Fallout 76 Is A Nightmare | Bethesda's Biggest Mistake?!

  • Published on Nov 19, 2018
  • ★ Fallout 76 review scores from critics are so far terrible, sales so far are terrible and this is turning into Bethesda's biggest mess... ★
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  • LegacyKillaHD
    LegacyKillaHD  6 months ago +658

    Not gonna make everyone happy with this video buuut I don't know how anyone could say this release is going good. If you're enjoying the game that's great to hear but many of the design/business decisions with this game are in line with things notably EA & Activision do. People need to stop giving Bethesda the free pass, Fallout 76 on Nov. 14th was (and still is) in an inexcusable state. This is nothing short of a huge disappointing mess...
    My Live coverage here: twitter.com/LegacyKillaHD
    If you haven't already join the discussion on Discord: discord.gg/mXa5rRv

    • Ryan Opuz
      Ryan Opuz 5 months ago

      Legacykillahd I believe this game should have just been singleplayer only and Bethesda shouldn’t make online games just like that mess ESO, Todd Howard and his cronies are bad rats an lairs, I’m so glad this game failed and it just show them to stick to singleplayer games.
      Their is no roleplaying in this game and also the story isn’t even really a story because it’s fucking boring, empty because their no npcs and sprawning npc cities it’s just dull
      Those dickheads who saying it’s fun with friends is just utter lies because it’s not fun at all it’s fucking atrocious slow frame rates in fights and worst glitches and bugs since fallout 4 and fallout 4 was a decent game.
      But this game has ruined the fallout experience not even give the proper experience like its predecessors did before.

    • Dragontooth 678
      Dragontooth 678 5 months ago

      Honestly I loved fallout all the way up to 4. I really tried and wanted to love fallout 4. I put several hours in to I played all DLC the only one I liked was nuka world. But honestly nuka world should have been the whole game. So fallout 4 was my breaking point. I got rise of the tomb raider this year. And rise of the tomb raider came out the exact same day as fallout 4. Boy oh boy should I have bought tomb raider. Anyway I skipped fallout 76 so honestly sincere condolences to anyone who bought it. But now you know the frustration I felt when I bought fallout 4. But I will say fallout 4 from what I've seen on USclip is better then fallout 76. But I also feel that if I played fallout 4 then I've played fallout 76 without even realizing it. And if i or anyone else has to say that at all about any game it's not good.

    • WeakliestTerrorHQ gaming
      WeakliestTerrorHQ gaming 5 months ago

      Where you get that Hair style In the thumbnail or is it from FO4?

    • олег бурдин
      олег бурдин 5 months ago


    • Pokémaster5000
      Pokémaster5000 5 months ago

      +Eve The hero of the Mojave Yes it will.

  • Dead Inside
    Dead Inside Month ago

    Fallout 7- TRASHHHHH

  • baseballmom67's worst nightmare

    Dude I have to be at a certain level to use a freaking Double Barrel Shotgun!
    Edit: And why is rad away and stimpacks so scarce?
    Edit 2: And why wasn't fallout 76 in USclip rewind?

  • Mr Alligator
    Mr Alligator 3 months ago

    It's nice to know that Spyro got more attention and sales than this pile of garbage.

  • B U C C
    B U C C 4 months ago

    the one thing I am thinking(though I don't entirely blame the gaming community) is 'what did the guys who bought fallout 76 think would happen?' Bethesda is KNOWN for the bugs and game breaking glitches that infest their games, they are the people that make updates that break their games sometimes (Remember when skyrim had dragons that flew backwards in one of the updates? I sure as shit do), these are the guys whose games constantly crash, or in my personal experience, bluescreen my computer. THEY LITERALLY DEPEND ON MODDERS TO FIX THEIR GAMES. If they are bound to fuck up their singleplayer games, then they will definitely shit the bed when it comes to a multiplayer game.

  • Xxx TSG xxX
    Xxx TSG xxX 4 months ago +1

    I love this game there's no point at being mad at the creators

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez 5 months ago

    How comes i see on each of those videos 1100 dislikes? Is this the left over fanbase roaming around lol`???

