Rainbow Six Siege: Y4S1 Pro League Bundle - New on the Six | Ubisoft [NA]

  • Published on Mar 26, 2019
  • This week New On the Six brings Y4S1 Pro League sets for Clash, Nomad, Maverick and Kaid, now available in-game! Be sure to get them before the season ends!

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    Rainbow Six Siege is an exciting, new approach to the first-person shooter experience that puts tactical combat and masterful destruction at the center of the action. Lead your team of unique, counter-terrorist Rainbow operators through tense and thrilling combat scenarios, and achieve victory through smart preparation and strategic improvisation. Rainbow Six Siege is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation® 4 and PC.


    -THE RULES OF SIEGE: Five versus Five. Attack versus Defend. Infiltrate versus Fortify. Team-based strategy meets intense, tactical combat.
    -WORLD'S ELITE COUNTER-TERRORIST OPERATORS: Choose your Operator and wield their unique ability to breach or defend the objective as a part of an elite team.
    -DESTRUCTION AS A TOOL: Walls can be shattered; floors and ceilings can be breached. Mastering the tactical use of destruction is the key to victory.
    -CLOSE-QUARTERS COMBAT: With tight spaces shaping all combat arenas, tense encounters and up-close-and-personal firefights abound within every Siege.

    Rainbow Six Siege: Y4S1 Pro League Bundle - New on the Six | Ubisoft [NA]
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  • Jewish Rights
    Jewish Rights 5 days ago

    when do the next sets come out after this set? I have my eyes on the maverick set but im not going to be back online until June 18th

  • Rale
    Rale 24 days ago +1

    Do you get the operator itself when you buy one of theese???

  • *_*Xeu_Cu_Xai Xang*_*
    *_*Xeu_Cu_Xai Xang*_* 2 months ago

    could anyone tell me what the real meaning of the valkyrie tattoo is?

  • Hero & Poloolpp
    Hero & Poloolpp 2 months ago +1

    Why the ak and not the arx

  • Shyna
    Shyna 2 months ago

    Please comeback ela league :(

  • Skittish 4 ever
    Skittish 4 ever 2 months ago

    I was playing the other day and was playing as smoke. Then i headshotted fuze and at the time i didnt notice it but i just got a the Trophy for kiling someone with a breach charge. So later on i look at the screenshot and it shows +100 kill, +20 headshot bonus, +10 breach charge bonus. I was really confused can someone explain

  • Joseph Solorzano
    Joseph Solorzano 2 months ago

    Were is ash 2.0

  • Erik w
    Erik w 2 months ago

    I feel like they really dropped the ball when it comes to outfit design on maverick and kaid

  • Shyna
    Shyna 2 months ago

    Ela Pro league I want :(

    • Finesse Kid
      Finesse Kid 2 months ago

      It released along time ago. It won't come back and I missed it

  • Northern Uromastyx
    Northern Uromastyx 2 months ago

    Best Pro league sets

  • Deepak Singh
    Deepak Singh 2 months ago


  • AlphaLeader772
    AlphaLeader772 2 months ago

    great everytime i have no money, they release a damn LIMITED EDITION SKINS!!!

  • ItzYaBoiDane HD
    ItzYaBoiDane HD 2 months ago

    Y’all should really add the option to kick somebody from the party. I’m tired of having to leave to invite the correct people

  • Malcolm Stokes
    Malcolm Stokes 2 months ago

    Finally ima get mav

  • Tameer gaming
    Tameer gaming 2 months ago +1

    hi ubisoft can u add tom clancy's rainbow six siege on nintendo switch

  • Ali Fuenmayor
    Ali Fuenmayor 2 months ago

    The older pro league bundles can be get it? Or id available only for the season??

    • Finesse Kid
      Finesse Kid 2 months ago

      No. Once a season is over,you can not get these skins anymore

  • Ein
    Ein 2 months ago

    How the hell do you look at them. Only link I could find to it was on the main screen, and it tried to take me to the Xbox Live store to buy it immediately.

