Best Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe

  • Published on Sep 25, 2011
  • Visit Watch a step by step video showing you how to bake the world's best moist chocolate cake. It's a simple one bowl chocolate cake that's made from scratch and takes about 1 hr. and 15 minutes from the start to removing it from the oven. Baking instructions are included for a 9 x 13 in. baking dish, 2 x 8 in. cake pans, and for cupcakes. If you like the recipe please click the Like button to rate my video. Visit my website at to print the recipe for the cake, find substitutes for some ingredients, and how to make the suggested icing.
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  • Sally Naidu
    Sally Naidu 10 days ago

    Delicious cake THANKS FOR THE RECIPE

  • Vivian Villa
    Vivian Villa Month ago

    You are using liquid measure for the dry ingredients, this is probably why some people aren't getting good results, they are assuming you're using dry measure

  • Gregorio de la Cruz
    Gregorio de la Cruz 3 months ago +1

    Thanks for sharing...very clear, no more questions to ask, hehehe. 👍👍👍

  • santony398
    santony398 3 months ago +1

    Praise and glory to God.i used milk instead of buttermilk .Still it was so yummy.every one liked

  • Imogene Smith
    Imogene Smith 4 months ago

    V c the

  • Priyanka Pandey
    Priyanka Pandey 4 months ago

    with what i can substitute eggs...

  • S. Martinez
    S. Martinez 4 months ago

    No joke, this is the best chocolate cake that was ever created. I do the buttermilk with lemon juice and milk and bake in round tins. It comes out perfect.

  • Fiona Bani Tanga
    Fiona Bani Tanga 5 months ago

    I will have to try this

  • You Tube
    You Tube 5 months ago

    It was a *_CHOCOLATE CAKE_*

  • Edgar Salgado
    Edgar Salgado 5 months ago

    OMG I found it! My first real homemade dessert Recepy!
    This cake was freaking awesome, definitely recommend doing if you wanna try homemade dessert for the first time. Failed the first try....badly, but the second try, deduct awesome cake! =D

  • mcelhija
    mcelhija 6 months ago

    Please help me by providing the weight in grams for dry ingredients. Flour and sugar. Dry measuring cups and liquid measuring cups provide different results.

  • Jumes M
    Jumes M 6 months ago

    How do you know that 'literally millions' have made the cake? I'm sure that it is good, but are you keeping tally?

  • Norma Austin
    Norma Austin 7 months ago

    I made this recipe of yours and I and my mom loved it. She said it was the best chocolate cake she ever had. Thank you for this recipe.

  • Alejandra Valles
    Alejandra Valles 8 months ago

    This is without a doubt, the best and most amazing chocolate cake recipe ever!!! My family really love it, and they are always talking about the delicious flavor and the soft and fluffy look the cake has ., it's fantastic to be used with buttercream or fondant and is nothing but juicy... the taste is delicious and is a very easy cake recipe. ... Thank you for this amazing recipe!

  • The_ Realist
    The_ Realist 8 months ago +2

    Can You Please Make A Vanilla Moist Cake Recipe

  • Mitchell Robless
    Mitchell Robless 8 months ago

    why are you add floor the baking if you don.t it it won.t filp out
    can we add some lemon zest to make a lemon cake
    can we make some ginerbreadmen cooikes for Christmas
    cloud we do some cupcakes and butter cake
    and cloud we a black frost cake

  • shengurion
    shengurion 8 months ago

    Uh oh! I didn't warch d video first before mixing everything! I opened the link and mixed d ingredients. Then only i watched the vid. Foind out that the hot water ahould be added gradually in the end. My batter is now in d oven. Good luck to me!!!

  • Cheese Rice
    Cheese Rice 9 months ago

    Lost me at "300 degrees" :(

  • Diana Calcena
    Diana Calcena 9 months ago

    Disaster! It flooded in my oven,smoking chocolate cake.😭

  • Rachael Lim
    Rachael Lim 9 months ago +1

    I tried your recipe twice, first time I thought it was cos of my oil and sugar (I used peanut oil and brown sugar) that my cake has no taste but I tried again today, my cake doesn't taste anything near chocolate cake. It tasted weird. P.S.: I used Hershey Cocoa (unsweetened) like yours too. Please advise.

    • Rachael Lim
      Rachael Lim 9 months ago

      I take back what I say, the cake taste so so good after I let it cool down and fridged. It is so moist and the texture is so rich even after fridge.