  • BiggshowKF
    BiggshowKF 5 months ago

    FO76 is great. RDR2 is great. RDR2 Online... boring.. mundane.. grind fest for nothing. And Most Wanted sucks. Worst mode ever created.

  • Dave Haskell
    Dave Haskell 5 months ago

    Hey, that's Josie in the thumb, I know she's pretty much everywhere, but it still slightly surprised me.

  • Domenik VanRosendale
    Domenik VanRosendale 5 months ago

    Idk what your talking about fallout 4 was AMAZING but ya fallout 76 was one of the worst games I’ve ever bought

  • Dylan Gagnon
    Dylan Gagnon 5 months ago

    I’ve played like 10 hours and I’ve had only 1 or 2 small glitches. Graphics kinda suck but it’s fallout so it gets a pass. I like it but I doubt I’ll continue playing it after I get bored

  • Dregs
    Dregs 5 months ago

    fuck screenrant

  • haunted medic
    haunted medic 5 months ago

    Long live fallout 4!

  • Cosroe
    Cosroe 5 months ago +1

    NOBODY talks about the fact that Istvan Pely was unceremoniously booted off the franchise. Pely was the reason behind the success of Fallout 3 & 4.

  • Syte Jackson
    Syte Jackson 5 months ago

    Fallout is shitball...period...the whole damn franchise is weak as fuck...all the way down to the fuckin blue and yellow suit boy logo...its garbage and im tired of seeing the damn commercial

  • haunted medic
    haunted medic 5 months ago

    Some people don't have friends to play with.

  • Lily Flower
    Lily Flower 5 months ago +1

    And there are people still defending this game... says a lot about how human emotions work.

  • Dimpy Rambo
    Dimpy Rambo 5 months ago

    for everyone else who likes picking up wonder glue and empty buckets.....its bliss

  • Fenrir Frenzybeard
    Fenrir Frenzybeard 5 months ago

    Star Wars, Transformers, Diablo, and now Fallout.
    They should be raped by bears with chainsaw dicks. Repeatedly. As clowns fashion balloon animals out of their intestines.
    I said it as kindly as possible.

  • Meriwether
    Meriwether 5 months ago +1

    "It just works" - Todd 'the liar' Howard.

  • Cellphone Dave
    Cellphone Dave 5 months ago

    1:15 play with friends. Bugged and can't team. Good job bethesda

  • Mike G
    Mike G 5 months ago

    I absolutely hate how Bethesda put microtransactions into the game. Even if it's just cosmetic, it sucks ass. With normal DLC, even though you bought the stuff, you still have to earn it in game. Normal DLC also includes a lot more than just cosmetics. Why would I pay $7 for an outfit when I can get a lot more outfits, new guns, and many new hours of story/gameplay for about $15?

  • Sashaa
    Sashaa 5 months ago

    I would rather look at my boobs, than this garbage.

  • Bro
    Bro 5 months ago +1

    What shit graphics! RDR2 Is lightyears ahead

  • Wayne Drew
    Wayne Drew 5 months ago +2

    Isn't it Order 66 not 76?

  • Machine Mechine
    Machine Mechine 5 months ago

    Game Over.

  • Loreal Madonna
    Loreal Madonna 5 months ago +1

    This is a great video! I love how you break down everything wrong with Fallout 76 but still coming from a place of love for it and Bethesda! I have a question do you think it's possible to have an online version of Fallout? If so how would that work?

  • Mary DeMuth
    Mary DeMuth 5 months ago

    ill get it when it drops to 20$ or below

  • LittleCaeser
    LittleCaeser 5 months ago +1

    I don’t really have a dog in the Fallout 76 fight, it just worries me about future Bethesda titles.

  • tgames tgames
    tgames tgames 5 months ago +1


  • Mint Brisk
    Mint Brisk 5 months ago

    This game is big bag of fiery poo.