    Would like to see it properly before considering buying it.

    • Ein
      Ein 2 months ago

      @Finesse Kid What a shame. One first games played saw somebody that must have insta bought it running the Kaid. I've taken a real liking to Nomad recently, but since she's pretty dang new, the cosmetic options are super limited...

    • Finesse Kid
      Finesse Kid 2 months ago +1

      You can't. You gotta watch a USclipr to look at em. It's shitty that they don't let you look at them before buying

  • Agonizedyeti962
    Agonizedyeti962 2 months ago


  • Ryan Fenech
    Ryan Fenech 2 months ago +3

    Yo imma have to pick up the clash set because shield main

  • Bingo Boy
    Bingo Boy 2 months ago +1

    I really don’t like that rainbow six music

  • Mr.M Channel
    Mr.M Channel 2 months ago


  • Taste Good Grass
    Taste Good Grass 2 months ago

    why is rank still at beta?!?!?!

    • Finesse Kid
      Finesse Kid 2 months ago

      Its coming when ranked gets reworked. I think next season.

  • Faisal
    Faisal 2 months ago +1

    Ak for nomad and aug for kaid and pdw for jackal and p90 for doc.... who tf chose these weapons?..

  • Bino
    Bino 2 months ago


  • Mr Papaya
    Mr Papaya 2 months ago

    Getting clash

    • arkJ7 _
      arkJ7 _ 2 months ago

      Same, I'm the best clash main

  • K S
    K S 2 months ago

    Yeah and what’s the price $79999?

    • Qxeen
      Qxeen 2 months ago

      K S 15 dollars dude...

  • Ethan Armstrong
    Ethan Armstrong 2 months ago

    Is it possible to still buy the other pro league skins? I want Zofia's

    • SnowWolf_ Gaming
      SnowWolf_ Gaming 2 months ago

      @Charles Nunez not for me im on xbox its gone now

    • Charles Nunez
      Charles Nunez 2 months ago

      what platform you play on? Cause you can buy the ps4 ones on GameStop website online still but only for Zofia, Ying, Vigil and Dokkaebi in one bundle for $18

    • SnowWolf_ Gaming
      SnowWolf_ Gaming 2 months ago

      @Ethan Armstrong yea no problem. Ive always wanted the jager one lol

    • Ethan Armstrong
      Ethan Armstrong 2 months ago

      @SnowWolf_ Gaming damn that sucks. Thanks for the comment.

    • SnowWolf_ Gaming
      SnowWolf_ Gaming 2 months ago

      Nope all gone

  • Everton Peterson
    Everton Peterson 2 months ago +17


    Clash: *YELLS IN GOLD*

  • Nenn mich Daddy
    Nenn mich Daddy 2 months ago


  • Jake V
    Jake V 2 months ago +4

    Where do you find them at? I cant find them on the store?

    • CanYou STFU
      CanYou STFU 2 months ago

      Once they are released, you find them in digital content.

  • _erii_ House Stark
    _erii_ House Stark 2 months ago +3

    we need a G2 skin :(

  • Porco Remi
    Porco Remi 2 months ago +3

    Awww I was hoping the pro skin would be her shield. Oh, well. These look great, Ubi.

    NVM! Clash does get a gold shield. Ubi, my body is ready!

  • squad1979
    squad1979 2 months ago

    Wheres The bandit elite skin

    • Lennon Fraser
      Lennon Fraser 2 months ago +1

      Comes out this mid season reinforcement probably .

