Finding My PERFECT Foundation Match... Finally


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  • Madelyn Neyman
    Madelyn Neyman 10 hours ago

    fenty sister

  • Mira Green
    Mira Green 10 hours ago

    I love ❤️ you James! You are my inspiration to doing my own looks, not to be someone I am not!!!!

  • DrawnStyleBeats
    DrawnStyleBeats 10 hours ago

    Honestly I gotta say it's the Fenty!

  • Liz Contreras
    Liz Contreras 10 hours ago

    Fenty 170 is literally the perfect match for you!

  • Keisha Valencia
    Keisha Valencia 10 hours ago


  • Bryanna Raphael
    Bryanna Raphael 10 hours ago

    OH MY GAWD thing you did i can do the same thing as that xd for some reason XD

  • Jennifer Barnes
    Jennifer Barnes 10 hours ago +1

    You should make your own line of foundation

  • kimberly quispe
    kimberly quispe 10 hours ago

    10:15 JAMES!

  • Rakiya Animalia
    Rakiya Animalia 10 hours ago

    morphe, dior, or fenty. loved the vid sis!!

  • Graciela Isabel
    Graciela Isabel 10 hours ago

    too faced and font were perfect

  • Jessica Dickinson
    Jessica Dickinson 10 hours ago

    definitely fenty beauty or morphe those looked beautiful on your skin james❤️ @jamescharles

  • Graciela Isabel
    Graciela Isabel 10 hours ago

    honestly font was the best and maybe morphe if you get a little darker

  • Wren
    Wren 10 hours ago


  • Hayden Wilbanks
    Hayden Wilbanks 10 hours ago


  • Salma B
    Salma B 10 hours ago

    Born this way and fenty was best x

  • x_Kenziex
    x_Kenziex 10 hours ago

    my sister saw u at knotts Halloween haunt

  • Jenna Berger
    Jenna Berger 10 hours ago


  • nallely zamora
    nallely zamora 10 hours ago

    i like the fenty and too faced foundation

  • desirees conspiracies
    desirees conspiracies 10 hours ago

    OK so not trying to hate but who else thinks James' head and hair look like a fucking pineapple? but i still love you sister

  • Devin Nguyen
    Devin Nguyen 10 hours ago

    Fenty killed the rest

  • amber travis
    amber travis 10 hours ago

    I have a theory why your foundations are too dark, it’s probably because Sephora has darker lighting and your studio would be full of lights to make you look best, so what you could maybe do is buy ones that are lighter for your vids

  • Sophie Tardivet
    Sophie Tardivet 10 hours ago

    Anyone else watching to see if Sister gets foundation on her white sweatshirt?!

  • Sophie Stevenson
    Sophie Stevenson 10 hours ago

    Fenty or too faced! Best match.

  • Alyssa The Starfish
    Alyssa The Starfish 10 hours ago


  • Olivia Sealey
    Olivia Sealey 10 hours ago +1

    Fenty Beauty was the best on you

  • Kadence and Doc
    Kadence and Doc 11 hours ago

    Vindy was the best in my opinion #Love James Charles

  • Island HQ
    Island HQ 11 hours ago

    MOM: How many shoes did you buy at the store
    MOM:Oh , that's fine.
    Also KID: 9:30

  • naomi elizondo
    naomi elizondo 11 hours ago

    Fenty and Too Faced were a great match!

  • Cristal Alvarado
    Cristal Alvarado 11 hours ago

    I got real high before watching this 💗

  • Alicia Brown
    Alicia Brown 11 hours ago

    You should totally collaborate with Shay Mitchell. I think it would be such a fun video

  • Rachael Diffrient
    Rachael Diffrient 11 hours ago

    Have you tried mixing shades to create your own custom shade?

  • iamtutilaloca :3
    iamtutilaloca :3 11 hours ago

    Fenty is the best for you! and for the two faced is good and makeup forever!