  • Mint Brisk
    Mint Brisk 5 months ago

    Wasn’t this just a Beta? Did the full game come out just a few minutes after the Beta test?

  • Bannankev
    Bannankev 5 months ago

    AYYYY Love the MxR Mods channel shout out! Love that guy! Also, very true most of them are mouth pieces and the critical but true reviewers weren't even invited. Now we are all seeing why... Yes I do own this game on PC and on XBox because I truly did want to love it but you cant deny all the bad press and the deserved bad press...

  • sniffles117
    sniffles117 5 months ago

    All fallout games look boring. Very boring.

  • Lil ZUCC
    Lil ZUCC 5 months ago +3

    Bethesda: yea guys jus wait u no
    People: fine we will wait
    *5 months later where everyone forgets about it*

    Todd: ladies and gentlemen we got em

  • fjuraa
    fjuraa 5 months ago

    7/10? what game were they playing

  • Skracks
    Skracks 5 months ago

    Bethesda make some of the best single player games that you can return too time and time again … they should stick too what they're good at

    • Pete Jones
      Pete Jones 5 months ago

      You are using the wrong to.

  • Kay Bee
    Kay Bee 5 months ago +1

    They are giving you 500 " ATOMS " FOR THE FACT THAT IS A PLASTIC BAG AND NOT CANVAS...... STATING THAT THEY COULD GET THE MATERIAL! The reason that this game sucks so bad is Bethesda was trying to cut out the funds due to PAYING VOICE OVER ACTORS! This was the only games that I play from fallout 2 on and I would RATHER PLAY THEM THAN THIS POS! CASH GRABBING BASTARDS

  • Omaha! X1
    Omaha! X1 5 months ago

    You're annoyed by those comments, and we are annoyed by the incessant complaining. We get it. Move on

  • Fresh Produce
    Fresh Produce 5 months ago

    Been saying it since e3
    Stop supporting blatant cash grabs and you wont ever have to deal w/ a shit game again

  • OnLfilms
    OnLfilms 5 months ago

    Apart from most Ubisoft games with their Uplay points, this is the only game I've played where you can earn micro-transaction currency in game! you don't need to pay to get atom points.

  • Orbital DickBeacon
    Orbital DickBeacon 5 months ago +1

    I'm a hardcore Bethesda supporter and gamer playing my 4th playthrough of Skyrim right now more than 2000 hours in gameplay between all titles from Bethesda and fallout 76 was complete bull shit Bethesda did what I thought they never would do and become complete sell outs I hope they have a chance of redemption and make a Magnus opus into elder scrolls 6 or fallout 5 and keep it single player like we've all come to expect and love from Bethesda I'll never buy 76 the majority of gamers won't buy 76 they fucked up hardcore and I hope it reflects on there sales. I raged like fucking hell when I returned no man sky to Walmart they returned it after that game I learned my lesson and I always check reviews before purchase now game studies have become like a proverbial shiesty drug dealer now that has inferior product at a premium rate. My only lament is unlike the shiesty drug dealer who gets there ass kicked for selling shit product I can't come at Bethesda with a baseball bat and a toaster wrapped around my first to bash then into submission like they need and deserve I only hope there innumerable to come lawsuits against them will be enough to chastise them and rouse then to action against there in Injustice..... Come back from this bullshit make the games we as the consumers love and expect from you Bethesda make a shit ton of money on a great game not this garbage 76 or else fade into obscurity and wallow in your depraved degredation like a junky ex best friend leaving me with memories of better times as they wallow in there stupidity