  • Felipe Perez De Cazarin

    La saga de Rain bow six era antes de la de las Vegas de las mejores en gráficas y en juego pero creo que el hacer un juego para sacar más provecho y sacar mucho mas dinero mucho más allá del mismo precio del propio videojuego ustedes están abusando de la enagenacion de las personas gastando Miles de dólares en un videojuego .ahora quiero tener un personaje necesito pagar más por ello ustedes se hacen más ricos y uno más tonto porque desembolsan más dinero

  • Jexoun
    Jexoun 2 months ago +19

    They chose the wrong weapon for Nomad and Kaid

    • Death-NVK3
      Death-NVK3 2 months ago

      @Bob Oznek Exactly. I reload too much but before i never had the issue of running out. Now if i run into 2 or 3 people i usually lose the fight because i will run out of ammo before i can finish them all. Especially with Mozzie. But then there is Zofia with the 150 round mag. It's all fucked

    • Bob Oznek
      Bob Oznek 2 months ago

      @Death-NVK3 i completely agree with you about the tiny mags. Im one of those people who reloads too much and never uses a whole mag but with new ops i find myself going through a whole mag often

    • Death-NVK3
      Death-NVK3 2 months ago

      @Bob Oznek and probably just the arx. Ive saw alot of people saying they should make them for all the guns and i agree. I would be willing to pay 20 or 25 if they did that. A lot of others said they would be find with a little price increase if they would do that too. Alot of people really wanted the shotgun over the aug on Kaid. If they made for all then everyone would be good.

    • Death-NVK3
      Death-NVK3 2 months ago

      @Bob Oznek I like it. Just wish it had a larger mag. Its a well balanced gun. It just seems they are going with small mags for alot of the new ops. When i played Nomad i always used the arx. I usually main Maverick or Gridlock though. Don't have much play time with Nomad

    • Bob Oznek
      Bob Oznek 2 months ago

      @Death-NVK3 i absolutely love her arx200 does the akm skin go with the arx200 too or just the akm

  • JustRaz
    JustRaz 2 months ago

    Here goes my 8 euros

  • sven mandic
    sven mandic 2 months ago

    How many clash-haters are here?

  • iiDeath_ReaperX
    iiDeath_ReaperX 2 months ago +3

    Where do you buy these? They weren't in the Uplay store in-game like the previous ones.

    BEATDOWN 32-Z 2 months ago

    Nomads is the best one

  • _Gunner_
    _Gunner_ 2 months ago +6


    • NenikoKitty
      NenikoKitty 2 months ago +1

      _Gunner_ I know right I’ve been waiting forever!

  • Byrdhouse541 4
    Byrdhouse541 4 2 months ago +44

    Why give the AUG A3 a PL skin when everyone uses the TCSG12?

    • Byrdhouse541 4
      Byrdhouse541 4 2 months ago

      Finesse Kid maybe so, but it’s still the worst smg and I have no clue why it got a PL set when the DMR is far more popular and is the superior weapon

    • Finesse Kid
      Finesse Kid 2 months ago

      @Byrdhouse541 4 it's a bad smg because of how powerful of an operator he is. That's why hibanas gun has high recoil because she's also a really good operator

    • Byrdhouse541 4
      Byrdhouse541 4 2 months ago

      Dirty Nwah if they wanted players to use a different gun a skin isn’t gonna do that, and specifically for the AUG A3, buff the thing so people will actually consider using it. It’s the worst SMG in the game, so if they wanted people to use it they should buff it not give it a fancy skin.

    • Ein
      Ein 2 months ago +1

      @knifegameZ I prefer the AK tbqh fam

    • Ryan Fenech
      Ryan Fenech 2 months ago

      It's different for clash cuz the spsmg9 is more used than the p10c

  • Mse
    Mse 2 months ago

    I think no one not buy Clash Pro League Skin

  • Shadow
    Shadow 2 months ago +1

    Crouch-spammers: I NeEd iT

  • Kiba Kasuga
    Kiba Kasuga 2 months ago +3

    No one can convince me that Maverick doesn't looks like Chef Boyardee now

  • Called Wall
    Called Wall 2 months ago


    ASSASSIN FROM DARK 2 months ago


  • Antonio Buga
    Antonio Buga 2 months ago

    ash pls

    GEMJ #BORDERWARS 2 months ago +1

    SWEEETCALF was here!