  • Annalee Powers
    Annalee Powers 11 hours ago

    omg im so happy sister james

  • The official Jenesis
    The official Jenesis 11 hours ago

    Or morphi

  • Samantha Bustamante
    Samantha Bustamante 11 hours ago +1

    People shouldn’t talk about your foundation because they don’t know how hard it is to find a perfect mach if they were you

  • The official Jenesis
    The official Jenesis 11 hours ago

    Fenty or too faced

  • Isabel Scurlock
    Isabel Scurlock 11 hours ago


  • Wynter Brooks
    Wynter Brooks 11 hours ago

    James you are literally everything to me lol.You are awesome like such an inspiring sister.I love what you do and how hard you work for your fans!You look bomb and act bomb in every vid and I’m so glad to see your channel progress and I literally love you!😊

  • Isabel Scurlock
    Isabel Scurlock 11 hours ago


  • Victoria Coman
    Victoria Coman 11 hours ago

    Dior was the best

  • hello hi
    hello hi 11 hours ago

    The Too faced was the best!

  • Landraa Kubley
    Landraa Kubley 11 hours ago

    Two-Faced or Fenty. I literally can't decide. Wear them both!! Lmao I'm obviously kidding 😂 but seriously tea 😍

  • Hwm thoj
    Hwm thoj 11 hours ago

    You talk so much

  • Cassidy O'Leary
    Cassidy O'Leary 11 hours ago

    Love you but I wish you'd all stop supporting brands that test on innocent animals..

  • Hayl .E.O
    Hayl .E.O 11 hours ago

    I say the Morphe in the shade 2.20

  • sleepy kitty
    sleepy kitty 11 hours ago

    My friend: Let me go get some *sister* sprite.
    Me: *haha! what.*

  • jannet ortega
    jannet ortega 11 hours ago

    Nice ♡

  • Novalee Reyna
    Novalee Reyna 11 hours ago

    Fenty beauty or too faced

  • Abigail Kibble
    Abigail Kibble 11 hours ago

    Your videos stink

  • gaabbster
    gaabbster 11 hours ago

    I wish you would have tried the Santa Fe shade from Nars. But love ya Sister James, keep doing you ❤️

  • Ensley Ann
    Ensley Ann 11 hours ago

    Wow it looks like miss fenty is your perfect match babe 😍

  • Maylie Brestel
    Maylie Brestel 11 hours ago

    The Fenty looked so good with your skin! That in my opinion was the best, if you don't want it so drying put a dewy/moisturizing type of setting spray on top. That's what I always do; I'm proud that you decided to do this! I never even noticed your foundation not matching and honestly who cares it's just makeup haha.

  • Jailyn Quezada
    Jailyn Quezada 11 hours ago

    Morphe 2.20

  • Jennifer Ames
    Jennifer Ames 11 hours ago

    Hey sister I’m curious do you have a likes account or if not someone is pretending to be you the like app is like Tik Tok musically

  • Chloe Cannon
    Chloe Cannon 11 hours ago

    Fenty or Too Faced definitely won

  • Nana Derpypig2018
    Nana Derpypig2018 11 hours ago

    12:57 lol XD

  • Domonique Jackson
    Domonique Jackson 11 hours ago

    Two faced looked like the best match!

  • Hailee Dilworth
    Hailee Dilworth 11 hours ago

    youre supposed to spray diore airflash onto a beauty blender... oops

  • Natalie MacKinnon
    Natalie MacKinnon 11 hours ago

    Too faced and morphe!! Whatever you choose I will love because you think you’re beautiful then that’s what people should think because it’s you and you are so confident in yourself and you’re so beautiful even without makeup❤️❤️❤️

  • Nicole Clinton
    Nicole Clinton 11 hours ago

    Fenty foundation

  • Grace Barry
    Grace Barry 11 hours ago

    The two faced one and fenty one are best in my opinion Love youuu 🤩♥️

  • Ethan
    Ethan 11 hours ago

    The Too Faced and Fenty looked really good 💙

  • Bre Love
    Bre Love 11 hours ago

    U should mixe all of them together

  • Jiya Modi
    Jiya Modi 11 hours ago


    When I do my makeup I only use half a wipe..
    Eye primer
    Eye shadow
    Eye liner
    Half a wipe and 27!?!?!?