    • Orbital DickBeacon
      Orbital DickBeacon 5 months ago

      +HunterzHD fallout 76 is a colossal steaming piece of deathclaw shit Bethesda majorly fucked up n hurt themselves most of all n the innumerable fans of there franchise without good reason they are the Judas of the game industry to me now I loved all previous titles of Bethesda n have played more than 2000 hours between all games of there's I've played even played the fallout 4 vault dlc for at least 100 hours n found a valuable glitch that makes it so I could build settlements with an unlimited amount of materials without using mods or a computer found a decent loop hole n like I had said played at least 100 hours on the vault dlc alone n I will not spend a single second ever! playing this horrendous excuse for a game pac man has more character depth n story than this fucking piece of crap game n if Bethesda continues to offer this worse than the worse indie grade title then I hope they go the way of hello games and the notoriously hated EA games fuck for this piece of shit Todd Howard and Bethesda and for your underhanded tactics like the nylon West Tek garbage bag and the exclusive in Bethesda. Net where no refunds wtf happened to Bethesda has YesMan and professor fantastic taken Bethesda over in an effort to destroy Bethesda n mine n every other fans dreams fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

    • HunterzHD
      HunterzHD 5 months ago

      I dont know what to think of 76, i have played it for a few hours and still dont have a solid opinion, i made a few videos asking people their thoughts, mind sharing yours?

  • Home_Devoe
    Home_Devoe 5 months ago

    I fucking love MXR his channel is comedy

  • U.S.M. Valor
    U.S.M. Valor 5 months ago

    Fallout 76 is like Chernobyl, But on a grander scale.

  • Excalibur
    Excalibur 5 months ago

    Anyone who expected this game to do good after hearing 1. it will be multiplayer.
    2 it will be on their crappy engine, and 3 there will be no npcs and meaningful quests is a fool. Glad I didnt buy it and to think I was going to preorder the 200 dollar edition but my gut also told me to: "wtf wait until there's more information about the damn game!" RIP to anyone who spent 200 dollars on this shit. What a major disappointment Betheseda. -Angry Fan. 😡😠

  • buckeye 046
    buckeye 046 5 months ago

    Does anyone remember when bioware did this with mass effect Andromeda? How everyone pointed out the hundreds if not thousands of bugs the game had and in the end landed about killing one of the most popular series in gaming history?
    I at least consider Andromeda better than this, whether or not you agree with me is up to debate. The point is that game died in like 3-5months if not less. I cannot imagine how quickly this game will die.

  • Deep Elements
    Deep Elements 5 months ago

    I like the game and I love the fact that all the 13 year old wow players are leaving and not playing it. Makes the game really great for the people who actually like it. Stop giving Bethesda your money if you hate their games. or just only buy games on steam, I don't know why this is so hard to understand. Everyone knows that most of these gaming companies do'nt give a fuck so stop giving them your money.

    • HunterzHD
      HunterzHD 5 months ago

      I dont know what to think of 76, i have played it for a few hours and still dont have a solid opinion, i made a few videos asking people their thoughts, mind sharing yours?

  • Joon Assassin
    Joon Assassin 5 months ago

    I was defending Bethesda but after playing this game for myself I just don't know I have never picked up a Bethesda game and put it down yes it is a visually a beautiful game I love it but it sux when your playing and have to deal with bugs and I mean some bad ones I stopped playing completely and I've never done that went back to fallout 4.....again.....lol....well I do hope they fix what they set out to do....

  • robin henninger
    robin henninger 5 months ago

    Not only that but scavenging sucks also because of other players I am so sorry I wasted my money on this

  • Alexander Wilson
    Alexander Wilson 5 months ago

    Absolute garbage

  • K. Wile E
    K. Wile E 5 months ago

    I used to be a Bethesda fan like you, but then I took a Fallout in the knee. Haha

  • Miguel Pu
    Miguel Pu 5 months ago

    This is literally Fallout 4 without any of it's content and with more bugs. But this time you don't have to endure the bugs alone. You can enjoy them with friends. And they think it's okay to charge full price for this?

  • a0001521
    a0001521 5 months ago

    Overkill: Hunt Down the 76: Survive

  • Chris
    Chris 5 months ago

    I think it's more accurate to say that this game is either Hated or thought of as mediocre. Even people that like the game don't LOVE it. Sad time to be a Fallout fan (former FO fan?)

  • Whovian Gamer
    Whovian Gamer 5 months ago

    The thing is that even if you love the game, it was released under many deceptionsand lies. I generally have a lot of respect for OX Box but they were not honest in their review of 76. No mention of any of the unforgivable lies, and just a general criticism without pointing out the glaring faults and cynical nature of their approach to releasing this game.