    • novy shab
      novy shab 9 months ago

      I tried it today .. the cake was heavy .. .. i dont how to xplain .. mine also didnt turn out to be good.. im so sad .. all the other comments are positive

  • Salma Tariq
    Salma Tariq 9 months ago

    Can u change it in to a vanilla cake by skipping the cocoa powder

  • Jo Ann Somers
    Jo Ann Somers 9 months ago

    I made this cake, it is a keeper and so easy to make. Thanks js

  • June Estrebor-Reyes
    June Estrebor-Reyes 9 months ago

    This always had been my go-to chocolate cake recipe and it never failed me since.

  • Ana M
    Ana M 9 months ago +1

    I've tried making this recipe lots of time and it NEVER comes out right. It always comes out too dense and with a weird, gluey texture.

    • Appaddict01
      Appaddict01 7 months ago

      Ana M Pour it in immediately. Make sure you pour slowly & stir.

    • Ana M
      Ana M 7 months ago

      Appaddict01 I have a question. When you add the hot water to the cake, does it have to be BOILING hot? Or after you boil the water, do you have to let it cool down a bit and stop bubbling before adding it to the batter?

    • Appaddict01
      Appaddict01 7 months ago

      Ana M I should have linked to Emma’s chocolate cakes. I’ve made both of these. They were delicious. (Fell free to leave out the syrup or use Hersey’s)

    • Ana M
      Ana M 7 months ago +1

      Appadict01 Thanks for the suggestions. I will watch the videos you linked and will attempt to make the cake again! Wish my luck. :)

    • Appaddict01
      Appaddict01 7 months ago

      Ana M You probably over beat it. Mix just until the ingredients are combined. (Over mixing flour. Causes the gummy texture) I think he actually over mixed it in the video. You can also add less oil 1/2 cup. I made a very similar recipe. It was super moist & had great texture.
      Check out Emma’s Goodies channel. She always stresses not over mixing.

    THE LAZY NATURAL 9 months ago +1

    I can't find butter milk in my country ...what can I use as an alternative

    • Deepali Singh
      Deepali Singh 9 months ago +1

      Find some plain yoghurt and make curd at home. Once the curd is set blend in the qual quantity of water as the curd. Buttermilk is ready.

      THE LAZY NATURAL 9 months ago

      @Jumilyn Aninag thank you😊😊😊😊

    • Jumilyn Aninag
      Jumilyn Aninag 9 months ago

      THE LAZY NATURAL put vinegar or lemon juice on milk

  • Suprita Bedi
    Suprita Bedi 10 months ago

    It's a dream texture I have been wanting to achieve since ages!! The mat is so moist and rich! It's a super success and super hit with my family and clients!! I added half a cup of Rum to half a cup of boiling water.

  • Cecil Chinyere
    Cecil Chinyere 10 months ago

    Hello! Please how do I prevent my cake from falling in the middle?

  • Cecil Chinyere
    Cecil Chinyere 10 months ago

    Hello! Please how do I prevent my cake from falling in the middle?

  • Cecil Chinyere
    Cecil Chinyere 10 months ago

    Hello! Please how do I prevent my cake from falling in the middle?

  • Janice Gregorio
    Janice Gregorio 11 months ago


  • Jeanne West
    Jeanne West Year ago

    You are using the same measuring cup for wet and dry ingredients learn how to cook

  • BethyKable
    BethyKable Year ago

    Looks and tastes delicious...thanks so much !

  • Kesa Vuibeqa
    Kesa Vuibeqa Year ago

    Why you never put baking powder?

  • Farzan Bb
    Farzan Bb Year ago

    Best ever recipe
    I always use this recipe for birthdays or to satisfy my cravings as of now😁

    • Deepthi Prasanth
      Deepthi Prasanth 6 months ago

      Do u use the liquid measuring cups to measure your dry ingredients too?

  • Roli Godwin
    Roli Godwin Year ago


  • Jenesphere L
    Jenesphere L Year ago

    I tried this today and it is yum! I sifted all my dry ingredients. I drizzled this with chocolate ganache recipe from le cordon bleu and they were a match made in heaven!

  • raju dutta
    raju dutta Year ago +1

    i tried the cake so many times but everytime i bake a cake using a cup of hot water its fudgy , sticky and like a rubber i dont know why so atlast i omit the water but it became dry.

  • Selena logan
    Selena logan Year ago

    Tried looking for your website where you sell the gifts and such. Both links are the same and the only thing you can purchase is socks, sandles and pass holders. Is this the right thing ? Don't mean to offend you in any way. Lovely recipe by the way. From the Logan Clan

  • tia ravutuba
    tia ravutuba Year ago

    your recipe is the best..

