months ago


  • Vladimir Putin’s Clone

    Luara looking tasty,

  • Vladimir Putin’s Clone
    Vladimir Putin’s Clone 4 months ago +2

    My man!!

  • Damano Scarletta
    Damano Scarletta 4 months ago

    Great interview 💯💯 and SHOUT OUTS ...RON RON 💪🏾

  • Reed Jenkins
    Reed Jenkins 4 months ago +1

    I remember those days when he was playing for my Lakers man time flies

  • Mynor A Calderon
    Mynor A Calderon 4 months ago

    Game 7 game 7 game 7 !!!!!! U will forever be a LAKER ! Not that it matters but Kobe would take Metta on his squad any day

  • Quillian Gunn
    Quillian Gunn 4 months ago +1

    Definitely an underrated player. And genuine dude 👑✊🏾

  • TheAllnPttrsn
    TheAllnPttrsn 4 months ago +1

    Always knew there was some mental issues with Ron Artest. But I'm glad he is in a better place and making progress to become a better person

  • Osiris Feliz
    Osiris Feliz 4 months ago

    Love this brother. Glad (not surprised) ya supported his hustle.

    NAMGUNGSSI 4 months ago

    *got beats?* New #instrumentals for aspiring #Artists

  • Charlene Walker
    Charlene Walker 4 months ago

    continued blessings Ron and the hot 97 family

  • J/ Banks
    J/ Banks 4 months ago +1

    I tried to call but yr system bounced me around. PEACE/BLESSINGS

  • J/ Banks
    J/ Banks 4 months ago

    I begged Charlie Rose & J&R years ago 2 interview Jay Z. It took him 3 yrs but he did a through job. HIS CAREER YOOK OFF AFTER THAT. PS SHHHH.... I'm Azealia's AunTEA

  • Rhori Hayden
    Rhori Hayden 4 months ago +3

    Love how nobody likes the drakes “antics” but nobody remembers spike lee doing the same thing

  • Mr. Boegard
    Mr. Boegard 4 months ago

    My Queens Brethren. 1 Love King!

  • Dimitri Man
    Dimitri Man 4 months ago +3

    yo MettaWP super smart and just dope in general great person God bless that man

  • IllwrightMusic
    IllwrightMusic 4 months ago


  • Carlos Vasconcellos
    Carlos Vasconcellos 4 months ago

    Salute Metta World Peace.. QB real deal.. daily building the gray matter and spirit with mental health fitness

  • Muntu Blackson
    Muntu Blackson 4 months ago

    as big as new york is, stories like this let you know how small the city is with 6 degrees of separation

  • Muntu Blackson
    Muntu Blackson 4 months ago +1

    good to see Ron in a great place mentally

  • Madame Tia
    Madame Tia 4 months ago +1


  • Don Genovese
    Don Genovese 4 months ago for the fly, new urban fashion..

  • Road Dawg Trucking
    Road Dawg Trucking 4 months ago +1


  • Vaddy _
    Vaddy _ 4 months ago +1

    This guy was really underrated as a player and Laura Stylez look like she got those popsicle toes.

  • Sir Fitz
    Sir Fitz 4 months ago

    This dude is nuts.

  • Sam D Brwn
    Sam D Brwn 4 months ago +2

    Ron Artest Real Queens Dude

  • Shedly Fanfan
    Shedly Fanfan 4 months ago +1

    I haven’t seen this man in forever and felt like he disappeared off the far of the earth forever and now that I finally get to see this interview I thought his voice would be deep and be like in a dark mood. If y’all watch basketball back in the days this man used to knock niggas out off the muscle and now with this interview his voice sounds very friendly and it seems like he changed from his past and makes you want to get engaged. I did subscribe to showtime and I watch the chi but whenever I hop on the app I see Ron artest on a cover so I’m guessing he has his own show. I will definitely be tuning in after a lm done with the chi.

    • Big Mesh
      Big Mesh 4 months ago +1

      It's actually a documentary and you should definitely watch it...I totally understand Metta now! Much respect for him channelling his mental issues and learning how to deal with it....great man!

    • Shedly Fanfan
      Shedly Fanfan 4 months ago

      Oh it’s a documentary.

  • Brooklyn1530
    Brooklyn1530 4 months ago

    Piif Jones brought me here

  • 215 B
    215 B 4 months ago

    One of my favorites so misunderstood

  • Chinky Black
    Chinky Black 4 months ago +5

    QB, 96 buildings, 6 blocks
    Same hood as the Mobb, Mega, Nature and Nas
    MC Shan, Craig G and Marley
    And the real Roxanne Shanté is from QB
    But every man is for they self, it is no unity
    Which makes it difficult for there to be you and me
    Ron Artest made it to the NBA
    And we used to play together, back in the days....
    Salute a Living Legend Ron Artest!!!