  • marko mandic
    marko mandic 5 months ago

    what is bethesda ?they are studio that was once future,but they didnt keep walk with time and now they are past.but its up to them will they leap enoughe next time,or go falling forever

  • Mondo A
    Mondo A 5 months ago

    PS4 will give you a partial refund if you mention the price drop.

  • Arianna Gillespie
    Arianna Gillespie 5 months ago

    I like the game but man AFTER the update I got more bugs on the xbox. People I have played with have pretty much stopped playing and I'm getting bored. x.x

    • HunterzHD
      HunterzHD 5 months ago

      I dont know what to think of this game, ive played a few hours and i dont have a solid opinion on it yet. i recently made a discussion video asking people to share their thoughts, mind sharing yours?

  • Naseem Shanboor
    Naseem Shanboor 5 months ago

    cant get refund from G2A on this shitty game but atleast i only paid 34$ not the full price when it got released. still i was looking forward to enjoy the game only to be very disappointed, i'm done with Bethesda they need to make serious restructuring or they will will get swallowed by EA or other major player or simply will end up like Atari

  • Spethman Jones
    Spethman Jones 5 months ago

    I feel sad for Bethesda. They’ve given us some really fun games but they have just devolved to a group pushing soulless, money-grubbing trash. You will be missed, BGS

  • MrHypnotiq12
    MrHypnotiq12 5 months ago

    Fallout 76 Sucks. I wish I did not buy the game digitally. I was stupid enough to trade Red Dead Redemption 2 in to Gamestop for credit because I figured I would not have any time to play the Multiplayer because I would be to busy playing Fallout 76. What a big mistake that was. If in the Future Bethesda decides to make another Elder Scroll game I hope They make it good enough to make Their Fans forget about the mistake They made when They made Fallout 76.

    • HunterzHD
      HunterzHD 5 months ago

      I dont know what to think of this game, ive played a few hours and i dont have a solid opinion on it yet. i recently made a discussion video asking people to share their thoughts, mind sharing yours?

  • romantic340
    romantic340 5 months ago

    This will be my last Fallout 76 video i will view, its completely dead, i am moving on to a better release Red Dead Redemption 2, want me to view your videos, its time to move on to what people want.

  • Moto Bum
    Moto Bum 5 months ago

    everybody should mail 76 bottlecaps to Bethesda in disgust of the game
    Bethesda Softworks LLC a ZeniMax Media company 1370 Piccard Drive, Suite 120 Rockville, MD 20850

  • #Resist#PunchaNazi#SJWfaggot#RedRum

    It has the same graphics as new Vegas and yet Vegas is a better game! Dafuq???

  • jcscarlett10
    jcscarlett10 5 months ago

    Not hated or loved. I played with my roomate over the weekend, but its not like i'm rushing home after work to play. It'll sate me for a little while I guess.

  • KillTheMethod
    KillTheMethod 5 months ago

    If Bethesda bases the next Elder Scrolls title on this online multiplayer-only microtransaction bullshit, I'm gonna shit a sky-scraper. Boycott this shit!

  • mdgiebel
    mdgiebel 5 months ago

    I paid $10 after tax brand new for the game on Black Friday. For the $10 I have invested, I can't complain about it. Is it bad? Yes, yes it is. Do I regret buying it so cheap even though it is really bad? No, no I don't. Long story short, it is a great game at a $10 price point.

  • FPrimusUnicron
    FPrimusUnicron 5 months ago

    fix it later? dude, this game has the bugs bethesda games has had for almost 20 years, if they havent fixed those, how doe anyone think they will fix anything at this point?

  • JR
    JR 5 months ago

    well they said the shit is co-op so that already threw it out to me....

  • El Memearoo
    El Memearoo 5 months ago

    West Virginia never asked for this.