  • Vivan Ragusa
    Vivan Ragusa 2 months ago +44

    Yo they finally made a chef Maverick outfit 😂

  • Spitzkopf larry
    Spitzkopf larry 2 months ago

    Lit the skins i'm proud

  • Not Too Shabby
    Not Too Shabby 2 months ago +2

    I’m still waiting on cross platform Elite skins that I purchased when I was on ps4😪

  • Black TKShadow
    Black TKShadow 2 months ago

    These bundles are looking kinda nice

  • GayGuardian
    GayGuardian 2 months ago

    These are the most boring ones so far

    • Lennon Fraser
      Lennon Fraser 2 months ago

      @GayGuardian I see your point they're doing that next season. Ash and Rook.

    • GayGuardian
      GayGuardian 2 months ago

      @Lennon Fraser There's plenty of older ops they could have done pro league gear for, pretty stupid to choose 4 new ones over 4 we've have for awhile that they could have done more with.

    • Lennon Fraser
      Lennon Fraser 2 months ago

      They are new ops and no alternate headgear have been released.

    • Alessandro Gerundino
      Alessandro Gerundino 2 months ago +1

      yes but i like maverick skin

  • Luke973T
    Luke973T 2 months ago +34

    All of their weapons should get the skin. These things arent exactly cheap but if that's a problem charge slightly more.

    • Death-NVK3
      Death-NVK3 2 months ago

      @Rj yes it will come with a weapon skin for one of the primary's for each operator. Also a charm , headgear , and uniform.

    • Rj
      Rj 2 months ago +1

      @Luke973T I never usually rock Nomad but cuz I got the uniform mainly for her and clash I been playing her love her recoil on that ak

    • Luke973T
      Luke973T 2 months ago

      @Rj I didnt buy this particular one yet but I always got my skins before I just want them for all weapons. Sometimes you need to restart the app for them to show up.

    • Rj
      Rj 2 months ago +1

      Does it come w the weapon skin didn't see it and I got the bundle for all four of them

  • OfficialSovietUnion
    OfficialSovietUnion 2 months ago +2

    Cant wait for the Danish op. Btw it was me that where spamming you with about making a Danish op. (sry) 😂👌🏼

    • Finesse Kid
      Finesse Kid 2 months ago

      Nice. I'm glad there's a Mexican op coming as well.

  • CrainPvP
    CrainPvP 2 months ago +1

    Can u still buy the last ones?

    • Teutates DerGott
      Teutates DerGott 2 months ago

      if i search for game stop pro league its just showing me this acces denied webside is not available so i dont know maybe they took it out@Mr.Spoon

    • Mr.Spoon
      Mr.Spoon 2 months ago

      @Teutates DerGott look up Pro leauge on the website

    • Teutates DerGott
      Teutates DerGott 2 months ago

      i couldnt see it actually what do you have to search for?@Mr.Spoon

    • ctrl
      ctrl 2 months ago

      @Mr.Spoon looking at the questions on the GameStop listings makes that not seem the case

    • Mr.Spoon
      Mr.Spoon 2 months ago

      @ctrl yeah it gives you a universal code so it could be used on a Xbox or ps4 for example

  • 야TF2충 고
    야TF2충 고 2 months ago +1

    Oh...my god....plz oh maverik heart break no...i dont have money!!!(have 40dollar;))wait 60days

  • Godgivenking
    Godgivenking 2 months ago +5

    Not worth 16$

    • knifegameZ
      knifegameZ 2 months ago

      Its only 15€ in ger

    • Lennon Fraser
      Lennon Fraser 2 months ago

      Here in the UK they are 13 pounds, worth it imo.

  • ctrl
    ctrl 2 months ago

    How long ago was the leaked exactly? I forgot.