  • Dman Smith
    Dman Smith 4 months ago +1

    Dude forehead looks like this /

  • OGGOAT_ _
    OGGOAT_ _ 4 months ago

    Saw his documentary..that Queensbridge part was fucking dope

  • mental ill ET
    mental ill ET 4 months ago

    at least he knows his basketball. zion be the nba next season.

  • nick arnez
    nick arnez 4 months ago +3

    Ebro got evil Ninja eyes

  • Jim Boo
    Jim Boo 4 months ago +2

    Ron Artest as soft as f*** I'm not just talking about this interview just in life in general it's people that Starving in the world and you having a nervous breakdown and u live in America lol

    • Vladimir Putin’s Clone
      Vladimir Putin’s Clone 4 months ago +1

      You don’t know what soft is

    • Nahom Haile
      Nahom Haile 4 months ago +11

      Jim Boo Ignorant. Pain is relative. Bet you wouldn’t call him soft in person though, ya bitch 😂💀

  • Kash KOOLinGtoN
    Kash KOOLinGtoN 4 months ago


  • KennySims87
    KennySims87 4 months ago +3

    Everytime Ron does an interview and speaks on some of his mental issues. He reminds me of Mike Tyson.

  • Onyenmwen Agwinede
    Onyenmwen Agwinede 4 months ago

    Please boss bring Falz because he is an activity he says what happens in the country of Nigeria and he is a good artist too,And bring Kizz Daniel too

  • Vivi BlackMage
    Vivi BlackMage 4 months ago

    Ebro, let that go...😅

    • Big Mesh
      Big Mesh 4 months ago

      Lmao love it that is real Talk!!!

  • Chateau Playa
    Chateau Playa 4 months ago +1

    I got love for Ebro but islam religion was used to enslave blacks too... we have no friends

  • Skye
    Skye 4 months ago +1

    Deep as a mug

  • Dell Inkedup
    Dell Inkedup 4 months ago +31

    Artest seems like he’s in a good place mentally I’m happy for him

  • Yac Williams912
    Yac Williams912 4 months ago +9

    Roxanne Shante babysit Metta world peace WOW👀👀

  • Yac Williams912
    Yac Williams912 4 months ago +6

    Metta World Peace is really at peace

  • Rari Reese
    Rari Reese 4 months ago +16

    I just finished watching "Quiet Storm". It's pretty inspiring.

  • Mohamin cfc
    Mohamin cfc 4 months ago +3

    Drake @15:44

    • CJ Detroit
      CJ Detroit 4 months ago

      Linda Lesolle naw- everybody here for the malice at the palace.

    • Linda Lesolle
      Linda Lesolle 4 months ago

      thanks only reason we here

  • JusAjFresh
    JusAjFresh 4 months ago +25

    Folks need to hear this especially coming from a guy like him. This is dope.

  • Young King
    Young King 4 months ago +1

    Ron Ron

  • Cikidi Harrison
    Cikidi Harrison 4 months ago +1

    the Palaces is in Auburn Hills not Detroit most of those fans were Arabs also not from Detroit surrounding suburbs West Bloomfield. privileged Arabs from the suburbs

    • Matt AdRev
      Matt AdRev 4 months ago

      privilieged orrrrrrrrr they work hard, have businesses etc.

  • Kingpin Status
    Kingpin Status 4 months ago +33

    Shout out to Ron Artest/Metta World Peace for being who you were, became & Are!!!!!!

  • Theo P
    Theo P 4 months ago

    Bro. Polight has had a lot of bad publicity. Hope Ron doesn't inherit those traits

  • Jason Turner
    Jason Turner 4 months ago

    He forgot to shoutout V12 Warriors Music

  • Steve Steve
    Steve Steve 4 months ago +14

    Still don’t understand why the bulls traded him and Elton brand. That bulls team had a lot of potential and they gave up on both guys too quickly. Much love to metta world peace though, one of the best perimeter defenders off all time!

  • Kiid Chris
    Kiid Chris 4 months ago

    Please Check Out My Music Im Broke

  • dre boyy
    dre boyy 4 months ago +9

    He needs a heavy line up lol

  • David Williams
    David Williams 4 months ago +2

    Close ya eyes and you'll hear a deeper voiced Mike Tyson.

  • A. Andretti
    A. Andretti 4 months ago +9

    One of the goats.

    HOODFAVBENJI 4 months ago +2

    Great Player 🏀🏀