  • Cristian Dalpino
    Cristian Dalpino 5 months ago

    Got a fallout ad while watching this video lol

  • Timothy Hilliard
    Timothy Hilliard 5 months ago

    This game is literally just a reskin of fallout 4 with online and a shit ton of things removed

  • Adoring Fan
    Adoring Fan 5 months ago

    What did they expect when they gave us an online game when most of us play single player games since the fo franchise was single player.

  • zinielx
    zinielx 5 months ago

    damn sjws they ruined fallout

    • Garry McMhastegut
      Garry McMhastegut 5 months ago

      Get your fucking politics out of here sperg. This game's shit because the developers are lazy, has nothing to do with the petty horseshit that you people fight over.

  • asherael
    asherael 5 months ago

    The bugs aren't cute anymore. It's not garbage. It's a different game, it isn't for everyone. The story borders on interesting, the delivery is very disappointing. Lack of NPCs is a crushing decision, and there aren't enough people to make up for it, and they aren't in character, so it feels more like a board game than any kind of RPG. The setting is fascinating but wasted. Bethesda appears to resent Fallout, and hold, at best, disinterest, and at worst, contempt, for the lore of the world. They don't want it to be an RPG, they want a simple action game. They're working towards making a... fairly... good one?
    A lot of what they're doing is very interesting. A lot of what they're doing is very concerning.
    It will shine when RP servers emerge a la GTA5

    • HunterzHD
      HunterzHD 5 months ago

      I dont know what to think of this game, ive played a few hours and i dont have a solid opinion on it yet. i recently made a discussion video asking people to share their thoughts, mind sharing yours?

  • themardybum08
    themardybum08 5 months ago +2

    Such a lightweight no substance critique, just parroting what's all already been said. Result = 300k views at the time of writing. What happened to decent content creators on here.

    • HunterzHD
      HunterzHD 5 months ago

      Could try my video out, ive been having discussions with people, rather then following trends or hating on it

  • Rasmus Wellejus
    Rasmus Wellejus 5 months ago

    It was doomed to fail right from the start! I'm waiting until fallout 5 is released...

  • Mazaveli
    Mazaveli 5 months ago

    Free to play in a month, mark my words

  • Max Aggropop
    Max Aggropop 5 months ago

    who loves this? the most favourable i have heared so far is, that some folks partially enjoyed it somewhat.

  • Nicholas Eickman
    Nicholas Eickman 5 months ago

    Playing Fallout 76 is like playing Fallout 4 after completing all the quests and after killing every NPC around. If you just want to explore a massive open world and kill enemies then move on, F76 is your game, but if you’re looking for story and don’t want to read endless text, you had better go elsewhere.
    It’s really unfortunate because I think this world has the potential for an amazing story. If we scrapped the whole online system and had the player leave during the outbreak and then decide how to best combat the plague would be great. Should we help the Brotherhood? How about the Responders or the Free States? How about forging alliances to combat it more effectively? Maybe the bad ending would be discovering that the plague is actually a sentient hive mind and you decide to join? The result being you turning into a scorched lord and destroying the Brotherhood, Free States, and Rescuers along with every other group in the game. Perhaps you help the Free States mobilize into a real government, enshrining the constitution as it was intended. Maybe help the Responders set up permanent outposts (not built by the player, necessarily) at settlements and various towns to help combat the plague? Join and help the Brotherhood gather vertibirds and equipment from old military bunkers and nuclear silos. Help organize secret refueling stations for Enclave’s eventual rise. Help the Order Of Mysteries protect the innocent or join with raiders to tear them down. Infiltrate Mothman’s Cult and decide whether to help or destroy them.
    The fact that I could come up with so many ideas from the bedrock that Bethesda created is incredibly disappointing.