  • Rashmi Ashok
    Rashmi Ashok Year ago

    Hey, this was the best recipe I've made till date. Amazing, I added a glaze over it and it was perfect. The hot water added, (I boiled coffee instead) was the trick! It was soft and moist and gorgeous! Thank youuuuu

  • Therusha Govender

    I use a cup of hot coffee instead of the hot water and gives the cake a deep chocolate flavor

  • Harriet Harrison
    Harriet Harrison Year ago

    Great thank you for sharing

  • coldhearted honesty

    thanks my cake came out perfect!!!

  • Christine Holland

    Can you tell me how much water you added plz

  • Kate Adams
    Kate Adams Year ago

    Omg! For all of my life trying to bake good chocolate cake and this is the best recipe!!!!!! My kids love it and so do I!!! Thank you!!! Ps. We can’t find buttermilk in Turkey so I added 1 tbsp lemon juice in 1 cup of milk in stead.

  • michelle ying
    michelle ying Year ago

    How much boiling water?

  • Robert Vega
    Robert Vega Year ago

    I use olive oil, but not virgin though....

  • churvs churvs
    churvs churvs Year ago

    U didnt use a baking powder?

  • Sheila Miranda
    Sheila Miranda Year ago

    Can i use cake flour instead?

  • Lynn Tony
    Lynn Tony Year ago

    To make this cake even better. Add 3 tablespoons instant coffee to the hot water.

  • Lynn Tony
    Lynn Tony Year ago

    You used a liquid measuring cup for dry ingredients.

  • Van Joseph Manzo
    Van Joseph Manzo Year ago

    Thank you for the recipe may kids Luv IT...:-)

  • Mikael Irvin Young

    Can i use butter instead of oil?

  • FWM4Ever
    FWM4Ever Year ago

    Is Crisco same as lard

  • Zakiya Imam
    Zakiya Imam Year ago +1

    at what degree did u baked ?

  • Veiga Grims
    Veiga Grims Year ago

    I found this recipe for the first time back in 2008 for my new boyfriend (now husband) on his birthday on march 16th. And have since made it often :) it was a big hit offcourse because this really is the best moist chocolate cake. :) Maybe I'll make it again on his birthday this year, then it will be 10years since the first time hehe.

  • Carlazad
    Carlazad Year ago

    Thank you for sharing.
    I made the cake and it was the best cake I have ever made and the easiest. And today I’m gonna make it for the second time :)

  • Nipa Recipes
    Nipa Recipes Year ago


  • Lisa Morgan
    Lisa Morgan Year ago

    You don't cream the butter and sugar

  • Art and creative by MDJD

    Very nice

  • asifa farook
    asifa farook Year ago

    I tried this recipe today and i turned out amazing. Thank you sir for this recipe

  • Rosa Maria Davila Madrid

    Just want to know if the 300 degrees are Fahrenheit or Celsius, if the oven is fan assisted or normal, I would love to try it but need the answers first! Many thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe

  • Jessie W
    Jessie W Year ago

    Dude you need to zoom out! Lol

  • Marianna
    Marianna Year ago

    Too much sugar =(

  • luis navarrete preciado

    What happens if i add 2 more eggs?

  • Meghna Chatterjee

    Personal opinion : one of the best cake recipes I've come across till date. The replacement for buttermilk works well too (which is very important for me, buttermilk is not easily available here) ! It's very detailed and easy to put together.

  • micelles mesmou
    micelles mesmou Year ago

    Oh so lovely thnx you for sharing

  • Manuel S. Tapia Jr.

    I can't use baking soda due to allergies how much baking powder do I use

  • Mehrunnisa Fatima

    My cake came out with a flourey taste and a bit raw flavour in the middle though the knife came out dry. Where did I go wrong?

    • Pogi Ako
      Pogi Ako Year ago

      I think you over bake the cake

  • Qasim Zaffar
    Qasim Zaffar Year ago

    This recipe seems to pop up everywhere. Very close to the Hershey's cake on their website. Divas can cook also has a version on her youtube, which I've been successfully making for years.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Dondon Anover
    Dondon Anover Year ago

    How many pcs of cup cake can make with that?

  • Kewei Albert
    Kewei Albert Year ago

    It's the best chocolate cake recipe Nolan!! Thank you so much!! 🤗🤗

  • Queen of kitchen
    Queen of kitchen Year ago

    My cake was very moist...over moist in fact

  • Queen of kitchen
    Queen of kitchen Year ago

    Liked subscribed and downloaded...going to try tomorrow...wish me luck

  • Alvin Calledo
    Alvin Calledo Year ago

    Shall i use both heat conductors for baking this?