  • ᔕIᘔᘔᒪE ᔕIᔕTEᖇᔕ

    Fenty foundation ❤️❤️

  • Georgia B-J
    Georgia B-J 11 hours ago

    Morphe or fenty

  • Makayla Featherston
    Makayla Featherston 11 hours ago

    *Fenty, 100%*

  • Ashton Dollar
    Ashton Dollar 11 hours ago

    tbh Fenty was the best but Born This Way and Morphe were good too!

  • Lucy Burks
    Lucy Burks 11 hours ago

    I think the 1st one look best on you, it made the good things on your face shine and took the edges and made it blend into your neck and behind your ears. it looked the most natural to me but i think you look good in it all!!!

  • Sofia Castillo-Trujillo


  • Taylor Barker
    Taylor Barker 12 hours ago

    Fenty or Milk are great options for your skin

  • Lisa Biollo
    Lisa Biollo 12 hours ago

    too face and fenty looked best on your face while milk and morfie looked best on your neck and hand. thats just my opinion, you do whatever you think looks best! i love you soo much!!!

  • Georgia B-J
    Georgia B-J 12 hours ago

    28:38 *trust me*

  • Ashley N4662
    Ashley N4662 12 hours ago


  • Ximena Pelaez
    Ximena Pelaez 12 hours ago


  • Tony S
    Tony S 12 hours ago

    I 😍😍😍😍 James Charles

  • Haley Grace
    Haley Grace 12 hours ago

    i thought the fenty matched the best also i love you

  • harpop :D
    harpop :D 12 hours ago

    you should mix all of your foundations together

  • Cheer Diva
    Cheer Diva 12 hours ago


  • Anything and Everything

    21:02 lol 😂

  • tiffany johnson
    tiffany johnson 12 hours ago

    I think gently was the best

  • Anna Ardell
    Anna Ardell 12 hours ago

    the milk makeup and the fenty matched you the best for sure, if you're worried about "flashback mary" with the milk one I wouldn't be because you could always warm it up with a warm bronzer and a good and fresh (non-flashback) powder.

  • Lucia Ariza
    Lucia Ariza 12 hours ago

    Fenty is the bestttttttttttt love youuu btw :)

  • Diana Cervantes
    Diana Cervantes 12 hours ago


  • Ivory Jones
    Ivory Jones 12 hours ago

    5:46 That's my name 😂

  • Epic gamer Girl
    Epic gamer Girl 12 hours ago

    You should always follow your dreams

  • Aaliyah Babyyy
    Aaliyah Babyyy 12 hours ago

    make up forever , Dior but mostly fenty tbh

  • Olivia Maddie
    Olivia Maddie 12 hours ago

    I say Fenty or Morphe. I know you like more dewy foundations but the Fenty one had a really nice finish and looked really nice!

  • Catlin Taylor
    Catlin Taylor 12 hours ago

    I think the 2 faced was the best

  • Arabella Fernandez
    Arabella Fernandez 12 hours ago

    its either morphe, fenty or toofaced

  • Galilea Salazar
    Galilea Salazar 12 hours ago


  • Bissan HD
    Bissan HD 12 hours ago +1

    I think milk makeup matched you least out of the final six

  • Naomi Hardwick
    Naomi Hardwick 12 hours ago


  • Justin McNeal
    Justin McNeal 12 hours ago

    I’m a homophobe

  • AliciaXAnne
    AliciaXAnne 12 hours ago

    fenty beauty, definitely

  • GrOoVy_TurTLe192872829292737282922727299282727

    🤔Is she a man or a woman 🤔

  • olahoney beauty
    olahoney beauty 12 hours ago

    Teach us sister

  • Carla Sandoval
    Carla Sandoval 12 hours ago +1

    Morphe foundation

  • SigneJerndal
    SigneJerndal 12 hours ago

    fenty was best:)

  • Caroline Willson
    Caroline Willson 12 hours ago

    Fenty looks the best I think but I like the way too faced and morphe look too and makeup forever and Dior work but they don't match as well as the others :) up to you but I love the fenty so much on you! Can't wait to try fenty myself I'm really pale and struggle to find the right foundation match too but my friends swear by fenty :)