    • HunterzHD
      HunterzHD 5 months ago

      You put some impressive thought into it dude, feel free to come to my video and share any more thoughts, same pretty interesting discussions over there

    • Nicholas Eickman
      Nicholas Eickman 5 months ago +1

      HunterzHD If I were to compare Fallout 76 to anything, I’d say it’s very similar to the Star Wars prequels. There are a lot of good ideas visible in the framework, but the execution was poorly handled. There are moments when the game looks quite good but then moments that look very bad. While anyone can get some enjoyment out of the game, it’s pretty obvious that it’s not great, especially when compared to past installments. When going through it alone, the game can feel like a chore at times but when friends are around everyone’s still haven a good time, especially when something silly or ridiculous happens.
      When everything is said and done, I think most people are going to remember this game as a huge disappointment. The idea of an online Fallout title had most either excited or concerned yet open-minded, but because so many have been turned off by the incredibly low reviews and negative word-of-mouth news, many fans that would have played it will likely avoid it entirely.
      If Bethesda were to pull themselves out of this, I think they’d need to announce something big for Fallout 76 at E3 2019, preferably between Starfield and Elder Scrolls 6. Will this happen, who knows, but for right now, all Bethesda can do is stay committed to making continuous improvements, which from what I’ve seen today on their website, they’ve been doing just that.

    • HunterzHD
      HunterzHD 5 months ago

      I dont know what to think of this game, ive played a few hours and i dont have a solid opinion on it yet. i recently made a discussion video asking people to share their thoughts, mind sharing yours?

  • David
    David 5 months ago

    usclip.net/video/rT9rLOMtE4g/video.html Here is how to make a good honest review of this game.

  • CharlyDeamen
    CharlyDeamen 5 months ago

    Frankly, I'm done with all the bitching. You know the real core issue? Psychopathic idiot CEOs. They don't know gaming. They don't know the gamer. They got these wild and wooly ideas that are as detached from our reality as their lifestyle. We need to ditch the corporate pork in the corner office, they shouldn't have any input in anything other than funding. If they think a product is good, it gets funded. Other than that, keep your white trash 1% delusions out of it. Frankly this goes for more than just gaming. The greedy capitalistic corporate psychopathic pork is killing everything they touch.

    • Garry McMhastegut
      Garry McMhastegut 5 months ago

      Why are people trying to describe this shit with race, sex, and politics. Keep that fucking trash out of video games, I don't want sperging fuckwits blaming the failure of gaming on political bullshit.

  • David
    David 5 months ago

    It's a 2 at best it's a bad game giving it a 5 or 6 is about the middle of the road it hasn't earned that score man. Being able to search and explore ok but it's not good enough for that high of a score at all.

  • David
    David 5 months ago

    Not everyone who hates on 76 is just jumping on the bandwagon or just hating to "hate" it's a shit game. For the reason, you said rushed out of the door. I give a bad review of games that are bad. This game is just that in this state a very badly made game and for a good many reasons. I love Fallout and Elder Scroll type games but these new ones that have been coming out are just fucking awful. If you want to be fair and honest than don't use your fanboy colored shades to view these new games.

  • Chartsiri Ratanacharoensiri

    It's so obvious.
    Bethesda pulled out an assets flip game out of Fallout 4 engine, and they thought they were getting away with that.
    This game is not an actual game. I guess some people are defending this game for the sake of being an opportunity to role play in Fallout universe.

  • Scar The fox
    Scar The fox 5 months ago

    I don't get how the graphics look bad to be honest.
    Do it not have details?

  • Qeux
    Qeux 5 months ago

    I would like to say I am one of the people that disliked this video. Don't go ahead and think I am one of the people that even have the game, because I don't have it and I most definitely do not want it at all. But there was one thing in this video that made me dislike it. It was the title. I agreed with everything in the 10:51's I watch though. But in the title he called this game a nightmare. Yes for 2018 it is a bad game, but calling it a nightmare is on another level. This game has an engine. It has actually graphics. It has a way to play with friends for a bit. It has a way to connect to the game itself. It has a big world. Now if it had none of that, then yes, it would be a nightmare

  • Dark Avenger
    Dark Avenger 5 months ago

    Sorry to bother, but what was wrong with Fallout 4 DLC? I thought Pearl Harbor was great (aside from that one platforming/puzzle simulation section), and Nuka-World finally gave you a chance to be the bad guy.