  • ы я
    ы я 2 months ago +1


  • ADW855 YT
    ADW855 YT 2 months ago +24

    Ubi Please change the
    colors/Style for the next
    pro legue set

    • ADW855 YT
      ADW855 YT 2 months ago

      @Hunt3r R6 nah , l just got the gold ones on ps4. ( l dont have the glaciar skin :"c )

    • Hunt3r R6
      Hunt3r R6 2 months ago

      @ADW855 YT u on xbone

    • ADW855 YT
      ADW855 YT 2 months ago

      @Hunt3r R6 so then u are a leyend bro !! ❤

    • Hunt3r R6
      Hunt3r R6 2 months ago

      @ADW855 YT I have all of them on xbox

    • ADW855 YT
      ADW855 YT 2 months ago

      @Nohidea Me to bro.

  • NaLuZa
    NaLuZa 2 months ago +3

    Man, why couldn’t the Maverick weapon skin be for his AR-15.50? Can’t stand the M4, always prefer the DMR over it.

    • Carlos Daniel Onofre Garcia
    • Lennon Fraser
      Lennon Fraser 2 months ago

      @NaLuZa You are disabled. You are typing a message, it's hard to convey a joke unless it is very obvious, you used in a normal sentence. That's why people usually say JK after a joke that could be potentially offensive or stupid. So yeah, you're the one that needs to chill and think about how jokes are hard to understand in text where sarcastic tones can not be preserved by the reader.

    • SheepersJeepers
      SheepersJeepers 2 months ago +1

      NaLuZa Learn to take a joke lmao

    • NaLuZa
      NaLuZa 2 months ago +1

      I like Cake and Frosting Says you, I can perform way better with her pistol, than with the insane recoil on her machine pistol. I don’t have a 1v5 ranked Ace with her pistol for no reason. An ace that was featured and won on StoneMountain64’s Top Plays of the week btw

    • NaLuZa
      NaLuZa 2 months ago +1

      SheepersJeepers Jesus Christ man, I seriously hate people like you, learn to take a damn joke and not get offended by every little damn thing, you sound like a baby rn. ‘Oh no, the mean man said people who like the M4 are sweaty tryhards. He’s such a big bully.’ That’s seriously what you sound like, please grow up

  • No Name Евгений
    No Name Евгений 2 months ago +2

    А какого числа то?

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett 2 months ago +10

    I can’t wait to play as the Mexican opp

    • Seren Regalado
      Seren Regalado 2 months ago

      no wall will be safe from the mexican op lol ('m latino so not racist

    • Finesse Kid
      Finesse Kid 2 months ago

      Me too bro. And maybe he'll get a green red and white skin haha

    • Seren Regalado
      Seren Regalado 2 months ago +1

      God I know I can't wait :)

    • Steam 187
      Steam 187 2 months ago +2

      i heard its good at jumping over walls, lol ( im brown im allowed to say that)

    • Boba Fett
      Boba Fett 2 months ago +1

      Heinz Wurscht I personally want him to be a defender

  • Nein
    Nein 2 months ago +1

    Nomad ❤️❤️❤️❤️😰
    Btw: How much do they cost?

    • Khameleon269
      Khameleon269 2 months ago

      Canadian money is 1 for approx 10$ and all 4 for like 21$!

    • Lennon Fraser
      Lennon Fraser 2 months ago

      13 pounds if your from the UK.

    • Nein
      Nein 2 months ago

      @iiDeath_ReaperX Well im german. I use € lol. But its okay. I think the difference between € and $ is not that big.

    • iiDeath_ReaperX
      iiDeath_ReaperX 2 months ago

      @Preston garvey Well it's $16 in us dollars.

    • Preston garvey
      Preston garvey 2 months ago

      @Lon_R6 what is 16 euro in american money?

  • 연필
    연필 2 months ago +4

    Meh not a fan of it -_-

  • Nomad
    Nomad 2 months ago +1

    Awesome 😎

  • 팅룩
    팅룩 2 months ago


  • VRM爱 Karthik
    VRM爱 Karthik 2 months ago


  • tyrus Classic
    tyrus Classic 2 months ago


  • Jackson H.
    Jackson H. 2 months ago +2