    • Queen of kitchen
      Queen of kitchen Year ago

      U r welcome

    • Alvin Calledo
      Alvin Calledo Year ago

      aniketh biradar thanks much

    • Queen of kitchen
      Queen of kitchen Year ago

      Hey refer to your oven manual. And moreover for baking purpose u have to keep both up and down on....belated happy birthday dear

    • Alvin Calledo
      Alvin Calledo Year ago

      TANIA S the heat conductor of an oven it has two right ? up and down.. so in baking cake , do i have to use both or only the bottom conductor

    • Tania Westbrook
      Tania Westbrook Year ago

      Alvin Calledo hahaha I want to bake this cake too its my birthday 🤗 Happy Birthday!
      I didn't really understand your question wish I can help.

  • lorina Nuguid
    lorina Nuguid Year ago

    so simple and easy...
    Thanks for sharing.

  • wendy thompson
    wendy thompson Year ago +2

    Just made this to take to work, for a goodbye party for a co-worker. I used melted butter for the oil. I also made a chocolate glaze, and before pouring over the baked cake, I polked some holes in the cake. The best cake I ever tasted. Thanks so much for posting.

  • Sally Tan
    Sally Tan Year ago

    Best chocolate cake . Taste so good . TQ

  • Amira Balal
    Amira Balal Year ago

    Omg it was the best I liked it thank you 😘

  • Ahua pai
    Ahua pai Year ago

    Wow!!! This came out amazing! I've been looking for a roasting dish size chocolate cake to feed the masses of family that visit. This cake was yummy & delicate...totally unexpected and literally doubled in size once it was cooked...thank you

  • claudia dsouza
    claudia dsouza Year ago

    1 cup apf is 150 gm or 130gm

  • Gersovin
    Gersovin Year ago

    Thank you so much for this recipe, i made it and the cake finished so quickly, every 1 wanted more of it.....I'm chucking all other recipes out. :-)

  • neelam sharma
    neelam sharma Year ago

    Hello. Thanks for the recipe. I tried cake was looking amazing in the oven but it sank on cooling. What could be the reason? But it still came out delicious. ☺

  • Krieg Wulfe
    Krieg Wulfe Year ago

    This is hands down the best chocolate cake I've ever had. Super moist with delicious chocolate flavor. Easy to follow step by step directions. Thank you for the wonderful recipe.

  • Lila H.
    Lila H. Year ago

    video so simple and easy ilove it

  • Miara Angelina
    Miara Angelina Year ago

    Thank you for sharing your recipe it made my day👍👍👍

  • Melissa Cervantes

    Hi..sir nolan can i substitute yogurt? Instead of lemon or vinegar? Into 1 cup of milk? And if i will use yogurt what would be the measure? Thanks!!!!😊

  • Frankee Lamson
    Frankee Lamson Year ago

    How hot does the water have to be? I can't wait to try this ❤️

  • Sana Fatima
    Sana Fatima Year ago

    can u pls tell if i need 13x21 foil try size should i double this recipy?????????????

  • kateryna tash
    kateryna tash Year ago

    Hey, please tell me how many cupcakes can rhis recipe make? Looks like 24? Is it? Thank u

  • Maria Theresa
    Maria Theresa Year ago

    Hi Love! I've been referring to your chocolate cake recipee for 4 years now since the first time I watched your video and every time my children crave for chocolate cake, I always opt for your video.

  • claudia dsouza
    claudia dsouza Year ago

    my microwave has 140 & 160 degree preheating...however for the cake it should be 300...which should i choose

  • Kristine Somido
    Kristine Somido Year ago

    can i use oil instead of shortening?and use japanese paper than flour?thank you

  • Kristine Somido
    Kristine Somido Year ago

    if i use strong coffee.the water of the coffee should hot also?thank you for the answer

  • Eğlenceli bilgili Ahmet berat

    Just did the recipe and it literally is so fucked up!!!! No one should make this recipe!!!!!

    • Cecil Fairholt
      Cecil Fairholt Year ago

      Eğlenceli bilgili Ahmet berat you're a dumb fuck

  • Indrajit Gupta
    Indrajit Gupta Year ago

    Supriya Lahiri reiki master

  • Haseena Minho
    Haseena Minho Year ago

    Bake at how many degrees??

  • sheila bajala
    sheila bajala Year ago

    Hi is this recipe good for fondant icing???

  • Romeka Myles
    Romeka Myles Year ago +1

    I want to learn how to bake and cook like talking about it!!!

  • KAZ ._.
    KAZ ._. Year ago +1

    Looks so scrumptious!😋