  • Dylan Osborne
    Dylan Osborne 5 months ago

    I think people give Bethesda way more credit than they actually deserve and seeing how some people still defend them even after the atrocities in Fallout 76 it's become even more apparent, though I think more people are starting to come to their senses.
    Fallout already had support before Bethesda started with Fallout 3 and to be honest, the game was alright. Not great but it had "potential". But once Obsidian released Fallout New Vegas, they set the bar too high for Bethesda to ever top. Fallout 4 released and like many other gamers I got the game when it first came out. But after a while, I became sorely disappointed and even mad at how mediocre the game was compared to New Vegas. Everything I did felt so meaningless and tedious and eventually lost interest even before the DLC was released. And now comes Fallout 76, a former shell of what it once use to be; a great franchise.
    I never really played the Elder Scrolls. I played a little bit of Oblivion and didn't enjoy it that much. I never even heard of it until Skyrim was announced. And even Skyrim was average for me. It was better than Fallout 3 and 4, but it wasn't anything remarkable of what people make it out to be. It felt like I was doing the same pointless tasks in Fallout 4, but the world and exploration felt more rich and enjoyable and understood why everyone enjoyed Skyrim. It was a good game that had a lot of work put into it.
    The only series that I really enjoy by Bethesda at this point and still hold hope for is The Evil Within, but now I fear that it's either going to be discontinued or Bethesda will become too lazy and ruin that as well. Bethesda is mainly known for the Elder Scrolls and Fallout (which was created by Interplay Entertainment/Black Isle Studios in the first place that personally, I think did a much better job), but if they indeed plan on making their two crowning achievements by continuing to use the same assets as Fallout 76... I don't think they'll last. Never held Bethesda up on some pedastal like others, but maybe that's why I'm not so disappointed and outraged by Fallout 76, which I indeed did not buy and have no intention of.

  • Sandb0xMagician
    Sandb0xMagician 5 months ago

    I normally dont pre order games because of shit like this, but I decided to be dumb and pre order 76 off psn (extra stupid).... Cause i really love Fallout universe like a lot of other people aand could play with my buddies... But after this shit game, I will never pre order a Bethesda game, or any other game from a different company ever again... Just on the basis of how terrible this game is.... Bethesda wants to go around getting free passes from everyone, and acting like their shit doesn't stink.
    But it does stink real bad, and Bethesda stopped deserving free passes for awhile now. They should be held countable like any other studio.

  • Frozen Monkey
    Frozen Monkey 5 months ago

    Just a small point but on the release date...nothing had changed, we were still playing the beta version.

  • Lucitaur
    Lucitaur 5 months ago

    This game isn't divisive at all; prettymuch everyone hates the damned thing.

  • Shae Winchester
    Shae Winchester 5 months ago

    How dare you use the josie preset in your thumbnail and destroy it. Lol.

  • gato712
    gato712 5 months ago

    100% truth here

  • Atomic Atom
    Atomic Atom 5 months ago

    Hate it. Too many bugs. Ugly decades old graphics.

  • Will Waldschmit
    Will Waldschmit 5 months ago

    I would give it a 10. Stach is full too early out of scrab too soon and no story. Plus not all of your friends want to be your lvl. Also think rdr2 online is gone bring more People and anthem

  • Noah McCullough
    Noah McCullough 5 months ago

    its having the same release as wildlands

  • JM1993951
    JM1993951 5 months ago

    Not that RDR2 needed help, but Bethesda just goes "Hey Rockstar, you want our fans' money this go around?"

  • JM1993951
    JM1993951 5 months ago

    I know it's petty as fuck, but I'm glad that it's being received in the way it is. I, for one, didn't want this game and probably wouldn't play if it was good. I was justifiably worried that this could take Bethesda further down an undesirable path. Hopefully this will serve as a wakeup call.

  • Tali De
    Tali De 5 months ago

    "Fallout 76 is one of the most divisive game in years, you either hate it or you love it." *Star Wars Last Jedi Flashbacks*